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  1. @strugglebrother Were these coconut blends they couldn't wick the ones currently available on the market or your own blends?
  2. I just give them Soapers' price and tell them to beat it. For me, freight costs are the same btwn the 2 suppliers but BA has some FOs I like so I use them.
  3. From BULK APOTHECARY: We'll beat any competitors price on Coconut Oil 76 degree and Coconut 92 degree. We're currently overstocked and we need to move some quick. Our bulk tanks are full and we have more loads scheduled to arrive this week. This week only, using coupon code Coconut at checkout you can get 30% off all Coconut 76 and 92 degree oil sizes. Prices starting at $.99 / lb. (or less on larger quantities) We have over 100,000 lbs. we need to move. While supplies last. Simply use coupon code Coconut at checkout ends Sunday at midnight. This week only, expires Sunday at midnight. Valid on in-stock items only, no rain-checks. Not valid with other coupons or custom quotes. Price advertised is the lowest price possible after all possible discounts are applied. Coupon not valid on truckload price. For Truckload prices call for quote.
  4. @bfroberts LX wicks? I do find they provide a larger melt pool when I need it without getting too hot down the jar. Maybe an lx 18 or 20 for that vessel? They're not my 1st choice for wicks but sometimes they are the only thing that works...
  5. @angelcandles This video may help you see how hang up burns down and why you don't want an edge to edge MP in your early burns. They're testing with soy but the same principles apply.
  6. I'll be comparison testing a cd4 against P735 side by side later this week in 8 oz straight jars so I'll have a better read on both soon. I'll keep you posted. At some point I'd also like to position htp 83 in this list. I use that one fairly regularly in 3" tumblers.
  7. @Forrest I've been testing some premier 735s the last 2 days and early results place them between the htp 62 and cd4. Closer to a cd4. Does that sound about right to you?
  8. It's strictly a safety test with clear parameters re: what constitutes a pass/fail based on specific measurements. A pass in safety testing doesn't mean the candle is ideal in other ways. At best, this ruled out 5 wicks as unsafe in this system but it certainly doesn't mean the eco 10 is ideal, only that is is "safe" per the testing standards. I suspect he chose to test these wicks knowing they would be less than ideal just so he could demonstrate the various ways a candle can fail the test.
  9. LOL that she does! Well, except for that one prison sentence
  10. After testing "400,000 candles" I can't say I blame him.
  11. https://www.marthastewart.com/996426/terracotta-candle-pot 1. a small porous clay pot as a container 2. a wick (any wick will do apparently) secured with the same wax she's making the candle with 3. and way off center too 4. tape ? to keep hot wax from pouring out the bottom hole. OMG Who wrote this segment?? 5. And worst of all, sharing this "tutorial" with her enormous viewing audience.
  12. The testing standard is to trim wicks to 1/4" after each 4 hr burn per the document he has in the link.
  13. How refreshing to watch a truly useful youtube candle making video! Thanks for sharing that! As I rep candle lines at wholesale I've been asked to have a manufacturer provide testing results or to send candles to a retailer's preferred test facility as a PO (purchase order) requirement and condition of the sale but I've never seen it done and it was great to see him explain the reasons behind each test and measurement.
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