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  1. @Laura C I started with all coco wax and now use it only in blends. I haven't been happy with any candle I've made that is more than 50% coco wax, nor have I been pleased with any I've bought. And I've bought a lot of them!
  2. smart veteran move 👍especially since easy beads have been out of stock for a while and candles and supplies.
  3. I am not sure about this. Something is different about them. I've been using easybeads for several months and I used to use coco83. I'm in SoCal so buying coco83 is much less $$ for me. However, the texture and appearance of the easybeads had me convinced it was different and/or a modified version of coco83. To test my suspicion, I bought a few lbs of coco83 from CalCandle last month to compare them side by side. The CalCandle coco83 is now in "bead" form - really, it's just a bag of sticky, lumpy wax but it does look a bit more like easy beads now. However, my new coco83 is darker/ more beige than the easy beads and it has a very noticeable and to me a very unpleasant nutty/grease odor that my easy beads do not have. I can smell it even when burning a finished, fragranced candle. I don't recall it being this bad a year ago but this latest batch of coco83 stinks. I won't be buying anymore of it anytime soon.
  4. I have exactly this problem with the 9 oz straight sided jars. The heavier scents are a real challenge for me in these. I call it tiny flame syndrome. They start out great then around burn 3 or 4 the flame shrinks to 1/4". Then it comes back to 1/2" or so. on the next burn.. then small again.. and so on. I need a smallish wick since these straight jars trap heat so well but they seem to get overcome by FO, heat and lack of air in the middle of the jar..
  5. pughaus

    has anyone used candleworks?

    I bought a case of their SHADE vessels. Nice THICK glass. Very luxe and worth the $$. On the lighter colors the paint defects are pretty obvious when the candle is lit. The silver and black were pretty much perfect. Unfortunately they seem to have sold out of almost all the inventory on those. Same day shipping. Goods arrived to me in CA the next day.
  6. pughaus

    Wick Testing

    I haven't had luck with ecos in my coco blends even with up to 50% soy in the blend. HTPS are one of my faves in cocosoy; I find they self trim nicely in it (I don't trim at all in my testing) and IMO the throw is much better than I get with ecos. There's very little difference between a 72 and 73 though, so maybe pick one of those and keep an eco in the test so you can see for yourself. Of course, this being candle making, your results may differ wildly from mine
  7. pughaus

    Wick Testing

    @Bambi if you have any smaller htps- like 72s-73s you may want to add them into your coco/soy testing too.
  8. Soo @Quentin Did you try pouring some at the 145-150 range? Did it work??
  9. pughaus

    Candles with Salts & Herbs

    Wicked with reckless abandon!
  10. pughaus

    Candles with Salts & Herbs

    There are so many candles out there that are "made with love"- at this point someone could really set themselves apart by using the tagline "poured with indifference" 😏
  11. pughaus

    Does anyone sell Poo Spray?

    Poopourri "just spray the water before you go and no one else will ever know" is very effective. It does create a kind of stink barrier in the water
  12. But wow is that Northwood wax expensive compared to Easybeads!
  13. pughaus

    Retail Candle Reviews

    I've been questioning my testing standards lately. I burn commercial candles daily and virtually all of them, if I made them.. well, I'd still be looking for the right wick. As a result I'm not making much progress.
  14. pughaus

    Retail Candle Reviews

    I'm puzzled about this review because to me an extremely hot container and decent amount of soot would = a failed test. Makes me wonder about my priorities...
  15. pughaus

    4630 glass adhesion/wet spots

    I've honestly never had a single buyer mention them, not in 20 yrs of selling candles at wholesale. I'm literally sitting in a showroom of candles made from: paraffin/ soy/ soy blends/ apricot wax - any candle in a clear container has a visible wet spot..or many.