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  1. Folks, they're 25% off this week>> https://dreamvessels.com/
  2. Amen to all that Brother! PS: spent last week in JT. The wild flowers are wild this year!
  3. it was OK, I didn't get that far with it. It's another coco wax blend that IMO is still too easy to burn and difficult to wick well and needs some additions to make it viable. If I had it today, I'd probably try blending it with 30, 40 or 50% soy to see how that works. The only pre-blended coco wax I've used that I liked out of the box is the Lab Co Coconut wax, which I believe (based on my experiments to duplicate it) is predominantly soy along with coconut and quite a bit of paraffin.
  4. I believe this is the wx they used to call igi 6570 If so..
  5. What's the difference? If you're talking about a 100% coconut product and not one of the many mystery blends currently being marketed as "Coconut wax" ... You can buy 100% Coconut Wax , a soft, white, solid from Cargill composed of Hydrogenated coconut glycerides" with a MP of appx 90-102 degrees or you can buy Coconut Oil 92, a soft white solid, from a soap supplier like Bulk Apothecary composed of Hydrogenated coconut glycerides with a MP of appx 92 degrees. If there's a difference between those 2 products, aside from the name, I can't tell what it is. I blend 100% coconut oil (or wax, if you prefer) with soy - the soy used and the ratio of coco:soy take some tweaking to get good results for sure. It's not a magic bullet. Too much coco does not a better candle make.
  6. @TallTayl According to genwax, their ultrawax is 90% soy / 10% coco.
  7. I think Dream Vessels prices are more than reasonable considering the freight costs and hassles on importing from a unknown supplier. She's basically selling at wholesale. If you all want 1000 units I'd email her and see what she can do price -wise on that qty. It might help push her over the factory minimum and next level discount next time she reorders and that might be a win win for all.
  8. If I were them I'd rebrand as "Peak Chaos" and just use the drama as a marketing angle. "We may or may not be here tomorrow- Order now! Use promo code #impermanence" at checkout for free freight"
  9. Glad to see some more options in glass containers, especially on the west coast 🌴
  10. If you read the link I included it tells you exactly what they want and how they get it from you.
  11. Yep. This is 100% a scam. We get dozens of these every month. Delete and block the sender. If you want to see how this scam plays out, here's my friend's experience: https://www.sevencolonial.com/seven-colonial-targeted-international-shipping-scam/
  12. if they are the same wax, C&S is yet another supplier that describes the wax at great length and detail yet neglects to mention just one thing about it: the paraffin. lol
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