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  1. Sunday

    An observation

    Quentin...I have to think that perhaps their skill is in business...like they say you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Although I'm not a big fan of knock off products I think there is something to be said for this type of business. Aldi knocked of Jo Malones expensive candles.. labels are similar scents are spot on and prices are ridiculously low so they are flying off the shelves. I wouldn't mind if my candles were flying off the shelves...I'm gonna guess I'm just more artist than business woman...at least that's what I'm telling myself. https://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/a20631053/aldi-jo-malone-candles/
  2. I agree they are simpler to navigate Karen...Good find! The minimum order size is quite high but it wouldn't hurt to get a quote on something. How do you think the mercury glass containers would do...I wonder if that silver stuff would rub off inside and affect the wax?...or give off some hazardous fumes? Or even the painted jars? are they safe? Perhaps someone here will know.
  3. No I don't think they have them(at least I haven't found any)...and what they do have they charge considerably more than a US or Canadian company .
  4. Hi Strugglebrother...yes I'm aware that alibaba does business on a much larger scale than ali express but that's why the prices are so much better I guess....Yes I have received endless quotes that I did not request and not a peep from the company that I wanted to hear from. I have experienced random price changes as well as quantity changes ...kinda disheartening....really have never had any problems with ali express....but alibaba is a pain in the a@@
  5. Karen be careful with the free samples ...I had one that will send a free sample but will charge 30.00 for shipping...keep me posted on your progress 😊
  6. Sunday

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    OHHH My ...THAT IS A BEAUTY! What a lot of work!
  7. Hi Kfintoni I sent a request for pricing etc to alibaba.... I Find that site a bit confusing and the communication is a bit difficult. I've ordered many items from Ali Express but have never used Alibaba. fingers crossed
  8. Sunday

    Holly Jolly Christmas

    Never mind the Chistmas tree pattern Jcandleattic..I really like it...it's kinda subliminally sexy 🙈
  9. Hello everyone I wanted to order some jars from Dream vessels and somehow fell down a rabbit hole of research. They have these beautiful jars that I found for much less if I buy direct from China although I would have to purchase a 1000 rather than the $4.20 each plus shipping from dream vessels.... has anyone ordered candle jars/vessels from Ali express or Alibaba?
  10. I don't see a problem hahahaha ....have you tried any of them before Paintguru or are they all new to you?
  11. Sunday

    Just Scent favorites

    has anyone got any info on any of these Just scent scents...tried? Love? Hate? serendipity rosemary mint salty sea air pumpkin firewood senorita margarita English pear and freesia chestnuts and brown sugar cactus sea salt Caribbean salsa caramel pipe tobacco bonfire clean crisp white tattoo parlor sea salt and ocean breezes hippie chick sun ripened raspberry mimosa mandarin death by chocolate bourbon pumpkin creme de menthe whip lavender rocks Sorry..I know some of these have been mentioned here on craftserver . sadly none of these fragrances are listed in today's sale
  12. Sunday

    Just Scent favorites

    Looks like Just Scents sale is on ...but it appears its only on selected fragrances ....and only marginal markdowns...so disappointed
  13. I agree....but I love her!! ...have watched tons of her you tube videos and yes, they are all weird but somehow I keep watching....not sure why cause I can't really defend any of her videos hahaha
  14. I agree geodon99 many of us are in the business of selling candles...so really we are just discussing this particular business plan...Perhaps she knows something we don't know....and perhaps we could help her....who knows..but none of this is meant to bash or be mean spirited to this Etsy seller.