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  1. I guess it's a matter of testing Laura ....but I wonder if vellum might work...maybe not porous like cardboard ..I feel that wood veneer might show oil...just a thought
  2. Go bigger Darbla....for the few cents extra your presents (candles or melts) will just be that much nicer!
  3. I'm with Candles in Florida..I would love to help with my humble opinion! I have a variety of experiences but am not here to toot my horn hahahah...Just love Packaging and Marketing!....
  4. Has anyone ever purchased anything from Candleworks...They used to be in California and moved to Korea at the beginning of this year I believe...The fragrance prices are astronomical (but sound Fantastic)....although they were priced quite high while they were in the US...they are now super super high...Beautiful website with lovely items...oh by the way they also do not respond to emails (not sure why that is). Really just wonder if anyone ever dealt with them? https://www.candleworks.com/
  5. if it was me, I would go with Trapps idea...personally I would be thrilled if I got a gift certificate....I know the giver always thinks it's a cop out ...but really it's the gift of a shopping spree and there probably isn't anything better than that
  6. here is the price quote Trapp...looks like it is without shipping,,,,I imagine that's where it adds up Thanks for your inquiry. The price of 1000pcs colored lotus jar is USD2.58/pc FOB Tianjin with safety packing. Kindly please tell us the destination sea port,then we are able to offer you the ocean freight cost accordingly. Best, Jolie new product launch various colors turquoise gel cut embossed lotus flower pattern custom candle jar glass 1000 Pieces US $
  7. I sent them an inquiry Trapps ....keep you posted 😊
  8. I agree Trapp I would take 200 as well ....that just leaves 600 up for grabs
  9. Hi Darbla ...I have seen them at garden centers (your best bet) and Asian import stores and if your city has a chinatown you will find them there as well
  10. I can't choose I love all of them Trapp...but maybe the first one 😑 I would like to see one on a pink background ...especially if your candles are white....what do you think?
  11. there is definitely a spider in the first picture...but is anyone really surprised...skunks, cats, possums (what's the plural for possum?) ,dogs, horses...Trapp loves all her animals!....what it's not real?
  12. I put a couple of garbage bags of empty fragrance plastic jugs in a cargo container that was sitting on our property....The cargo container smelled so bad...and so strong ...it made everyone sick....not to mention all the gardening tools chainsaws and leaf blowers that were stored in there all have a distinct candle smell....its been about 6 months since the fragrance bottles were removed and the cargo container still smells like I am storing a dozen old ladies in there....needless to say my candle business went down a few notches in my husbands eyes!...Don't know who would win in a battle of mothballs and fragrance?
  13. I say to He## with him ...you dodged a bullet Ubure and with that stress out of the way you can concentrate on more important things. Now about his business....I have found over the years that customers are really not that good at recognizing a perfect candle (sorry customers your just not)...sadly only we are obsessed with melt pools ...wicks ..and temperatures of glass about to explode...because it is our business to do so. Sooo I suspect he may not go out of business as fast as we may like....lots of people could be convinced that its a great product...after all they paid 80.00....there are plenty of crappy candlemakers selling crappy candles and making a few bucks. If we could educate our customers ...hmmm ...maybey that's the route we need to take....just saying
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