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  1. I'm not a floral lover, but a good, deep Rose is lovely. My favorite for rinse-off products is Nurture's Rose Jam dupe. Sadly it's not safe to use in leave-on applications. It is wonderful in wax, but a little pricey for me to use on the regular. WSP's dupe is not nearly as good. I think Flaming carries it too, I'm going to try them next. A little goes a long way with that one.
  2. Sarah S

    HTP wicks

    That drives me crazy too. I love HTPs, but the lean is aggravating. One thing that helps is to trim your wick shorter for the first couple burns. Yours looks a teensy bit long, if you trim it just a bit more it won't lean over quite so far. Another thing that helps is dipping your wick in the opposite direction of the lean when you put it out. That can help correct it a bit. Other than that, it looks sloppy for the first few burns, but once you get closer to a full MP it isn't so bad! Just watch it toward the bottom of the jar, if any soot is going to happen, it will collect on the lean side of the jar. Oops, I see that's a tin. ☺️ You may avoid the soot issue altogether then!
  3. Sarah S

    An observation

    A while ago I did a show where there was another wax vendor selling melts. All she did was melts, in soy wax, with about 100 different scents. And it was all fragrances from the same company, basic scents, names unchanged. Maybe her product was great, I am certainly not judging, but gosh, that just sounds soooo boring to me as a maker. I totally agree with @Quentin, that creativity is something that not everyone can apply, but that is what sets apart those who run a business from those who market their passion. @bfroberts, girl, certainly those business can't hold a candle to your level of creativity, pun intended!! 😆
  4. Sarah S

    Scent Loss in Melts

    @Laura C, when storing my melts for my own personal use, I put them in glass jars. I do have a couple of jars with multiple scents in them - as you suggested I make them different colors so I can tell what is what. I have definitely noticed that the fragrances tend to "bleed" into each other after time. Now, I do put similar scents together anyway, so they start off similar, but after a few months they all kind of smell the same. It seems as though if one fragrance is stronger than the rest, that is what they all end up smelling like. As they are melting the original fragrance comes back through stronger, but from a sales viewpoint that's probably not ideal. When I individually package melts, and then mingle those packages, I do not get any kind of fragrance bleed. HTH!
  5. Sarah S

    Let's talk Mushrooms

    I totally agree, it seems all my favorite fragrances are the ones that love to mushroom, so as long as it's not out of control I don't care too much. If it's really bad and I can't fix it by switching wicks, I just don't offer that fragrance for sale.
  6. Sarah S

    What wick to use with IGI 4630

    I use HTPs with a similar wax. Great throw. I agree with @runner14jc, start with an 83, and be prepared to wick up or down from there, depending on the fragrance.
  7. Sarah S

    AUGEO diffuser base - ratio??

    I'm sorry @Bella bells, I have never heard of Augeo. Where did you purchase it? Most suppliers will provide you with a general ratio for their product, but like with candles each FO needs to be tested individually for best results.
  8. Sarah S

    Gel phase

    I force gel in the oven, just like above. I always gel my soap, I'm not a fan of the texture of un-gelled CP.
  9. Wow!! That's awesome! I love the idea of using them for upscale scents to match the elegant look. And I know my people will happily pay more for a nicer container too, so that's a win-win for you! 👍
  10. Sarah S

    Pet birds

    My daughter has two parakeets, she keeps them in her room, and she often has her wax melter going in there. She won't burn candles, but that's more because she's worried about loose feathers from preening catching on fire. When I pour candles, I always have fans going and at least crack a window in the winter. She keeps her door shut then. How mobile is the cage? Maybe they can temporarily visit another room when you pour?
  11. @Marleigha, I just wanted to pop back in to let you know I received my PFO order last week... There was a shortage on a couple of the oils I ordered, so I asked them to just hold my order until they could ship it all at once. BTW, their customer service is SUPERB, I will definitely order from them again. I haven't had time to put anything in wax or soap yet, I'm hoping to over the next few days (yay holiday break!!), but OMG they are so strong OOB! I love all of them! Now I just have to decide what to make, palm tarts, or soap, or body butter.... 😅 Thank you for the recommendation!! ❤️
  12. Sarah S

    Looking for "Salt"

    So, I haven't actually smelled it, but Aztec has a Sea Mineral fragrance (that might not be the exact name), and I think they have a salty sea air one as well, that might be a good place to start since you can do the 5/$5 samples. Another one to try, it's not a single note, but I highly reccomends their Bayside Marina, it's very salty. Candlewic has a couple of sea air types, but I haven't smelled those either. Oregon Trails has a Mediterrianian Sea Salt (that spelling looks wrong to me, lol), that I thought was pretty true to the name, although it did have some floral and citrus notes in there too. I know at least a couple people on here love salty scents... @Darbla, @Moonstar, @GailC, I think, but I absolutely could be wrong in my recollection! 😊
  13. I like Aztec a lot, I use many of their oils. I often take advantage of their 5/$5 promotions, sometimes I want to try something different, or sometimes I only want an ounce of something as a mixer. However, I generally dislike B&BW fragrances, and that seems to be their wheelhouse. Recently, I have found myself ordering more from Candle Science and The Flaming Candle. Their oils throw very well, and they have interesting fragrances at reasonable prices. I'm also a fan of Bittercreek, but man, their TAT is slow, and their customer services leaves a lot to be desired. I recently received my first order from Pure Fragrance Oils, I have yet to put them in wax, but OOB they are super strong and smell great. And although there was a problem with my order, they were very contientious and accommodating, and went out of their way to keep me informed about the status of my order. I will definitely orderr from them again!
  14. Wonderful pictures Gail! Thank you for sharing! That is so wonderful that your family and your business are growing. The way you make and sell sounds a lot like the way I do it too, just enough to make some money to re-invest in supplies, but not too much to be stressful. I hope you share some thoughts on new scents you pour this year! Have a very merry holiday with your little angels!!
  15. Sarah S

    WSP Recommendations?

    Black Amber Musk was nice, although I was hoping for something a little richer. I used it as a blender and I was pleased. I thought Amber was kind of uninspired, but it was a nice blender too. I'm curious to hear if you like the Amber & Incense, that's one I've been wanting to try. I liked the 50 Shades, it is good cologne type. I am planning to use it in soap eventually, but I haven't put it in anything yet. I didn't order any oils with their last sale, just some bottles and packaging supplies I was low on. 😮 I have so many oils that I haven't even touched yet!