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  1. I'm a little surprised the 104s are burning well, although the flame does look a smidge big. I'm currently testing CBL 125 in 10oz tins, with HTP 73 and 83. Both are doing well, but I have a feeling the 73 will win out with it's tidy flame and shallower MP.
  2. Oh gosh, they look pretty cool, don't they? I imagine that you would have to refresh the pad thing quite often though. If they are like the air freshener blanks, mine lose most of their fragrance within a week or so of hanging in the car. I would think that with the heat, they would dry out even faster. That's just speculation on my part though! 😊
  3. I think the problem would be that most body spray bases from suppliers are formulated to only hold up to a certain percentage of fragrance oil before you get separation and other issues. Usually it's only around 2-5%. For a good, strong, long lasting perfume, you really need a concentration more like 10-20% fragrance. I suppose if you were using a base that was water, glycerine, and an emulsifier like polysorbate, you could get around that by adding more polysorbate to the base, but that would take some experimenting. I use grain alcohol (the kind that's makes you go blind if you drink it straight, 😂), and it works great. I only make it for me, I don't sell it.
  4. Oh my gosh you guys, I just saw that Candlewic has a new wax, CBL 133!!! I am beyond excited, looking at the specs, I think it is similar to IGI 4627, which I have been wanting to try! And they have a 10 pound sample size, so I don’t have to commit to a whole 25 or 50 lbs. I’m driving up to PA in July, the big question is, can I wait that long to try it, or do I suck up the shipping charges and order some now? 🤣🤣 I have some serious FOMO going on! Anyone else interested? Would you all like a review after I try it?? https://www.candlewic.com/store/product.aspx?q=c69,p1653&title=Container-Blend-Wax---CBL-133
  5. Ok, you guys know what I'm going to say, right? 😂 Candlewic's CBL-125 That stuff is foolproof, super easy wax to use with great results. It's a paraffin with additives. Their CBL-130 is also great, it's a parasoy blend.
  6. Oh wow, they have so many good ones Barb! I love their Bergamot Tobacco, it is so strong and a great “warm and cozy” alternative to bakery scents. It’s masculine, but not in a cologne kind of way, just deep and commanding with rich tobacco, some smooth spicy notes, and just a dash of bergamot to keep it from being too heavy. I just ordered their Sugar Cookie since it has been so highly praised, and I have to say OOB it is very impressive! Celestial Seas is wonderful if you’re looking for something fresher. It’s has a strong floral top note, a salty seaweed heart, and a light musk bottom. I haven’t put it on product yet, but if it behaves like their other oils, I expect to smell more complexity in the heart notes and bottom when it is diluted and exposed to some heat. Really, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their oils!
  7. Sorry, I make my own! Generally, I have had a good experience with B&B bases from Bramble Berry and RE, and I have ordered the hand sanitizer from BC before. It was good quality, FWIW. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
  8. You won't regret it, their oils are amazing!! I don't have that one, but I just wanted to say that every single oil that I have gotten from them has insanely strong throw with zero morphing - in fact they are so strong that they smell even better diluted in product than they do OOB.
  9. Totally agree, I've only gotten a burned or petrol smell when the wick is way too big, or too small, and of course some citrus FOs will get that terrible fuel smell. The video.... sweet baby Jesus, 12% FO load??? With that much FO, the neighbors better be able to smell that candle burning!! 😂😂 I wish I had stopped it before he started talking about the hot throw, I was somewhat on board up until that point, it is an interesting discussion anyway. I feel compelled to point out though, the brilliant white of the super pricey (and difficult to work with!) coconut/apricot blend can also be achieved by using a common paraffin blend like 4630 or CBL 125. So, many of the visual charastics of the luxury candles can be achieved by using common materials. Food for thought!
  10. Interesting idea! Please do let us know the results! Are you keeping the lid on? I'd worry about my food tasting like FO, lol.
  11. IMO you're not going to see a huge difference between a 8oz jar and a 9oz jar, and not a big difference between a jelly jar and a 8oz straight sided jar. Same material, same wax capacity, close to the same mouth diameter... the burn is going to be very similar. Expect to see a difference if jumping to a vessel with a significantly wider diameter, like a tureen, or a bigger capacity, like a 16oz straight jar. Not trying to discourage you, if you're not happy with the jelly, by all means try something different. 🙃 Just set realistic expectations, lol. That being said, I don't use 464, or CD wicks, so I can't offer specific advice.
  12. This is sound advice for every wax, and every vessel. You can't judge the wick on the first, second, or even 5th burn, you really have to observe objectively for the entire duration of the candle. Unless of course it's a bonfire on that first burn. 🔥🔥😂😂
  13. The oils I've tried from them were very good. I particularly liked Christmas Rumball and Creme Brûlée. Their tart wax is excellent, but like Belinda, they're just not a convenient supplier for me.
  14. I agree with the hand tag idea! It would be criminal to hide those tureens in a box anyway!😄
  15. Wow! That was something! Speaking to the consumer's emotions, that's the way to sell!
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