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  1. Sorry, I order mine from SOS or BCN. I like both of their charcoal sticks, and I've always been pleased with the quality. My only beef is that BCN is constantly OOS. I have also used the punk sticks from BCN and I like them, but gosh, the bottom stick part is so long! I have looked but haven't been able to find other suppliers that sell them for recreational use (i.e., orders smaller than 500 million sticks, lol).
  2. My daughter loves the Moonlit Path from CW. ETA: I use it in her shampoo and conditioner, and her hair smells wonderful. It is also a powerhouse in paraffin wax melts. But I haven't tried it in CP soap, so I couldn't tell you how it behaves. Sorry! But if you got 8oz to play with, I am sure you would not regret the purchase!
  3. I would change An Affair to Remember to Booty Call. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh snap, now I really want to use that name somehow! I have Suede too, and I'll definitely want to rename that one. Not sure what though. I like names that are a little risquรฉ. Maybe "Rub Down" or "Soft Touch". Or "Hot Guy in a Fleece Robe". Ok, the last one was too wordy. But you see where I'm going with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Oh girl, that's a good challenge! I would need to quit my day job to have enough time to make it though. Seems like a MP layered heart embed inside a tube with CP would do it, then roll it in cosmetic glitter or something. I could see @Jcandleattic doing something magnificent with this. ๐Ÿ˜
  5. I can't agree with this more. I save the luxurious oils for leave-on products. Why wash all that money and nutrients down the drain? I personally love tallow, rice bran oil, coconut oil, and a bit (tiny bit!) of cocoa butter. A great vegan option would be palm, olive, rice bran, and a bit (tiny bit!) of macadamia oil. Really simple is better with soap. I personally love kaolin clay in my soap, but I have oily skin, and I sweat at ton at my job. Yes! I love the exotic butters in my lotion formulas, so luxurious!
  6. Their Bombshell type is strong in parrafin and palm. Very much a perfume type! I haven't smelled the original, so I couldn't tell you if it's close though. Vanilla Verbena is lovely and I'm told it's spot-on by a BBW fan. I've been using it in soap and lotion. I just put it in paraffin a few days ago, the CT is moderate but very nice. Fig Henri Bendel did not smell good to me, but I have no idea what the original is supposed to smell like. It was sweet but musty, it didn't smell like figs, but I'm not sure what it did smell like. Sorry I can't be more help there! I have not tried the Black dupe from CW, but I do use the one from NG, and that one is blow-the-doors-off strong!
  7. HI! I'm from MD too, in Washington county. Whereabouts are you? Birthday candles like the mini tapers? Or novelty shapes? I have never thought of making that kind of candle, but it seems like something fun to try!
  8. I would be over the moon if someone got me a vessel from here: https://woodenwick.com/product-category/unique-vessels/ Truly unique and beautiful products. I think this is a very nice wick trimmer: https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/wtmb-eachaccess.html and they also have a nice wick dipper as well. For containers, avoid anything thin or fragile, like wine glasses, and personally I wouldn't get anything common like a mason jar or apothecary jar, because they're .... common, lol. Sometimes you can get lovely cut glass vessels at flea markets or antique stores, but that's a bit of a gamble because you don't know if they will be able to withstand the high temp of melted wax without shattering. A beautiful hand thrown pottery piece might be a good option. For wick trimmers and/or dippers, it's similar to buying scissors. Good quality metal, and a nice finish is a plus. You could try looking on Etsy, there might be some cute sets or something on there. Maybe some other people will chime in with more ideas.
  9. That is so sweet! I would suggest a nice metal wick trimmer and a wick dipper with a pretty glass jar ( or other fire/heat proof container) for her to make a special candle in. A good jar can be reused many times, so she will have many opportunities to light it and think of your kindness. You could probably get the wick dipper engraved like you did with the scissors, since they are metal. Good luck!
  10. That is such a great idea! Adds so much value to opening a wholesale account with you, that's a really nice touch!
  11. I think the licorice is pretty strong. It's not ALL that you smell, but it is definitely one of the predominant notes.
  12. New fragrances?? Oh boy, I need to check out the Burbon for sure! Witche's Brew comes on strong with the patchouli in front, and top notes of citrus, then it mellows out to a black licorice base with just a tiny hint of clove. You can't judge this one OOB or even on the cold throw, you have to warm it up to get all the layers. I have been using it in a lotion too, as an alternative to straight patch. I imagine it's what the sexy witches in Nora Robert's novels smell like! ๐Ÿ”ฎ I haven't used a Lick me from any other suppliers, but I really love the way this smells. It smells like candy, but also a little bit like a perfume too. I think it must have some musk or maybe a little Amber in it. It reminds me of the way Pink Sugar smells like cotton candy, but also a cologne. It does not smell like PS though, much fruitier and a little sharper, but still very sweet. I hope that made sense! Lol! Both the WB and the Lick Me are very strong!
  13. That does sound like fun! I would think a votive or pillar parrafin would be best, you'll need something durable. As a consumer, I would enjoy pretty colors and fragrances to match! Pretty shapes too!
  14. Wouldn't that just be a dome? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sorry, I haven't seen anything like that. But seriously, why not use a dome, and make a little belly button on it? Or put like a seed or something on it to make it an "outie"? IDK, I'm just throwing some ideas out there. ๐Ÿ˜
  15. I agree with the others, if I called it anything, I would call it a "custom blend". But even that might be confusing, and that could potentially lose you customers. It would be different if you were on hand to explain the awesomeness of your waxes, but this sounds like a wholesale account. When your product is in the hands of another, the less that needs explaining the better.
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