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  1. Sarah S

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I need to start doing this! I have the same problem with re-ordering scents. That looks amazing!!
  2. Sarah S

    Anybody use MCT oil in their lip balm recipe?

    @Candybee, I personally do not like MCT in my lip balm, I find it has the opposite effect, it absorbs so quickly that the balm seems more insustantial to me. What do have going on in your recipe now? I really like coconut oil to add slip, and castor for staying power.
  3. Your science is spot-on, but I think @TallTayl's reference to weighing the wax was for pouring amounts smaller than the total of what is in the presto. For example, I may have 5lbs in the melter, but I only want to pour one 10oz candle, so I weight out the 10oz in my pour pot, scent and color there, and pour the candle. We are all in agreement, far as I can tell. 😁😁
  4. Sarah S

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    Let me know what you think about it Kat! I just sent my cousin 3 Mahogany Spice candles, he's a manly burly farrier who loves to burn candles! 😁
  5. Sarah S

    Best Whiskey Scent Ever (for soy)

    Flaming Candle's is really good! Or maybe I'm thinking of their bourbon. Their Gold Rum is awesome! They have good alcoholic scents in general, lol. 😄
  6. The flame height with CSNs can be scary. I find though, if I try to wick for a more controlled flame it just doesn't get hot enough to consume the wax efficiently and my throw is compromised. And I'm left with a thick shell. So I have learned to love the torch, lol. The great thing is it never soots, and even the tall flames don't heat the glass excessively. Keep playing with it and see where your comfort level is. If the CSNs make you too nervous, maybe try the Premier 700 series. Much smaller flame, but throws well when wicked correctly. I tend to under-wick with the Premiers, so start a little bigger than you think you need. HTH!
  7. Sarah S

    Anyone Use CBL 129?

    I have not used CBL 129 for candles, but it is a great tart wax. The CBL 141 edges slightly ahead for me in wax tart performance, but I know there are others on this board that prefer the 129. Now, the CBL 125 is a fantastic container candle wax, and if you are looking for an easy wax to work with, you can't go wrong with 125. It it throws just about every oil at 6%, it's creamy and takes color well, and is a single-pour. You just have to be careful about wicking, it can get sooty if over-wicked. IMO, CW has consistent wax blends that perform very well in their applications. HTH!
  8. Sarah S

    Can You Use liquid Soap color in Wax Melts

    Is the liquid soap color water based? I don't see how that could work, sorry Moonstar! Have you tried mica in your melts?
  9. I agree that it's tough to tell with the first burn. That's a difficult container, particularly wit the way palm burns down. Personally I'd see how it does with two small wicks, as well as testing one large.
  10. Sarah S

    My Fall Line

    Listen, everyone knows artists are a temperamental bunch! Just sigh dramatically and complain that the muse has abandoned you whenever they begin to press. 😉😆
  11. Sarah S

    My Fall Line

    The little pumpkins are DARLING!!! Great work, you have really found your niche with the wicked shapes. I love that you are designing your own now. Very inspirational!
  12. Sarah S

    Lard soap

    I couldn't get past the piggy smell with lard either. But I love the way animal fats soaponify, so I use a rendered tallow instead. I get it from Soaper's Choice, and it does have a bit of a meaty smell when it's hot, but I don't smell it once it's mixed with the oils. I would also emphasize what the others have said about playing with a variety of oils. Have fun experimenting!
  13. Sarah S

    Palm votives

    I have no idea, but now you have me curious. I hope someone has some advice! 🤓
  14. AJ, I have not been making palm candles long enough to make a decisive statement, but my gut feeling is that the ambient temp should not be as much of a factor as soy. Now, that's assuming we're talking about 65-80 degrees, and not a massive fluctuation. The wax is so hard to begin with, and the wicks are really hot, I can't imagine that a 10-15 degree difference would make that much of a difference. But, again, I haven't tested for that specifically, so this just my gut talking! 😄
  15. Sarah S

    Chocolate Shop Scent - Need Ideas

    For chocolate Orange, I mixed a tiny bit of Aztec's Orange Blossom with ICS's Chocolate. I only used maybe 10% orange, it's pretty powerful. It turned out really nice.