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  1. That's a fun concept, and one I've never explored, so I don't have any advice but I am very interested to see what others suggest!
  2. Wow, amazing detail! And I enjoyed the science lesson! 😁
  3. @Moonstar, https://purefragranceoils.com/shop/sugar-cookie-fragrance-oil/
  4. Have you played with this yet @Ravens? I've looked at it, since I order wax from them anyway, but I've never pulled the trigger. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Are you planning to use it straight or mix it?
  5. I don't work with soy wax, but I have tried Pumpkin Soufflé from CS and I really didn't like it. Kind of boring, and a pain to wick too. CS has a Toasted Pumpkin Spice or something (don't have it in front of me) that is so much more interesting that the soufflé. Not as bakery. Now, if you don't mind branching out with your suppliers, Candlewic has an amazing bakery pumpkin, Pumpkin Pancakes. So delicious, buttery, maple-y, and rich! I love that one! Their pumpkin chai is also TDF!
  6. Lovespell is a huge seller for me, I mix it with a little patchouli. Oakmoss and Amber from CS is outstanding in incense! I personally love Lush's Olive Branch, my favorite dupe is (was) MO's Spanish Fly, which Arizona now carries. It makes a lovely clean incense. Another great seller for me is CW's Voodoo Love, it is absolutely fantastic. Some others I love are Pink Sugar (RE), Blue Sugar(FC), Red Ginger Saffron(CS), Christmas Splendor(NG), and Black Sea (Aztec). I love incense, and I find many of my buyers like unusual fragrances that they can't find elsewhere. I bet Campfire Marshmallow is awesome, I'll have to try that! Sadly every single FO from Fillmore that I mix for incense has a terrible chemical smell when burning. Such a shame because they have great oils, I think there is something in their chemical composition that doesn't take to being set on fire, lol. A few from NG do the same thing. Happily ever oil from CS that I have tried (so far) is strong and awesome in incense. Same with CW's.
  7. It needs to cure. More than a couple days for both CT and HT. Is your A/C on? That kills my throw. I like Aztec FOs, but some are not big throwers. Spa type scents tend to be more subtle, while some of their bakery and florals are very much in your face. So it could be a variety of factors.
  8. Stick with one wax, one container size, and one wick series for at least three months while you are learning the process.
  9. ^^^ This! Pint jars nearly killed my love of candle making, they were the worst to work with! Square masons are only slightly better for me. Straight jars FTW, every time! 😁
  10. Or try two 41s instead of three. I don't generally triple wick unless the container is 5"+. Just too much heat. Also, like TT mentioned, vanilla FOs can be fussy to wick. How much did you use?
  11. Totally agree with TT, that candle needs a little more burn time before judgement is rendered. What does the flame look like? If it's a sad teeny thing I'd consider pouring another wicked up, but otherwise I'd see how it plays out at the midway point of the jar. That's always the tipping point for me.
  12. I always wanted to try that too, but I use a high tallow recipe with some cocoa butter too, and I worry about the stearic not melting. This would be a good time to try it, I live in MD and we've been in the 90s! 😅
  13. No doubt you would get a lot of criticism, from the same ilk as this Standley guy. But you would get a ton of love and support too!! ❤️❤️❤️ I think that would be awesome!
  14. Totally cool and unique! Thank you for sharing!
  15. Thats my impression too! So now I'm curious about the performance difference. I mean, CW wouldn't have two versions of the same wax, that's just silly. So there's got to be something different about the 133, although it does sound like it's a little softer. The 125 is soft, but I wouldn't call it slimy. 😂
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