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  1. In my experience, the softer waxes do not have longevity with their throw. A soft wax may have great initial HT as the melt pool will reach a high temperature quickly, but as you have noticed the throw diminishes significantly over the course of several hours. Are you using a coconut blend? I don't think that coconut wax is a great stand alone wax anyway, for any application. If you are ok with parrafin, I would suggest adding 40-50% hard paraffin wax, or switching to parrafin entirely. There is a reason why the big manufacturers use parrafin, it makes a fantastic tart! Also consider the size of the tart, .5oz is not a lot of wax. The fragrance may truly be spent in that tiny amount of wax after 8 hours, depending on the strength and quality of your fragrance oil. If you are married to the "all natural" concept, try blending palm wax with the coconut, 50/50, or try palm/coconut/soy at 50/30/20. Finally, what makes your tarts "luxury"? Are you going for visual impact? Unique fragrance? Price? Novel packaging? Marketing something as luxury has many different factors, performance being only part of it. It is very likely that you may need to be flexible with your waxes to create your product line, so don't be afraid to experiment.
  2. So glad it was something easily fixable!
  3. Hmmm, ok. I'm not as experienced with HP as I am CP. If that was a CP soap, and you've ruled out improper measurement, I'd say there was something wrong with the lye. Are all the bad batches made with the same lot of lye? For HP, the only thing I can think of, is if you are adding the super fat after the cook, it might just be too much super fat. Hopefully someone with HP experience will chime in. @Sponiebr @TallTayl @Candybee Oh, one more thought, have you changed fragrance oils? They'd can do some wacky things to soap batter.
  4. Just looking at your recipe, that is a pretty high amount of castor oil. You used that same percentage previously with no problem? Where do you get your lye? Do you masterbatch it or do you mix it fresh each time?
  5. Barn wood from Aztec smells like a dry sandalwood.
  6. Nantucket Garden is fantastic in CP. No d/c, scent remains strong after the cure. It is a lovely patchouli rose, with a hint of fruitiness. I really like Paradise Reef too, it smells very tropical but not in a typical pineapple or mango kind of way. Think water, exotic blossoms, with a hint of sweetness. I know I've used others from them, but those two come to mind first. What kind of fragrances do you usually soap with? I tend to lean toward cologne or perfume dupes, or fragrances that are light fresh.
  7. Candlewic does offer CBL 125 by the 51 pound case for only $112, shipping included. I'm sure that deal doesn't count if you add on other products, but for 51 pounds of wax, that's only $30 in shipping. I do agree for shipping regular orders, their prices are pretty lousy. Why is the FedEx option like half the cost of the UPS? I would definitely reach out to them and see if you could work something out for shipping samples. They are very nice people. I'm fortunate that I can drive up there a couple times a year and load up my car. The guys at the warehouse are awesome.
  8. Those are super cute!! I like that idea!
  9. I know Candlewic's shipping isn't good for most people, but I just want to put it out there that their blends are high quality and extremely consistent. I have been using their CBL 125 for several years now. It is very similar to 4630 and just a dream to work with. All the cases I have ordered look, feel, and perform the same over several years. Same with the 141 and the 129. I don't work for them, or get any kickbacks, I am just a customer who is very impressed with their product. 😁 I always feel a little guilty when I read about the struggle with other waxes. Knock on wood, I have never had a problem. That being said, I have an entire bag of HTP wick from them that are unusable, because the wick pulls out of the tab. 🙄 I suppose no one can be perfect! 🙃
  10. Sarah S

    Coastal Kale

    Ooo, I'll have to try this in soap! It is a fantastic summer scent. My results in wax: wax: palm 1 CW wick: CSN jar: glass additives: none cure time: 2 weeks CT: super strong HT: super strong wax: CBL 125 wick: HTP jar: 16oz tin additives: none cure: 2 days CT super strong HT: super strong wax: palm 2 CW wax tarts no additives cure: 2 weeks CT: strong HT: super strong *This is strong spring/summer kind of fragrance, really wonderful. It smells like sunshine on the ocean, and fresh green leaves, with tart lemons carrying on a warm breeze.
  11. Agree with the posts above. Paraffin will get you brilliant colors, especially a bright white blend like 4630. I also love the way palm wax holds color, the crystallization is beautiful with some dye to bring it out.
  12. I've only ever used HTPs and CSNs to wick palm pillars. Flat cotton braid can do ok, if you wick way up. I have not had much success overall with feather palm, that's a tricky wax imo. Sorry I couldn't be much help!
  13. My experience is exactly the same as Candybee's. I sell both parrafin and palm, and both sell equally well.
  14. Ditto. My best, most fragrant candles still have some wax hang up even at the bottom of the jar. A full MP in the first couple burns equals a sooty, inferior throwing candle by mid point.
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