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  1. I use it for eye cream supposed to be good for under eye bags...
  2. Sounds good. I would love to see pics of your label when you finish. Good luck on your new endeavor!
  3. Candy's Sea Minerals Soap & Bath
  4. I am trying FB's pumpkin cupcake now. I just used up my blend of pumpkin pie spices from lonestar and JS/ lonestar seemed too sweet by itself but the 2 together 50/50 was good.
  5. A good seller for me is a 50/50 blend of CS oakmoss & amber and CS mac apple. Aztec fall leaves is another one. I just got FB blackberry sage, haven't tried it yet, but smells like a good fall one. I won't even mention (pumpkin spice) but yeah, it is a best seller. coffee latte scents are also good ones
  6. Did they finally soak up the FO? How wet are they? Do they stick to the sides of your container? Can you still see liquid? I have baked some when they were still a bit wet. They turned out ok. I did not notice any difference in the finished product, but it was really hard to spoon the beads into the cookie cutters. And it tends to smoke more when you bake them. Much easier process when all the fo is absorbed. I have had to wait weeks for some fo's to absorb.
  7. I bought some anhydrous caffeine from a destash. Wondering how I can incorporate it into my lotion. Should I put it in the water phase? I would think if i put it in after lotion is blended it would be too grainy.
  8. Well, it might be a good thing.. If WSP continues to offer the "free" shipping . I have often wanted to try RE fo's but the shipping cost was too high.
  9. Cute! Not just for kids
  10. I placed an order from them. They have some good prices! Even before the discount. I may have found a new supplier. (like I needed another one )
  11. what are some good scents? I havent bought ANYthing in months!
  12. I think NG's cracklin birch smells earthy/woodsy. Some folks say it is kinda perfumey tho.
  13. I have not tried to re-use pumps, but with bottles I wash with hot soapy water. then rinse. Then submerge in a bleach /water solution. do not rinse the bleach solution, just let it air dry. You could probably do the same with the pumps, pump the soapy water thru, then clear water, then bleach solution. Just not sure how to get them to dry properly.
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