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  1. franu61

    Sugar Plum Scent

    I have tried the RE Frosted sugar plum and it smells very plummy. I really like this one, I wish it was bath and body safe I also have Sugar Plum Fairy from indigo. It is very sweet and I don't get a lot of plum out of it, but it is bath and body safe.
  2. franu61

    My Fall Line

    Those are all awesome, MrDan. I love that they are your own. I make melt and pour soap, so I am seeing some pretty cool bars of soap in these too, lol.
  3. Hi Dave, welcome! If only they would do that...(sigh). Shipping is THE most expensive part of this business/hobby/obsession. At least it is for those of us who live far away from a supplier. The best we can do is try to find a wax that works, from a supplier closest to us. Sometimes we get lucky and they will offer free shipping. I just got in on EAP's free shipping a few months back...cut my cost for wax in half. If you tell us your location I'm sure someone on here can tell you the nearest supplier to you of your wax.
  4. franu61

    Which stamp?

    I agree.
  5. franu61

    Best Fragrance Vendors for Soy?

    It's not THAT bad. Yes it is made to smell like the insence. Lots of people LOVE it...I'm just not one of them.
  6. franu61

    Best Fragrance Vendors for Soy?

    My best seller is nag champa...i hate it, lol
  7. Love the candles and labels! I can see your poor kitty's have it real rough 😉. I especially like the pic of the one sleeping in the Aztec box....she/he is a FO Ho too!
  8. Are you asking if you can re-melt scented wax? I re-melt unscented wax in the presto pot all the time. Don't see why it would be any different in the pour pot. If you are putting scent in the pour pot I would definitely clean out with each new scent.. On another note: I'm wondering how you get 3- 8 ounce tins out of 16 ounces of wax?
  9. franu61

    Your "best" list

    NG-BS nag champa, fav absinthe CS BS egyptian amber, fav lime cooler BB- BS Lemon Verbena, fav sparkling fig (discontinued) ASO- American Soy Organics-BS and fav Lemon cheesecake Aztec- S and fav-Forever red
  10. I am a great one for making lists. I like to write out what I am doing each day of the week . On the bottom of the list I write things that need to get done but don't have a specific due date. Sure feels good to cross things off the list For further in advance, I pencil notes on a pocket calendar. Also a dry erase calendar on the fridge, which is more to let the family know what's going on. I guess I am just so techno-challenged, it feels like it would take me way longer to put the info into the planner program?? than good ole pencil and paper.
  11. franu61

    Fig & Honey? Other figgy scents?

    I bought a 4 oz bottle of sparkling fig to try from BB when it was on closeout. Of course! I am in love with it...hoarding that LITTLE bottle.
  12. franu61

    Brambleberry $20 off shipping

    code: THANKS1 i just used it today, not sure how long it is good.
  13. franu61

    This is nuts!

    I think you've come to the wrong place for help with that particular problem.
  14. franu61

    Lone Star recommendations?

    What another sale?...ugh. I haven't purchased directly from lonestar before, but I got some pumpkin pie spice from another chandler and I really like it.