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  1. nag champa, absinthe, orange clove, capri olivio (could not find a wick for this one, but great in melts), cappuccino, cracklin birch. So many more. I love NG!
  2. I have found that anything chocolate scented, has an after scent, that is reminiscent of butt juice. My friend and I were trying different blending ideas once. Put chocolate and patchouli together on qtips...was SOOOO gross. We saved it for our "hippy" friend. She loved it! We still laugh about that cuz we both thought it smelled like "hippy butt". Needless to say it never went in wax
  3. Suppliers By State List - General Candle Making Discussions - Craft Server
  4. Yes. That is how I do it. Just add more wax as needed. Occasionally when the wax gets low I use it up and wipe out the presto.
  5. So basically, when we buy a batch of wax, we end up having to use half of it in re-testing. Then when we've made a usable product, we've run out of wax from that batch....and have to start all over....
  6. yes I do and it does. Gives you several options for lower rates for USPS.
  7. That IS a beautiful thought, better than my initial "ICK" thought. Glad you made it clear about the bags
  8. I could not have stayed in business for the past 10 years without the help and knowledge of the makers in this forum. I've learned so much, and never felt like anyone was being judgemental.
  9. No. I haven't tried any of CS' reformulated. Heard so many bad reviews from ya'all I don't want to waste my time and money. If I have to (basically) start over on the reformulated scents from CS, I figure I will look somewhere else and start over with them. Does anyone know of a good replacement for OM &A?
  10. I shipped an item on Dec 2 usps priority. from Northern Cal to Tucson AZ. It is not there yet! Last tracking update was Dec 6th. According to usps it "will arrive late" ya think?
  11. Hey ya all, I am trying to narrow down my suppliers to Aztec, NG and FB. Any good or decent choices for the following scents? Or somethin similar or close to? Any suggestions or thoughts appreciated. If its no good I wanna know that too. Thanks! vanilla cinnamon bun coconut lemon verbena pine?? gardenia green tea lavender honeysuckle rose sunflower sea/ocean lime/citrus
  12. @Lighten Up did you ever find a good substitute for CS' very vanilla? I'm so discouraged with them and their clean scents.
  13. Natures Garden 10% off Fragrance oils: BLACK2020
  14. SHOPPING CART Item Price Qty Total 8 oz. Candle Tin 12 pc Case $11.56 $11.56 Canary Yellow Dye Blocks 1 pc Block $1.19 $1.19 Navy Blue Dye Blocks 1 pc Block $0.96 $0.96 Red Dye Blocks 1 pc Block
  15. I think that is a good idea, start out with small quantity and figure costs. 10 pounds of wax, a dozen tins. CS is a good one stop shop. I can do a mock order for supplies and get total prices and shipping cost. Shipping costs will vary of course, I am on the west coast, so maybe someone on the other side of the country can do a mock order too so we can get a shipping cost range? I have to admit I've never even considered factoring in my time for sourcing, partly because I love to "shop" for FO's etc. But yeah, that is a LOT of time spent, and if I was paying an employee
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