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  1. I placed an order from them. They have some good prices! Even before the discount. I may have found a new supplier. (like I needed another one )
  2. what are some good scents? I havent bought ANYthing in months!
  3. I think NG's cracklin birch smells earthy/woodsy. Some folks say it is kinda perfumey tho.
  4. I have not tried to re-use pumps, but with bottles I wash with hot soapy water. then rinse. Then submerge in a bleach /water solution. do not rinse the bleach solution, just let it air dry. You could probably do the same with the pumps, pump the soapy water thru, then clear water, then bleach solution. Just not sure how to get them to dry properly.
  5. https://eapinnovations.com/ has free shipping. They have a pretty good selection of glass, nothin fancy tho.
  6. You could try Aztecs 5/$5 deal. each month you can order 5 1oz fo's for $5 plus shipping. https://www.candlemaking.com/ they have not updated their promo code, but I tried 42020 and it went through. Candle science and nature's garden also have good fo's.
  7. https://www.darice.com/ You have to sign up as a wholesale client, but they have some pretty good prices. this style was 4/$32.
  8. USPS online has free boxes like this one. They are within the "cubic" size...depending on weight of whatever you put in it of course. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-box-4-P_O_BOX4 boxes like this one
  9. Yep! I have lots more wax melt scents than candles.
  10. check out the priority mail cubic shipping at pirateship.com
  11. EAP Innovations is offering free shipping on over $50 https://eapinnovations.com/
  12. I think with the method you describe Vic, you would run the risk of a lot of water in your wax.
  13. Natures Garden Candle Science Aztec I suspect CS is gonna be #1 now.
  14. Blueberry Lemon verbena sounds lovely. Gonna havta try it!
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