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  1. I color my tins because I make big batch of a particular scent, and it goes into tins and jars. I offer a lot of different scents, and like TT said, color does make it easier to find.
  2. When I am blending scents I use my old prescriotion or vitamin bottles. Put them on the scale, tare it our and then you can measure amounts of each fo that you want.
  3. mac apple and oakmoss & amber both from CS. wonderfuls fall scent and a hint of masculinity
  4. Brambleberry. https://www.brambleberry.com/shop-by-craft/bath-bombs/kits I've never used the bath bomb kits but I have tried others. I love BB they think of everything and have great instructions and tutorials. And the kits are on sale right now.
  5. Right now they are offering 2 promo codes to get 5/$5 and they can be used together. Plus they have 3 FO's for free. the codes are INSTAAUG and 82019. then look for the Free fragrances and add them to cart.
  6. My city required me to get a business license before I could operate out of my house. To get a bus lic. I needed to have a business checking account, get a ficticious business name, run the notice in the local paper, and wait months for the local fire marshal to sign off that my "busines set up would be safe?" (He never did come check out the house, so I have no idea what he did). My zoning is such that I cannot SELL from my house, but I can manufacture. People outside the city limits in my county do not need one.
  7. lavender and (stinky) nag champa
  8. The only sales at NG are the fragrance of the month, they offer a different scent each month for $12 a pound, and they always offer $1 off per pound if you buy 5 or more . Also .50cents off per sample if you buy 10 or more. And rewards points each time you buy. (No I don't work there but I do take advantage of all the sales)
  9. Same here! Don't know what i would have done without all the GOOD advice on this site.
  10. I ran across this when I was doing a search on how to make room sprays: ... Sprinkle your favorite Fragrance Oil into the wax near the wick of a candle before it is lit. ...
  11. Got some from Candlescience and they are working just fine. first time ever tryin any tho, so can't compare.
  12. Use promo code summer at checkout
  13. June 27-29 20% off fragrances. (Having trouble getting the sale price to come up at checkout though. I wrote to them about the problem)
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