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  1. I have used Nature's Garden and Brambleberry. I like them both. I do add a few ingredients of my own to them. I'm not too fond of the container that the BB base comes in. Once I did my tweaking to them I did not notice much difference between the two.
  2. Anyone tried the beads from AAA candle supply? Would be handy to order fo and beads from them.
  3. same thing happened to me.
  4. enter code BUNNY to see how much your discount will be. Have to be logged in to get discount. GOOD only 4/18 to 4/20
  5. lol, for the longest time I could not see any difference between the 2. I like the 1st one better, the border makes the label stand out more, in my opinion. One of these days Suzanne, you are gonna have to do a workshop for us on how to land new wholesale accounts. (I'd pay to get in on that) YOU ARE the MASTER!
  6. I pour at 125ish and have never noticed a skunky smell. I've tried clams from lots of different places. ( not maple street tho)
  7. Oh wow! I used to love to do embroidery...for FUN. I made lots of gifts for friends and family. Now I think " oh that probably won't sell". How did I get THERE? I need to just make something for FUN to give as a gift again.
  8. Here's an old thread about milennium. I loved both the original and the milennium waxes. I think the only place to get them now is American Soy Organics.
  9. Brambleberry has some wonderful and easy recipes. www.brambleberry.com
  10. Oh Trapp you sound just like me! I can't figure out nuttin mathematical. I am lucky tho...I just ask my son. He is very good at it...sure doesnt get it from me.
  11. I still haven't gotten mine from Aztec yet either. Says it has shipped but I can't even find it on the tracking...ugh
  12. I use egyptian amber in candles, melts soap and lotion. It is a very nice unisex scent.
  13. I used the 5/5 and with 37% off one fragrance and a free sample, I got a pound of fragrance and 6- 1 oz samples shipped for $24.96! Can't beat that. Of course I didn't NEED any of it, but that's besides the point. Somebody help me!!!!
  14. I like that idea. I can see them with cute succulents growing in them.
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