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  1. I have used RBO. I like to use equal amounts of rbo and oo. Probably very similar to the soapers choice blend. Less expensive and I have not noticed a difference compared to using just oo. Never tried OO pomace. Haven't run into any DOS (yet) either. I also use RBO in my lotions and it feels very nice. It does have a short shelf life tho.
  2. I really like Tuscan tobacco from AAA candles.
  3. Well, I am no longer master of my domain either. But, but, but,..only one 16 oz bottle, and it was on sale for $10. Was just too tempting
  4. Well, I finally know what it feels like when you do the tongue zap test and get zapped. There is no doubt. I made a batch of soap yesterday, and unmolded today It was too still soft to cut. I've been doing the same basic recipe for several batches, and it's always ready to cut the next day. This time I did not cover and wrap, so I suspect it did not gel. Does that slow down the saponification? Can I just leave the uncut loaf alone for a few days and test again? Or should I rebatch?
  5. I've been thinking along these lines too. I have a ton of older fo's that I need to use up. Going to do lots of q-tip blending tests. Hope to come up with a "new" scent. Of course my first thought when reading your post Gail was, is she gonna sell some?
  6. I don't know who has it, 'cept me. I did my own blend 1 part rose 2 parts honeysuckle. I will have to try some citrus in there too. Keep ya posted.
  7. I have not tried these. I did love the millennium wax, but with shipping, it got too expensive for me. The freedom is a little better price, I may have to try some. Wish they'd say what's in it.
  8. I have a wholesale account and I occasionally put out some items on consignment. They get 20% on the consignment. Another account: consignment items in a non profit gift shop, they get 25% . I had an account that got 30% consignment. I was not happy with the 30% account for a number of reasons. I would personally not go higher than 30% on consignment.
  9. I think Aztecs vanilla latte is spot on. I use it as the base then blend chocolate, or pumpkin spice, etc, to make coffee latte scents.,
  10. honeysuckle rose is lovely. wonder how citrus, rose and honeysuckle would be?
  11. i just ordered, they still allowed the $1 off per 16 oz bottle if u buy 5, plus the 10% off.
  12. franu61

    Black Friday?

    Brambleberry says they will have one. Here is a code for $10 off $50: SD-W3W3-764D-CT
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