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  1. I blend CS mac apple and cinnamon buns . 50/50
  2. https://www.candlesoylutions.com/thumbnail.asp?offset=0&deep=1&cid=22 Not sure if it is hard enough for what u need, it is soy. I used to use this wax and loved it, just got too spendy for me.
  3. Another one on the plus side. You can sell me some of your stash Oh, wait, was I supposed to talk you down ? Lol
  4. We really appreciate  !!!


    karen zemelka

    9355 N 91st street

    Unit 229

    Scottsdale, Az 85258

  5. Candlesoylutions has RRd https://candlesoylutions.com/thumbnail.asp?offset=0&deep=1&cid=23
  6. Lol, not a craft but I use them for my custom blends of FO's. That way I have the mix on hand, instead of mixing each time I want to make some of that scent.
  7. CS's Oakmoss and Amber is my new favorite belnder. It is great with lavender, or macintosh apple. Screams fall.
  8. I travel to Reno once a year and pick up from candlescience (about 8 hours away). But we make it a family get together, I meet up with my bro and sis along the way. We spend the night and lose money at the casinos. We split costs of room and meals and gas. And I can write off some of it for business. I would never drive that far just for pickup.
  9. I color my tins because I make big batch of a particular scent, and it goes into tins and jars. I offer a lot of different scents, and like TT said, color does make it easier to find.
  10. When I am blending scents I use my old prescriotion or vitamin bottles. Put them on the scale, tare it our and then you can measure amounts of each fo that you want.
  11. mac apple and oakmoss & amber both from CS. wonderfuls fall scent and a hint of masculinity
  12. Brambleberry. https://www.brambleberry.com/shop-by-craft/bath-bombs/kits I've never used the bath bomb kits but I have tried others. I love BB they think of everything and have great instructions and tutorials. And the kits are on sale right now.
  13. Right now they are offering 2 promo codes to get 5/$5 and they can be used together. Plus they have 3 FO's for free. the codes are INSTAAUG and 82019. then look for the Free fragrances and add them to cart.
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