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  1. The only sales at NG are the fragrance of the month, they offer a different scent each month for $12 a pound, and they always offer $1 off per pound if you buy 5 or more . Also .50cents off per sample if you buy 10 or more. And rewards points each time you buy. (No I don't work there but I do take advantage of all the sales)
  2. Same here! Don't know what i would have done without all the GOOD advice on this site.
  3. I ran across this when I was doing a search on how to make room sprays: ... Sprinkle your favorite Fragrance Oil into the wax near the wick of a candle before it is lit. ...
  4. Got some from Candlescience and they are working just fine. first time ever tryin any tho, so can't compare.
  5. Use promo code summer at checkout
  6. June 27-29 20% off fragrances. (Having trouble getting the sale price to come up at checkout though. I wrote to them about the problem)
  7. Lol! I was just writing out notes (somebody on here said to keep a soap diary) and I wrote stick blended...ad the light bulb went on Thank you
  8. Thank you so much Candybee. No peeking??? That may be the hardest part, lol. To prove I am a complete newbie, what does SB stand for?
  9. I actually did try a little scrap...felt great. As for color I was going for purple and blue but the purple morphed. Couple questions: Is that soda ash on top and can I do anything about it at this point? I see a couple air bubbles, is that because I didn't bang it on the table hard enough?
  10. Well there's paper towels. I don't waste them as I use the waxed up ones as firestarters, but they ARE expensive. What kind of wax are you using? My 464 does clean up with a LOT of dawn, but harder waxes may not. I soak the ( regular) towels in the dawn and HOT water, course then there's the problem of where to dispose of the waxy water...in my case on some weeds in the yard...
  11. Yay I can't wait to cut it. Finally. My first ever CP soap! Scented in CS sea mist. Oops..so excited I posted it in the wrong place
  12. Thanks! I still haven't tried CP but I am gettinmg closer
  13. If I was to use olive, lard and coconut, but want to add some castor oil (maybe 5%) which oil would you recommend I reduce?
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