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  1. Not that I would ever use this but, who has time to put 200 drops of anything in something they are making? Can you imagine... 1 drop 2 drop yada yada yada.....:)
  2. franu61

    Free online course

    I sounds interesting, please let me know if the whole course is free if you find out.
  3. franu61

    Free online course

    Is it just the first 2 modules that are free?
  4. franu61

    My first ever melt and pour!

    Very Pretty! you've got a good swirl going there, that is my biggest challenge I've never used cocoa butter base, but my goats milk soaps come out pretty hard. Layering is tough... you have to time it just right. I've had quite a few come apart. Good thing about M&P is that you can remelt the failed layer and try again. Below is a link to a facebook group called melt and pour soap makers. VERY good info there and so many talented makers. I call it my "soap porn" page. I literally drool over some of the beautiful soaps they make. welcome to a new addiction https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460683120854552/?ref=bookmarks
  5. More Fragrance oils! Don't really need them , but you know we all have this on our wish lists
  6. Cierra SAVE ON HOLIDAY GIFTS Stock up on all your essentials or buy gifts for your loved ones! Now through Saturday, December 8! Sale ends Saturday night (Pacific Standard Time) The more you spend the more you save. $5 off any order over $50, $10 off any order over $100, and $15 off any order over $150. Brambleberry Ends 12/6 Save $5 off $50+ Use code: HOLIDAY5Save $15 off $100+ Use code: HOLIDAY15Save $25 off $150+ Use code: HOLIDAY25 The brambleberry codes worked for gift certificates too! I got $175 worth of gift certs for $150, gonna use them next time theres a discount on shipping!
  7. franu61

    Jar suppliers

    sometimes you can get a good deal on the country comfort jars at anchor hocking
  8. http://store.americansoywax.com/Wick-Dipper_c_36.html
  9. franu61

    Black Friday Sales

    Brambleberry said 20% off some items but won't tell us what til 10 pm Thursday
  10. This is from last year. Just one of 3 tables ( don't know why I don't have pics of the other 2) the baskets in the background are a neighbors display
  11. franu61

    Sugar Plum Scent

    I have tried the RE Frosted sugar plum and it smells very plummy. I really like this one, I wish it was bath and body safe I also have Sugar Plum Fairy from indigo. It is very sweet and I don't get a lot of plum out of it, but it is bath and body safe.
  12. franu61

    My Fall Line

    Those are all awesome, MrDan. I love that they are your own. I make melt and pour soap, so I am seeing some pretty cool bars of soap in these too, lol.
  13. Hi Dave, welcome! If only they would do that...(sigh). Shipping is THE most expensive part of this business/hobby/obsession. At least it is for those of us who live far away from a supplier. The best we can do is try to find a wax that works, from a supplier closest to us. Sometimes we get lucky and they will offer free shipping. I just got in on EAP's free shipping a few months back...cut my cost for wax in half. If you tell us your location I'm sure someone on here can tell you the nearest supplier to you of your wax.
  14. franu61

    Which stamp?

    I agree.
  15. franu61

    Best Fragrance Vendors for Soy?

    It's not THAT bad. Yes it is made to smell like the insence. Lots of people LOVE it...I'm just not one of them.