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  1. code BLACK2021 10% off all fo's Nov 25-27
  2. 4 inkjets has the lowest prices on the type I use right now you can get 18% off Coupon Code: 4BLKCYB
  3. Well, I have only ever used an inkjet. I am using a cheapo canon pixma right now. I do mean cheap, initial cost only about $40. For the price it has been a real workhorse. I use a lot of color on my lables. I was thinking of upgrading?? to laser, but a color laser printer seems SOOO expensive. Of course the cost of ink is a factor but I wait for the sales from online ink places and stock up.
  4. 30 % off all fragrances with code: I217-Y5R2-JEY0 valid 11/22-11/26
  5. they are having a 20% off sale on all sizes of fall scents.
  6. I love pineapple mango, blackberry sage, black ginger bamboo.
  7. For most of my in person sales I use brown or white lunch bags, I have a stamp with my company name and info, and a stamp of my logo. (same as my avatar).. My husband stamps the bags for me while he is watching tv . This is the least expensive option I've found. People tell me the bags are cute.
  8. Hi , I am in waay Northern Ca. On the border coast w/ Oregon. You can find fragrance oils at Candlescience. the shipping to you will be reasonable since they ship from reno NV. there are LOTS of suppliers out there, but most of us find the best one is the closest one. Suppliers By State List - General Candle Making Discussions - Craft Server
  9. I've only had 1 that went bad, in 11 years. Boy did I know it, too. PHEW
  10. franu61


    Aztec has 4 new fragrances, they are offering free 1 oz when you purchase. I just used the September 5/$5 code: 92021 and got 9 1 oz fo's for $5 plus shipping
  11. Higher rates and slower delivery time. Oh goody. Looking forward to pirate ship's new carrier news!
  12. 20% off all FALL fo's until 8/27
  13. My candle room is my happy place! It is the only room in the house that is MINE. No one else goes in there, so when I put something away, it stays in that place. I know where everything is! I did purge a lot of stuff during lockdown. Sold it all on destash groups. If you are purging, please consider listing stuff here...one chandlers junk is another chandlers treasure
  14. I just had a thought, what if I tried it with orange flavored gelatin and added more orange FO? Would the sugar in the flavored gelatin make it not work? I just may try this.
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