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  1. @Sarah S I've bought 58 fragrance oils from Aztec through the years, plus lots of samples, but not a one of those on your list except the Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar. Sometimes I wonder about asking others what fragrances they like from a supplier because we all have different tastes. But I still ask.
  2. You just missed their 10% off sale. I didn't get in on it because I'm trying to cut back. I used all my Christmas Splendor though; a really good Christmas scent. As is Victorian Christmas and Mistletoe Kiss. Others I like are: Caramel Pecan Pie Black Raspberry Vanilla Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane Bayside Marina Cantaloupe & Lily - Love! Mulled Cider Leaves - Love and customer favorite Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Sells well: Volcano Love Spell Monkey Farts I have other good ones, but those are my favorites.
  3. I have Nature's Garden H&G House. I really like it but I don't think it's like CS because their's was too sickly sweet or something to me. I don't quite remember now; it's been a few years since I used it. I love spicy scents usually but I've had a few that 'got on my nerves' is the way I put it.
  4. GailC

    Black Friday?

    Give me a medal or something! I resisted and didn't order from AAA! A bargain isn't such a bargain when you don't need what is on sale. My Nature's Garden order is coming today, however. But I REALLY wanted those scents and I actually NEEDED 2 of them.
  5. Here I go again. Dicken's Christmas has been a hit. It is a good scent in soy wax; nice and strong. So I'm ordering 2 of those plus 3 more I have samples of. Shipping is only $9.98 for 5 bottles, so counting shipping, each 16 oz bottle is $13.00.
  6. OK so there's not an official National Candle Day. Like @pughaus said, it's just for BBW. I checked the National Day Calendar just to make sure. Well I'm not deleting my post on FB.
  7. Oh! I didn't know it was just for them. The place I first saw it wasn't associated with BBW. There's a national day for everything it seems.
  8. Just so you know. I never knew there was a National Candle day. I'm going to let my Facebook friends know and get a plug in for my candles.
  9. GailC

    Black Friday?

    I must confess, I caved. I would repent, but I'm not really sorry. Nature's Garden never has sales (except for a select number of 1 oz samples). I really did need some more Vanilla and Cinnamon, honest! So then I had to buy 3 more to get the $1.00 off each candle if you buy 5 or more. That plus the 10% off was a pretty good deal. All 5 are new scents for me; some I had smelled and really wanted when I went to their store in October. But! I have emptied seven 16 oz bottles in the past week or so. I should have room now for 5 more.
  10. Wow! this is the first sale I can remember Nature's Garden having. Except lately, they're been having sales on just certain 1 oz FO's.
  11. Which above names? I changed one of my spicy ones to Welcome Home because I didn't like the name. I'm thinking about changing Celtic Moonspice because what in the world does spice have to do with a Celtic Moon? But it does sound kind of designer or something. I had a little Holiday Spices from Bert (heaven Scent) probably 10 years old. I blended it with a spice fragrance and named it Home for Christmas because Holiday Spices was kind of generic to me.
  12. Fragrance Buddy is having a great sale! Rustic Escentuals a not so great sale.
  13. I like the name Woolen Blanket too. Also like Flannel Sheets although I haven't bought either yet. I need to rename Apple Harvest and Amish Harvest because the harvest season is so brief.
  14. @Dreamer, I can almost smell those horrible scents, you describe them so well. HALITOSIS?!!!!! WHY? You getting paid to take mail inside the stinky cat house brought back a memory. A lady paid me to take her to the store back in the 70's. I forget what people called her, Stinky lady or something like that. She smelled so bad, I didn't want people to know I was with her in the store. Now that's a nice Christian attitude. Just like Jesus.
  15. GailC

    Black Friday?

    Fragrance Buddy typically has a BF sale. The best % off of any company. I am not buying anything though, until I run through some of the 264 scents I have. I have emptied 4 bottle in the past week, so that's a start. Including one from Bert (Heaven Scent) that I bought 10 years ago. Can't believe FO's stay good that long but most do.
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