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  1. GailC

    Peak....again with the closing.

    Fragrance Buddy carries Peak type FO's. http://www.fragrancebuddy.com/HARVEST-MOON-by-Peak-Type-Fragrance.aspx
  2. GailC

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    I love bakery scents so narrowing it down to 6 would be hard but I'll give it a try: Lemon Pound Cake from FB for sure Apple Pie is a given Like you said something with vanilla like Sugar Cookie Caramel Pecan Pie from Aztec is good Something with Cinnamon like Cinnamon Buns I love Blueberry Cobbler from Cierra; Aztec's was good too. I sell so many different kinds of Pumpkin but only in the fall.
  3. Hopefully yours will ship Monday. Maybe they got busier as the sale went on. I ordered mine on the 12th.
  4. I haven't tried CS Lime Cooler. I don't think it has 7up ish ness. Let me smell it again. I don't think 7up when I smell it. Strong lime with a little sweetness. Mahogany Spice is definitly a good men's scent. I thought it smelled quite like Candlewic's Spiced Mahogany, but now that I've smelled them both again, they are different. AAA's is more 'earthy. I thought I smelled a bit of orange in Candlewic's and sure enough, I checked the description and it has bergamot in it. I like them both. Sorry, I can't tell you if I can smell each one of peach magnolia and raspberry. I do know that the Peach Magnolia Raspberry I had from Tennessee and the Marketplace (Peaches and raspberries, mixed with hints of magnolias, jasmine, rose and lavender for a wonderful floral & fruity fragrance) from Southwest both smelled heavenly burning.
  5. Got my samples today! Overall I was impressed. None of them smell weak OOB. I'm not good at describing scents but I'll tell you what I thought. Didn't like: Mexican Vanilla - doesn't really smell like vanilla to me Waterfall - not horrible, just wouldn't order it. It's supposed to smell like tropical air after the rain Wouldn't order just because they are similar to FO's I already have: Hawaiian Wind - a tropical fruity blend that reminds me of Caribbean Escape. I do like it but don't need another tropical fruit right now. Sea Petals - this one is a nice citrusy smell, but kind of like Island Spa from Aztec and Cottage Breezes from NG, which I love. Might order someday: Sun Ripened Raspberry - a BBW type Cranberry Tea - didn't really smell any tea but if I ever need a strong sweet cranberry, this one would work. Peach Magnolia Raspberry - I think Marketplace from Southwest edges this one out, but I only ordered from them once when I needed a certain jar. Love this fragrance! Would definitely order: (When I use some more of the full bottles I already have. ) Limon - top of the list, a strong lime! Lavender Apples & Oak - I have Apples & Oak from NG, but this one is not so predominately apple. I like it! Butter Cookies - A rich buttery vanilla Creamy Vanilla - I really like this vanilla Spiced Mahogany - Very similar to Candlewic's Mahogany Spice. The description just says earthy & spicy. I'm going to order this some day from someplace Cinnamon Sticks - another good spice scent; still doesn't beat out my favorite though, Cinnamon Stick from CS Dicken's Christmas - another orange, clove spicy scent, the kind I like for Christmas.
  6. GailC

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    @Crafty1_AJ, I like your basic line. Another scent that I consider a staple is some kind of coffee.
  7. GailC

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    I would do one spice scent...cinnamon something Your MacIntosh Apple is a good choice Maybe choose one of the two lemons. Daffodil and Grass would be your fresh/floral right? Maybe not the tobacco or the Autumn Flannel since it has the word 'Autumn' in it. For the last two then, I would choose Basil Sage Mint and Balsam Fir since you're wanting to include a pine scent. You're right, it is hard. I'm sure the others are lovely. I've never smelled Lux Linen.
  8. GailC


    @Elegy, maybe you could send them a message on their Facebook page. Also note on their FB page, they're having a Valentine's Day sale, so hopefully you can take advantage of it.
  9. Yay! I had to run and check my email....nothing. Then it popped up. At least they've created the shipment label. I understand they are going to be a little slower with shipments during the sale, so that's OK. I can be in anticipation longer.
  10. GailC

    Lemon Pound Cake

    Candles wax used: Soy 444 fragrance load (%): 8% average cure time: at least a week Wax additives: none container size 10 oz dodecagon Cold throw: good Hot Throw: excellent Other notes: This scent smells just like lemon pound cake, so good and strong! One of my favorite scents and a best seller. In fact, I just had a customer here at my house who was only going to buy 2 candles. So she paid for her 2, then as we were talking, she picked up the Lemon candle and smelled it and decided she had to have it too.
  11. I see they let you buy more than one bottle of a fragrance for $1.00 each. Some companies don't allow that when they have a sale. We're going to have to compare notes when we all get our samples.
  12. GailC

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Candles: wax used: Soy 444 fragrance load (%): 8% average cure time: at least one week Wax additives: none container size 9 oz dodecagon jar Cold throw: Good Hot Throw: Excellent Fade: No Other notes: My granddaughter went on and on about how strong this fragrance is and how it made her whole house smell good. My daughter smelled it at her house and then she wanted one, which surprised me, because Lisa usually likes Cinnamon scents only. BRV is one of my best sellers, but sometimes I get it from NG. After Brianna's rave review on Aztec's though, I think I'll just buy it from them from now on.
  13. @franu61, here is my list: Cinnamon Sticks - 1 oz. Bottle Cranberry Tea - 1 oz. Bottle Sun Ripened Raspberry - 1 oz. Bottle Limon - 1 oz. Bottle Sea Petal - 1 oz. Bottle Peach Magnolia Raspberry - 1 oz. Bottle Waterfall - 1 oz. Bottle Spiced Mahogany - 1 oz. bottle Dickens Christmas - 1 oz. Bottle Lavender Apples and Oak - 1 oz. Bottle Mexican Vanilla - 1 oz. Bottle Creamy Vanilla - 1 oz. Bottle Hawaiian Wind - 1 oz. Bottle
  14. @franu61, we're in this together. You picked all different ones from mine. I searched in a Facebook candle group and AAA FO's got mixed reviews. Some liked them, some didn't. Sometimes I think we just need to see for ourselves. I've read posts that say a certain supplier's FO's are weak, when that supplier is one of my main sources of oils. I seem to remember that Twisted Holiday was a good one according to one poster at least.
  15. GailC

    Nutmeg and Spice

    @Trappeur, I see you did buy the Nutmeg & Spice after reading about how I liked the sample of it I got. You said something like you had looked at it a gazillion times. Thanks for the review. Next time I order jars from Flaming I will have to get me a large bottle.