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  1. @Hummel, here is one thread you might check out to see what people order from TCS.
  2. When the warehouse is open, Tuesday -Thursday, 10:00 - 3:00, you can go in and smell samples, not all they carry, but about 250. Some I really liked OOB but most of those was too expensive for me. They are not my favorite supplier for Fragrance Oils but I get jars and wax from them., My son was in Hamilton, OH last week and saved me $140 shipping by picking up 3 cases of wax and 20 cases of jars. Two FO's I tried and did like were Bamboo Rainforest and Snow Cream, a Vanilla Mint. Pink Sands is pretty good and Freesia. You can buy specials online or when you go to the warehouse, but I haven't been impressed with many of them. They're tempting because you can buy them on the spot and they are only 9 or 10 dollars for 16 oz. Someone on this forum really likes the Candlemaker's Store FO's, except for the dupes. You might do a search in quotes on the Fragrance discussion topic and see what others like.
  3. If you need a 12 step program, you came to the wrong forum. We are all enablers. I just ordered from Bitter Creek for the first time last week and got nine 16 oz bottles of FO I didn't need, plus 2 from Aztec. But I have an excuse for Aztec. My granddaughter wants me to make her some body butter so I needed shea butter. Had to order more than $5.99 shea butter to justify the shipping cost. I have many FO's from CW. Some of my favorites are: Pumpkin Chai - sells well Tea & Cakes Apple Cider donut - yum! Pecans & Pralines Succulent Agave & Oakmoss - popular Berry Tamgerine - one of my summer favorites Mulberry Spice Cranapple Spice Hot buttered Rum Lemongrass Sage I have some I haven't even put in wax yet although I've had them for awhile. I've bought 32 from CW all together. Just stay away from the Spice. It smells weird. I use GW444 which is quite similar to 464
  4. @bfroberts, I am not disappointed with any of the $5.00 bargains I got. They all smell plenty strong. OOB I am not good at describing how fragrance oils smell but I'll give it a shot. Fresh Outdoors - I smell trees and a hint of Eucalyptus. Cool Mountain Air - a nice clean scent; reminds me of a fragrance oil I had called Sunshine. Maybe a laundry detergent scent Chocolate Cappuccino - More chocolate than coffee. I might add a little coffee to it. Smells good as it is though. My daughter said it smells like a Starbucks drink she gets. Waterlily - I wasn't sure about ordering this one but I really like it. Another clean scent I would say but different than the others. Nice.
  5. I ordered both of those $5.00 surplus oils and the order will be here tomorrow. So I'll let you know what I think of them OOB. I also ordered the $5.00 Waterlily and Cappuccino. Couldn't resist those bargains. If they're no good I won't be out much money at that price.
  6. Made my first pumpkin candles of the season this week. Customers can't get enough Pumpkin candles in the fall. CS - Pumpkin Caramel Crunch is a new one for me. My house smelled delicious after I poured them. CW - Pumpkin Chai - these sell really well at the store where I have a wholesale account Placed my first ever order with Bitter Creek this week, fell off the wagon. I had been doing so well not buying any more fragrance oils I didn't need. Someone sent me a sample of their Pumpkin Cheesecake a while back and I finally had to buy it....plus a bunch of others. I've had Pumpkin Cheesecake from Aztec and it was good, but BC Pumpkin Cheesecake smells even better OOB.
  7. My #1 best seller is my own blend of Cinnamon Vanilla Other top sellers are: Black Raspberry Vanilla Eucalyptus & Spearmint Volcano Lemon Pound Cake Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie Blueberry Cobbler Love Spell Agave & Oakmoss There are others but those are the main ones I think.
  8. My favorite cottons are Sea Island Cotton from Cierra and High Cotton from Mill Creek. Love them both. In fact, I'm going to make some Sea Island Cotton candles today. It's been awhile since I've made those.
  9. Welcome! Yes it sure is fun to smell! Especially when you made it yourself.
  10. Welcome! Best of luck with your new venture using coconut wax.
  11. Welcome! Glad to have you join us.
  12. Welcome to craft server. This is a great place!
  13. GailC


    Sounds good to me! Welcome!
  14. Well, after going back and forth, back and forth, trying to decide whether to order more fragrance oils I don't need, I went and did it. Do you ever figure out cost per pound with shipping when you buy FO's? My cost per pound for 5 bottles with shipping and a 20% discount was $13.86 a bottle. Many dollars cheaper per pound than the order I just received from CS. But try as I may to find substitutes for CS's Very Vanilla and Cinnamon Stick, I just can't do without those two. And I've been wanting the Pumpkin Caramel Crunch ever since I got a sample in 2017. What decided me on ordering from CS besides the 99 cent sample sale was I got a message from a lady in Texas who had bought a Rain Water candle of mine from a store I had candles in about 4 years ago. I didn't even remember making Rain Water candles. She wants 10 of those, so once I finally figured out where I bought Rain Water several years ago, I had to place an order with CS. The scents I just ordered from AAA were Dicken's Christmas, Limon, Peach Magnolia Raspberry, Butter Cookie and Lavender Apples & Oak. I just love the sample of Limon I got and all the others I ordered too. I'll find someplace to store all these new FO's.
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