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  1. Even though RE's shipping is so very expensive, there are some FO's I just have to order. I know Christmas is over, but Main Street Christmas may be my favorite Christmas scent of all I love the coffee scents; Pumpkin Spice Latte and Caramel Cafe. I need to order more Danish Butter Cookie, such a rich buttery cookie scent. Celtic Moon Spice is really good but it has gotten too expensive for me. Others I like: Caribbean Day Spa Tuscan Fields Baked Apple
  2. I looked at my list of FO's I've gotten from there through the years, and most of them were the specials and the free ones with $100 order. So I've been judging the quality/strength by those. I should try more of the regular priced FO's but some are so expensive. I'm going to have to look up some you mentioned. Thanks!
  3. Sometimes I drive from Indiana to Ohio to The Candlemaker's store to get wax and jars, but I haven't bought many of their regularly priced fragrance oils. Are there any others from there you've tried? They have sooooo many! I like their Snow Cream and Bamboo Rainforest.
  4. I did a google search and The Candlemaker's Store carries it. Someone said their dupes weren't so good, but I don't know. I have really liked a few from there but their free ones with $100 purchase and their special fragrances for $10 have mostly been underwhelming...you get what you pay for there. https://thecandlemakersstore.com/fragrances/fragrance-categories/yankee-types/dreamy-summer-nights-type.html
  5. No idea sorry. I've never seen any out of stock until recently; probably due to covid and Christmas. Sometimes the jars I want are out of stock. In fact, this year they're been out of stock for months because there is a nationwide shortage I've learned.
  6. I placed an order with them on the 7th. They are behind, so it is still awaiting fulfillment. I just called them to see if I could add wick stickers to my order. I wish I had gotten the lady's name. She saw my note about replacing 12 damaged lids from an order way back in January. So she added the wick stickers and is going to send me a dozen lids, and since I was wanting a replacement for damaged items, she is going to push my order through and get it shipped sooner! They post on their site which date's orders they are processing and they're up to the 4th. I needed
  7. Thanks Belinda, but I'll just wait on my backorder. At least my family and I have Leaves candles to burn. Gee, I don't like floral scents either. I hope you get to use FO's you actually like once in a while. I do sell a lot of Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley and Lilac, so I have customers who like florals too. One asked about a Rose candle. I got a sample from Aztec and I think one from CS once, but I just don't know if I could stand to make Rose candles.
  8. What's wrong with your customers!?? I ordered more from Aztec; got my order today and Leaves is backordered.
  9. Yes I saw the price increased. I'm surprised it stayed at $10 for so long. I just checked my old orders and it was $8.00 a lb the first time I ordered it in 2017. Speaking of FB, they finally got power and opened back up over the weekend. I figured they would be way behind on orders, but I ordered Sunday and received my order today. It came in a large flat rate box, Which would be about $18 shipping, but I got free shipping over $100. I think FB is the least expensive place to order FO's since they have reasonable prices and free shipping. Plus I get a $5.00 off discount code
  10. I have been burning Leaves from Aztec and have decided it is my very favorite fall scent. My children and grandchildren love it too.
  11. Well I hope some of my customers love it. It seems if a customer likes one unique, out of the ordinary scent (that I don't care for), she likes all of them. So I know at least one person who may buy This Old House candles.
  12. I like Christmas Splendor and Victorian Christmas from Aztec. My favorite may be Main Street Christmas from Rustic Escentuals.
  13. @ellajoan, I am terrible at coming up with names. This is probably not what you're looking for, but I thought of Old Hickory when I read Hickory & Suede. I had to look up who was called Old Hickory. It was Andrew Jackson. because he was "as unbending as a tree, but also tough as wood." Either than or a cowboy's name. You know all rugged and masculine like the Marlboro Man. I'd pick up and smell a candle named Sam Elliott.
  14. Thanks! I wondered what Tennessee's description was. That's weird. Suppliers usually have more accurate scent descriptions. Love the way you describe it! "Baking in a wood cabin". Exactly. And that's why I didn't use it for years. Just don't care for the smoke smell. But I did just buy Candlescience's Christmas Hearth. I had a smaller bottle years ago, and it is my sister's very favorite fragrance. I do like its scent better than This Old House.
  15. I have no issues with Flaming Candles wick stickers. I've also used The Candlemaker's Store's wick stickers in the past and they worked just as well. I just like how Flaming Candles come in a roll. I get 1000 at a time.
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