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  1. I know what you mean about new suppliers. Geez. I ordered 3 from Muddy Soap Company a couple of months ago or so. Some of the names of their fragrances drew me in. I think you'll be pleased with FB. They have 4 or 5 sales a year. I wish I could buy all my FO's from them, but nooo. I also am placing an order with Nature's Garden because I need some from there that FB doesn't carry. Besides, when I find a scent that customers and I really like, sometimes I'm afraid to order that scent from another company. Why mess with success? I just made some Salted Caramel from FB and oh, it smells so good.
  2. Palo Santo is quite the buzz word lately...well actually it's two words. I will check those out next time I need to order jars from Flaming Candle. Thanks!
  3. I smelled Cracklin Birch when I went to Nature's Garden but I crossed it off. I know a lot of people like it though, so maybe I should give it a try. It's hard when I don't like these kind of fragrances. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. I may duplicate some of Belinda'a FAVORITES of mine and customers too: Lemon Pound Cake Cinnamon Broom Spiced Apples & Peaches Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Sugared Donut Salted Caramel Sea Witch (best salty ocean scent) Also I like Apple Mango Tango, Jamaica Me Crazy, Caribbean Escape, and Lavender Fields is good for a Lavender which isn't my favorite.
  5. Use PROMO4 Remember you get free shipping with $100 order BEFORE discount. So my order so far is $100.35; after discount $80.28 and I still get free shipping!
  6. Oh I also have Peaceful Patchouli from Aztec which I only make by request, and Indian Sandalwood from NG which may be considered earthy. The scents I don't like are amber, patchouli and sandalwood, and Barn Wood has all of those, but somehow it's not bad.
  7. I don't care much for earthy scents but some of my customers do. I have Redwood & Cedar from Flaming Candle, Walk in the Woods from Aztec (But some say it smells like Vicks), and now Barn Wood which customers are showing interest in already. I do like Redwood & Cedar pretty well, and Barn Wood more than I thought I would. My cousin wants something that smells like new mown hay, so I'm going to try Hayride from NG. What else should I add to my line in this category?
  8. You just missed their great sale, but they have 4 or 5 a year. Some I like: Lemon Pound Cake Salted Caramel Cinnamon Broom Sea Witch Spiced Apple & Peaches Sugar Cookie Royale Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Sugared Donut Apple Mango Tango Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Escape
  9. My very first order in 2009 was from Northstar. I don't remember why now. I started out small and got some of their expensive strong 1 oz FO's but I'm sorry I don't remember if they are truly stronger. I was a complete novice back then and wouldn't have known the difference. I wouldn't pay that much for 1 ounce bottles now because I have found so many other companies with strong FO's at a more reasonable price. I don't personally like for companies to offer 2 different strengths. Of course we want the strongest one. The Candlemaker's store has Grade A and Grade B. I've always been leery of Grade B, even though it is cheaper of course. One time, when I went to pick up an order, I asked about the grades. Of course Grade A is the best. He said the specials for $9.99 are like a Grade C and I can attest to that. A few of those specials have worked out for me; others not so much. I love bargains but the old adage is true, you get what you pay for.
  10. I'm just curious because my business has increased dramatically! Most of my customers come through Facebook and word of mouth. People are staying home and burning through their candles. I do porch pick up and most customers don't even smell them before they buy. I have also shipped some orders. Someone posted in a local group on FB looking for local candles, and it was heartening to see all the recommendations for my candle business. She contacted me last night and ordered 6. Another new customer has, get this, 8 melt warmers and she has ordered 9 times in April and May. Mostly melts but also a few candles. She is obsessed with Pumpkin Sugared Donut from Fragrance Buddy. My son made an online flyer, very nice and professional looking, promoting my candles on FB. He has LOTS of FB friends. So far I've gotten 3 large orders because of the flyer. I am happy and blessed. How about you? How is your business doing during this unprecedented time?
  11. @Dreamer, I know right? I have more than 3 also, that's why I qualified it as who you purchase from most. I love Rustic Escentuals but don't order from them nearly as often, plus Mill Creek, plus Candlewic, plus Cierra plus Candlescience plus Flaming Candle plus plus plus. But I've never ordered from Indigo or Save on Scents and I refuse to visit their websites so matter how good you say they are!
  12. So do you have to call them for pricing and to order? I couldn't find how they sold it (50 pound cases is what I use) or the price or shipping charges.
  13. Sign up for their email and get 10% off code. I believe I was able to use it on my first order, but it's been awhile so I don't remember for sure.
  14. Hi and welcome Kari. Good luck finding a supplier close to you. I checked the distance from Madison, WI to a couple of my suppliers in Ohio and they are both 7 hours away from you. I also use GW 444. Sometimes I drive about 2 hours and 20 minutes to the Candlemaker's Store in Hamilton OH, but their shipping is high, just like everyone else's. I have ordered wax from Candlewic. The extra shipping charge after putting some fragrance oils in my cart was only about $15. I just checked and for me, shipping charge for a 50 pound case is $28,77 FedEx and a whopping $72.00 UPS. Now which one would you choose? I added a pound of fragrance oil just to check and the shipping was the same. So you might check Candlewic. I think their FedEx shipping is the most reasonable.
  15. Oh! I need to read this thread more carefully!
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