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  1. Probably not anything like Summer Breeze, but I really like Gain type Apple Mango Tango and so do my customers. https://www.fragrancebuddy.com/APPLE_MANGO-TANGO-FB-TYPE_FRAGRANCE-1-2.aspx
  2. Thankfully, I ordered a bunch of supplies a couple of weeks ago for a wholesale account. I am so concerned about small businesses at this time. My cousin followed her dream and opened an antique store several months ago. Recently she opened another large one in a different town. Now she is stressing out. Business was already slow, and now the state of Indiana is shutting down starting tomorrow. I am thinking these candle supply businesses will rebound when this quarantine is over, because we will be desperate to feed our fragrance oil addiction.
  3. @Din Most suppliers have designer fragrance oils. I don't know if I would consider them luxury scents unless they cost way more than I'm willing to pay. For instance, I make Love Spell candles (Victoria's Secret type), but the cost of the fragrance oil is comparable to the others I buy. Here are some links to designer/brand FO's from suppliers I buy from. https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/designer-fragrance-oils https://www.candlemaking.com/candlemaking/candle-fragrance-oils-and-scents/designer.html https://www.candlewic.com/store/category.aspx?q=c147&title=Designer-and-Brand-Candle-Scent I have never ordered from Wellington, but they have designer scents that are more pricey. I don't know if that means they're luxury and better. https://www.wellingtonfragrance.com/Designer-Fragrance-Oils-C9.aspx
  4. @Daisymay66, I got my Brown Sugar and Fig from Nature's Garden. I personally don't care for the scent so I contacted my customer (who had specifically asked for that scent) and asked her opinion of the soy candles she bought. She said she loved it. And I quote: "Not too sweet and not too strong. Burns lovely!"
  5. Thanks! On the Fundraiser I hope....because I just ordered 5 bottle of FO. I had to buy some 10 inch wicks for a special order (which are very hard to to find). I wasn't going to pay almost $9 in shipping for wicks, so ordered 5 FO's mostly for the Fundraisers I'm doing this years. Going to need lots of the fall basics. Apples and Pumpkins.
  6. I just use scrapbook paper and a scalloped paper punch. Had to buy a longer than normal hole punch for the wick to reach the middle of the dust cover. Once again, my pictures are huge!
  7. The images used to be visible. Don't know what happened.
  8. @jmec, Welcome! Yes people do sell fragrance oils and more. There is a Classified Ads forum, the very last one on the main page. Good luck! Oh, I don't blame you for not liking NG's Fresh Brewed Coffee. That stuff was nasty!
  9. I thought so, and it was a scent I don't already have.
  10. Never mind. I went ahead and ordered since I needed those 10 Inch wicks. Decided to go with some of their less expensive basic scents for my 2 fundraisers coming up in late summer and fall. The reviews helped. I got Birthday Cake, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Souffle, Vanilla Maple Pecan, and Christmas Cheer since I used most of my Christmas scents.
  11. I find myself needing long wicks and Lone Star has 10 inch wicks. So of course, I have to order some fragrance oil. Not paying $8.92 for a bag of wicks. I have ordered from over 20 companies throughout the last almost 11 years, but never Lone Star. I've read good things about their FO's and I could do a search, but thought I'd do it the easy way and just ask what you all like. Thanks!
  12. Usually only Vanilla candles turn yellow for me. And for some reason, Spiced Apples & Peaches. I use UV Inhibitor with any FO's with a high vanilla content. I can think of lots that I didn't color that didn't turn yellow and didn't add UV inhibitor: Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Bun, Banana Nut Bread, Apple Cider Donut to name a few. Maybe when it's a spicy bakery scent, they don't turn yellow. (except spiced apples & peaches from FB)
  13. I don't care for floral scents, but some of my customers do. One only buys Lily of the Valley candles and melts. I get mine from Nature's Garden. That scent also sold fairly well in the store where I have a wholesale account. A couple of others that sell sometimes are Honeysuckle and Lilac. I much prefer the floral blends. One of my favorites is Cantaloupe & Lily from Aztec. I also like Aloe & White Lilac and Water Lily & Jasmine, both from Nature's Garden.
  14. Thanks for letting me know. I am doubting that green dye would work then. Might come up with an ugly shade of green. I have some amber jars, maybe I will use those.
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