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  1. I use Lilac from Nature's Garden and I believe it really smells like lilacs.
  2. I used to use a heat gun to warm my jars, but found it didn't make much of a difference. So I don't heat my jars any more. Sometimes my soy candles turn out perfectly; no wet spots. Sometimes every candle in a batch has wet spots; sometimes some do and some don't. Can't figure that one out. Customers don't seem to care.
  3. My favorite ocean scent is Sea Witch from Fragrance Buddy. Definitely not a man's cologne scent and not tropical fruit at all. I do change the name though.
  4. We all have our favorite suppliers. I personally like Fragrance Buddy, Aztec, Natures Garden, and order the most from them. I also like Mill Creek, Candlewic, The Flaming Candle, Cierra and Candlescience. Rustic Escentuals is good, but their shipping has gotten too expensive for me.
  5. My favorite vanilla for over 11 years has been Very Vanilla from Candlescience. Flaming Candle's is very similar. And I like Vanilla Bean Noel from just about anywhere.
  6. Those are all I have bought. I almost wish I hadn't because I like two of them so much, I'm going to have to add Muddy Soap to my supplier list permanently. Muddy Soap has a Facebook page, and I was just reading one post in particular about FO's the person had tested in wax. I'll copy it here: Tim Triolo I tested these in wax. All good: Cranberry Crush, Blackwood, Birch & Black Pepper, Boho Blush, Dragon Moonflower, Rowanberry, Namaste, French Cade Lavender, Creme de Pastiche (I only used this in a blend so I cannot attest to the throw really since
  7. I think Apple Orchard from Nature's Garden really smells like a fresh, juicy apple.
  8. I love Idgie Threadgood and Oceanside Vetiver in candles. Two of my favorite fragrances now. I use GW444 wax. Fairest of Them All was nice too but I thought the HT was a little lighter.
  9. I use Eucalyptus & Spearmint from Aztec. Some customers love it. It is nice and strong. But I have bought it from NG too in the past. I can't remember if it was different though. I just checked and Aztec's is cheaper than NG, so that makes it better in my book. It does well sell.
  10. Years ago I could drive to the south side of Indianapolis, about 1/2 hour from me, to buy wax and fragrance oil from Bluegrass Candle Supply, I assume with the name Bluegrass, the company might have once been owned by someone in Kentucky. She operated out of her garage. I was sad when she went out of business, but Bluegrass fragrance oils were then available at Elements. Now Elements has sold to WSP. It's like the small family farms are being taken over by the huge corporations.
  11. GailC


    I didn't realize this. Hope she is OK as well.
  12. Wow! Ordered from NG yesterday at 11:15. Got my order today. I guess the pandemic isn't affecting their processing and shipping any more. The Clove does smell very good OOB.
  13. GailC


    Chai candles are a best seller for me. I call them Cinnamon Chai.
  14. I did a lot of internet research and I don't know where I read it, but one place said that when EO is added to Fragrance oil, it is candle safe, or something like that. Now I don't know how the EO that Candlescience infuses into their FO's is different from other EO, but I'm going to assume it is safe and non toxic. I wavered back and forth about blending some EO in with my FO, but finally just ordered Clove fragrance oil from NG. Boy, it was expensive. But Belinda helped me out. She had Clove from Flaming Candle, The Candle Source and NG, and said that NG's Clove was the clear
  15. Yes, but you can find Peak types at Keystone Candles and Fragrance Buddy and probably more suppliers
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