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  1. @Crafty1_AJ I love frosted jars too! I sometimes make candles in 8 ounce white frosted tumblers I ordered from Candles & Supplies.
  2. @Trappeur, aww, thanks Trap. I made those before I even had a name for my business. I don't remember where I got those jars. Maybe a local individual.
  3. I got mine at Aztec. They're on sale right now for $1.50 a dozen. Cheaper than the shipping.
  4. I only ordered 2 dozen of these jelly jar lids a few months ago. Put this picture on my Facebook Page, and I've gotten quite a response, from potential new customers as well as people I know. My neighbor came over and bought 6 yesterday. So even though I skipped all the sales, today a ordered 6 dozen more red lids, and 4 dozen green ones. Plus just ONE Christmas FO I just ran out of. Perhaps part of the appeal is the scent itself, but people are wanting them without smelling them first.
  5. GailC

    Cierra Candle's Cyber Monday Sale

    I use soy wax and I like Sea Island Cotton Blueberry Cobbler Apple Butter Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Island Dreaming Baja Cactus Blossom
  6. GailC

    Cierra Candle's Cyber Monday Sale

    Me too, Linda. I haven't ordered anything this time. I made it through Black Friday...hoping to stay strong through Cyber Monday.
  7. GailC

    Fragrance Buddy 25% off Thanksgiving Sale

    Mine too, but I still don't have any you ordered. Here's what I have: 1. Apple Mango Tango 2. Bird of Paradise 3. Cappuccino Espresso 4. Caribbean Escape 5. Chestnuts & Brown Sugar 6. Cinnamon Broom 7. Cranberry Woods 8. Cucumber & Melon 9. Fairy Garden 10. Honey Pear Cider 11. Jamaica Me Crazy 12. Lavender Fields 13. Lemon Pound Cake 14. Pineapple Cilantro 15. Pomegranate 16. Pumpkin Cupcake 17. Pumpkin Sugared Donut 18. Salted Caramel 19. Sea Witch 20. Spiced Apples & Peaches 21. Sun & Sand 22. This Old House 23. Vanilla Bean Noel A few of those, I haven't gotten around to putting in wax yet. That's why I don't need more. I am well stocked on Lemon Pound Cake and Cinnamon Broom so I'm good. Oh I see I do have one you ordered, Lavender Fields, but I haven't used it yet.
  8. GailC

    Fragrance Buddy 25% off Thanksgiving Sale

    I highly recommend FB's Lemon Pound Cake, Cinnamon Broom and Spiced Apples & Peaches. Their Sea Witch is a really good ocean scent.
  9. GailC

    Fragrance Buddy 25% off Thanksgiving Sale

    @aptommo, I have 23 of FB's FO's but not one of those you ordered. We all have such different preferences! I'm passing on this sale but some of those you ordered sound good to keep in mind for a future sale. I'm still determined to use up some of the 250 or so bottles I have before buying more. Seems like when I do empty a bottle, there still isn't any extra room in my cabinet.
  10. GailC

    BEST Capri Blue Volcano 🌋

    I don't know how Aztec's Volcano compares to the original either, but I do know that my niece sold that fragrance like crazy at her job last summer. Her coworkers just kept asking for more. I changed the name to Island of Capri.
  11. GailC

    Black Friday Sales

    Cierra Candles is having a Cyber Money sale. No details yet though.
  12. GailC

    Black Friday Sales

    It's easy to not be tempted when there is no temptation. I placed an order with Aztec in October and got 10% off for some reason. Don't remember just why now. I needed a few more jars for my DIL's baby shower so I bought a couple of new FO's that I had gotten samples of. Walk in the Woods and Pumpkin Caramel Latte. Haven't used either one of them yet though. I use 444 wax. You can buy 444 and 464 at Candlewic anytime for about $3.00 more than Aztec's BF 'wholesale' deal on 50 pounds. One of these days or months or years, I want to order from Bittercreek. I almost did a time or 2, but I am holding off until I get these FO cabinets emptied out some. I refuse to find another storage space for fragrance oils. Both of my cabinets are full.
  13. Not much difference to me. 444 has a higher melt point than 464. I just started out with 444 and liked it.
  14. GailC

    FB Quick Shipping

    Oh! Well that clears THAT up! It's hard to keep all these candle supply companies straight.