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  1. Thanks..I think it will be fun to give this a try ..My family loves the foamy soap.
  2. Hi... I'm wondering about foamer pumps. I read that a foamer pump will make any soap foamy, and i also read that it doesn't. So do you need the soap that is made to be foamy and the foamer pump or can just use a pump and regular soap ? Thanks
  3. Does stearic acid help soy 464 have better glass adhesion or less frosting?
  4. Lol sounds like my sister. I started making candles in march she says I should be selling them already. I don't feel at all like I'm ready for that at all. So this is a good question.
  5. Maybe autumn flannel, or woolen blanket, and vanilla and chestnuts..those smell good and just like fall
  6. Cranberry woods from candle science smells really good, its a little cranberry a little woodsy pine
  7. I wrap towles around my candles and cover with a box, so the other day i made 4 candles, but one i unwrapped and took out from under the box( like 8 hours later) cause i wanted my husband to smell it. I wrapped it back up and put it back. Well come to find out that the one i took out is the only 1 out of the 4 that had bad glass adhesion, so i guess i need to set it and forget it for a whole day or more .
  8. I'm realizing that when i use to buy candles I would just pick them up and smell them, that i would never look around the jar to see those problems. So i do have to learn to let it go and just do my best.. This website is extremely helpful and encouraging ❤
  9. Your experiment was a good idea . It shows people probably do care about the scent more than anything .. hopefully there are a lot of people like that lol. Wet spots are a thorn in my side to , especially when you make a couple of candles and 1 is perfect and 1 is not, its like uhgggg why? Lol
  10. That is very good advise. I will tell myself this when I start getting flustered.. I have wanted to give up on candles a few times , but I will not allow it ..and having good advise is motivating THANKS...
  11. Ok good, because I'm driving myself crazy ..Its all i think about, is perfecting these candles, and I know those 2 things are hard to perfect...its sometimes a little overwhelming .. Thanks..
  12. Hi.. Just wondering what do you do with the candles that have bad glass adhesion or just a little and frosting. Do you still sell them, or at a discount, or just give them away and loose money? Thanks
  13. Maybe try BUTTERBRICKLE from Just Scents..I haven't tried it yet, but it is on my list.. sounds like it would be buttery
  14. I wonder what their other items they are selling (if any) look like
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