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  1. Karen Ov

    Adding fo

    Hi... So I want to start making more melts than candles right now, and I know you can do a lot more with melts so I'm excited lol..Say I make a donut melt and want to put frosting/ glaze on it, do you scent that little bit of wax or do you make up for it with all the fragrance oil in the donut? And I have been watching this wonderful lady on YouTube make soap and she takes rubbing alcohol and puts mica in it then paints the soap. Can you do that to melts cause there is alcohol .. Thanks💐
  2. Karen Ov

    Pro blend 650

    Thanks..I'm only familiar with soy, so not sure on these para soy blends. I noticed the melt temp and pour temp are close not like 464 , so i feel like i have to work quick .
  3. I dont have a business "yet" lol , but glad to hear you are doing so well..💐
  4. Karen Ov

    Pro blend 650

    Hi...So I tried the 650 for some snowflake molds and I got some dips on all of them . I'm not use to using anything but 464..I followed the heating and pouring instructions so not sure why this happened lol.. Thanks
  5. There are some fo's out there that I love but there not strong in soy 464..(I know soy is hard to scent) but still want to use those fo's , so do people sell wax melts and or room spray in scents that they don't offer in a candle? Thanks
  6. Hi..soy should cure for 1 - 2 weeks and soy is harder to scent than other waxes, i have found that cd and eco wicks work great in 464 ..i like cd better..
  7. Oh i love bonfire bliss , i keep putting off ordering winterfell , know i will be ordering it lol. I can't get enough of the smokey fo's ..Thanks Dreamer..
  8. Hi..i only use soy..the best method for me is ..to heat wax to 185 , that's when i put in the fragrance oil, ( i don't color much but i think you add dye before the fo) I also heat my jars first in the oven on warm..so then stir, fo for 2 min bring temp down to 135 140 and I pour the wax down the wick ( i use a funnel pitcher) then i made felt koozies wrap around jars then i put a box over them..Lol seems like a lot and in the beginning it was but now just about all my jars have perfect glass adhesion, hardly any frosting and the tops are smooth and creamy looking.. hope this helps you
  9. I have lemon verbena curing right now, can't wait to light it, 1 more week...Yes RE is costly and there's a 15.00 min order plus the shipping. uhg... I have tried a few other places but always find myself back at fc and re ..
  10. I think my 3 favorites would be and its a close call for the top 2 would be Rustic Escentuals Flaming Candle Indigo I get really good results with RE and FC
  11. I dont know if this will help you, but I only use 464 no mixing other waxes so I am unfamiliar with coconut wax.So for me I use 8 % fo I add it at 185 I pour between 135 and 140. I made jar koozies out of felt to fit around the jar and used blue painters tape to hold it together, and I don't overlap the felt.Then i put a box over them and wait till the next day to check them ...like i said not sure if this will help you but maybe lol..good luck..💐
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