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  1. Thats awesome 💖....Something to be proud of..Congrats💐
  2. Thanks..I'm definitely looking for the real fresh celery scent.
  3. There pretty..Hope someone on here can help you..The shiny ones maybe it could be painted with mica coloring.
  4. Im curious, Has anyone tried celery fo? I seen that save on scents and midwest sea salt co. has it but there pretty pricey. I just love the scent of celery.. lol...
  5. I use candle dyes and mica in melts never in candles and yes it does settle to the bottom but i love the cool effect you get when it melts, all swirly lol.. I add it in before the fo. Maybe some stearic acid in the 494 or some paraffin , but 494 should already be somewhat firm because it is for melts.
  6. I feel the same way..To me a lot of fall bakery scents kind of smell similar, like caramel, butter, vanilla..I also would love to find a pumpkin scent w/o it smelling sweet..
  7. hi..so I want to try decoupage, I have watched tons of videos, looks easy..lol..So sometimes they paint the jars before applying the rice paper or napkins, they use those yellow round sponges or make up sponges but mine comes out bumpy or the brush leaves streak marks..Am i missing something ? . Is anyone familiar with this kind of craft? Thanks💐
  8. How much of a ratio do you think would be good?
  9. You can hit the tops with a heat gun, just dont leave it on the bar to long.
  10. I have seen tons of youtube videos where the title says.."i started a candle business" and they are all in the last 6 months
  11. I got peppermint from flamming candle and it smells really good, nice straight up peppermint, but I have never smelled peaks..
  12. Hi ..I am also in MA. Sometimes i can find them at grocery stores. Do you have a Trucchis near you? I have seen some mason jars there in the last couple of weeks..
  13. These are cool, maybe you could make some Game of Thrones type castles..
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