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  1. That sounds like a good batch of fo's.
  2. Thanks Belinda, I cant wait to get them since I haven't ordered any new fo's since October or November, or tried anywhere new in a while. I ordered Fresh snow, champagne toast and grapefruit and blackberry, 😀
  3. Hi..just placed first order at New York Scent. Does anyone have an opinion on their fragrance oils? Are they good quality? Thanks
  4. Hi..soy is hard to scent and should let candles cure for about 2 weeks.......good luck with new beginnings
  5. Hi..I love RE, I think bonfire bliss is really good in 464..,I love bayberry black forest, its kind of strong. I tried coffee house in wax melts, smells very strong but its awesome
  6. I have copper coconut from aztec oob it smells nice similar to tanning lotion but maybe better..and sweater weather and clean cotton are awesome from aztec
  7. Spicy peaches and apples, I think from rustic escentuals smells something very similar to a apples and cinnamon but maybe better and is strong.
  8. Hi...Try stirring it with a popsicle stick
  9. I used the cd wicks, I liked the way they burned, but I dont use 464 anymore, over a year worth of candle making with 464 and came to the conclusion that 464 is disappointing. I conquered the wet spots, and even the the bumpy tops and frosting, but then there is the lack of hot throw on over 50 different fo's. Plus the candles that did come out really nice, after 3 months there all frosted up, dry looking. I wouldnt buy it. So now concentrating on wax melts for the time..and will try some different waxes down the road
  10. Thats awesome 💖....Something to be proud of..Congrats💐
  11. Thanks..I'm definitely looking for the real fresh celery scent.
  12. There pretty..Hope someone on here can help you..The shiny ones maybe it could be painted with mica coloring.
  13. Im curious, Has anyone tried celery fo? I seen that save on scents and midwest sea salt co. has it but there pretty pricey. I just love the scent of celery.. lol...
  14. I use candle dyes and mica in melts never in candles and yes it does settle to the bottom but i love the cool effect you get when it melts, all swirly lol.. I add it in before the fo. Maybe some stearic acid in the 494 or some paraffin , but 494 should already be somewhat firm because it is for melts.
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