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  1. Thank you . I couldn't find it at first, that pink grapefruit color is exactly what I'm looking for .
  2. I haven't tried tfc coffee , but RE is really good and strong coffee scent , it is so strong in wax melts that i have to keep it away from other scents because they will all smell like coffee. Lol
  3. Thank you . I will check it out..💐
  4. Hi..Im using tart wax 650 from Flaming candle and dye chips/blocks and i have liquid dye from flaming/ RE. And going for a pink grapefruit. Using grapefruit and blackberry from new york scent ...smells so good, mire grapefruit than blackberry but still good.
  5. Hi. I usually heat to 185 pour fo in and mix it for about 2 min and pour right away. I use 12% of fo for wax melts, 2 ounces for 1 pound of wax..hope this helps
  6. Hi..I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get a grapefruit color, or if there is already a dye chip or liquid that is that color. Thanks
  7. Thanks...my kids are going back to school this month, that will give me a lot more time to try out new things, even though I'm nervous for them. Happy and worried at same time . Such as life i guess ...Thanks for the ideas 💖
  8. Thats a great idea..so many different designs and colors to choose from. I thought about stamping the plain envelopes but this is way better. Thank You 💐
  9. Hi..Does anyone know where to buy empty sachet envelopes that have designs on them? I bought plain ones and just not into them...Thanks
  10. Hi...yes all the scents i have ordered from indigo produce a good hot throw in wax melts, i was making candles with 464 but no matter where i ordered fo's from never got a good ht ..
  11. Hi..Can you add New York Scent to the list of suppliers ..Thank You
  12. Hi..what kind of warmer are you using? I notice when I use a tea light burner I get the vapors but dont get them when I use electric burner.
  13. Hi and welcome. This might be a tough question, everyone has different opinions and ways of doing things. There is so many different waxes, fragrance oils, suppliers. I think for me my go to place for most fo's and my tart wax is Flamming candle, but there are a lot of other suppliers i just get a few or just 1 fo from. Its trying a lot and weeding out the ones you don't like and what works best for you.
  14. Same here, I keep telling myself to order it with all the reviews and comments about it but I just haven't done it yet.
  15. Morning dew sounds nice, maybe mountain air, fresh morning, I'm so bad with naming scents.. hope you find one
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