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  1. I have tried wassail from candle science, it was ok ...then i tried spicy apples and peaches, which i thought would be like cinnamon apple but its more than that ..it has mulled spices in it and you can really smell it and it has a good ht in 464
  2. Does the sunflower have a sweet smell?
  3. Thanks ..I have tried the bamboo sugarcane by itself , smells really good, but maybe a stand alone sugar with out other scents. I seen somewhere there is a simple sugar... The reviews weren't the best on it though .. I might try it...
  4. Yes, .it will be hard to wait to burn it lol but will be better for scent throw
  5. Maybe its the essential oils, try fragrance oils ..and try to cure them for a week or 2...
  6. This year my son planted sunflowers and for the first time I actually smelled one. It smelled soo soo good. To me it smelled like a little green then a very light floral ( which i don't care for florals) but this was so subtle and then this sweet sticky almost dewy like smell , it was so nice. So i ordered sunflower fo from FC and it almost smells like it , but its missing that sweet scent. Does anyone know of a fo that smells dewy sweet w/o being a bakery sweet I could add to it or an actual sunflower fo that is more what I'm looking for...Thanks
  7. Please let us know how that smells ..seems interesting
  8. Welcome back ...This site is awesome.
  9. Oh good, I would hate to have our dinner tasting like pine lol....Thanks
  10. I was looking at dough ornament recipes and i would like to scent them with fragrance oils, but a lot of recipes calls for essential oils. Can i make them with fo's instead? ..And i know you can bake or air dry them, if i did bake them would the oven forever smell like fo?
  11. So I got the glad glistening snow from indigo, and I have to say it comes pretty darn close to the real thing. It smells refreshing and crisp. I like it , but this is all oob , so will post again in a couple of weeks after i burn it . Hope it has a good ht ..
  12. Werewolf at indigo...I think I'm going to order this one, sounds like it will smell good.
  13. Karen Ov

    Stuffed bears

    I was looking on candle supplies by farmhouse and they have stuffed bears, it says for wax dipping or you can inject them (interesting) . Has anyone injected a bear? Does the oil seep out?
  14. At natures garden there is vamp vogue and toxic trance. And at bittercreek candle supply there is goth absinthe...Haven't tried these though ..if you do can you let us know what you think of them
  15. Mica powder goes a long way, but you can put in as much as you want because there is no wick. After your melts are have hardened you can hit the tops with a heat gun just a bit and add glitter then.
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