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  1. I have tried flamming candles Fire roasted marshmallow and it smells really good. I dont know what re smells like though.
  2. I like sweater weather from Just Scents and flannel from Flamming candle, smells so good.
  3. Wow!! Thats kind of scary. Your friend must have been like what the what.. How could anyone know that. This info is really good to have. I will definitely not put anything like that on my labels.😬 Thank You.💐
  4. So i shouldn't put things like that on a label?
  5. I seen an article saying you can put this oil directly onto the skin and face. I would eventually like to use it in a sugar scrub, but curious about it for the skin,( anti-aging). I am very unfamiliar with oils, so would like some advice. TY
  6. Lol, I know it can add up so quickly.
  7. Let's hope that person got fired. I have paypal but never ever realized they have it for 4 payments. This is exciting lol definitely going to use that. And going to check out the sugared apple. Sounds really good.. Ty 💐
  8. Thats to bad. It stinks when you have a problem like that. No company should treat customers that way, they should be happy and grateful for every customer. Their fragrance smell good and yes can find those scents anywhere. I like them because they have sezzle so when placing an order it can be split up with 4 payments so it doesn't hurt so bad lol. New york scents has sezzle also, the only 2 I could find. Well thanks for sharing. 💖 I hope i don't need customer service. 😪
  9. I love maple street candle, can I ask what changed your mind about them. Thanks.
  10. Can you add New York Scent and Maple Street Candle Company. Thanks
  11. Maybe you baked it a little to long. Thats happened to be, I used a sun cookie cutter and it was so stuck inside the cutter was no longer a sun shape by the time i got it out, and i did leave it in longer than usual.
  12. Ty. I guess it would be better to make for fun rather than to sell. Would be a nice project to do with the kids. Maybe for gifts for the holidays.
  13. I seen this recipes online and was wondering if anyone has made this before.
  14. Am I reading these 2 articles right? I'm kind of confused. Is denatured alcohol safe or not. Thanks
  15. I received all the fo's from maple street, and they all smell great. Shipping was extremely fast. I ordered on june 30 and got them on july 3rd. My favs are apple maple bourbon, christmas memories, welcome home, pumpkin pecan waffles, lavender and spring apricot. So far maple street has great fo's.
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