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  1. Do you add dye before the fragrance, is there a certain temp to add in?
  2. Thank You...I had never seen the purple tint before .. I was like woe when i poured in the wax..lol...but it do work out..
  3. Hi..so i was using island escape from studio fragrance and when i poured it into the wax it had a light purple coloring to it. It didn't make a difference once i had it mixed good but is that normal ? just wondering. And its the only one that i have used from them so far.. Thanks
  4. Lol.. I thought the same, I ordered 50lbs of wax...I actually have the nutmeg and spice burning in the table, really nice scent..
  5. So I have an update on florals..I found a really nice floral scent..but the ht could be stronger, but the floral scent is so nice.. Its Easter bunny burps by indigo..Has anyone tried this fo?..
  6. Just seen this ...I think this would make me hungry..lol..They look nice, wonder how true the scent is
  7. Its really hard to rename these types .uhggg so hard ..i have tried to stay away from types for that reason , but I can't lol.. I try to take the name of it and look up other words that mean the same ( I think synonym is the word I'm looking for)... maybe that can help🌷
  8. When you blend fo's together, should you let them mingle together in a bottle for a while before using them?
  9. That's cool, I never heard of this.. How much salt do you need? And you just put salt and some drops of fo?
  10. Im going to order it next week..I keep thinking about it . Lol
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