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  1. I love cedar sage and blackberry from rustic escentuals and harvest moon from indigo is really nice, (pear, blueberries, with notes of cedar, juniper berries, white musk, fir, spruce and pineapple) i pick up the pear and blueberry first ..
  2. I'm no pro but soy is pretty soft so maybe less paraffin or try to cut it when its still a little soft
  3. Thank you, I will try this today. I do love soy just tired of being disappointed , uhg lol..thanks💐
  4. Is it safe to make a candle in a glass votive holder instead of using a votive candle? Thanks
  5. I think I'm loosing my love for soy 464. I have tried so many fo's and the lack of a great HT is driving me crazy, and I let them cure for at least 2 weeks if not more. Are all brands of soy treated equally in the HT category? Do some throw better than others or over all basically the same?
  6. That's a really good idea..I would have never of thought of that. My bathroom is small so perfect place to test, doesn't take much to get steamy in there lol💐
  7. Thanks for answering, I haven't tried it yet so I wasn't sure what to expect..💐
  8. When you store your melts, how do you keep the melts from smelling like the others? All my other scents smell like coffee now.
  9. I think I'm using good bags but the wax melts seem to rub off on the inside of the bags a little bit. Does that happen? or is it just me lol...
  10. I feel the same way about studio fragrance , the fo's are off in some way..didnt like them at all
  11. When I started with candles I used tins and that use to happen to me to, it looks a little different though. I'm not absolutely sure why but it seemed like it happened when I used fo's with a lot of vanillin in it..and I think amish harvest has some
  12. Karen Ov

    Pro blend 650

    Does all tart wax cool quickly? Is there a certain one that doesn't? .. As I pour its sludging up against the side of the pot..
  13. I get my tart and melts wax from flamming candle its problend 650..and im pretty sure it has to cure also
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