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  1. @Belindait was an email. I am happy to announce the sale of Just Scent to Wholesale Supplies Plus effective January 19, 2021. When I started Just Scent 17 years ago, with just 10 pounds of 10 different oils, I never in my wildest dreams thought we would have grown as much as we have over the years. We now offer well over 600 different unique fragrances. I am proud to say Just Scent has one of the largest inventories of premium uncut fragrance oils to offer our clients. It has been my extreme pleasure to have been of service to all the chandlers and soap makers thro
  2. Has anyone shopped from the companies that were bought since the acquisition? Has anything changed?
  3. Did y’all see that WSP bought just scent also? What’s the count now?
  4. This is they type of jar I’m looking for. In red green or gold. Does anyone have any leads?
  5. I dont even want to paint myself. Im too chicken to give it a go
  6. Thanks I did check out dream vessels. They are sold out of the gold and frankly, I need a store that will constantly have. They always seem to sell out of their vessels so fast. I guess that's good for them.
  7. Bumping this to ask if anyone has a source for red or gold vessels? Ideally, I'm looking for a Libbey Rocks type of jar but in red or gold. Am I looking for a unicorn?
  8. https://www.glassnow.com/16oz-calypso-glass-jar-2 is this it?
  9. Thanks ladies. I'll get samples of both
  10. Can anyone recommend a fantastic rose fo? I just need a good ol rose nothing artificial smelling. Thanks
  11. hey @bells4shells did you try this base? How did it work out for you?
  12. @TallTayl Hey! Will this coupon continue into 2020? I want to order my summer oils from them now and I just remembered this thread. Thanks
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