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  1. @Marleigha I finally got my oils on Wednesday. I think the holidays slowed things now. I love it. I put it in wax today and will test maybe next week or the upper week but so far loving OOB. I got pomegranate fig, classic lavender as well as bay rum Thanks so much for your recommendation
  2. CLVC

    Just scent recommendations

    @Darbla they do have it up but it was such a let down. It's just selected FO https://www.justscent.com/sale.html
  3. @Marleigha I haven't. I will add the Bay Rum to my order.
  4. @Marleigha just added the classic lavender as well as the suede. can't wait for all three to come in
  5. CLVC

    Flaming candle FO order

    @Jenni Wix add me to the I wish I didnt read this category. Now I think I really really need that Asian Sandalwood that @kandlekrazy talked about
  6. @Marleigha I figured you didnt see it. I have a sweet sweet customer that wants to pomegranate fig. I use parasoy also so that's fantastic. What else do you recommend from them? Might as well make it worth my shipping
  7. @Marleigha I forgot to tag you in the post above.
  8. CLVC

    Just scent recommendations

    @aptommo I haven't used the Hippy Chick yet.
  9. Hey Marleigha how will you describe the Pomegranate Fig? Recommend or not? What type of wax do you use? Thanks a lot
  10. CLVC

    Just scent recommendations

    Definitely recommend Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I haven't tried the other clean scents on your list
  11. Hi all. Has anyone tried JustScent Pomegrante Noir? Or is there a pomegranate and fig anyone can recommend?
  12. CLVC

    Wicks for 6006

    I sometimes use 6006 and the CD wicks work for me.
  13. CLVC

    Best Fig

    Thanks I actually checked that thread but I was hoping for more.
  14. CLVC

    Best Fig

    What's the best FIG FO out there?
  15. I actually started out with containers and packaging. They checked their surplus side and couldn't find it