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Found 77 results

  1. Hi, everyone! I found a distributor who has the new EcoSoya Q210 in stock!! I wrote a little post about it because their website is a little odd and I talked to them directly a couple of times to answer questions I had. I typed it up just to help Y'all - this is not to promote anything. DPS in Illinois. I had just launched my candle business, took a break to move from TX to NC & when I was ready to start again I realized what had happened. I've been hunting for a sample of the new stuff so I hope this helps someone else! edited: self promotion of blog site.
  2. Im sorry if Im asking a question thats been asked before but I can't find old posts about it. Anyone tried BC All Hallows Eve before ? What are your favorite Fall/Halloween Fragrance oils ? I think someone has mentioned that NG has a good Halloween one but I can't find that old post. How bout Candy Corn any favorite suppliers on that one ?
  3. What is your favorite type of dye for soy wax and why? I've used liquid dye with success in paraffin in the past, but haven't had very good luck in soy. I've been using dye blocks from LSCS and they seem to work well and I have never tried dye chips.
  4. Hi everyone, new candle maker here! I would love to get your opinions on wax's and wick's. I've read through a lot of the forums already and can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. Basically I'd love to stay away from Paraffin if possible but soy is not giving me the hot throw I'd like. With my brand I do want to strive for a very good hot throw. Can you please let me know what wax and wick combo you've found best for a mostly natural, great hot throw candle? I'm using 8oz, straight sided, glass jars with my candles. Thank you!
  5. Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. I have been working away from soy a bit and going to a coconut base. I know there are a ton of people on here experimenting with other waxes than soy. I just wanted to get an idea of what your findings are if you are willing to share! The other day I ordered the Naturewax Coconut 2..coconut 98%, soy 2%. -Obviously, they are a bit soft after they set for a day. What's the type of wax and % are you using to harden the wax. Is it affecting your HT? -I used eco 4,6,8 and some very small wooden wicks to test. Seeing as coconut takes a couple days to set, I have not burned them yet. What wicks have you found work with your cocosoy blends? -My jars I have them in are the 4oz and 9oz amber jars from Fillmore Containers As a sidenote- I ordered the coffeehouse and toasted marshmellow FO from RE and hollllllllllly moley am I excited to use those, maybe even blend them????
  6. mbortles

    Cure time

    Could anyone tell me the cure time of GW melt and tart?
  7. mbortles

    Cure time

    Could anyone tell me the cure time of GW melt and tart?
  8. I am at the moment using EL Millennium wax, and while I do like it so far I’ve been thinking about checking out other waxes as well to find what one works best. I’ve been looking into Golden Brands 415, 444, and nature’s wax C-3. I've heard too many bad things about GB 464. Which do you find better if you’ve had experience with using it (as far as cold/hot throw and nice finished candle tops)? And which are good about shipping to different climates? (I’ve actually read that the 415 can just start melting if it goes into really subtle warm weather temps.. which I think would cause some issues in the future. :/) Thank you in advance!!
  9. I have been using Premier Wicks 700 series, for my first batch of candles, and I didn't get a single HT. I chalked it up to not enough FO since they were pure soy 464, and I had no clue what I was doing. I have since changed to parasoy, and I made a test candle, let it sit for a week, and tested it. Again no HT, with 8-9% FO this time. So instead of adding more FO and making another candle, I threw some into my tart warmer, low and behold the HT is a little to strong. I have used 4 different size of wicks 760,765,767,770. I am using a 9oz hex jar, not sure if that could be the issue either. I am convinced these wicks are not that good, or I missing something. I mean 767 burns perfect, with little to no mushrooming, but they seem to not produce a hot throw at all. I wished I bought the ECO's first but live and learn I guess. Has anyone else had this issue with these wicks.
  10. My question is this... to get the best throw you want your burn pool to be 1 inch per hour according to width of container. Am I right? So in other words a 3 inch wide container should take 3 hours to reach full melt pool to achieve the best hot throw? I've been confused by this because you are always hearing that full melt should be reached in 2 hours which kinda goes against what I just said. Thanks for any advice and help in advance.
  11. My first time making candles, and all was going fine, until they all set. I was recommend using GB 464 Soy Wax, and was advised to play with pour temps. These are results I got going from left to right 120/110/105. if I go above 120 or below 100 I get sink holes. I used 1oz fragrance/1lb wax, and I used dye blocks. I made sure to heat the wax to 185 degrees, before adding anything. I also preheated all jars while wax was cooling so they were still warm during pour. Issues I am having. If you noticed the sandy colored one half of it is shiny looking, and the other half isn't, this was poured at 110 degrees, I only had 3 candles do this. It makes then look like they were poured more then once, but I assure you its one pour. 2nd issue I have is frosting. I personally like it, but my girlfriend doesn't so she want to get rid of as much frosting as possible. I took a hairdryer to them, since I don't have a heat gun, took forever, but it looked fine. 2 hours later, and I noticed the frosting was even worse. The result is the last one in the picture, the brown orange color. Any help to fix these is much appreciated.
  12. Almost threw in the towel on this whole candle/clamshell business, yesterday. You may have read the post where I posted a picture of frosting occurring in some of my clamshells. I decided to add the recommended 1/8 tsp. of UV inhibitor to a pound of wax to see if that would stop the very visible frosting. Nothing else changed when I made these new clamshells except this was a new batch of Maple Street clamshells, and I poured at a lower temp to help with the frosting. Poured them last week. Was testing to make sure they would pop out of the package, a few days ago, but they wouldn't budge. I use a blend of 464 and the old Ecosoya PB and never had this problem. Made another batch adding more PB this time and tried popping them out, yesterday. No luck. Even though I'm trying to avoid frosting which can occur if they get cold, I cooled a few of them in the frig. Still wouldn't release. Some questions I have: Do you expect the wax to pop out of your clamshells? Do they pop out without getting them cold? Do you use a mold release? GoldieMN
  13. Gary in Canada

    CB Advanced Back?

    Apparently CB Advanced is back in production? I found it here https://www.eroma.com.au/ecosoya-cb-advanced-soy-wax/ Has anybody seen it available in Canada or the US?
  14. I noticed these little white dots on a few of my clamshells. Not when I poured or cured, but after they were in a cold car. Not all of the clamshells have this, just a few. Is this frosting? GoldieMN
  15. I've been testing my smallest Premier wicks and am at the 710. If I remember correctly, there is 1.5 oz of wax in the jar. Burned for 4 hours, yesterday; relit and now (photos) at 2 hours today. I can pick the jar up around the middle but the top rim is a bit hot. Flame is a nice small size but hasn't been drowned out by the wax; melt pool about 1/4-3/8". The wax was pretty soft as I just remelted an old, cured 464 votive so I probably won't get as many hours out of this as I would have had the wax been hardened for more than a day. The pictures are of the jar at the 2-hour point, second-day burn. My question is, do most glass votives or small jars like this usually get hot no matter what wick is used? This is the smallest wick of any kind I have so hoping I won't have to order another brand. Goldie
  16. I have quite a lot of soy wax a friend gave me. Free stuff, I want to make a good use of it. It's 100% soy, no additives. It's quite hard, the flakes are brittle. On the bag, it says "100% hydrogenated soya bean oil". It doesn't say "wax". I have guest sleeping near the place where I stored the bag. I can't check the manufacturer's name immediately. I'll update tomorrow on that. I've pent hours reading past threads on cauliflower tops, and blooming, and frosting. I tested quite a lot. I tested with and without scent, tested with FOs, essential oils too. I didn't use colours yet. I don't wick. I'm making wax melts, for now. It's complicated enough without adding the wicking exercises. All the tests were hit and miss. Nothing seems to work consistently to avoid the caulflower tops. As an exemple, tested twice a lavender essential oil scented melt, 6% scent load, with a formula of 90% soy wax and 10% coconut oil, melt temp and pour temp being equal both times, ended up with generous cauliflower tops for one test and perfectly smooth for the other. Here's what I tested, and none worked consistently (all tested several time with different MT and PT: - Soy wax by itself, not scented, and EO scented, and FO scented - 95% soy wax / 5% crisco (scented and non scented) - 80% soy wax / 10% crisco (scented and non scented) - Various percentages of soy/coconut oil (from 5% up to 50% coconut oil) - Various percentages of soy wax with various percentages of crisco and for each test 1% stearic acid - Soy/vaseline (I think I used 3 to 5% vaseline, it ended up looking like a nuclear mushroom) - 98% soy with 2% soy lecithin, to see if it would act as an emulsifier and tame the wax cristals. No cauliflower tops but ugly color and ugly brown residu in the melter My last experience was yesterday, entering the para blend territory now. I did a 25% paraffin from a melted dollar store white candle since I don't have paraffin on hand (ordered some, it's on its way). MT 180F, PT 130F. I've got 3 cauliflower florets as melts. I went ahead and used one in the melter yesterday, to see if it would cool in that shape again in the melter. Nope, it cooled perfectly smooth. I know I need to try the Universal Soy Additive. There no supplier for in Canada as far as I could see. A 1-pound bag costs about 6$ in the US but the shipping!!! OMG!! 25$ to 38$ depending on the supplier. No way. So I researched the stuff to see if I could find some kind of substitution that would be available here and I discovered that actually, USA is simply an emulsifier used in the food industry. It's glycerol monostearate. I'm going to visit a place next week where they might sell me a sample, I hope. If it doesn't work there, apparently it might be available in Indian grocery stores since they use it to make ice-cream. TL/DR: I tested ad-nauseam, read this forum for hours. I would love suggestions, ideas, shared experiences working 100% pure soy wax. Please, please. I'm driving myself nuts. Thank you!!
  17. I have a question in regards to adding Stearic acid to soy container candles. I currently use Naturewax C3 which has a melt point of 127 degrees Fahrenheit, but am concerned about low melt point for shipping over summer months. Would adding Stearic acid increase the melt point? If so, does anyone know how much by? How much Stearic to add? Also, is Stearic acid for candle making the same as for lotion making? I’m just wondering if it is worth it and would make enough of a difference to warrant adding it. When I asked at General Wax, where I buy my wax, the lady behind the counter suggested a Paraffin Blend. Thank you in advance 🙌
  18. Hello, My first post! But I’ve been lurking for a few months 😄 soaking up all the incredible info you have all kindly provided. Such a wealth of knowledge! Thank you. I recently started making Soy Candles, just for myself and family. I use Naturewax C3, 10oz straight sided tumblers and Eco wicks. On a recent trip to Target, I stopped by the candle section and sniffed a Chesapeake Bay ‘Snuggly Sweater’ Candle. In love with this scent ☺️ What I am wondering is, does anyone happen to know a very close fragrance oil, I could use to recreate this for myself? Below is the description of the scent: “Experience Snuggly Sweater - comforting notes of warm wool wrap around lavender and rose as it rests on a base of white amber, vanilla and musk ready to snuggle up to.” Thank you so much! ~ Sarah
  19. Any golden wax 464 soy users that can offer me any insight on which wick types to use? I'm using 9oz glass jars. Started with ECO wicks as recommended by Candle Science but have had no luck with them. Just tried RRD for the first time and they’re mushrooming horribly in all sizes tested. I’m so new to this, any suggestions would be SO appreciated!!! Please please please.
  20. Just wondering which throws a better scent? parasoy, soy, or paraffin. (In your experience.) I've heard paraffin throws best but I'm not sure if they mean with vybar or without. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I just made my first batch ever and am waiting for them to cure for a few days. I don't want to make 10 wrong turns and waste a bunch of money before I find the right path. I'm starting out with GW 464 because that sounded like a trusted one. (starting out with 4oz mini jars until I find the main scents I like, then will mainly use 16oz) I got my FO from candle science for little over $1/oz While they are curing I started doing more research and I'm curious if I should skip from soy to a blend IGI 6006 (I'm looking to get maximum hot throw) Thoughts? Also I'm curious if anyone can comment on a quality comparison of FO between candle science and bulk apothecary. CS seems pretty cheap but I just realized that BA is a 10 minute drive from me and would be really convenient to shop in store for new stuff. Bulk apothecary is about double the price per ounce but they also claim that "Our fragrance oil can be used at .3%" due to no dilution. My thought is that anyone can use .3% but will you really get a great hot throw? This batch that is curing, I used 10% FO (but I haven't tested yet) Anybody got any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  22. Does anyone have any tips for doing layered candles? I am trying to do white candles with a thin black layer on top and I can’t seem to pour the top layer without shrinking and wet spots forming below it.
  23. I have been trying everything to achieve a true black (just in a very thin layer on top) of my soy candles using GW 464. I am still very new to this. I’ve tried color blocks from several manufacturers and just get gray and purple. I finally got one from Bulk Apothocary that turned out a dark enough gray but I think I had to use too much and it wouldn’t burn right. It burned for a little while and the flame got very small and went out. Has anyone had success making a black candle that ALSO burns well?
  24. I'm using IGI 6006 and have tried multiple wicks with no success yet. Im wondering if I'd have an easier time if I add another brand of soy like 464 or what. I love the blends. Any other suggestions for a blend wax? thanks in advance!
  25. CyanideNoodles

    Best aspen winter FO?

    So I forgot to order more aspen winter from natures garden and I really don't like ordering from them because of the expensive shipping even with small orders. I have really liked the scents from just scent so far, one of their best sellers is aspen winter. Has anyone compared it to natures garden aspen winter? I have a large order I need to make from just scent so was wondering if I should switch to their aspen winter or hurt my wallet and just buy it from natures garden. Ive found natures garden to be the most hit and miss compared to flaming candles and JS, so I am not as scared to order from JS for aspen winter but would like to save testing time by asking . Thanks in advance!