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  1. Hello all Have any of you used FO or EO from either of these for candles or wax melts ? I tried searching old posts but only saw lebermuth + patchouli reviews and Nurture soap had posts about micas so I'm thinking the FO from Nurture is mainly for soap ? If so, any recommendations . Thank you in advance
  2. Has anyone ever used Muddy Soap CO FO's ? If so, how are they & which ones have you tried ?
  3. Im not familiar with Palo Santo or Palo Santo + Sage. My sister-in-law and a few friends have requested this. Can someone recommend one please. Also, what does it smell like, does it throw well in soy ?
  4. American Soy organics has a different company carrying their oils , American candle supplies They have a few oils I've tried that are really good - orange 🍊 lemon 🍋 cheesecake. They have some others I'm curious about and wondered if anyone has tried them . Milk and sugar - lavender Sage french thyme / grapefruit- Rosemary
  5. Has anyone Sweetcakes Lavender & Herbs ? Its pretty pricy so I was hoping to get some opinions before ordering ? I also saw Original Herbal Essence too. Thanks !
  6. I remember someone on here said they use Juicy Bits of Orange From General wax. Can I can some feedback on that FO and any others you've used .
  7. First post here! I am looking for a spot on dupe to Bath and Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow. I tried the marshmallow peppermint type from Just Scent because the description sounded identical to that of BBW but it has such a strong chocolate note that it makes me think I didn't get the right FO. It smells more like Peppermint Bark. I've seen a few other places have a peppermint cream but a lot of the reviews mention a chocolate note. The BBW scent does not contain any chocolate notes, it is an amazing peppermint, marshmallow and cupcake type scent. I was thinking of trying Just Scent's Peppermint Meringue because the description sounds close and a review mentions it smells like peppermint marshmallow. Has anyone tried this FO or know where I can get a good dupe? TIA
  8. Ive only ordered a few oils from here. Vanilla Bean Marshmallow & Peppermint bark. Can you please share your favorites along with duds + how they perform overall ? On a different note this year just flew by. Im hoping 2019 will be a better year
  9. Has anyone tried any of Fillmore's new oils ? They have a new Berry Triffle that sounds really good !
  10. Ive been asked to make a Donut scented candle /wax melts. Any good ones out there - I saw some on Just Scent but not sure about any of them. Do they actually smell like a donut or are they more of a birthday cake smell with cinnamon or pumpkin or a jam/jelly scent added to it ? I think they're looking for a BBW type ??? The same person asked for a snow scent ??? WTH - what does snow smell like ??? Oh geez - I don't even know where do begin this lol ! Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hey everyone! I am new to not only this forum but to making candles as well! I am having a great time making candles, but I am new and I realize the importance of learning from the seasoned people in the group here. I wanted to ask a few questions but also wanted to hear things you struggled with in the beginning and have since learned from! Open to all opinions 1) I am currently using 464 GW, soy. I set the candles with the Eco 10 wick. I have been pouring into 4oz and 8oz jars. There are so many opinions on wax and the 464 seems to be the best for less frosting and bubbling, however there are bad reviews. What is your experience? 2) I eventually want to make a business of this. I heard shipping them in hot areas can deform the product (464) Any insight to that and will changing the wax greatly change the HT? 3) I'm using the Eco 10 wick. It seems like there is some tunneling on the first candle I burned. The mason jar is about 2.5in wide, which is recommended by CandleScience. Insight on this issue? 4) I only burned one, as I have heard to let them cure for a week or two. What's the average time you let your cure for? Do you get better HT when you let them sit longer? Is there a too long? 5) Any insight and experiences that could save me a huge headache relating to wax, FO, etc. would greatly help! I know this will take time to make this into a business and get the formulas down, but I am willing to learn and screw up to make the best product I can! Thanks ahead of time for your responses!
  12. I see that there are a few suppliers like Natures Garden and The Candle Source that have a Lemon Poppyseed FO. Anyone used this scent and if you recommend the supplier? Thanks!
  13. I already have Backwoods Buttery GingerBread but Ive read that Gingerbread Spice from MMS The Sage is really good but Ive also read the same about NG Gingerbread BB also has a Gingersnap + WSP has a few as well lol ! Im wondering if they all smell + perform pretty much the same in wax. Is Gingerbread typically strong in wax ? Anyone tried any of the above in wax or please add your favorite
  14. Should I be using liquid measurements on a measuring cup or the dry weight from the same cup on a tared scale?
  15. I ordered a pound of Vanilla Delicious and I just don't care for it. Ive only used about an ounce + 1/2 . The oil must be heavy because the bottle was nowhere near full when I received it. Ive only had it for about 3 months Im thinking , not very long. Anyhow, Im wanting BC Spiced Cranberry but it has a low FP so shipping would be expensive. If anyone has it and would like to trade please let me know. You'd have to be a state near MI so it could ship ground USPS .
  16. Every supplier Ive seen this FO is expensive. Even JS at $29.95, which is very high for that supplier. WSP carries it as well and its a few dollars more. Im not familiar with this scent. What makes it so special and so expensive. Based on the descriptions its a orange citrus type ??? Anyone used it in candles. Im wondering if it has a fuel smell like the citrus oils do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. Anyone use a good raspberry. Most strawberries Ive tried smells very artificial to me so Im wondering if the same will be true for raspberry . On a side note I just received my WSP order, the only one I didn't care for was Coconut Rum Cake, its a 4 oz bottle. I paid $9.95 . If anyones interested, please let me know.I hope it was ok for me to mention that in this post. Im not really sure how that works. If I did please just let me know so I don't do it again in the future.
  18. Im on the fence about Fillmore's Cedar Garland and want to take a poll to see if more of you dislike or like it. Obviously its for Christmas and the container is a vintage pewter like mug with a handle. If your not a fan can you please add your favorite Christmas FO. Thank you
  19. My WSP order arrived today + boy am I happy ! They are FO purchases I made last week during their 35% off sale. I was so bummed that many of the ones I wanted were sold out completely and ones I wasn't sure of and ordered smaller bottles, I could now kick myself for not getting a full pound. Peony : Boy do I like this one and Im not a floral person - at all ! It actually smells like the pink peonies I have in my garden + I like this one so much better than the one I ordered from The Chemistry Store . After the New Year I'll be testing this in candles for Spring + Mothers day and a few other applications. Thanks Beaches for letting me know about this FO - Hope you like yours as much as I do . Lemon Seed + Parsley : Not sure how they do this but I can actually smell lemon seeds lol ! the parsley is in there too - Love this - so fresh ! Fig + Rosemary : Oh my - so - so good ! Ive been not too happy with some figs but this is nice with a touch of sweetness. Could kick myself for not getting 1# Apple Pie : This ones good too. Similar to many apple pies but it has a very nice richness to it + not overly spice, which I like. Vanilla Buttercream : Smells just like buttercream frosting Super yummy ! Hot Cocoa : Smells great - hoping I don't get a weird plastic -y chocolate smell when its burning as a candle. Super good though Vanilla Hazelnut - Repurchase + its super good - glad there were 1 # bottles available. PPW : Really good - Love it ! Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - I can actually smell the brown sugar - Really good but Ive never tried any others to compare it too . Also, the Frosted Cranberry i ended up putting it in wax - it is really good. When I first received it I thought it was good but not anything special after sitting in my closet for about 6 weeks I really loved it . I have to say Ive been very happy with what Ive ordered from here. It does take about a week for them to ship though so don't order something if you need it right away. Next time I'll be more prepared before their 35% sales + have my FO in my cart from the day before.
  20. Best gingerbread fragrance? Looking for the best one you guys have used for candles hands down from natures garden, just scent or flaming candle. Its one scent I am missing. Doesn't have to just be "gingerbread" it can be gingerbread cookie or whatever just need a good gingerbread scent. Please tell me your favorite ones and review them if you can! Only want strong smelling scents. I really want something that smells strong too, I want people to be able to walk in and smell the entire room with wonderful scent. If you have had your best be from a site I not listed please list anyways. Please give me your reviews!!! I use joy wax candles.
  21. Im looking for a "mermaid"scent. I love a perfume called Perfume called Mermaid NO 1. Its very pretty + feminine. Perfect combo of ocean/beach + orange blossom. I had little sucess blending and WSP has Abalone + Sea. Has any one tried it ? What about Indiannas Cactus + Sea Salt, would that work ? I did notice its been reformulated in 3/2017 so Im not sure how it changes the FO. I have a sample of RE Salty Sea + Sea Kelp but Im looking for something different, more feminine. Anyone tried the Mermaid from Bulk Apothecary, sounds interesting . Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  22. All 1 ounce fragrance oils are $1.00 each August 22nd thru 25th.
  23. Ive never ordered anything from them and @pcbrook got me curious on their room spray base . While I'm at it I thought I might order some oils as well. Anyone ordered from there. I hate that theres no descriptions at all, I don't understand that. I was looking at Lemon Cupcake - Blackberry Jam - Oatmeal Cookie. Anyone have any favorites from them ? They also have a big selection of oils on Special that are 9.99 LB. Im not sure if that means they're not good movers or that they just got a great deal on those oils ? Pcbrook have you been happy with their base, do you recall what the FO load is, it doesn't tell me anything on the description
  24. I missed the recent RE sale and a few sound interesting. Did anyone order any of them ? Can you please share your opinions I need to place an order and wanted to add some of the new ones but unsure which ones to get larger bottles of.
  25. Im trying to create a Rosé wine FO for a candle . Do you think I could just use a chardonnay or add something to it ?
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