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  1. Im not familiar with Palo Santo or Palo Santo + Sage. My sister-in-law and a few friends have requested this. Can someone recommend one please. Also, what does it smell like, does it throw well in soy ?
  2. American Soy organics has a different company carrying their oils , American candle supplies They have a few oils I've tried that are really good - orange 🍊 lemon 🍋 cheesecake. They have some others I'm curious about and wondered if anyone has tried them . Milk and sugar - lavender Sage french thyme / grapefruit- Rosemary
  3. Has anyone ever used Muddy Soap CO FO's ? If so, how are they & which ones have you tried ?
  4. Has anyone Sweetcakes Lavender & Herbs ? Its pretty pricy so I was hoping to get some opinions before ordering ? I also saw Original Herbal Essence too. Thanks !
  5. I remember someone on here said they use Juicy Bits of Orange From General wax. Can I can some feedback on that FO and any others you've used .
  6. First post here! I am looking for a spot on dupe to Bath and Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow. I tried the marshmallow peppermint type from Just Scent because the description sounded identical to that of BBW but it has such a strong chocolate note that it makes me think I didn't get the right FO. It smells more like Peppermint Bark. I've seen a few other places have a peppermint cream but a lot of the reviews mention a chocolate note. The BBW scent does not contain any chocolate notes, it is an amazing peppermint, marshmallow and cupcake type scent. I was thinking of trying Just Scent's Peppe
  7. Ive only ordered a few oils from here. Vanilla Bean Marshmallow & Peppermint bark. Can you please share your favorites along with duds + how they perform overall ? On a different note this year just flew by. Im hoping 2019 will be a better year
  8. Hello all Have any of you used FO or EO from either of these for candles or wax melts ? I tried searching old posts but only saw lebermuth + patchouli reviews and Nurture soap had posts about micas so I'm thinking the FO from Nurture is mainly for soap ? If so, any recommendations . Thank you in advance
  9. Has anyone tried any of Fillmore's new oils ? They have a new Berry Triffle that sounds really good !
  10. Ive been asked to make a Donut scented candle /wax melts. Any good ones out there - I saw some on Just Scent but not sure about any of them. Do they actually smell like a donut or are they more of a birthday cake smell with cinnamon or pumpkin or a jam/jelly scent added to it ? I think they're looking for a BBW type ??? The same person asked for a snow scent ??? WTH - what does snow smell like ??? Oh geez - I don't even know where do begin this lol ! Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hey everyone! I am new to not only this forum but to making candles as well! I am having a great time making candles, but I am new and I realize the importance of learning from the seasoned people in the group here. I wanted to ask a few questions but also wanted to hear things you struggled with in the beginning and have since learned from! Open to all opinions 1) I am currently using 464 GW, soy. I set the candles with the Eco 10 wick. I have been pouring into 4oz and 8oz jars. There are so many opinions on wax and the 464 seems to be the best for less frosting and bubbling, howe
  12. I see that there are a few suppliers like Natures Garden and The Candle Source that have a Lemon Poppyseed FO. Anyone used this scent and if you recommend the supplier? Thanks!
  13. I already have Backwoods Buttery GingerBread but Ive read that Gingerbread Spice from MMS The Sage is really good but Ive also read the same about NG Gingerbread BB also has a Gingersnap + WSP has a few as well lol ! Im wondering if they all smell + perform pretty much the same in wax. Is Gingerbread typically strong in wax ? Anyone tried any of the above in wax or please add your favorite
  14. Should I be using liquid measurements on a measuring cup or the dry weight from the same cup on a tared scale?
  15. I ordered a pound of Vanilla Delicious and I just don't care for it. Ive only used about an ounce + 1/2 . The oil must be heavy because the bottle was nowhere near full when I received it. Ive only had it for about 3 months Im thinking , not very long. Anyhow, Im wanting BC Spiced Cranberry but it has a low FP so shipping would be expensive. If anyone has it and would like to trade please let me know. You'd have to be a state near MI so it could ship ground USPS .
  16. Every supplier Ive seen this FO is expensive. Even JS at $29.95, which is very high for that supplier. WSP carries it as well and its a few dollars more. Im not familiar with this scent. What makes it so special and so expensive. Based on the descriptions its a orange citrus type ??? Anyone used it in candles. Im wondering if it has a fuel smell like the citrus oils do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. Anyone use a good raspberry. Most strawberries Ive tried smells very artificial to me so Im wondering if the same will be true for raspberry . On a side note I just received my WSP order, the only one I didn't care for was Coconut Rum Cake, its a 4 oz bottle. I paid $9.95 . If anyones interested, please let me know.I hope it was ok for me to mention that in this post. Im not really sure how that works. If I did please just let me know so I don't do it again in the future.
  18. Im on the fence about Fillmore's Cedar Garland and want to take a poll to see if more of you dislike or like it. Obviously its for Christmas and the container is a vintage pewter like mug with a handle. If your not a fan can you please add your favorite Christmas FO. Thank you
  19. My WSP order arrived today + boy am I happy ! They are FO purchases I made last week during their 35% off sale. I was so bummed that many of the ones I wanted were sold out completely and ones I wasn't sure of and ordered smaller bottles, I could now kick myself for not getting a full pound. Peony : Boy do I like this one and Im not a floral person - at all ! It actually smells like the pink peonies I have in my garden + I like this one so much better than the one I ordered from The Chemistry Store . After the New Year I'll be testing this in candles for Spring + Mothe
  20. Best gingerbread fragrance? Looking for the best one you guys have used for candles hands down from natures garden, just scent or flaming candle. Its one scent I am missing. Doesn't have to just be "gingerbread" it can be gingerbread cookie or whatever just need a good gingerbread scent. Please tell me your favorite ones and review them if you can! Only want strong smelling scents. I really want something that smells strong too, I want people to be able to walk in and smell the entire room with wonderful scent. If you have had your best be from a site I not listed please list anyways. Please
  21. Im looking for a "mermaid"scent. I love a perfume called Perfume called Mermaid NO 1. Its very pretty + feminine. Perfect combo of ocean/beach + orange blossom. I had little sucess blending and WSP has Abalone + Sea. Has any one tried it ? What about Indiannas Cactus + Sea Salt, would that work ? I did notice its been reformulated in 3/2017 so Im not sure how it changes the FO. I have a sample of RE Salty Sea + Sea Kelp but Im looking for something different, more feminine. Anyone tried the Mermaid from Bulk Apothecary, sounds interesting . Any help or suggestions would be grea
  22. All 1 ounce fragrance oils are $1.00 each August 22nd thru 25th.
  23. Ive never ordered anything from them and @pcbrook got me curious on their room spray base . While I'm at it I thought I might order some oils as well. Anyone ordered from there. I hate that theres no descriptions at all, I don't understand that. I was looking at Lemon Cupcake - Blackberry Jam - Oatmeal Cookie. Anyone have any favorites from them ? They also have a big selection of oils on Special that are 9.99 LB. Im not sure if that means they're not good movers or that they just got a great deal on those oils ? Pcbrook have you been happy with their base, do you recall what
  24. I missed the recent RE sale and a few sound interesting. Did anyone order any of them ? Can you please share your opinions I need to place an order and wanted to add some of the new ones but unsure which ones to get larger bottles of.
  25. Im trying to create a Rosé wine FO for a candle . Do you think I could just use a chardonnay or add something to it ?
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