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  1. Speaking of humidity.... I live in Massachusetts where we get some humid months. With that being said, I have 2 sealed cases of 464, same lot. I was originally thinking, before the humid months start, of melting at least one case and pour it into aluminum pans, then once solid, place them in gallon ziploc bags or something to that effect to avoid the possibility of moist flakes. I'm thinking as long as the cases remain sealed they might be fine, but once opened and exposed to the elements, the moisture will do its thing. Am I overthinking this?
  2. That's still pretty big. I'm using a CDN8/CD8 in 464 in a 8 oz square mason. You may want to try a CD6 or HTP83 if you have it.
  3. If you're talking about a jelly jar... you are waaay over wicked.
  4. Thanks Belinda! Looks like I have a lot to try 😄 As far as blending... would you do a 50/50? Apple / Pie Crust?
  5. I had no idea that there was a pie crust FO. Ha! I might have to look into that. I think I'm going to get a sample of the scents you all suggested and try them in 464 and 6006 and see how it goes. Thanks!
  6. Yup. I totally get that. I guess I was thinking / hoping / assuming that the Mac Apple would smell something like a "Jolly Rancher" type green apple or some packaged, processed apple cereal or something like that. At one point, now that I'm thinking of it, the scent kinda smelled like that Apple Pucker liqueur when I got closer to it. I'll check out Keystone and RE as well. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have read here, where Mac Apple is a winner for most people's noses. Where it's probably the best smelling, HT throwing apple FO etc. Maybe it's just me... but... I don't think it smells like apple. To me it smells artificial or chemically or something like that... and not like apple. I'm testing it in 464 at 6% cured for about 20 days. I'm also testing Hot Apple Pie. Same thing. Does not smell like an apple pie to me. Both are from CS. However, the Pumpkin Souffle I have smells great... almost like a burning pumpkin smell to me
  8. I've had success with HTP83 in the 12oz mason jars. You could start there if you have them.
  9. I also have a some pics of the wicks in action in the Wick and Wax test forum, you can somewhat see them in the tray. The 785 is dimmer and tunneling down faster rather than wider than the 780.
  10. I've had a similar issue with the 780 and 785 in 464. The 780 had a bigger flame that the 785. It seemed, to me, that the 785 was a tad hotter and consuming more wax and mushrooming earlier that the 780, resulting in a smaller / rounder flame surrounding the shroom.
  11. Good point. The other option would be make a few more batches a couple weeks apart and continually test.
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