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  1. Hi everyone, Does anyone know who manufactures coconut 83? I am very curious and really need to know because I am wondering if I can go directly to the source. It is constantly sold out everywhere and for a very long time which makes it extremely difficult to use for a candle line. Also, does anyone know what could possible be in it? I know it is a proprietary blend and no one really knows but if you can take a guess, what do you think? Appreciate all the help. N
  2. Has anyone ever used Muddy Soap CO FO's ? If so, how are they & which ones have you tried ?
  3. Hey I just want ask this question which candle scent for home or house use. Please answer this question.
  4. Hi everyone, I am having a very hard time finding EcoSoya PB to test. I was hoping to purchase a few pounds to test for pillar candles, if it works well, my plan was to purchase in bulk amount when it goes back in stock in April. However, I can't even seem to find even just a few pounds to test. Anyone have any idea where/how I can get my hands on it? Or does anyone have any they would like to sell? Lastly, do you guys feel it is the best wax for pillars and if not, then what do you recommend? Note: I do not want to use any paraffin which is why i haven't tried some other waxes that are out. Thanks so much in advance for all your help/advice.
  5. Ive been seeing a lot of candles that are advertised as soy + beeswax candles and Id like to give it a try. Is anyone familiar what a good ratio is - do you use unscented or natural beeswax and any suggestions on which wick series to try out. Thank you in advance
  6. Hey y'all! I'm looking to expand out a little on my FO suppliers. I currently use the same 3-4 companies but am looking to try a few new scents that they don't care. Who have you found with good quality oils that you recommend? I like Fragrance Buddy, Just Scent, Candle Science, and a few from WSP (although they are always so so pricey and I find they tend to work better in bath and body than in wax for some reason).
  7. Hey guys I am new in candle making and i don't know which wax is best for me to candle making. I am little bit confused. Please answer my question. Your answer will be helpful for me.
  8. Im not familiar with Palo Santo or Palo Santo + Sage. My sister-in-law and a few friends have requested this. Can someone recommend one please. Also, what does it smell like, does it throw well in soy ?
  9. I know this wax is going away soon, but I have a big ol' bag of it and I was hoping to use it for more than the melts I've been making. The thing is, I've never made a candle in my life. So, here's what I'd like to discuss, if you'd be so kind: - What do you like to do with this wax? - Can I make a freestanding votive with this? If it's possible, which wick would you use? - What negatives have you encountered with this wax? - If you're making a change due to its discontinuation, which wax will you use? P.S. Have I mentioned that I've never made a candle before? I've been living a very sad life, haven't I?
  10. Hi everyone! I recently began experimenting in the candle making business and I am having issues with a new wax that I just got. I started out with soy 464 but for some reason I could not get a decent outcome. I bought coconut wax and would mix both waxes 50/50 and they looked nice when they were done. I burned a few right away with wooden wicks and it burned well. I am curing a few hoping it will improve the hot throw (i think, let's see). I have been trying a few different things and I recently purchased Cargill's NatureWax S-113 Soy and Cargill's NatureWax Coconut 1. The coconut wax had a consistency of coconut oil in a solid state. I didn't think much of it and proceeded to do what I usually do by doing 50/50. End result, the candle never hardened. I made it about 12 hours ago and it is just slushy. Any ideas on what this could be or advice on what I can try? Thank you all in advance.
  11. Hi everyone - I am a newbie to candle making. I am having difficulty wicking my 3" diameter straight sided 16 oz. glass jar. I am using Mid West container soy wax with an 11% fragrance load. I have tried single wicking this jar with many many different wicks and I get no hot throw at all. I started double wicking and the hot throw is great but I feel like the jar temperature gets way too hot for my liking. The melt pool reaches about 3/4" deep by the hour mark for all the double wicks I have tried. If anyone can provide some insight, that would be great! I have been wick testing for about 6 months to no avail. Please help!!!! I have tried: HTP Premier RRD CD Eco
  12. I am fairly new to making wax melts and every now and then I run into a little hiccup. I use Golden Brands 494 for my melts and heat them up to 180 then I add my color wait till 160 then add my fragrance then wait till 130 to pour. For the most part everything comes out great the first pour into the mold however after that it all goes pear shaped. At the moment I only own one silicone mold (11 cubbies) so after pouring the necessary amount the rest remains in the pouring cup, where it hardens and then has to get remelted (normally at 140) after the second time doing this I noticed that the wax refuses to fuse and harden. It has the same consistency of damp flour. The smell is still great and I can still put it in the warmer however I t just refuses to harden. My main question is, if it is because the remelting. Does it permanently mess with the soy's molecular structure? I have 6 molds coming in from amazon so my redundant method of production should become more efficient. Grace
  13. hi all, i'm new to candle making and have started using C3 wax. i'm having difficulties with the texture of my candles. i have been getting rough, uneven tops and cracking. i have tried almost every pouring temp between 120-165*F. i have also tried not adding fragrance oil to see if it was causing the texture but they came out the same. at this point, i have no idea what is causing the texture. i would love to achieve smooth tops with C3 as it is the only wax my local supplier carries. please let me know if you have any advice. also, has anyone been successful with HTP wicks and C3 wax? i am using 4oz and 8oz straight glass jars but all i get is tunneling. i also get poor glass adhesion even after pouring slowly. what could be the problem? i've read many success stories with C3 but so far it has been a complete nightmare :((((((
  14. Hi, I’m a few weeks in to my research phase for making candles. Got into this by looking for non-toxic diffuser refills for my home, which led to looking at oils, fragrances, and paraffins and then stumbling across so much YouTube content. Then, yada yada, I’ve invested about $600 in fragrance samples, test waxes, supplies, containers. I plan to try making my own soy-beeswax-coconut blend OR hopefully finding success with one of the Cargill Nature Waxes. I welcome any advice for this testing stage, especially with: non-paraffin waxes wicks testing FO’s without breaking the bank FO load for HT Glad to find this group! Thanks!!
  15. Does anyone know where I can get perfume like scents or fragrance oils to make a "luxury" candle?
  16. Hello all. Want to share some links I found while reading posts on here that relate to product safety and candle companies that have been involved in lawsuits. Since this was brought up in a previous unrelated post I wanted to give it it's own post. It's interesting to read about the candle related law suits so you can learn from other's mistakes. Some mistakes appear to be by the manufacture, user error or a combination of both. Really makes me think about how I would present my products, package them, write up usage & warning info that wouldn't be misleading or confusing to the buyer or end user. To be blunt, it's like you have to dummy proof everything and explain everything and not assume people will know the intentions of your product. But what would be worse than being sued would be knowing that I injured someone with my product. 😩 https://www.cpsc.gov/search?site=cpsc_site&output=xml_no_dtd&getfields=*&tlen=120&client=ek_drupal_01&proxystylesheet=ek_drupal_01&filter=p&query=candle https://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/search.html?keywords=candle https://candles.org/ https://candles.org/industry-standards/ https://candles.org/fire-safety-candles/
  17. So I am now to this forum and I apologize in advance if I've not posted in the correct place. I am using igi 6006 parasoy wax by itself (I haven't added any extra soy like many do.) I use 8.5% FO added at 185•, and I pour at 170•. I let them cure 24hrs before my burn test. I am using 3.1" diameter jars with 8 ounces of wax in each. So far I've tested 6 different wicks. I've tried the eco 8 & eco 10 first. They both produced insane amounts of soot and the flames were flickering almost nonstop. I've tried the eco 6, LX 22, CSN 14, and a medium zinc wick. The photos are after an 8 hour burn. I burned for four, blew them out then relight. I took these just before blowing them out. The csn 14 is probably my favorite, but I can't quite tell yet. The burn pool doesn't seem like it's going to be large enough. When lit, the flame is very still and doesn't flicker much at all. The only downside is if any wind comes around the flame, it smokes like crazy The eco 6 burns beautifully, but the burn pool seems too small. The 8 is the night size up and that was too large, so I have no clue where to go from there with the eco wicks. I like the LX 22, but I'm not sure if the melt pool will be large enough and the flame sometimes dances. The medium zinc obviously wont work. The flame is very weak and the melt pool is only about 2". The other question I have is about different FOs needing different wicks. Do I really have to test each FO to find a specific wick for each one? It just seems like that would cost a few grand and be VERY time consuming. (Say I want to test 30 FOs. I'd need 30 jars. I'd have to have multiple wicks of each size and each brand. The amount of wax this would take would be enormous.) thank you in advance!
  18. hi I am new to candle making! Hoping I could get some proper insight! I have made a few scented candles already and they have come out pretty good, just some issues. I've tried multiple waxes, coconut, soy, parasoy, veggysoy and I've tried multiple wicks, eco, htp and CD. I seem to be coming across issues with wet spots/poor adhesion the sides of my glass jar, wax discoloring, excess soot and not an even melt pool. I've tried so many possibilities I am unsure where to focus on and how to correct what issue. Or how to figure out the root of which issue. please help!
  19. I just started getting into making candles and have been doing a lot of testing over the last couple months with 9 oz jars. What is the typical time a candle‘s fragrance should start to smell throughout the room. I’m noticing a great HT close to an hour after burn or when I get a full melt pool.
  20. Best candles preferred to be used in 2020. I prefer flameless candles.
  21. Hey! So, we use the Golden Wax 444 Soy type with Cotton Core wicks and 7oz Hex Jars with Lids! We've been using JS fragrance oils, and so far things have been great. Our best seller has been the bourbon pumpkin and cotton candy super strong! Although I think we messed up on a few batches 😕 we were heating up the wax to 180° and then adding the fragrance while stirring for 5 minutes. But then we changed the process to where we let it cool down from 180° to 120° before adding fragrance and stirring. Sooooo, I'm thinking it didn't bond properly. (Oops) If you're familiar with this wax, what specific process do you use? Frgrance oils that bond strongly with the wax? Do you add anything to it? What are some of your favorite scents that give off a fantastic scent throw?
  22. Hi! Do you know how stearic acid works in candles? How does the amount of stearic acid affect the wax and the candle? Thanks for your insight!
  23. Hello! My name is Tracie, I was the owner of Warmth Soy Candle Co. I have recently decided to close my business and still have about 300 custom-made wick dippers. I'm wondering if you would be interested in purchasing them from me at cost, $1.50. The mark-up is fantastic, I sold them for $5/ea or 3 for $12. I'm happy to send you short video showing how they work since I can't attach it here. They are really pretty, black matte metal with a twist. Step 1: With the hook end of the wick dipper push the lit wick beneath the melted wax. Step 2: Pull the wick back out of the wax and straighten it after you extinguish the flame. Warmly, Tracie
  24. hi all, can anyone explain why some fragrance oils cause headaches? i've been researching online and found out why but not exactly what ingredient or chemical causes the headache itself... can anyone recommend fragrance oils or suppliers for someone with a sensitive nose? who are your favorite suppliers for natural fragrance oils?
  25. Hello everyone. I just signed up to this forum. I look forward to learning a lot and interacting with fellow candle makers! Little background; My wife and I are just getting started making candles. We live Right outside of Atlanta Ga. Once we perfect making them we are going to teach our 7 year old daughter how make the candles. Eventually we plan to let her do all the candle making, coloring, labeling, scent choices, etc. So candle making will be her hobby and her business, she is super excited about it. We’ve only made 2 candles so far. Products just arrived 4 days ago. We are using gb444 soy wax, fragrance oils from Aztec(that’s where all our products came from), 8oz patio jars, and wi-767 wicks. We test burned 1 with 24hr cure time(probably should have waited longer from everything I’ve read)and not getting strong hot throw at all. We are going to let the other one cure for 1 week. We added FO at 185 degrees and poured at 135. Candles look perfect and cold throw is good. We used 1.25oz of FO in 16oz of wax(both measured by weight and not volume) We plan to test pour a dozen or so tomorrow. Using different FO/wax ratios, different pour temps, different temps we add oil, etc. We are open to any advice, suggestions, and/or criticism. We are only four days into candle making so all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ben
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