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  1. I've used a few liquid dyes from Lonestar ( hot pink & aqua ) and I've had no issues
  2. Moonstar

    California Prop 65

    Thank you Jeremy
  3. Moonstar

    Lard soap

    I tried a basic tried that was shared on here. I didn't get any "piggy" smell whatsoever.
  4. Moonstar

    Candle FO in soap?

    WOW thats horrible . May I ask what FO that is ? Just curious . Happy New Year
  5. Moonstar

    California Prop 65

    Hmmmm interesting post. Thank you for sharing this since I don't follow much news.Lately, it just gives me a MASSIVE headache .How do you like the wax and wicks you get from them are they giving you a great HT ? I think I'll go check out their website - Happy New Year !!!
  6. Moonstar

    Just Scent favorites

    Now I'm really intrigued 😂😂
  7. Moonstar

    Just Scent favorites

    Thanks Belinda! Merry Christmas 🎄
  8. Moonstar

    Just Scent favorites

    I forgot to ask, what's lavender rocks like ? Sounds interesting
  9. Moonstar

    Just Scent favorites

    Oh I love the Peppermint Bark thanks so much for taking the time to respond 😍
  10. Moonstar

    Bubble Bombs

    Look on lotion crafter
  11. Moonstar

    Just Scent favorites

    Ive only ordered a few oils from here. Vanilla Bean Marshmallow & Peppermint bark. Can you please share your favorites along with duds + how they perform overall ? On a different note this year just flew by. Im hoping 2019 will be a better year
  12. Moonstar

    Scent Loss in Melts

    What do you mean by one mistake and you're done lol !
  13. Moonstar

    Just Scent Fall scent favorites

    I need to try this one !
  14. Can you describe those please. I was looking at all 3 except Golden Oaks . Do you use in candles or wax melts ?
  15. Moonstar

    Just Scent Fall scent favorites

    Flaming has a Bayberry & Silver Oak FO ???