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  1. Which ones received little enthusiasm from customers ? Salt Air + Honeydew sounds really nice as does Grapefruit Gardenia and a few others lol !
  2. Thank you! I didn't know this ! I was primarily interested in their Juicy bits of Orange 🍊 FO I heard Pure Fragrance oils has a great orange 🍊 so I'll probably just order from there
  3. I'm not a fan either . Like you said many love it & you described it perfectly
  4. You always come up with the best names !
  5. Has anyone Sweetcakes Lavender & Herbs ? Its pretty pricy so I was hoping to get some opinions before ordering ? I also saw Original Herbal Essence too. Thanks !
  6. Im dying to know too ! lol ! Theres so many Id like to try . Isn't that EO from Eden Botanicals very expensive to use in a candle ? I just noticed you use coconut wax, thats another wax Ive been wanting to try. Do you use the one from Northwoods ? It seems to have a lot of good reviews .
  7. Thank you so much! Have you tried any of these ? I appreciate the links !
  8. I totally agree. Most times people envision a scent based on a BBW scent.
  9. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the time you took to answer. Your of more help than you realize! Do you have the PS from Lab&Co ? How is it ? I'm so out of the loop with this scent. My sisterinlaw is really into as are many of my friends. They're all into yoga etc so I'm gathering that crowd is really into it . There's so many FO's I'd like to try from Lab& Co. there's quite a few on there that really aren't that much more than WSP & some that are really steep in price. I'd like to get a few vessels for special gifts or just for personal use. Do you use the wooden wicks ?
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