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  1. Have any of you ever made scoopable wax before? If so, what kind of wax & oil are you supposed to use and at what ratios
  2. The first time I smelled frankincense EO it reminded me exactly of my childhood memories of going to church. It's the exact scent the priest had in that incense burner he carried
  3. American Soy organics has a different company carrying their oils , American candle supplies They have a few oils I've tried that are really good - orange 🍊 lemon 🍋 cheesecake. They have some others I'm curious about and wondered if anyone has tried them . Milk and sugar - lavender Sage french thyme / grapefruit- Rosemary
  4. Thanks Belinda 😊 As well as can be expected with Covid.
  5. Bescented or Scentsational Soap supply ? Thank you for chiming in. I really appreciate it
  6. Thanks Belinda ! Their fireside marshmallow & cotton candy is supposed to be really good from what Ive read. Hope youve been well
  7. Yes, thats what I meant, thank you for correcting me. Ive heard that they have a really good Strawberry Poundcake thats a BBW dupe. Thanks again for chiming in
  8. It's worth a try for $10. I love their bath&body bases as well.
  9. I've never ordered from these companies before. If you've ordered any favorites ?
  10. I did like them. The only one I was so so was Caribbean splash. Dole was really good just a small touch of vanilla to make it creamy I'm using SoCal to make my daughter a body spray
  11. I just ordered several summer scents and I'm excited to get them a few I recall ordering are Lavender sea salt beach bum Caribbean splash cocomango Beach hair SoCal vibes Dole Whip 🍍 Pineapple 🍍
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