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  1. Moonstar

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    @Trappeur your still ordering GW 464 from Flaming right ? Are you experiencing these problems as well ?
  2. Moonstar

    RE Grandmas Toddy

    Has anyone tried this FO - RE Grandmas Toddy ?
  3. Moonstar

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    I just ordered the Gingerbread Apple 🍎 along with a honey 🍯 FO . Should get them in a few days I'll let you know 😘
  4. Moonstar

    C&S Paracoconut wax

    I totally agree with you .This truly can turn into a very expensive hobby . My problem is I get a FO from one supplier then I;ll see it on another site and I want to compare lol !
  5. Has anyone tried this FO before. I don't really need much of anything from here and hate to order a pound + shipping and then think its just so-so http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/8-oz-905-Gingerbread-Applesauce-Scent
  6. Moonstar

    6006 cure time

    Thanks ! You know how it goes im deciding between that and FB Cinnamon Sugar Donut lol! HELP !!!!!!
  7. Moonstar

    6006 cure time

    Thanks so much ! By chance have you tried lonestars Crounut have you ?
  8. Moonstar

    Marshmallow Fireside BBW =$12 lb

    Omg I love the BBW candle so much I went to the mall earlier lol i also bought sweater weather and a coffee one. I almost got the Cocoa and cream too lol 😂
  9. Moonstar

    Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Who's Candy Corn ??? lol
  10. Moonstar

    Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Whats the verdict on RE's Campfire Marshmallow ? Have you tried the one from Flaming ?
  11. Moonstar

    Marshmallow Fireside BBW =$12 lb

    How was the Aztec Flannel & Marshmallow Fireside ? Marshmallow Fireside is one of my favorite BBW candles. I just bought that one - campfire coffee + Sweater Weather today when I was at the mall earlier .
  12. Moonstar

    6006 cure time

    If you've recently bought 6006 wax have you noticed any issues with HT ? Ive read on here and on a few reviews from suppliers that the HT isn't as good ? Id appreciate your thoughts on this .
  13. Moonstar

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    lol ! Im over it . Ive got bigger fish to fry lol ! Their Sugar Cookie is out of stock , so Im waiting for that
  14. Moonstar

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    I just listed some new /never used WSP oils in the Classified section if anyone is interested
  15. Moonstar

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    Its nothing like Peaks - I prefer Peaks. I believe Peak still sells it ?