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  1. WSP has a good one
  2. Thank you ! Do you make melts or wax with this FO ? I've never ordered anything from LS, maybe I should try a few . Thanks again!
  3. Tuscan Garden Mediterarian Garden
  4. I know Trappeur uses Fillmore Warm Apple 🍎 Pie and has said it's wonderful
  5. I've used a few liquid dyes from Lonestar ( hot pink & aqua ) and I've had no issues
  6. I tried a basic tried that was shared on here. I didn't get any "piggy" smell whatsoever.
  7. WOW thats horrible . May I ask what FO that is ? Just curious . Happy New Year
  8. Hmmmm interesting post. Thank you for sharing this since I don't follow much news.Lately, it just gives me a MASSIVE headache .How do you like the wax and wicks you get from them are they giving you a great HT ? I think I'll go check out their website - Happy New Year !!!
  9. Now I'm really intrigued 😂😂
  10. Thanks Belinda! Merry Christmas 🎄
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