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  1. In the past, I've used the medium density (when I first made gel candles, I started with the light density), which was always a firm set. I've purchased some of the high density now, so I'll be trying it out soon. From what I understand, scent amount for the high density is 4-5% per pound (please correct me if I'm wrong). Is your candle poured with only the gel, scent, & color? I'm kind of perplexed really, but there must be a reason!
  2. Are you using Penreco gel?
  3. I can't offer all of the "why's" -- but I can suggest that you poke a relief hole and do a top pour to smooth out that candle. The addition of the a new layer will fill in the gaps, bring the level of the candle up a bit (more pleasing to the eye, imo), and probably be smooth, if not, a quick go-over with a heat gun should do it.
  4. I don't really think it would affect the throw, I could be wrong though! I've always figured it has more to do with adhesion, frosting, wet spots, surface texture, etc.
  5. If you're selling on etsy and you want to use a website to draw people to your etsy shop, then you could create a very simple site using a template or creating your own html/css. You could also use Paypal payment buttons for any items shown on the site if you don't want to get fancy. The traffic generated on a simple page may not be so great though with only a page or two, however, as the search engines seem to prefer content. I could be wrong, but I think websites that are mostly shopping carts may not get picked up as much by the search engines as pages that have regular pages, articles, etc. with lots of keywords and content.
  6. I made a mess with a candle last week by filling one just a bit too much and then when it had surface flaws that wouldn't seem to let go, I didn't have any room to move (i.e., no way to do a top pour/repour since I was already too high up in the container to put the lid on!) ... so, I had to scrape wax off the top, warm it up, do my repour and all was well. It's amazing how wax "heals" after these types of things, but it does. This would have been better if it were a parasoy, however, rather than soy, as a few days later, there were some frosting issues on the top of that one, but it wasn't too bad and no one is ever going to know what it went through to look presentable ... candles are a lot like us! 😗
  7. So, what do they say exactly? They're walking by your table, take a look at your candle scent names and then say they only use candles that are scented with essential oil? I personally feel that e/o's are wonderful, but not in candles ... they have many uses, but heating them in wax is not the best way to appreciate them, imo.
  8. You're selling candles, but you don't know what you're doing? The first thing I would do is stop selling candles until I knew I had a tested product that I was fully confident about. These are candles, unlike most other crafts, they need to be taken seriously. It's an art and a science that deserves the time and patience to make a safe, enjoyable product.
  9. I also either use nail clippers or a little pair of nail scissors.
  10. Do you fill the pump tube with lotion prior to inserting it into the bottle?
  11. What a nice votive candle this turned out to be! The RRD-29's do very nicely in these ... now to get ready to make a bunch of them! Just thought I'd follow up on this.
  12. I remember reading on a candle forum years ago that sellers of gel candles who were making Coke candles in the vintage style Coca-Cola glasses were approached at a craft fair by a representative from Coke who told them they were infringing upon their trademark. I think the main risk is if a company approaches a seller who may be sitting on a lot of stock, then they could get stuck with candles they aren't permitted to sell.
  13. I've had better throw with GW464 if I add a small amount of paraffin, under 10%, as an additive.
  14. Definitely! I've been thinking lately that maybe wick debris in a candle has some sort of meaning, lol ... like tea leaves, you know how some people read tea leaves? ("Tasseography - also known as tasseomancy or tassology - is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.") Last week I was trying out a Performa wick I had in a sample pack that I had never tried, I don't think I'll use them. I thought it was interesting though and snapped a photo ... nothing like the photos shared here however! Good work!
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