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  1. So now I'm utterly confused ... I just had to go look to see what you're all talking about and it's very puzzling. I saw a lady with dyed hair & false eyelashes telling me that there's brown sugar and bourbon in her candle. What??? Oh wait, she didn't actually tell me that, she told me that her candles are "award winning" (where are the awards being given out?), asked if I wanted to make a contribution to enter a contest, that she made foody candles for relatives and then presented fancy-label candles with foody type names. Now, it's all very pretty, but there is that word "O R G A N I
  2. I briefly looked this up out of curiosity. From what I'm reading, it's not something that is up to the candle maker, it's up to the manufacturer to ensure their glassware intended for candles passes the tests. Excerpt: "Candle manufacturers/retailers may choose to have a few pieces of glass from their batch tested independently to give them further reassurance that the glass maker was diligent, but this later testing does not confirm ASTM compliance of the batch. Only compliance to the procedure by the glass manufacturer does that." Source
  3. I replaced my larger one similar to the one you have with what is called a "mini" ... I think it's 300 watts, so it doesn't get nearly as hot.
  4. I think the "leather look" & uneven areas comes from too much heat from the heat gun. As much as everyone raves about heat guns being the silver bullet to creating smooth tops, there can be times when they can cause adverse results. I've switched to using a small gun and holding it as far away as possible if I have to use it. My goal this year is to be 100% heat gun free if at all possible when it comes to soy waxes/blends. (I'm not saying there isn't a place for them, just that I've seen similar results and I think it's when I applied too much heat ... although, typically, mine also f
  5. I ordered samples of the following a couple of years ago ... their quality was more of the the "old time" type of oils I've bought in the past, which I really prefer. Some weren't as strong as desired, but they performed, mixed well, and most were pretty true to their name. I liked that they were "basic" scents, as they mixed very well. Creme Brulee - sweet, but not as full-bodied as I'd prefer French Vanilla - smelled nice, but not an over-the-top Fresh Cut Roses - definitely fresh cut roses! J & J Bedtime Bath (Soothing Lavender) - nice in a body spray, I'd like to ge
  6. Too funny, it really doesn't make any sense. How does this stuff get started? I see so many people concerned that their candle hasn't reached a full melt pool an hour into burning!! That's crazy! I like my candles to burn a long time, the longer it takes for it to reach a full m/p, the better, as long as it eventually melts down.
  7. Oh gee! I've never measured the depth of a melt pool in my life! Although I can't say I feel as though I've missed much! 🤭
  8. They certainly can be. We really don't need to scare people out of using paraffin candles in order to sell soy candles, that's a negative form of advertising, imo. There are a lot of people who like all kinds of candles.
  9. Also, paraffin wax is a by-product of something that is already in use. We can't, and should not, ignore that clearing land for waxes without regard for the natural habitat or the creatures that live there should not be something that goes unchecked or unregulated, our resources are not infinite. And, yes, when chemicals are sprayed without considering the consequences, we are truly upsetting the balance ... we need our bugs, our birds, our butterflies for reasons other than their mere beauty, and some of these chemicals are being found in our own food! So although waxes from soy and palm m
  10. One of the best things you can insulate your package with is recycled paper, whether it's shredded newspaper or cardboard. It not only pads the package well, cushions the corners and other fills in the spaces, but it truly does insulate from both hot & cold. I agree that you should try to use it.
  11. I agree, I like the smaller one I have now better than the larger one I finally wore out. Okay, so, in case anyone wasn't familiar with Red Green, I just looked him up to see what he does for a heat gun ... I see he did a short episode on it, but he was using hair dryers. On this note, I've read of people using hair dryers, but it's really not a good idea, too much blowing air, could blow your wax all over, and could be dangerous ... I would have never thought these were interchangeable.
  12. I've seen where people have mixed GW415 and C3, does anyone know how 444 might go with it? From the thread I read, that combo made for an easier to work with wax, it seemed. I like how C3 doesn't require as much scent and has good CT/HT, but it has its quirks in some ways. I think 444 might be a bit easier to work with, but requires more scent than the 6% of the C3 from my own experience. Would these two mix well? I'm wondering because I have a little of both, I just haven't done it (yet).
  13. I'm using a smaller one now than the larger one I had before that finally went out, I think it was about fifteen years old. I prefer the smaller one, which I think might be called a "mini heat gun" for embossing, even with that, it still blows a little more than I prefer and I had to rig a little foil cage for the nozzle. Most likely, there are some models that come with an attachment of some sort so it doesn't blow so directly, but if you have ever watched "The Red Green Show," you'll understand how my foil cage came to be.
  14. I guess it was simply a matter of time, you would think people would at least give credit if they decide to share it with others, esp. on youtube since it's already there, lol. If you do more videos like this one, make sure to say "remember folks, you saw it here first" at the end! 🤭
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