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  1. I think liquid dyes seem to work the best. I don't use too much color, but now and then I might add just a hint of a swirl or layer and if you like to do that kind of stuff, liquid is easier to work with and seems to give more bold coloring.
  2. That's an interesting way to make an emergency candle lantern. A few months ago, I did a search for such a thing since candles really help to save an emergency situation when a out of the ordinary snow event hit and the electric companies in my state had failed in providing consistent power. I don't know where I would have been without a stash of candles. Anyway, I did look up camping candles and found something similar to what you've shared here. It would be good to have some of these on-hand in case of emergency or for outdoor use. "Bend the flange inside the can, that was l
  3. I went back to their site to the front page ... sale is on until May 6th. WSP
  4. I see that WSP is having a 25%-off sale on fragrance oils ... thought I'd pass it along in case anyone is interested. (I enjoy some of their scents, but the packaging is bothersome to me.)
  5. Sorry ... all I think of is "Ode to Wood" !!
  6. "Literally threw the batch out the backdoor ..." ... I don't know if I'd do that! Now nothing will ever grow there!! 🥴
  7. I think if the fragrance oil was added at 135dF, that's too low a temp for incorporating the f/o. It could be that if it didn't blend well due to the lower temp that it simply sunk and it's over-saturated somewhere at the bottom the candle, meaning it could be a hazard and may be why the surface of the candle doesn't have scent ...?? Just guessing, but allowing the wax to cool before adding scent is not in my recipe book. 😍
  8. Do you know what kind of wicks those are? Also, what is the scent you're using? I don't know if turning upside down would really help for long term, because if the scent is a heavy polar type scent, it will simply continue to drift to the bottom over time, if that is what's happening.
  9. It seems that some of the ocean type scents I've enjoyed the most have a base similar to cucumber. If you have one that is too perfumy, you might see how it mixes with an herbal type or cucumber type to tone it down if you like to experiment.
  10. I have experience with Penreco candle gel, but I've never made one with double glass. I think you can put whatever you want between the layers of glass as long as heat doesn't melt it. For a regular gel container candle, the medium is much easier to work with, light is easy too, but harder to suspend anything. Yes, sand is fine, shells are okay, but starfish (seastars) are not (and I also don't advocate for the taking of live animals for decoration). You can also use beach glass, marbles, etc. Zinc-core works well, as do HTP wicks, but you need to purchase them unprimed (raw)
  11. Those photos! Well, so much for the arrows on the box that pointed the way to "This Side Up" !! 🥴
  12. I never heard of that before, I guess I'll have to try it to see.
  13. I know others here have more experience than I do with your wax, but I can suggest using CD (Stabilo) wicks or RRD cotton core wicks. Your HTP104 could very well work in a smaller container than the one you tested.
  14. For me personally, I haven't been able to truly investigate palm wax, so I have not bought any. I know there are serious problems with the palm oil industry. I see that one popular supplier has made a statement on their website, which I need to learn more about, but since I haven't had the time to do the research, I've simply stayed away from any purchases of palm wax period. It's my personal belief that if as a consumer I can make any small difference, I try to do my part. From this link ... If you are reading this article but buying your palm elsewhere, make sure to ask you
  15. I think it depends on the mold and style of the candle. For instance, some novelty candle designs, let's say a cupcake for instance, looks more interesting if a shell around the outside remains for awhile as the inside lights up, it eventually melts as the flame gets lower, wick permitting. I've made some in the past with wax decorations on top of the "frosting" so they get the back lit effect if the wick's just small enough to do that and large enough to eventually melt them away. You know, I don't think I'm being much help here! 😗
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