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  1. birdcharm

    Label advice and feedback

    No, I guess you don't need to say anything about the wax, I guess if it's not called out, people assume it's paraffin. Your design/logo is eye-catching ... now I'm wondering what Gingered Bergamot smells like ... sounds interesting!
  2. birdcharm

    Label advice and feedback

    I really like that color, kind of a rosy wine ...? Probably some of the expert label makers here will give you some helpful thoughts. The only thing I would say is that I think the weight needs to show the net weight , maybe "Net. Wt. or net wt." (?) and perhaps the weight should be a bit smaller and not bold (?), with your company name a little bigger (and bold ...?) Also, what type of wax?
  3. I've found that if I go with pastel colors, even if there is a bit of frosting, you don't notice it at all. Or, if I do streaks, swirls, or dots of color, if there is frosting, it just kind of goes with the design like it's supposed to be there.
  4. birdcharm

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    I know it's Halloween time, but must you tell such horror stories??? 🐽 Yesterday, I took stock of my wax and I wish I had purchased more at the time, but I do have some stash of 444 and 464 from late '16, early '17. I'm getting ready to place an order for more 444, so maybe I need to see if there is a supplier out there with some older stock, if that's even possible! I've used the HTP105 before in these waxes, and although I prefer square braid cotton, that wick usually works okay. Were the candles that went sideways various scents?
  5. birdcharm

    Video discussion

    Oh yeah, I was thinking about that! I even mentioned that to my husband. Nope ... not unless they have their own soy farm!
  6. birdcharm

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    @strugglebrother, what happens if you continue to burn the candle? Are you saying that the melt pool isn't getting any larger? What type of wick do you use?
  7. birdcharm

    Video discussion

    The wax was getting cloudy as you say ... I agree with you that there is "no way" I would add my scent at that low a temp. My initial feeling is that I personally don't trust it and also would not add scent to a wax that is that cool for fear that if it did not bind with the wax that some would sink toward the bottom of the candle.
  8. birdcharm

    Video discussion

    @Clear Black, I watched the videos ... thanks for your thoughts on this! It really seems to me that the f/o does not lose potency as the candle is cooling. Perhaps with essential oils, this may be true, but I really don't think it is with fragrance oils and I feel that they are created to be blended with hot wax. I've always allowed my wax to cool down just a bit from the highest temperature before adding f/o, but nothing like is being suggested in that video. On the second video, they didn't mention any temperatures, but I found it interesting that they do not press down their wick tabs when securing them (something I typically do) and that they move a poured candle (something I try to never do) ... I noticed as they were packing one into a box, that it didn't have a clean "meet" between wax and glass, that there was a little (sloppy) area where wax had moved up the glass due to being moved. P.S. I'm not sharing this type of info to criticize videos, but to discuss information that may be provided that could possibly be inaccurate.
  9. birdcharm

    Video discussion

    I've watched the video and I must say that things in the video are not done as I do them. There was a deep melt pool at two hours. I've never used wooden wicks, but it seems as though they are too big for the container. The f/o is used at 12% and I think it was added at about 125dF, I'm not sure, but I don't want to watch it again to confirm that -- it was added just before the wax started to cloud. It was not a surprise that the candle that was permitted to cure for a few days had better throw than the one that was burned at less than 24 hours, although the claim in this video is that the one that cured the longest was not different than the one that only cured for a few days. My thought about it is that the wick is too large for the container; 12% f/o is too high for a wick that large; the f/o should be added sooner; and the candles need to cure at least for several days. A comment is made about the duration of time between when the f/o is added at a higher temp. to when it is poured ... I have felt that during this time the f/o is blending with the wax -- the opinion of the video is that the scent is somehow being lost. I'm not so sure this is the case. I've only worked with soy wax for a few years now (much longer with other waxes), so if anyone has some input about this, I'd love to hear it!
  10. I'm kind of posting prematurely, as I have not been able to view this entire video I spotted, so I will need to come back. However, I spotted this on a youtube sidebar and thought I'd click on it just to see what it was about. I only watched the first minute or so, but there was a comment made in the video about when to add scent to GW464 (Akosoy 5702-02-02) -- they are advising to add f/o after the wax has cooled considerably. In some ways, this seems to go against what I've learned about adding f/o's to get them to bind properly -- but, maybe I'm wrong. So, I thought I'd post it and I'll watch it more later and then maybe this could be helpful to others and myself. I usually don't like to either watch or critique these types of video, btw, but the topic of when is the best time to add scent has caught my attention.
  11. birdcharm

    GW 444 and cold and hot throw issue

    Hi ... you might try adding your f/o at the high end of your 150-180dF. I add my scent at about 170 and pour at about 130-140, lightly stirring once again prior to pouring. If you could let us know the diameter of your jar and the type and size wicks you're using, that would be helpful too. Also, what % f/o, what scent/supplier?
  12. birdcharm

    Does wax absorb smells?

    Maybe activated carbon like you would use in an aquarium? Moth balls contains a pretty serious chemical, btw, I can't think of the name of it, but it's why you aren't supposed to breathe it all the time or handle it without gloves.
  13. birdcharm

    What's your return/exchanges policy?

    Okay, let's say it wasn't made defective, but it arrived melted ... that's more realistic. In such a case as shipping damage, then if the customer sends a photo of the damage, I would say that a replacement would be fair, but perhaps charge for shipping -- let's say it was packaged well, but the customer was out of town and allowed it to sit on their porch -- there needs to be some responsibility on the part of the customer in certain scenarios. I guess that's why some people refuse to ship certain items during temperature extremes, then it eliminates the problem. I just personally cannot see leaving it up to a customer to safely package and return candles. Also, a common phrase (I think so anyway), is "due to the nature of our products, all sales are final" -- that's because if it's a product that gets opened (or burned, etc.), then it's no longer new. I think it's better to offer little sample scent sniffers so people could order those if they'd like to see what the f/o smells like before ordering. It seems that in some ways saying up front that the sale is final probably avoids some problems, then, if something arises, you can be flexible based on the scenario, but the warning up front eliminates the expectation of a replacement order ... I mean, how many times would someone be permitted to order a box of stuff, not like the scent and return it?
  14. I think Kerven guessed it!!
  15. Say that part again .... 🤫