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  1. Does a little wax pulling away from the glass really detract from a candle? I mean, it's wax, it's going to melt, shrink, sweat, etc. I don't like to cover my jars with labels, and I don't mind clear jars, if the wax and the glass don't perfectly meet throughout the entire candle, I feel that I can only do so much to prevent that and if that's not enough, then forget about it. The air temperature can also make a "perfect" candle go into retraction, so if I pulled my hair out all of the time over it, I'd be bald by now.
  2. I've been toying around with lip balms for personal use. Since I don't use much, I've done very small batches just to see what I can come up with that is suitable for me. On my last round, I partially used coconut oil along with castor oil, but on previous tries, I only used castor oil. For what it's worth, here is my VERY small batch recipe, which could probably still stand some improvement or changes ... 1 t. beeswax 1 t. candelilla wax 1 T. castor oil 1 T. 76 degree coconut oil
  3. This is a wax I was wanting to try for quite a while ... finally got some and have been working with it over the last couple of months instead of the GW464 and/or 444 that I used previously. I don't think anything needs to be added to it. I found that in comparison to the other waxes I was using, that I definitely needed to go up a size or two on the wicks, depending on the container.
  4. This is confusing, it's called "flameless candle," but the word candle means that it has an ignitable wick embedded in wax or another flammable substance, so it's a light that resembles a candle, because I don't see how there is anything that can be a "flameless candle." I know they're calling these things "candles" for marketing, but I don't think they should because they are not "candles" at all.
  5. Yes, it has a sweet floral smell. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I suppose it could be considered along the lines of a honeydew-like sweetness, although it's clearly a floral scent.
  6. There are a handful of floral scents from Wellington Fragrance that I think are really nice and their Sunflower happens to be one of them. They have a minimum order requirement, however, so there's that, but every so often I put an order together and last time I made sure to get some of their Sunflower, as well as Orchid, Sweet Grass and some others.
  7. There is also St. Lucia's Day coming up on December 13th ... that's a celebrated candle day in some countries.
  8. I had to look that up ... are those hemp wicks? I have used the wax you're using, but I don't know how hemp wicks work in it. It seems to me that I had better throw with 444 if I used 8-9% fragrance oil ( I'm pretty sure 11% is the maximum for that wax, but I've never attempted it, probably a waste imo. ) As already advised, stick with the fragrance oils, imo, or mix your essential oils with fragrance oils only as an addition.
  9. I've used two RRD 29 in a tureen with GW464, I'm wondering if perhaps your wicks might be a bit too large.
  10. If you're making a pillar candle, it does help to make the wax more shiny. The thing is that the water level should not exceed the top of the mold so water never enters.
  11. Many candle safety labels specify to only burn for a maximum of four hours per session. Of course, some people will let that go for a while, but I think most would certainly extinguish well before the twelve hour mark ... I might be wrong about this, but it seems so to me. Also, every safety label I've ever read states to not pick up or carry a burning candle, and even if someone were to attempt to do that, if the glass is hot, they'd probably give that thought up right away. At about the six hour mark, could you touch it for a moment without it feeling overly hot?
  12. I got their Spiced Cranberry last year and tried blending it too! I'm finally to the point where I think I may have something! There is a Midnight Pomegranate-type that has a way of taking over too, so it is something that can mask and I really like it. Most Twigs 'n' Berries scents also seem to come out "on top" of many other scents if added to them.
  13. I had no idea! I've been using some RRD wicks that I bought as raw wick (not pre-tabbed), so they must be spooled in the right direction, lol, since I've had no issues! When I start to get to the end of my roll, I guess I'd better place a note of some sort on the wicking so I don't thread the wrong end.
  14. I haven't made layered candles in a long time, but I dabble with chunk pillars and some other techniques now and then. I also think your wax might be too cool. Maybe try pouring at about 185dF.
  15. In the past, I've used the medium density (when I first made gel candles, I started with the light density), which was always a firm set. I've purchased some of the high density now, so I'll be trying it out soon. From what I understand, scent amount for the high density is 4-5% per pound (please correct me if I'm wrong). Is your candle poured with only the gel, scent, & color? I'm kind of perplexed really, but there must be a reason!
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