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  1. I'm starting to experiment with perfuming and it's mostly been with fragrance oils and carrier oils. I'm interested in using aroma chemicals individually, but I'm no chemist, and I'd like to learn more about others' experiences with things like fixatives, bases, mixtures, and all sorts of other things that go into perfume making.
  2. I am looking for real strong scents and already have some favorites from natures garden or flaming candle but I have never ordered from JS and they have a lot of unique things I would like to try. I was hoping someone could chime in and see if they've tried these scents before as I already googled a lot. I use parasoy candles and use max load possible. Here are the fragrances I wanted to try: VANILLA SNOWFLAKE BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH BUTTERSCOTCH BRULEE PEPPERMINT BARK MARSHMALLOW PEPPERMINT CHRISTMAS WISH CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD COTTON CANDY SUPER STRONG BAHAMA MAMA COCONUT CRAZY COTTON CANDY FROSTED CAKE COTTON CANDY FROSTING FAIRY DUST I'm pretty nervous ordering fragrances as I find coconuts and cake ones always smell like play dough. I had the candy cane vanilla FO from natures garden and no matter what type of wax I used it always smells like a a weird burnt smell when lit so I really want a good mint scent. Hoping someone can take the time to help me if they have used any of these!
  3. Im not familiar with Palo Santo or Palo Santo + Sage. My sister-in-law and a few friends have requested this. Can someone recommend one please. Also, what does it smell like, does it throw well in soy ?
  4. I have just learned that The Scent Works Closed after a long hiatus from soaping. Does anyone know of dupes. I saw on the owners Facebook page the business is for sale. I loved all of these fragrance oils and some I cannot hardly do without. I'm crushed. Thanks for any help I can get! I sure wish I could buy it! Calypso orchid Frankincense and myrrh White peach Blue sugar Pink sugar Creamy coconut White vanilla sugar Fresh sugar Tupelo honey Linden Green tea London lemon curd Bamboo Flower Satsuma guava True Rose Belgium Chocolate Pepperbirch coconut Lime Verbatim Black Raspberry Cream Sanguigno Orange and Patchouli Vanilla Sandalwood Chicolate Expresso
  5. Hey there is it just me? I was interested in a few samples of one ounce oils and the shipping was about 20 dollars. I inquired about cost and got this back. I explained that without testing samples, I would not purchase larger sizes. Unfortunately can’t use supplier with expensive shipping. This is from Just Scents.
  6. As I write this I am enjoying the fresh smell of my 'bonfire' wax melt that I had made one week ago. Everything was going perfect until I noticed my fragrance starting to evaporate off the top. I blew it out immediately however I found that this is not the first time this has happened as I use my wax melter. I am trying to figure out why this is happening. Is it that my tealight candle is to big? or does it have to do with the fragrances themselves? I was timing the wax and at the 45 minute mark it started to smoke/steam/fume, what ever yo want to call it, and now I am worried about how this will effect product reviews. The CT and HT are amazing and strong however if it all dissapears because it is getting to hot then that wont really matter. What do you guys and gals think? p.s I do trim the wick to almost non existent before lighting however this still happens.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get perfume like scents or fragrance oils to make a "luxury" candle?
  8. Has anyone found a replacement for the discontinued Candle Science Lavender Cucumber Sage Scent? The scent profile is below: Note Profile:Top: Chamomile, Neroli, EucalyptusMiddle: Lavender, Orange, RoseBase: Powder, Vanilla, Cedar
  9. I’m having a hard time renaming “Jamaican Me Crazy”. I was thinking “Loco” but I kinda wanted to incorporate Jamaica as well. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  10. You guys have been so helpful with helping me rename this oils! I hope I do t get annoying with all the ones I need help with! I’m having a hard time renaming Victoria’s Secret “Bombsell”. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Smell details- Fresh citrus adds sparkle to blooming bouquet of white flowers. Red berry, leafy green tones and cashmere woods lead to the base of creamed musk and golden amber.
  11. I’m looking to renaming my fragrance oils!! I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for “SoCal For Me”. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this! Please!
  12. I’m looking to renaming my fragrance oils!! I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for “Japanese Cherry Blossom”. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this! Please!
  13. Hi, Could someone give some pointers on mixing in two different fragrance types. I want to take a fragrance oil and blend it with an essential oil. I'm not sure how to approach this as the flash points are very different. The FO is at 180 degrees and the EO is at 131 degrees. Would it be best to blend the oils before and adding to the wax as a single unit, and if so which temp. do I use? OR should I add them separately at each individual temp? I have a pretty forgiving coconut/soy blended wax. Thanks!
  14. I just started getting into making candles and have been doing a lot of testing over the last couple months with 9 oz jars. What is the typical time a candle‘s fragrance should start to smell throughout the room. I’m noticing a great HT close to an hour after burn or when I get a full melt pool.
  15. Has anyone used the fragrance oils from Cajun Candles? Or what is your favorite brand of oils?
  16. Hi! I have been making candles for just over a year and have been doing ok, but recently I messed up a batch of about 20 candles (ugh) and they are not sellable. They are sweating on the top because I think I added my fragrance oil too far into the cooling process or I simply measured incorrectly trying to rush and get them done (lesson learned). My question is: What do you do with larger batches of candles when they go bad? Mine are in glass containers so at least it's recyclable, but it would take me a while to burn through 20 candles and I make them in a one bedroom apartment so not much room to stack them around. I know sweating isn't detrimental to the candle itself, but it looks ugly and its too severe to ask the customer to "dab the tops". What is your best way of dealing with candle waste?
  17. Ive been asked to make a Donut scented candle /wax melts. Any good ones out there - I saw some on Just Scent but not sure about any of them. Do they actually smell like a donut or are they more of a birthday cake smell with cinnamon or pumpkin or a jam/jelly scent added to it ? I think they're looking for a BBW type ??? The same person asked for a snow scent ??? WTH - what does snow smell like ??? Oh geez - I don't even know where do begin this lol ! Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  18. I'm new to candle making and am trying to understand the flashpoint for fragrance oils. I understand that the flashpoint is the temperature at which the fragrance will ignite if met with an open flame. This might be a stupid questions but can this potentially cause a fire hazard within the candles? Secondly, I've read varying accounts of when to add the fragrance oils. I've seen that the flashpoint doesn't matter when adding the fragrance to your wax but also that some people use it as a guideline for when to add their fragrance oils. Lastly, in regards to shipping. I've seen that certain fragrances cannot be shipped via air because of their flashpoint. Does this apply to shipping finished candles?
  19. Hi, I am looking for some fragrance oil suggestions. I am blending a soy/coconut/paraffin wax. Does anyone have a favorite fragrance for any of these scents: Citrus/orange lavender gardenia peach basil amber jasmine milk and honey Any other favorite scents anyone wants to share would be insightful as well! Thanks in advanced, Kayla
  20. Im searching for the perfect black coffee fragrance! I want something not super sugary or caramel like all the other coffee scents out there that I’ve found. Opinions? Also when it comes to mixing or measuring fragrance oils, what does everyone use? I’ve read to only use glass or disposable wax cups... but I’m having quite the time finding those (unless I order them) and is it ok to wash the left over fragrance oil out of a glass bowl or cup down the drain...? (Maybe that makes me sound over paranoid, but I have no idea! I’ve heard washing essential oils is a bad idea.. I didn’t know if it was the same thing. )
  21. Does anyone have any opinions of Wellington Fragrance Oils? I am new to candlemaking and purchased several fragrances from Wellington and have been mixing them in GW 415 and 464 and have struggled with hot throw mainly. Does anyone have any experience with Wellington fragrances? Trying to figure out if I should be buying fragrances from somewhere else. Thanks!
  22. For those of you who may be interested, PEAK is back up and running on a smaller scale but running none the less. I know I am happy http://www.peakfragrances.com Their facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/candlesupplies
  23. I found I have quite a few containers of the old Soap Crafters "double scented" fragrance oils so I had one called "Pipe Tobacco" duplicated and it came out great! The fragrance level was right on and I can't wait to use it! Does anyone remember using these so still have some in your "fragrance collection" like I do?
  24. I have RE Christmas Past and I would like to rename it to something that isn’t “christmasy” so that I can continue to sell it after the holidays. This is the scent description directly from the RE site: ”This is the closest you'll get to a true Christmas tree scent without cutting down one! Bring the wonderful holiday scent of a tree into your home.” I’ll be honest, to me that description is nothing like what I smell. I love the scent but I pick up more of a spicey potpourri with pine/christmas trees being more of a subtle note in the mix. It reminds me of when I was little walking into an old country gift store than sells potpourri and candles and penny candies and odd and end gifty things all year long... where the entire store kind of has that permanent spicy and pine potpourri smell. Any ideas of what I could call this scent?
  25. If I’m mixing wax’s how do I know what the cure time and fragrance load is going to be? Going to try ky parasoy 80% & ky 133 20%
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