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  1. Fragrance Buddy is duping some of their best fragrances and I’ve picked up a few. Very well done.
  2. I made these with a locally brewed ale called Truck Stop Hone Ale. Honey Pear Cider and Apple Pumpkin Cider Mixed with Creme Brûlée. i kept out a little for the top and got glycerin rivers for the foam. All in all they came out nicely and sell,well enough. I left the Ale out for several days and shook the jar to get rid of foam. Mixed my lye in an ice bath to keep the volcano dormant. I hope to lure a couple of micro breweries into my web.😎
  3. Backwoods has been around for quite awhile. The Pumpkin Cornbread was a huge hit, as well as the Honey Gingerbread.
  4. Not my tall and skinny but loaf bars, most of the time.
  5. Heads up! Soaperschoice has Mango Butter and Babassu Oil in stock! Got my order in and cancelled the back ordered one at Bulk Apothecary.
  6. I've crunched these numbers until I'm blue in the face. Shipping is the usual deal breaker. It usually doubles the cost.
  7. I could and probably will sub coconut or up the pko. If some of the distributors would list it as out of stock, I wouldn't be on the hook. Although there was an offer to refund, I felt this was my best option. Hopefully, I'm at the top of the list. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Down to one bar and still no babassu!
  9. Not just a fresh towel or sheets like fragrance but something more refined with additional notes. Fresh Linen and Luxe Linen are not the same fragrance experience. I can get Fresh Linen at Walmart but Luxe Linen at Bed Bath Beyond or a specialty shop. Reviews A luxurious, soft linen with sweet notes of blended herbal tea and undertones of sandalwood. A very fresh scent. There could be some muscadine in there. Reviews
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