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  1. Lizzy

    You tube wax hauls

    Oh no...no no no no...sorry but I wouldn't want that kinda mess. I prefer to just plop a melt in a warmer and go. Watching this makes me cringe. To each their own, I guess.
  2. I am still "playing with" 464 ( sounds naughty :P) but I have tested 2 - HTP 83's and 2 - CD 10's in my venture and prefer the CD's. Even with the curl I got the cleanest burn without the jar getting too hot on most scents I have tested ( about 45 so far) Bakery scents do well which is important to me being a Bakery scent lover. Soy has always been a fickle beast for me and I am taking my sweet arsed time testing. LOL
  3. Like I said...sometimes you have to walk away.
  4. This is from a FB group: "you must add FO at or below Flashpoint or ALL of your fragrance will burn off and your candle will not have ANY throw. Don't use the suppliers recommendations because they are just supplying the supplies and don't know how to make a candle" Sometimes you just have to walk away.
  5. Lizzy


    Yes! This reason right here! lol I have about 6 notebooks full at this point!
  6. Lizzy

    Looking for a great FLANNEL fragrance ?

    I got the Flannel from NI and I'm not impressed. Can barely smell it OOB and in wax it isn't much either. I'm gonna order from Aztec and I'm hoping it's stronger.
  7. I'm obsessed with Apples & Maple Bourbon from CS and have been for 4 years. It's my go to/feel good scent. Amaretto Nog is my second fav scent. I got the new ones from CS is last week and love all OOB except Cardamon and Star Anise. Fallen leaves is amazing OOB...can't wait to get it into some wax. Hot Apple Pie, too.
  8. Lizzy

    Looking for a great FLANNEL fragrance ?

    I literally just ordered this bc I've had requests for it. Got it at NI. Never ordered there before so I can't say how it compares or if their oils are any good. Reviews on this company in some groups are not good but I took a chance. LOL https://www.naturesitems.com/flannel-bbw-type/
  9. here's a few I made using years ago....I got the mottle and the rustic in one.
  10. My answers in red...that's just from my experience and how I do it. Maybe others can chime in with their methods and knowledge Hope it makes sense. I have the hardest time explaining things. I'm better at showing how it's done than explaining. LOL
  11. looks like cold pour rustics to me...freeze your pillar molds, pour 1/4 way when wax is ready, slush wax around in pillar molds a bit, then finish your pour.
  12. Never in my 14 years have I had 4625 mottle on me. Never.
  13. Lizzy

    New Amber Jar Pictures

    Absolutely gorgeous!!
  14. Lizzy

    How do you cut 4794?

    Pillowcase and a Hammer. Slide slab into pillowcase and have at it with the hammer. Nice way to work out some aggression.