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  1. Lemon Pucker from BCN Lemon Curd from RE Grapefruit from NG Blood Orange from CS I haven't used a straight Lime to date
  2. I just ordered Autumn Flannel at TFC. Literally like 10 mins ago.
  3. He lost me after the last "closing" - too much drama from a supplier. Geesh.
  4. I had to put my glasses on to figure out wth I was looking at! At first I thought paraffin wax in plastic cups but then I thought I saw wicks?! LOL Oy. Vey. What?
  5. Padded FR Envelopes for Tarts/Clamshells and Regional Rate A or B for candles with lots of tissue and bubble wrap. Shipping is a royal PITA and for some reason people think it should be free to them!! Major pet peeve of mine. I sure as he** don't get free shipping on supply orders!! Ugh. LOL. Sorry.
  6. Not to mention how over saturated the melt/tart market is right now...especially online. I decided to focus on my first love which is candles. Also, there's an unrealistic expectation of how long a 1oz melt/tart should last. What throws well for one, doesn't necessarily throw well for someone else. Sense of smell is individual. Testing is key, same as with candles.
  7. Lizzy

    Warmer Oils

    I use 50/50 FO and DPG
  8. I think the repour pertains to Pillar and Votives only I also used more than 1 oz PPoW. Most did extremely well at 1.2 oz and others at 1.4 oz. Glad you like it I was very happy with it when I used it. I only stopped bc one year for busy season I got a couple of cases that were full of moisture and literally had water bubbles popping in my melters. I had to scoop them out with a ladle which was too time consuming at the time bc it was busy season. I was annoyed as all get out. LOL
  9. I feel the same way
  10. I no longer use it now. I used to 4 years ago
  11. A friend of mine uses this jar and fills it to the lower line right before it tapers up. She double wicks her jars using CBL 130 which is a para soy. Since you have Eco wicks on hand...maybe start with two Eco 4 or 6? Not all wider jars need double wicking however so you could single wick too.
  12. Yes, climate most def played a factor in my cracking issues. I live in New England and it only ever happened when shipping in super cold weather (like 10-20F) and my customers never complained it is a great wax.
  13. For melts you won't need a repour. It's a good para soy blend that I, personally, prefer over RE's. I did have cracking issues in cold weather.
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