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  1. I agree....Eco or CD's. PB600 is a lovely wax.
  2. pay close attention to your pour temp....those marks look like jump lines which usually happen when the wax has cooled down too much. Also try buffing the candle with a pantyhose...sounds weird but it works.
  3. DPG is a solvent that cuts the FO so it doesn't smoke when burned. Like wax is a medium for candles and tarts, DPG is a medium for incense and simmering oils. FO on it's own smokes something fierce from my experience. I just ordered myself a Incense Kit to see if it's something I like making. I usually buy mine ready to get lit. LOL
  4. Ohhhh that does sound yummily! I was like that with BH&G's Winter Wonderland. Now I can't stand it.
  5. Nature's Garden also has a plain Cheesecake FO that's pretty good. ICS has a Cream Cheese Frosting.
  6. I noticed shipping went waaaaay up now that it's been bought out.
  7. The Iced Lemon Biscotti and Citrus Balsam were on my list....can't even remember the other 3. LOL I ordered from NYScent instead and like what I got
  8. You don't have to do that I'm sure I can find them elsewhere. Thanks though ❤️
  9. They really should implement something though. 24$ shipping for 5 FO samples is insane! Oh well...guess my business will go elsewhere until they do add different shipping options.
  10. I was looking to buy Fragrance Oil Samples. I won't buy 16 oz bottles right off the bat with a new supplier. Learned my lesson with that a long time ago. LOL
  11. I did away with a few suppliers and figured I'd try a new (to me) supplier...in this case...Fillmore. I was just grabbing a handful of 1 ozers for testing, go to check out, hit calculate shipping....and it showed a whopping 24$ to ship 5 - 1 oz bottles from PA to CT!!! What in the .... ???? Are suppliers losing their minds lately? Wax went up. FO's went up. And shipping is absolutely ridiculous!!!
  12. Hallo Lizzy,

    ich freue mich, dass du mir geantwortet hast. VIELEN DANK! Deine Info hat mir sehr geholfen.

    Liebe Grüsse


    1. Lizzy


      Nix zu danken! Viel Spass :)

  13. My german isn't what it used to be being I left Germany almost 28 years ago but I hope it makes sense and helps her
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