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  1. The triple butter from CS? Does it lather well? I've been wanting to try it.
  2. Same for me. I'm in CT. Shipping is just a little outrageous with them wanting 28$ let us know how it goes
  3. I'm tempted too. Hate ordering from C&S though.
  4. Yes I see that and can edit it. I was referring to the box on the left hand side where it says Converted right under the Profile box. I guess it moved over from the old forum? this is what's in mine: CONVERTED Makes candles soap b&b Location CT About You I'm a Chandler and Soaper of 9 years. Anti-spam Check american
  5. is there a way to edit that? It still has my old info from years ago when I first joined and needs a update. LOL
  6. I have to agree on Alpine Balsam and Nordic Night. I wasn't impressed. Seems to me they're "run of the mill" kinda scents. I'm almost there with you on the soy or para soy blends....geesh anything soy has been a royal PITA this year for me. I get one step ahead and next burn I fall 8 back. LOL I put all things soy/soy blend away and am working with paraffin blends for the season. My patience is hanging by a string...a teeny tiny, thin, wirey string right now. Blah.
  7. forgot one...Sugared Chestnuts....I love it! It's not sweet like the name would suggest though. It's definitely nutty and you have to get it into some wax to appreciate it's full potential. OOB I wasn't impressed but in wax it's fantastic.
  8. Haven't tried the wax but did try some of the new FO's. The Red Plum Baklava is amazing in paraffin...haven't tested in para soy or straight soy yet. The Ginger & Spice is yummy OOB and I just poured it yesterday. Love the Nordic Light OOB too. Gotta get that poured today. The Alpine Balsam smells like cheap bathroom freshener to my nose so that's a no from me. LOL
  9. I have a slab of it here bit haven't messed with it yet. Personally I refuse to go over 10% in any wax. 10% is pushing it for me. If a wax NEEDS 18% to perform well then it's not for me. If/When I do get around to testing it I will start with 8%.
  10. rule of thumb is if it's dishwasher safe it should be safe for candles camping mugs (enamel ware) make great coffee cup candles too
  11. I think they do utilize USPS on smaller orders if you ask them to but honestly that should be an option in the cart already. Most suppliers offer it.
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