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  1. Yes, I have tried quite a few over the years. I had him dupe BCN's Woodland Orange Spice when they discontinued it a few years ago and while it's not exactly like the one from BCN ...it's good. I also like his Pumpkin Orange Bread, Sweet Cream, Grapevine & Oak, Pumpkin Hollow, Dreamy Summer Nights, Ocean Star, Fall Lakeside Breeze and Pink Peony. That's just off the top of my head.
  2. I tried the Dreamy Summer Nights from TCMS and it's quite nice. I can't say if it's the exact dupe to YC but it is nice.
  3. I ship Priority only and the last few orders that went out took 8-16 days to get to their destinations. It's crazy!! Trying to explain to customers that it's literally out of my hands once a package leaves here is even crazier. LOL
  4. I agree with it being easy to wick. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Zinc wicks are great. They do tend to mushroom a bit more but it's worth it IMO. I've had good luck with Eco wicks in Candlewic's CBL 130 so they may work in the PB600 too. I just haven't tried them yet.
  6. I'm currently playing with the ProBlend 600 and I'm having great results with Zinc wicks and large Salsa Jars which are 3" in diameter. I single wick with a 51Z and use a 8-9% FO load.
  7. They brought in EcoSoya and are charging almost double
  8. Yes, they did....after I contacted Bill directly he made sure I was sent the right oil. He let me keep other too.
  9. Yup, that's exactly what I mean. lol Sad but true....they're out there
  10. I knew this was coming. Same with the dried rose petals catching fire or crystals exploding. I noticed that the makers don't really care as long as it looks good and sells. 30$ for a 8oz tin. Ok. I hope they are well insured. I tried to pass knowledge but fell on deaf ears. Ignorance at it's best.
  11. I heated this wax to 200. By time it was in my pour pot it was 187. I added my FO and dye right away, stirred for 2 minutes and poured into room temp jars. The reason I heated to 200 is that I read this wax does better when heated to 200. I am guessing bc of the palm wax that's in this blend. I did get some frosting on the second burn yesterday on top...but haven't had any sweat beads whatsoever.
  12. Since it is mostly soy I can see that happening I am doing my second test burn today.
  13. Ok here are the pictures. For reference I used 8% FO + Hot Buttered Rum) with liquid dye (4 drops Honey) and a CD8 wick. The first 2 pictures is after the initial pour. As you can see there's a huge snot bubble...lol...I took the heat gun to it and it took care of it but left me with cracks. The third and fourth pictures are 1.5 hours in. The fifth and sixth pictures are 2.5 hours in. The seventh and eighth pictures are after the initial test burn. Some mushrooming but I can live with that. I do like the way it burns. The
  14. I used a CD 8 in the JJ with Hot Buttered Rum bc I knew the vanillin would try and be a PITA. It did very well. Got FMP in 2.5 hrs. I did take some pics...they're on my phone. I'll upload them shortly
  15. I'm glad. Yes, I imagine so. I had issues with their 129 (ripples) but the next lot was fine.
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