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  1. Oh yes and that never changes. It's a craft that's hard to get out of your blood for sure! Nice to meet you hon!
  2. Hello. I have been member for many years but not active. Well I'm back and hoping some of the old gang is still here and hoping to get to know some new ones!
  3. yes I would like also. I saved alot of topics for help myself to mine and theyre all gone. To be able to subscribe to threads old and new would be great. Ive been gone for a long time and now Im lost too!
  4. Can someone tell me where we can get the Monoi de Tahiti that we used to get in the co-ops? Im looking for some. TIA
  5. Hey everybody! Havent been on in a long while nor made soap lately but was wondering what everyones best selling soaps have been lately?
  6. Sorry, never mind. I just researched your posts and found one from November (this year, last month) that said you were a newbie to the forum and to candlemaking. With that said, do what you feel you must as far as sharing with your customers. I along with alot of others on this board have spents thousands of hours (researching) and dollars to try to make the best candles we could and totally understand not sharing everything with just anybody.
  7. gorgeous as always girl! you really need to teach me how to swirl! LOL
  8. I cant believe I just read six pages of this thread. Out of curiousity..beaconterraone do you have a website? I would love to see it.
  9. yes you did. I think the Subflower, but Im ready to try something else. Ill let you know how it goes.
  10. I sometimes sub the Safflower for Sunflower
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