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  1. Maybe get one additional sample of plain frankincense, then can add it to the F&M if needed?
  2. I use baby oil a lot and am considering buying a gallon like is used in the kitchen and then adding some of the millions of FOs I have. I could leave some unscented to use as eye makeup remover but then scent some that I use after showering. So do you any of you buy bulk unscented mineral oil for DIYing? My main question is does it have any different texture or characteristics than the classic J&J's baby oil? Are there any other basic oils for skin use that can be purchased as inexpensively as mineral oil? I'm aware of argan, fractionated coconut, avocado, and all that good
  3. Have any of you tried these from Bramble Berry's Celestial collection? I am thisclose to ordering this little bunch: Night Violet Galactic Skies Moon Child Dark Crystal https://www.brambleberry.com/shop-by-product/samplers/fragrances/celestial-fragrance-collection/CB603174.html?j=171668&sfmc_sub=422068964&l=619_HTML&u=2695871&mid=100012982&jb=124&utm_source=salesforce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020 - dec - holiday - returning fo collections 2&sfmc_j=171668&sfmc_s=422068964&sfmc_l=619&sfmc_jb=124&sfm
  4. I don't have any old Bath & Body Works bottles, so with people trying to be more environmentally responsible these days I figure there's some nice ones I can get. So have you all seen any refillables that look nice with pretty seasonal or other theme pictures? I wouldn't mind having several to swap out during the year, and they need to stand up to sanitizing between scents. It also crossed my mind to get a printer and learn how to do labels myself and reuse plastic bottles, so if you have any suggestions for starting that I'll take them into consideration. Thanks!
  5. Speaking of fir, wouldn't all the firs or evergreens smell a lot alike anyway? As in you could swap out any evergreen for the Douglas fir and still be all piney, foresty smelling?
  6. I saw that super easy blend noted somewhere and thought it sounded wonderful for Wintertime so I'm mentioning it here for you all. Or use FOs in those scents. A couple drops of each to start and add more if needed, in an oil warmer, vacuum cleaner, or whatever. I just ordered one of those air purifiers that traps particles in water and I might try this in the water.
  7. I guess we chandlers should be used to disappointment by now. All my very favorite suppliers are gone or now selling shades of their former scents.
  8. I read somewhere that amber is, basically, vanilla + musk. Of course there's a million variations with bits of other scents brought in to make their variation of "amber" (there is no such natural scent; any amber from anywhere is a made up scent). But you could use any vanilla + musk that you like, and even add a bit to it of other scents for your own custom spin on it, and you'd be as close to "amber" as anybody.
  9. I need to sterilize some 2 dram glass bottles that I've used to make perfume oils, to re-use with different scents. This is for my own use, not selling, but I still would like them as clean as possible. There's always a chance there were little germy things sticking around that are just too small to see. The only thing I can think is scrub them and their little plastic lids with alcohol and a tiny brush. Is there a better idea?
  10. I know everybody doesn't always want 2 or 3 little votive candles all burning at the same time, but I like to have multiples going, spaced throughout an area, and that makes little zones of scent. Then the overlap of all of it is a variation. No matter where you're at in the room, your nose is picking up something different. For example, I might have Autumn Leaves in one spot, Dirt in another, then some kind of pumpkin or apple or Amish Harvest in another spot.
  11. Have you all tried their musk-heavy scents? Musk, Pink Musk, Vanilla Musk, Black Vanilla Musk, Masculine Musk, etc. If you search for "musk" on their site, those come up at the top of the list and then it starts including FOs that have musk in the other notes (not the name). I may get that lilac @Shari mentioned too, as I missed that in the past. Also am interested in Bella's Kiss, Witches' Brew, Heavenly, and Sea Glass. Anybody want to add any to the above raves and recs?
  12. I am finally trying that Iced Tea Twist from WSP, and it's good but it's just not the rich, black tea I'm looking for. It's more light and bright, maybe like instant tea like someone said above. To add to the list above, I saw where Fillmore has an orange pekoe FO, but it seems like it's meant to be a citrus and not really a tea scent. I may have to pick from y'alls recs above. I would love to have something smells like the Earl Grey I'm drinking now. https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/orange-pekoe-tea-fragrance-oil-25.html
  13. I bet that would be great with a little sweetgrass added too! Sweetgrass smells like hay and that smidge of blackberry would compliment it wonderfully. I would be willing to try that Indigo scent too. I haven't ordered or tried anything from them yet. Do any of you know of a blackberry musk FO?
  14. I don't see pear mentioned a lot as a note in FOs, but I think it's perfect for this time of year (late summer, just starting to feel cooler at night). I would love it as a body scent and as a room scent. What do you all recommend for pear or blackberry or other fruit FOs for now? Strawberry and blueberry seem more Summer to me, but we can discuss those if they seem early-harvest-related for you. Coconut, pineapple, mango, guava are definitely Summer so not really looking for that. Pear + caramel sounds absolutely yummy....
  15. I don't suppose any of you have more to add to this discussion? They have a perfume dupe I'm eyeing (Philosophy Pure Grace).
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