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  1. I'm not blending together into one product, but layering two different ones. Good for not spoiling either one, and always having flexibility in the ratios.
  2. On a related note, have you ever played with using vanilla extract from the kitchen in some of your creations? Since that's what women used to use straight up for perfume. I'm sure it wouldn't work in a candle but I'm thinking it might contribute something to perfumes or body sprays.
  3. My first purpose is for making a spray specifically for layering under other 'fumes, but I might like to use it just by itself too. What got me onto this thought was wanting something to slightly modfy a commercially produced EdT I have (Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers) that I've been wearing a lot lately. I feel like it could benefit from a vanilla note under it, which got me to wondering what FOs I could use to make a basic spray for layering like that. What do you all think? What are your favorite vanillas? Would you use a simpler, less complex vanilla if you were intending to layer it with other scents? I'm kind of thinking Vanilla Bean Noel for all purposes but would love to hear your thoughts too. Please discuss any vanillas at all, not just something for making a body spray.
  4. I was looking up datura scents the other day and landed on an interesting article (link below). Do any of you know if that is a note in any FOs? If not I may just invent or rename something. I place datura in the " goth " category so it goes in this thread. https://www.fragrantica.com/notes/Datura-378.html On a related note, do any of you have any Angel Trumpets in your yard? I've wanted some for years but haven't gotten any. My soil here is so bad it'd probably be a PITA to get one established so I didn't have to mollycoddle it every week.
  5. I'm glad to read that because I ordered a sample from Lone Star. How are you all using leather FO? Straight up or as a mixer? What are some blends you like with it? I ordered that sample not because I have specific plans for it but to see what fun I can have with it.
  6. Lone Star sample sale going on right now. Feel free to add to the above recommendations. Somebody a while back mentioned one smelling like "dirty pinecones" so I'm definitely looking for that one!
  7. I know you might not can pick one scent that pleases everyone anyway, but I have one friend who absolutely abhors vanilla as a room scent. I (and she) would go for something kind of fresh outdoorsy. Cracklin' Birch from NG comes to mind as a non-too-masculine version of an outdoorsy scent.
  8. Or does wax add some chemistry that helps the FO smell and perform better than when it's with water only?
  9. I'm not ready for the full-on hay and falling leaves and spicy pumpkin scents, but I'm tired of oceany aquatics and rose and airy florals. What do we have in FOs that have a late Summer / not quite Fall vibe? I'm thinking honey, maybe carnations, or something that makes you think of sunflowers. Suggestions?
  10. Making a guess here: the hot, liquid wax is melting the glue enough on your wick stick'ums that they're sliding around a bit.
  11. I have been working in my craft / FO storage room today, and I don't appear to have any cinnamon. I may be about to order a pound of their Cinnamon Styx for the upcoming months, since I'm already planning to get some samples right now. Good idea or bad idea? Anybody want to talk me out of that?.... https://rusticescentuals.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1&q=cinnamon&keep_https=yes
  12. I'm trying to pick what to scent with next, and I'm thinking of reorganizing my FOs by a category or type or "feeling" than how I currently have them (by supplier first, then alphabetical order by FO name). Fall and Christmas scents I actually do put in their own areas, regardless of supplier of origin. But then everything else is segmented by company and I tend to forget what scent notes they're composed of, and names and a bottle sniff don't always really help you know how they are in use. I'm wondering if I'd make more use of them if instead of just Fall and Christmas, I did some non-holiday Winter, Spring, floral, outdoorsy, or some other categories?
  13. I don't see a mention of trimming the wick. If it's flaming too much because it needs trimming could that burn off the scent too hotly? Destroy it because the flame is too hot?
  14. RE has something called Amazon Mist and from their description the first note is "dew" but there are others: https://rusticescentuals.com/Amazon-Mist.html When I was perusing their site yesterday I saw several that had watery, dewy type notes to them so it might not be a waste of time to read through all theirs. Here's one they call London Fog: https://rusticescentuals.com/London-Fog.html There was something called Lake Adventure, and a bunch of other watery things that might work for what you're looking for. Good luck.
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