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  1. Hmmmmmm, I hope you remember what that item was! I may do some googling for "neutralizers" and see what I find. If anyone's curious, this is what I bought: https://abbeysullivan.com/products/awake-odor-eliminator-spray I got "Enlightened" (rose, patchouli, frankincense) and "Romantic" (jasmine, rose, orange). They do say on the backs of the bottles "Contains patented deodorizing ingredients to instantly remove unpleasant odors". It doesn't give any more detail than that in the ingredients. I mostly wanted them to remember those scent combo ideas, and they really do smell nice.
  2. Or do they just throw additional scent up in the air to try overpowering what's already there? I bought a couple of spray ones (not candles with a burning wick) today mostly because the scents were interesting and I wanted them for research & reference.
  3. https://www.highlandlilac.com/lilac_perfume.asp If any of you are familiar with that, I'd be interested in any dupes you've found. Supposedly this is one of the best lilac perfumes around, and I'm getting a sample and it crossed my mind that some of you might have tried it already. The samples are $3.99 (yuck) and are available here: https://www.highlandlilac.com/store/viewitem.asp?idProduct=2
  4. Did anyone ever find out if it's changed? I've been wearing it for the past week so thought I'd do some googling on here for it and I find this thread. I'm nearing the end of my bottle and I'd love to know this, and I've had it so long I'm sure it's from before any reformulations. Maybe I ought to get a sample from them now and compare side-by-side since I still have some original. Any of you bought it recently and can share a sample?
  5. Darbla

    Just scent recommendations

    Do they do sample sales every now and then? If so I'll try to cool my heels 'til the next one. I'm finishing up so many bottles of FO this season both using them myself and in gifts, I'm going to be ripe for some purchases soon. Edit: It dawned on me to go look in our sales forum and of course they just had one. 🙄 Oh well, at least I know now.
  6. Darbla

    Just scent recommendations

    Gosh, you all go for the foodie stuff and I want the clean, not-food scents. Do any of you have an opinion on these: Clean & Sexy Pink Fresh & Clean Clean Crisp White Votivo Cactus & Sea Salt Comfort Zone Egyptian Dragon Eucalyptus Spearmint Hippy Chick Kashmir Red Musk Rosemary Mint Salty Sea Air Sea Salt & Ocean Breeze Aveda Shampure Spa Delight Tattoo Parlor 25:43 29 High Street Wood Sage & Sea SaltGorgeous Grey Volcano Lavender Rocks
  7. Subject says it all. Looking for something that will help anything that is wickless & heatless to have better lingering scents. Since I'm talking about potpourri, car ornaments, and cinnamon brooms it doesn't have to be skin-safe. Ideas?
  8. Darbla

    Sweet Cakes faves?

    @soshiegirl I'm so glad to hear that about Osmanthus (all of them, really). That is a relatively rare FO. I had already decided that if I didn't order anything else, Sapmoss and Lavender & Cedar would be my faves out of that list and I might order a couple and stick them under the Christmas tree for myself. Then in February when all our thoughts are turning to springtime I could get the florals like Osmanthus. Do any of you know if they ever have sales? I'm on the site looking for how to sign up for an e-newsletter to get notifications of things like that, but I'm not one to sign up for. I did find this for you bulk buyers: Do you offer price breaks on bulk quantities of oil? For those wishing to purchase larger quantities of a single fragrance, our bulk-pricing policy is as follows for our flavor, fragrance, and essential oils: 4-9 pounds of a single oil -- 5% discount off the 1-pound price 10-24 pounds of a single oil -- 10% discount off the 1-pound price Entire 25-pound pail/can of a single oil -- 15% discount off the 1-pound price Please note that purchase of an entire pail/can of oil may entail a delay of 1-3 weeks (although in many cases we are able to ship right away). These discounts (as well as all prices) are subject to change at any time without notice.
  9. Darbla

    Sweet Cakes faves?

    I didn't find a recent topic for them so I'm starting one (you can't rely on really old comments for FOs because everything's changed so much in just the last few years!). These all sound wonderful, so any comments on these or other favorites would be just peachy. Unfortunately, they are so expensive probably most of us would only use them in small amounts for personal use or as a special treat for someone. I'm looking at it as $8.25 (one example) for an ounce of one of these is not as bad as buying much more expensive designer ones at Sephora. 😕 Acai Berry & Magnolia (Victoria's Secret type) Fragrance Aliage (Estee Lauder type) Fragrance Amber Fragrance (alone or as a blender) Angel (type) Fragrance Aria by Culti (type) Fragrance Black Currant Rose Fragrance Calamus (Comme des Garcons type) Fragrance Christmas Forest Fragrance Christmas Spice Fragrance (2018 MOD) ( an irresistible blend of Yuletide spice, woods, and sweet notes. At the top, ripe strawberry melds with touches of green apple and pineapple. Next, holiday spices of clove, cinnamon, pimento, and cardamom blend with a hint of rose, leading to a long-lasting drydown of sweet vanilla and balsam fir. ) Christmas Thyme Fragrance (wasn't someone here recently looking for one named this?) Citron et Figue Fragrance Clean (type) Fragrance (I really wish this was Clean Sweet Layer but I've given up on finding that) Drakkar Noir (type) Fragrance (I'll never tire of Drakkar) Fig Fragrance Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrance Gardenia Fragrance Ginger Essence (Origins type) Fragrance Green Irish Tweed (Creed type) Fragrance Heather Fragrance Hermes Eau des Merveilles (type) Fragrance Hotel Costes (type) Fragrance Icecap Fragrance (might be a good sinus clearer) Jasmine Fragrance Lavender & Cedar Fragrance Lavender & Herbs Fragrance Lilac Fragrance Lily of the Valley Fragrance Linden Blossom Fragrance Magnolia, World's Best Fragrance Masculine Musk Fragrance Midnight in Tunisia Fragrance Molton Brown Naran Ji (type) Fragrance Nectarine Blossom & Honey (Jo Malone type) Fragrance Northwoods Fragrance Oakmoss Fragrance Olive Blossom Fragrance Orange Blossom Fragrance (2018 MOD) Osmanthus Fragrance Pikaki Fragrance Precious Amber (Maitre Parfumeur type) Frag. (amber, sandalwood, and citrus plus other notes) Red Rose Fragrance Sandalwood Fragrance (interesting sounding blend suggested with this) Sapmoss (Aveda type) Fragrance Tahitian Petals Fragrance Tranquil Sleep (B&BW type) Fragrance True Rose Fragrance Tuberose Deluxe Fragrance Violet Fragrance Woodsmoke Fragrance
  10. Darbla

    Re-using empty Cool Whip containers?

    I saw an idea to paint the outside of the containers, glue a bow on the lid, and write "Merry Christmas!" on the lid (I may use metallic paint). I may try that and fill them with cookies for the office guys. I'm making fire starters for the girls.
  11. Darbla

    Aztec FO's

    I didn't realize this thread started in 2013 when I posted my Volcano question above; it just popped up when I searched for "volcano". I'm sure we've had more recent discussions about Aztec, so y'all feel free to ignore this one. Speaking of stuff like that, are old posts ever deleted? I wouldn't want the some of the techniques and recipes and that kind of thing deleted just because they're old, because some of those are solid gold even if they've been around a while. But the FO forum could probably be kept more relevant if anything past, say, 5 years would deleted. Maybe?
  12. Darbla

    Aztec FO's

    I'm thinking about doing their monthly sample special and eyeing Volcano. Somehow, all this time that I've heard people drooling over Capri Blue Volcano I never thought it was citrusy, but I see that in the description now. I don't know; I envisioned (ensniffed?) a more outdoorsy, fresh air and maybe sea breeze type of scent. Is it really all that great?
  13. Darbla

    Winter Scent

    Wonder if that one would be better suited to tarts / melts where you could go with a bit of extra FO? I'm tending toward tarts more these days anyway.
  14. Darbla

    Dark Forest inspired oil 🌲

    I'm thinking Frasier fir + cedar + falling leaves + patchouli, and something is telling me a teeny tiny drop of licorice in that. Can you do some q-tip dips in these and put them together to see how it all melds?
  15. Darbla

    Christmas scent

    Since you mentioned that, how similar are they? Fillmore's Christmas Tree has almost legendary status around here.