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  1. ...I realized it might be about the same cost and get bigger bottles if you buy just the ones that appealed to you out of the set, since individual bottles are currently on sale. So I added 2 oz bottles of all of them except the four that didn't appeal to me, and yes, it turned out a little less expensive and for twice as much of each scent kept. The four that weren't appealing to me were described as smelling like beer or had some other unappealing (to me) note. So there's your dirty rotten enabling for the weekend. Now I have a WSP order to finish placing.
  2. When I was digging around for any green scents I already had, I found a couple of old bottles from Pure Fragrance Oils . I had completely forgotten about them, and there's never been much chatter on here about them anyway. Is there anything good from them these days? Some sound good, but you know how that goes. Aphrodisiac - "fresh beach fragrance with slight citrus and floral notes of rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and gardenias creates a perfect union with woody and musky notes" Bella - a Moonworks dupe; "stunning! While fig, sage & tobacco rose give it a feminine touch; the base notes of saffron, amber and a touch of frankincense gives it an exotic twist! ... extremely unique, mysterious, yet sensual " Morning Sunrise - another MW dupe; "invigorating herbal lemon, almost spa type, of fragrance. Top notes of lemon, grapefruit and orange, with a middle note accord of tarragon, geranium, lavender and a touch of mint on a musky dry down."
  3. Awesome! I'll definitely try it now. :)
  4. I have another one not pictured here that is different but still roughly the same size. I'm trying to figure out if there's something crafty I can do with them, or some other way of putting them to good use. WWCSD? (What would Craft Server do?)
  5. I found something else kind of cool. This isn't a room divider, but it could be rigged in some kind of frame if someone wanted to use it as that. Twinkle Star Curtain
  6. Well, I went rogue and ordered something completely different: Sweet & Sexy FO " Out of the shower fresh with a citrus-sweet touch, gently sprinkled with powdery rose and geranium then whispered by sultry jasmine and sexy musk. " I'll let you all know how it is.
  7. Easy bamboo room divider They don't give any details about where to get those bamboo canes at. The only thing I know of is fishing poles and these look a lot bigger than that? They don't give any hint about where to find them. And speaking of DIY room dividers, you gotta see this one: Twinkling Branches Room Divider
  8. Bumping for any new favorites to add here? That Patchouli Honey has me curious, as well as Sensuous Black Rose. Might check out that Balsam & Citrus since it's getting raved about above.
  9. The simplest roll-on recipe I've seen yet is clear, deodorized jojoba + scent. The key here is "clear, deodorized"; I've seen jojoba mentioned in numerous places but the jojoba I currently have alters scents just a bit. Since I see sales from Elements from time to time, I was considering ordering the jojoba from there. Is this really a decent recipe, or is it TOO simplistic and needs improving? I'm not selling so this is for me only. I want to make some roll-ons of all those rose scents I've been going on about. https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/perfume-roll-on-recipe/
  10. I'm obviously a big rose fan too, as I seem to be the main one who keeps bringing it up on here. I used to grow a lot of hybrid tea roses from Jackson & Perkins and just love 'em. I could probably have bought enough of these EOs and absolutes to keep me happy for what I spent on the plants, soil, fertilizers, and chemicals! So I'm all ears about any of your favorite rose items. I avoided rose FOs for the past 12 years because I just didn't think they'd come close to my precious hybrid teas, but I branched out recently and got a few FOs from Wholesale Supplies Plus and am really enjoying them. My initial reviews are in this post about rose scents over in the fragrance forum: Rose stuff I ended up finding a rose otto diluted in jojoba at Whole Foods, and that will do me for now. I'm mixing it in with some rose hip oil that doesn't have much scent, and using that as a facial serum. I'll drop some in a facial mist next, and in the meantime I'm checking out everything you all mentioned above!
  11. With Peak gone now, do any of you know of a dupe of their Rose Bouquet? I never tried it so I won't be able to declare if something is a dupe or not, but I'd be willing to check out your suggestions. I think I'm going to head to the scent twins post now and see if any are mentioned there......
  12. This is a new B&BW scent, and I'm asking because it almost intrigues me and yet it kinda doesn't really sound all that congruent with each other. What do you think? And we could always mix some of our FOs if that sounds interesting to you. I might do a q-tip test for this. I need to stay away from B&BW anyway because the last lotion I bought caused a rash on my arms. https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/sandalwood-eucalyptus-body-lotion-024336603.html?cgid=promotion#mi_u=200318017655&Variable1=&cm_mmc=CH-_-030219_RDM_RD_20OFF_F1F2__NS_V3-_-12482971-_-m1bc50offat&cm_lm=aaf835334a335f530289a467cf583af6299859d261d41249988e43de761d7fd3&pb=030219_RDM_RD_20OFF_F1F2__NS_V3&start=10
  13. I asked in another post about saving wax you wanted to preserve and reuse as tarts, but what about wax you don't care about because it's just going to be used as firestarters or something like that, where it doesn't matter if you're trying to preserve any scent? Obviously it would have to be something that doesn't melt when hot liquid wax is poured over it, but it'd also have to be easy to get the wax out of later. I also thought about spreading it out thinly and when it's cooled then break it up? So what do you do?
  14. I think I want to try to save some that is currently in my one solitary crockpot tart melter (yes, I only have one; I have never found another I like as much as this one). I'll let it melt in the tart crock and pour it into something else so it can then cool off. Do any of you save and reuse tart wax like that? If so, what do you store it in? How do you go about it? I may try to pour it into a box lined with parchment paper, let that cool and harden, and then wrap it in wax paper and a polypro bag to store. Any other ideas? A lot of us use old wax in firestarters, and for that I really wouldn't care much about it. But to try to reuse as tarts, I want to make sure I'm preserving it the best I can. I really wish I could find another crockpot type of wax warmer like this. I don't really like all the two-piece and light bulb ones these days. They just don't seem to work as well. If any of you know where I might find more of the tiny crockpots, please let me know. Thanks, guys!
  15. I'm going to spend some time this evening getting all my green scents out and it's got me wondering what you all are doing. I also plan to fire up a heather scent. So what are you up to for March and St. Patrick's Day?
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