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  1. I'm guessing that Children's Room is really nothing like the one at Rustic Escentuals / Aroma Haven? The descriptions are different anyway. I saw a Moonlight Tuberose mentioned there, and I know someone on here was mentioning tuberose recently so this might be worth investigating: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/moonlight-tuberose-fragrance-oil And these bath bombs (scented with that tuberose) are just tooooo pretty: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/foaming-rose-petal-bath-bombs-recipe I may make my next indulgence be an NG order, so is there anything you all can add to the previous posts? Related note: do they have sample sales, or any kind of sales, and if so does there seem to be a regular rotation?
  2. Doggone it, you're going to make me place an order there after all. Aren't they the place with Luxe Linen too? That's been haunting me for months after it was brought up on here.
  3. Do these really work to repel skeeters? I've never used this stuff but it's kind of desperate here in the swamp where I live. I'd rather not use Deep Woods off, and some days are a little too cool to turn a high-power fan on so I'm wondering if burning citronella candles would help.
  4. Yes, I've noticed over the last few years that scents were weaker, other people on here were saying the same thing too, while prices were climbing and many suppliers started going out of business. I think at least some of the weakening started when they began cutting out pthalates a few years ago.
  5. Maybe I need to bide my time. Wait 'til those bigger ones come out, then you guys are going to buy those and maybe sell your little ones to me.
  6. Good points! And actually I'd probably get in there and use up more of that fairly large stash of FOs I have and make use of them.
  7. Dang it, you've got me really wanting one. That would be SO much easier for my tiny batches than hauling out my Fry Daddy and pots and everything else. This little guy just seems kind of expensive.
  8. Gosh, that would be perfect for my little votive batches.
  9. Is it ironic to anyone else that one of the main components of these Christmas scents is a tropical citrus fruit? (oranges)
  10. I mentioned recently how I love WSP's Black Rose & Spice and how it has kind of a gothic feel to me. What else would you put in that category? Think vampires, spooky dark nights, long and lacy black gowns, and leannán sídhe or dark fairies communing in a midnight forest under a full moon, and tell me what FOs put you in mind of that.
  11. LOL Yep. I suppose some people need to get that much of a head start on their crafts (especially if they sell) but it's too soon for me.
  12. OMG speaking of somebody finally being back!!!!! I quoted an epic post of yours not long ago, and we were all musing in it where you'd gotten off to!
  13. I bought 60 oz of Everclear for $32.61 at a local liquor store. Getting 32 oz of perfumer's alcohol was going to $30-$40 (shipping is included in that) at all the sites I looked at online. Just posting in case it helps someone else with price comparison.
  14. One comment I've seen (after I posted those questions above, of course) is that a higher alcohol content is needed to dissolve the oils. Maybe a body spray has enough to dissolve 2-5% of oils, but not 10-20%? I ordered some spray bottles so after they arrive I'll stop by a liquor store somewhere.
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