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A Posh Garden Party!


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Ok...I'm trying to get things ready for Spring, so I took some photos that I hope are Spring-ish and even tho I live in Florida it has been very cold this winter and I'm ready for some warmer weather. ;) And yes...I know... that I still have "poured" spelled wrong on a few of the labels. I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and just remove them.:undecided

Thanks for looking.:cheesy2:




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I love the pics - lavender and lemon blossom sounds very inviting and I would definitely buy that. Is that one fragrance or is each layer a different fragrance?

thanks everyone :cheesy2:

@Jo...that is one fragrance with two different color layers, actually its two different fragrances I mixed together to get one but the layers are both the same fragrance. I couldn't decide between yellow or purple so I used them both. :smiley2:

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Very pretty. What kind of wax is that?

Its a parasoy that I make myself...got tired of hunting down pre-made parasoys, they always seem to stop making it, then you have to find it elsewhere...what a PITA...so I just make my own now. The tarts are KY tart wax.

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