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  1. Nice setup, you are off to a wonderful start.
  2. I agree candybee, people do not research or care, they think it is easy to sell on Etsy and they will make money, ha!!! Jokes on them it is a lot of hard work with a great product.
  3. I add one mashed avocado to a 7lb batch of soap..It has never discoloured in 4 years of making it.
  4. I wouldn't add regular honey, it will change the consistency of the mix and add moisture that you do not want in the mix.
  5. I have some that are 2.5 years old, not grainy and still flavored but I don't sell them after they are 2 years old. I kept one from each batch until I settled on my go to recipe..
  6. My unscented buttermilk bastile or castile to wash my hands with whipped shea put on after washing helps my hands a lot, they crack and bleed if I do not take this care of them. I put the shea butter on at night too.
  7. I embrace the "brown" if it is an FO buyers love..
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