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  1. trying a different window might work too.
  2. I use only PKO I am allergic to CO..It makes my skin very dry and itchy.
  3. We just moved to a brand new house, I will be using the kitchen for now, we will be building a soap room this winter..This is a great thread.
  4. Or you could post an ISO in the classifieds.
  5. Kitn

    Sink fresheners

    I haven't had any humidity issues, it is cold and dry here right now. Is your house super humid? maybe a dehumidifier would fix the problem. We have to run one in the spring and summer.
  6. It is a personal preference mostly, I prefer gelled cold process, in a pinch I do HP.
  7. Kitn

    Scented Tassels

    Interesting for sure. How do they do that.
  8. NG - Apple Orchard NG - Cool Citrus Basil NG - Lemon Sugar NG - China Rain ( cannot keep this one stocked) great in lotion and body butter too.
  9. oop thought I was sending a pm..

  10. I totally agree with only using flavor oils.
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