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  1. I use the coconut blend from Candles and Supplies so I don't know if this will be helpful but I use HTP wicks. I found the ECO and CD wicks burned too hot for my formula.
  2. Thanks so much for the response I didn't figure there was a work-around but thought I would ask
  3. I have an unusual situation on Etsy and wanted to know if anyone else had dealt with it yet. I finally decided to get up the nerve to sell my candles this year after 13 years of testing HAHAHA. Anyway, I decided I would test pricing to see if I could sell my candles with the $35 free shipping guarantee. Here is the problem; right now, I sell wick template guides on my Etsy site. They are instant download files so there is no shipping. If I offer the $35 free shipping guarantee and someone buys (1) candle and wick templates, I will lose money I emailed Etsy but they ar
  4. https://www.ecowatch.com/are-candles-toxic-2196126131.html They state that paraffin candle fumes are toxic vs natural waxes. In my opinion, I don't believe soy is any better than paraffin but it has definitely worked to sell soy
  5. My husband got me the Cricut Maker for my birthday this year and I LOVE IT!!!! I don't think there is anything it can't do LOL
  6. I don't normally like to leave OOB reviews but I got a sample from RE of Sugar Frosted Plum and I LOVE IT! I am waiting to get it in wax and praying it delivers I also got the new Cypress and Bayberry FO from Candlescience. It is a beautiful scent and a STRONG thrower
  7. Hi Marleigha My all-time favorite from Candlescience is their Banana Nut Bread. I know it's been around forever but I never get tired of it LOL Some of my other favorite oldies but goodies... Hansel & Gretel's House Carmelized Prailines Lemon Pound Cake Mistletoe Lavender Strawberry Shortcake Hazelnut Coffee Pumpkin Souffle Sea Salt and Orchid Very Vanilla Sandlewood These all throw really well and smell great! Some of the newer ones I have been tried... Fallen Leaves - I didn't care for this one. I pic
  8. August 21-24th https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/all-fragrance-oils
  9. I couldn't get the LX wicks to work for me either. I was using the Coconut-apricot blend from Candlewic. I had the best luck with HTP wicks but I have a triple wick candle so your results may be different.
  10. I would be interested in a co-op P.S.... I'm so curious, how do you dispense from the 10 gallon drum?
  11. Right now I only use (2) scents from Rustic Escentuals, Toasted Marshmallow and Amish Quilt. To justify the cost of shipping I need to find a few more scents so i went a little overboard. Any reviews or "Oh Kim you should have ordered that scent from here instead!" are more than welcome lol Here's the list Cranberry Salsa Baked Apple HI (KY) Salty Sea Air Bourbon and Brown Sugar Maple Glazed Bacon Warm Vanilla Nutmeg Barbershop 1920's Little Black Dress Beachwood Vetiver Birthday Cake Birthday Cake (KY) Bora Bora Christmas Bliss (FES) Christmas Past (KY) Pumpkin Bread
  12. I've never even heard of them. They have some interesting scents though
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