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  1. Thank you much that gives me a starting point at least lol
  2. I have tried doing searches but not finding any thing. I'll be wicking 3"x6" feather palm pillars. All of my notes are gone when I got a new computer. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking I remember an Eco 16 or 14.
  3. I know there was a post here about the company that now carries this wax. I ordered from them a long long time ago and can't remember the name. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I think it started with an S lol
  4. I was just curious if any one doesn't color their container candles & just pours all white candles or maybe an ivory color?
  5. Thank you. Has anyone ever actually made a candle in these jars with success?
  6. I wonder if any one has attempted or does make candles in there jars? If so can you give me pro's & con's. They are 3.25 inches wide by 7.25 inches high. Do they have a problem burning out as it burns further down into the jar? Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated. I use the 70/30 blend like Green Leaf use to offer. I typically use only Eco wicks. Also does anyone know where to get wicks longer than 6 or 7 inches? Thank you in advance for any help or input.
  7. Does anyone know if these are made the same way bath fizzy tablets are made with citric acid & baking soda? I am looking to make them to use in a humidifier. Would bath fizzies work? Thanks
  8. I guess I should have included a picture of the jar lol here it is
  9. Does anyone know what type of jars these are & where they can be purchased? I'm not sure where to start my search. Thanks
  10. No one has a calculating spread sheet they would share with me?
  11. I had a spreadsheet I think it was by Enchanted lights. If some one has a copy or a good spreadsheet that will calculate wax, fo etc percentage I would appreciate a copy of it you can to ladysjdenton@sbcglobal.net Thank you in advance
  12. I can't find my information for the company that carries the 70/30 blend. Can someone pls give me the company that carries it? Thank you
  13. This recipe sounds great I would prefer a body butter that lathers. Any suggestions on what i could do. I don't have any of that stuff that make is lather any more I don't think I might have some SLS if i can find it. I was thinking of a way to add liquid soap. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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