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  1. Hey Candybee remember me?!
  2. Oh yes and that never changes. It's a craft that's hard to get out of your blood for sure! Nice to meet you hon!
  3. Hello. I have been member for many years but not active. Well I'm back and hoping some of the old gang is still here and hoping to get to know some new ones!
  4. yes I would like also. I saved alot of topics for help myself to mine and theyre all gone. To be able to subscribe to threads old and new would be great. Ive been gone for a long time and now Im lost too!
  5. Can someone tell me where we can get the Monoi de Tahiti that we used to get in the co-ops? Im looking for some. TIA
  6. Hey everybody! Havent been on in a long while nor made soap lately but was wondering what everyones best selling soaps have been lately?
  7. Hmm did not know this. In what proportions Vicky?
  8. They are all very nice! I was wondering have you tried their fragrances? I was looking at their tarts and noticed they use 3 oz per pound of wax!
  9. I wouldnt personally. What about honey or something with honey like Oatmeal, milk and honey.
  10. I think it speaks for itself and I'm a firm believer in karma.
  11. What brand does C&S sell? Also, Noodle may I ask what kind youre using?
  12. Cut pic is in the Gallery. Just realized this thread was in the wrong place.
  13. Havent taken a pic yet. Pretty upset because the swirl didnt go all the way through Now I have to listen to hubby with his ideas of how to make it go through ugggh
  14. Trying very hard with swirls. This is Fresh Winds from BIttercreek. Need some better colors. Thanks to Barbara AL for her help. I need more practice. [ATTACH]18119[/ATTACH]
  15. Do you make your own labels or have them printed? I was wondering how you got the country boarders on yours?
  16. Those look fabulous. Better send them to me for testing!:laugh2:Would love to have a couple of your molds!
  17. Will you be storing your candles out there or inside?
  18. I would love to set up my garage to do this but you would have to have a furnace in garage wouldnt you?
  19. Eugenia, I think it looks very cool! Hope it turns out ok. Kathy
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