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  1. I would love that! Thank you
  2. Thank you so much! This gives me a great place to start!!!
  3. Thank you very much!!!💜💜💜
  4. That’s ok!! Thank you for popping in and trying to help. The forums seem so much quieter than they did a few years back. It makes me sad. I’ve always loved this place.
  5. Thank you for answering! Yep, i know they all carry bakery scents. I’m looking for you experienced folks to give me a little guidance about who has the best smelling ones. Whose smells the most realistic, or the best. I know I am going to have to do testing, I was looking for some practical guidance.
  6. Hey all. I used to haunt these forums a few years back when I was making candles. I’ve had a few years break while raising my kiddos and I’m looking to get back into the game, but this time, I’m wanting to start doing some soaps. I want to start with MP. Im specifically looking to do some bakery scents. As realistic as possible. I’ve spent many hours poring over these threads here, but many of them are older, and I see a lot has changed. Is is there a particular thread, or can anyone give me any advice on some true bakery type scents for soaps? I would appreciate any and all help, and I am really excited to be back.
  7. Yep, I've been all over that thread and asked a question about it.
  8. Hey all! Looking to dive into melt and pour and was wondering if this forum got much action anymore?
  9. MommaD

    M&P Recipes

    Ok. I am slowly trying to get back into the game and found this beautiful thread.. I found some soaps that I want to try, and I have been doing a bit of research. I noticed that peak candle supply is just fragrance oil's now so unfortunately I won't be able to get the soap from them. I also noticed that on the cranberry orange spice soap, candles and supplies no longer carries a cranberry marmalade. Is there a good alternative for the cranberry marmalade? Thank you in advance!!!
  10. I am leery of them because of other issues that I have seen posted. However, I see people posting lots of good stuff on Craigs list. My husband and I have both sold our vehicles through there. We have also bought fencing, gates, and other materials that we needed. It's a great place for free advertising, you get access to a ton of people. But, you do have to be very careful.
  11. Girl, those look good enough to eat!
  12. That is awesome! Kids would go beserk for those!
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