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  1. @TallTayl I have had success making either a votive or a tea light of harder to burn wax so that you can do an over pour and everything looks uniform if your jars are clear. This method doubles to hold floppy flat works nice and straight for the whole burn on soft waxes I don't understand, please further explain. If you do an over pour of harder wax wouldn't that effect only the top of the candle? How would it keep a floppy wick straight on the whole burn? Thanks.
  2. MrDan that is amazing! I keep looking at it and the fine detail - You have some patience!
  3. Great idea Candy - I'm in !
  4. Your logo is great! Best wishes and much success with your new shop!
  5. Those colors! Beautiful cut!
  6. Mariachi Medley Citrus Sombrero
  7. I love these jars and currently testing the CBL 125 in them. So glad to hear that she is just moving and not totally going out of business. They really do make a beautiful candle!
  8. The zinc lid would look good as would the white. Didn't know you were on a time constraint but even if you had the time $20 bucks for shipping the lids? Heck no! BTW - labels are adorable .... You are most def. the Queen of labels!
  9. https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/yellow-daisy-mason-lid-unlined-g70.html These could go with either scent but may be a bit bright for your label...
  10. Like Trappeur said - gorgeous !
  11. So pretty...did you name the red one yet? Sorry, no help here...
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