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  1. Thanks, Belinda. Out of that list, if you could choose only 5, which ones would you choose?
  2. Ok, I went searching for Mike's Creme Brulee... no luck; he's "gone". Starrville's original owners have moved to Missouri and continue to sell under the name "Starrville" (online sales only). So.... what's a FOHO woman to do? The prices are really good, shipping is only $10, and I told myself I'd be ordering for "research purposes" ... right!🙄 I was good, though, keeping the order very small. I ordered: Creme brulee (hoping it's as I remember it) Sandalwood vanilla (I want to try Starville's because BB's prices have gone through the roof!) Diva Mexican vanilla
  3. Watching YouTube, I often find myself shaking my head at all the poor, bad advice dished out. I consider myself a modest person, do not like to blow my horn, and yet I see and hear (on YouTube) people who haven't got the experience, no freaking clue as to what they're doing, uploading instructional videos with such ease and "authority"! However, what is even more distressing to read? All the followers they gain, the thanks, and the positive comments that, inho, come from the newbies led astray 😞 I want to say (and sometimes I do, lol): No, no, no! That's bull---t, don't listen to that.... Omg, I can't believe the crap she's spewing!, etc. etc. Yeah, I can really get going with my commentaries 😂
  4. Karen M, I'm having another brain fart here, so correct me if I'm wrong, please. Is "CMS" the Candlemaker's store? Thank you!
  5. Yep. Mike's was to die for, lol Problem I have with the "pumpkinicky" FOs is that I love anything pumpkin, and there are so many out there, it's hard to decide on the "best" 3 or 4. Already have my GB415 ready for all those bakery FOs 😄 You're so right about getting FOs from different suppliers, Belinda! Once or twice a year I tell myself that it's time to limit the number of suppliers... been telling myself that for the past 8+ years, lol
  6. Having a senile moment here, Candybee, but who is EBB? Thank you! 🙂
  7. Oooh, I must try TT's Pink Sugar! Is it as good as Peak's (in your opinion, of course). Tall Tayl, when do you think it'll be available so I can try some? I've never bought anything from Just Scent... any FO I absolutely should have?
  8. If memory serves me right, I think Lebermouth can dupe just about any fragrance (if you send them a sample of the original FO you want duped, of course). HTH
  9. Blueberry cobbler Creme brulee` Pumpkin spice (or a spicy "cinnamonny-gingery" - that even a word??) Mac apple Pink sugar Thank you! P.S.Waxes I use, in descending order: IGI 4786 CBL 125 IGI 6006
  10. FO addiction is bad here. My husband tells me that if I have not used a fragrance in one year, chances are I will not be using it at all, so "just throw it away"... What can I say? He just does not understand a FOHO. 😟 I throw them out if they smell bad; otherwise, they stay.
  11. I am not familiar with the candles you mentioned. However, have you tried White tea & ginger (Peak)? What about Earl Grey Tea FO (Arizona Mad Oils)? Both are very nice, sort of "upscale", spa fragrances.
  12. It is not my "regular" wax, but I do use 6006 fairly frequently, and it works well for me. Regarding the Standley candle videos, yep, it's "magic". Imho, and HTP 104 in an 8oz. jelly jar is way too big. I bought his 8 oz. jelly jar with the HTP 104 and ... well, you can read my review on this forum 😏 No HT, a burning disaster. My latest 6006 candle has a diameter of over 4". It is triple wicked with HTP 73; the FO is Sandalwood vanilla from Brambleberry. I let it cure a good 2 weeks; it burned well, and had a great HT. My "regular" waxes are the IGI 4786 (I hate the re-pour though!) and the CBL 125. HTH 🙂
  13. You might want to try CBL 129 and perhaps mix it with some soy, especially if pouring bakery scents 🙂
  14. Has anyone tried Candlewic's coconut & apricot wax? If so, what was your impression of the wax? I bought a few pounds, just for testing purposes, but have yet to play with it. TIA 😉
  15. Finished burning Standley's Coconut Lime 8 oz. jelly jar candle. Way over-wicked, imo. Seems like he uses HTP 105 in every video (and candle) he makes! Anyway, the flame was huge, throwing soot, next to zero HT. The jar got very, very hot, could not touch it. My overall impression of the two Standley Candles I bought? Seriously underwhelming performance. Would not buy again; would not recommend.
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