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  1. Hey, Belinda. I'm never too far away. I sometimes pop in just to read, and "meet" the new faces, missing some of the old ones who have either moved on to other things in life, or who have moved on to a spiritual life 😔 It always feels so good to be here; it's like visiting with good ol' friends - and you certainly are one, Belinda!
  2. Add a bit of 4794 and they will pop right out.
  3. Oh, I should add that of all the soy waxes, the one that gave me best HT results is the GB415. It had better throw than the C3, 464, PB, etc. and other proprietary soy waxes that you'll find at several suppliers such as The Flaming Candle etc.
  4. Ok, rotten tomatoes might get hurled my way, but in my experience the addition of some good quality paraffin wax makes a BIG difference in the throw. I tried a few all-soy waxes and was not impressed one bit with the HT. hth
  5. Yes, with the right wicks it's been no problem. However, my jars are a little over 3" diameter. I should also add that I always need to fix the tops of the candles after they're done cooling, to fix the dip that CBL129 causes. Well worth the few extra minutes, though.
  6. Would you mind posting a picture of the masons you're looking for? Want to make sure I have the right ones. Thanks 🙂
  7. I experimented with so many wax combinations, it's not funny. Drove myself even battier than I already am, lol I gave up on 4630 and 4627; I just wasn't impressed with them, either on their own or combined with other waxes - and I believe I probably tried every single combination! 😂 I now mix CBL129 with 6006. I also use Joywax with very good results. Frankly, I was surprised with the Joywax; really thought I would have a bad experience with it.... not at all. In my experience Joywax works best with HTP wicks.
  8. I may be too late here, but I have a "ton" of jars I want to sell, including the 8oz. mason jars. I need to start putting something in the classified section here, lol I'm cutting way back on my inventory. I'll be sticking with 2 styles of jars, and perhaps 20 fragrance oils, so I have hundreds of oils to list 🙂
  9. Yeah, I received the email a week or so ago. Not happy about it, really. WSP shipping is sloooow.
  10. I bought one when Peak's Candle sold them and it lasted a little over a year. Used it to smooth the tops of my candles. I ended up buying one from Amazon several years ago, and it's still going strong. I think it is more of an embossing gun but it does the job perfectly. At the time I paid around $16-18 for it. It is basically like the one whose link I'm posting here: https://www.amazon.com/Chandler-Tool-Embossing-Heat-Gun/dp/B07G4VMSHW Forgot to mention it has 2 settings. Hth
  11. Thanks, Belinda. Out of that list, if you could choose only 5, which ones would you choose?
  12. Ok, I went searching for Mike's Creme Brulee... no luck; he's "gone". Starrville's original owners have moved to Missouri and continue to sell under the name "Starrville" (online sales only). So.... what's a FOHO woman to do? The prices are really good, shipping is only $10, and I told myself I'd be ordering for "research purposes" ... right!🙄 I was good, though, keeping the order very small. I ordered: Creme brulee (hoping it's as I remember it) Sandalwood vanilla (I want to try Starville's because BB's prices have gone through the roof!) Diva Mexican vanilla
  13. Watching YouTube, I often find myself shaking my head at all the poor, bad advice dished out. I consider myself a modest person, do not like to blow my horn, and yet I see and hear (on YouTube) people who haven't got the experience, no freaking clue as to what they're doing, uploading instructional videos with such ease and "authority"! However, what is even more distressing to read? All the followers they gain, the thanks, and the positive comments that, inho, come from the newbies led astray 😞 I want to say (and sometimes I do, lol): No, no, no! That's bull---t, don't listen to that.... Omg, I can't believe the crap she's spewing!, etc. etc. Yeah, I can really get going with my commentaries 😂
  14. Karen M, I'm having another brain fart here, so correct me if I'm wrong, please. Is "CMS" the Candlemaker's store? Thank you!
  15. Yep. Mike's was to die for, lol Problem I have with the "pumpkinicky" FOs is that I love anything pumpkin, and there are so many out there, it's hard to decide on the "best" 3 or 4. Already have my GB415 ready for all those bakery FOs 😄 You're so right about getting FOs from different suppliers, Belinda! Once or twice a year I tell myself that it's time to limit the number of suppliers... been telling myself that for the past 8+ years, lol
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