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  1. I use the EO from Mad Micas (now Arizona Mad Oils). Here is the link: https://arizona-mad-oils.com/products/dark-patchouli-eo?variant=43327423758
  2. In my experience, Candle Science fragrances always do well in my waxes. I really do not have a second supplier but a lot of them! In no particular order - well, some order, my most reliable FOs come from: Aroma Haven/Rustic Escentuals Peak Elements The Flaming Candle Cajun Aztec
  3. How many of you offer the portion cups? 1, 2, 3 ounces? Toying with the idea of going back to them after several years of wax brittle and clam shells... just to offer something "different". What would be a decent price for a 2 oz.portion cup? TIA
  4. You can also find them at CierraCandle.
  5. LauraC, that is where I ordered them from. How was your experience with them? Karen M, I think California candles also carry them, not sure though.
  6. Don't ask me why, it's the chandler's disease 🙄 I'm going to give ribbon wicks a try; can't wait to receive them!
  7. At the shop, I have a large card with information about zinc wicks. That seems to satisfy customers, and I've never been questioned about them. If I were you, I would not bother with the RRD wicks either.... yep, tried those too! 😒
  8. That was my problem also; no HT. I tested for over 8 months - steady! Ugh... I know I learned during that time; well, that's what I tell myself when I'm feeling positive; otherwise I think, "what a lot of wasted time and energy!", lolol
  9. I did test them, a few years back; was not impressed one bit, but that doesn't mean they will not work for you. Let us know how the Premier testing goes, if you don't mind 🙂
  10. I agree with you. I think that those who "cling to his every word" may be the very newbies, those who may not realize just how much time and money is involved crafting a quality candle.
  11. Yes, I really do. After years of testing, I decided to stick with zinc wicks; HTPs are second favorite. My labels instruct customers to always trim the wick, but I eventually realized that once the candles leave your hands, you just cannot know if the customer will trim the wick. There is only so much I can control 🙄
  12. I ended up buying 2 candles from Standley Handcrafted, one 8oz. jelly jar and a 9oz. straight jar. The very first thing I noticed is that there are no warning labels. They are nice-looking candles, smooth tops (he uses 6006). There was no HT - well, none that my nose could pick up - from the 8oz. jelly jar. The HT from the 9 oz. straight jar was alright, but certainly nothing to write home about. If I had to rate Standley Handcrafted (on a 0 - 10 scale, with 10 being highest mark) I would give a 5 for HT, an 8 for looks, a 0 for having no warning label attached, an 8 for initial burn, a 5 for final burn). jmho
  13. Sarah, I have not tried mixing the two. We are rocking your world because, speaking for myself, I am the consummate enabler! 😆
  14. Yes, I did, and in my opinion, the CBL 129 has better HT, actually even better than the 4786. What I do not like about the 478 and the 129 is that both require a re-pour.... no matter how cool I pour, still a repour is needed. Don't need to do that with the CBL 125. If I had to choose between the 4786 and the 129, I would probably choose the 129, although they are pretty close in the HT area. However, shipping from Candlewic is very expensive for me, whereas I can order the 4786 from Lonestar, with reasonable shipping and at my doorstep the following day 🙂
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