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  1. bfroberts

    Wicks for 6006

    Zinc wicks don't contain lead. I use them simply because they are the wicks that work best for me in 6006. I've used just about every wick out there and always go back to zinc. I always wick 6006 based on a long cure. My 6006 candles burn differently at one week vs. one month. I cure for a minimum of 2 weeks before selling, but I learned how to wick 6006 based on a longer cure than that. I think it is important that if you start testing 6006, hold off on burning one for a month or more to compare to a candle you've burned with a shorter cure. You may need to adjust your wick size accordingly, as I did.
  2. Yes, I use 6006 straight. I've tried blending it with other waxes in the past but I didn't find any benefit to that at all.
  3. bfroberts

    An observation

    I guess what's so mind boggling to me is that even with all the competition no one seems to be going the extra mile to set themselves apart. I keep a few suppliers names as well, and I do use a bunch of scents straight/no blending. But I can't imagine wanting to be one of a dozen stalls under one roof with a shelf of "Macintosh Apple, Clean Cotton, Very Vanilla and Oakmoss & Amber." There's so much amazing creativity on this board. I feel so fortunate to have found Craft Server. It's definitely made me a better candle maker, and it's made me want to go that extra mile.
  4. bfroberts

    An observation

    The hubs and I are on winter hiatus. We always spend Dec-Jan in eastern NC. I don't make or sell any candles here. We've spent a lot of time lately shopping antique malls and local shops. It's kind of a touristy area and shops are plentiful. Every shop seems to carry at least one line of locally made candles, and of course I always have to check them out. What I'm seeing is that they all, without fail, use the same supplier for scents....CS. I know CS up one side and down the other and there's no mistake. I realize CS is only 100ish miles away but dang. No one is blending anything, and they aren't even bothering to rename the scents. The large majority are even using the same containers. It's pretty flabbergasting to me that no one even tries to set themselves apart from their competitors. A couple of the nicer shops do carry some candles that look a bit more professional...basically just meaning they have better labels....but still, it's the same CS scents, same names, same wax. Same everything. My mind is blown. So, what's the competition like in your neck of the woods?
  5. In my experience, a 6006 candle that has cured for say...a month...will have a smaller MP than one that is freshly poured. A candle that looks a tad over wicked can be perfect with a longer cure. I found this out for sure and for certain after pouring cases ahead of time based on a week's cure and pulling them out later. They were underwicked later although they were perfect when I first stored them. It was true of every one, and it was many different scents. So I learned to cure longer. But that's just MY experience. Most people balk at that tale, so I don't know if my experience is the exception or the rule. I would have recommended 60z for that candle, and I'm inclined to think it'll be perfect. If you'd said your candle had cured much longer I would have suggested testing 51z although I've never been able to use a 51z in that jar. Ever. But factors (environmental, wax batch, and otherwise) being what they are, the only way to know is to do the full cure and a full burn test. I wouldn't pour a bunch without being certain.
  6. How long has the candle cured?
  7. I just poured a bunch of Christmas candles in 6006, and most of my reds came out lighter than I intended too. I'm outta practice with the 6006...LOL.
  8. You mean you would like to melt them down and add more dye? Honestly, it's not worth the hassle, IMO. If you mean you've added 12% FO already, that is beyond the max capacity for 4630 anyway. I definitely would not add more. Melting them down may diminish the throw, but the oil is still in there. It doesn't go away and make room for more, if you know what I mean. 4630 can be a big old sooty mess with that much FO, and it'll likely weep as it is. The color is pretty, and it's appropriate enough. I promise you no one will think a thing of it.
  9. bfroberts

    WSP - Black Friday + Cyber Monday Specials

    15% isn't worth waiting for their slower-than-snail-pace shipping IMO.
  10. Yes, I've tried every wick out there with 6006, and I prefer zinc.
  11. bfroberts

    Scentsy Dupes?

    The Candlemaker's Store
  12. Oh gosh, don't I know it. I've tried so many times to get away from this wax, and here I am using it yet again. I'm using a new container, 3+ inches, and I'm having to break out the CD wicks for it even though they aren't my preference. So frustrating, but since I have dozens of these jars I'll have to make it work. I can't find one wick series that will work across the board for me in 6006. I really don't know why I am still using this wax. Glutton for punishment, I guess.
  13. Several ATM....LOL, but 6006 is what I was referring to.
  14. I use 9oz ss jars, but I don't use the CD wicks with this jar. The off center melt pool messes me up with narrow containers. I use zinc 44-24, 44-32 and sometimes need a 51z for the heavy scents. LX 14 is a good starting point with this jar also. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck.
  15. I'd try pouring a little cooler. ETA: Oops, just realized this was already answered.