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  1. LX 18-20 should work fine. 6006 needs a good 2 week cure (the longer the better) to burn optimally. I stick with a 6% FO load.
  2. Yeah, the replier mixed up their waxes. I use the 450 and KY 133 interchangeably. I can’t tell any difference.
  3. AFI has a dupe. OOB it smells the same as best I can recall, but I haven’t used it yet.
  4. Without the benefit of knowing the details of your process, my recommendations would be: choose one wax only, keep your FO load at 6%, do not try for a full melt pool on the first burn.
  5. It is possible with 6006 and LX wicks. I make a lot of those. I also use 4630 with zinc wicks in the flint jars. I use 6% FO and cure for 2 weeks.
  6. I have made Peach Nectar at 6% in 16oz square masons with 4630 & zinc countless times. It throws very well. It will scent an open 800sq ft space with 9’ ceilings (that’s my testing area ATM). This has always been a super solid performer for me. If changing your temp doesn’t solve the problem, put it away for a week to cure a bit longer. Keep us posted. Good luck.
  7. Peach Nectar throws great in 4630 and even if the wick was off a size or so, it would throw. In what size space are you burning? Are you near a vent or heat/ac return? I add FO at 185ish and stir a minute or so. Peach Nectar isn’t difficult to blend. I think you may have an air flow issue or candle nose.
  8. How long has it cured? If it’s freshly poured, put it on the shelf and revisit in a week.
  9. Coral Reef is very similar to Aqua Coraline by Thymes. It’s not what I consider light but it’s not an in your face scent. It’s soft in the same way as Strawberries & Champagne or Beautiful Day...scents like that, the ones that linger in the background and make you think, “what’s that scent?” I love it. I don’t really notice the individual notes, but it is an ocean type scent. Pine Bough & Apple is my 2nd best selling room spray. The apple is just right to soften the pine. Even people that don’t like pines love this one.
  10. I buy my jars from Aztec and I do the 5 for 5 with every order, so I think I’ve tried nearly every scent they have. There are some duds but some really good ones as well. Off the top of my head, I use Tobacco, Apple Jack & Peel, Leaves, Coral Reef, Volcano, Almond (a good mixer), Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Pine Bough & Apple (great in room spray), Pure Paradise (sprays), Rosemary Mint, Marshmallow Fireside, Grandmas Kitchen, Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Cozy Cabin, Blueberry Pumpkin Patch, Moonlight Path, Alpine Frost, Cottage Breeze (great linen spray), Cranberry Citrus, Caribbean Breeze, Pink Sands, Pomegranate Mandarin. Most of these are used in soap and wax. I love the new Crisp Air & Winterberry. It’s my current favorite scent.
  11. I wouldn't bother with the plugs. I had horrible luck with them. I use the same metal tape as TT. Hubby was an HVAC guy, so we have tons of that anyway. Works like a champ.
  12. Sometimes you just gotta. I'd be interested to know your results.
  13. It is helpful to know how your wax burns without FO. That way, you can do a quick test candle with each new batch to make sure there have been no changes that will require wick adjustments. 4630 can be a bit inconsistent. I've had batches that were super soft, gooey and sticky followed by a batch that was super firm. BUT, in my experience, 4630 burns better with FO than without, so don't give up on it based on an unscented test candle. Cranberry Marm (the old version, I haven't tried the reformulated) is an excellent scent with a strong HT, but it requires wicking up a size or two in every wax I've used, so lets skip that one for the moment. Pour another candle with 4630, Sea Salt & Orchid or Peach Nectar, LX 16 wick, and let it cure for a couple of days. It will throw. I guarantee it. ETA: I assume you are using jelly jars, based on your description. That's what I based the wick suggestion on.
  14. Every one of those should throw well in 4630 at 6% with minimal cure. I've used them all in that wax. Have you tried any of those scents in 4630? LX should work great. I'm thinking somewhere around LX 16, if memory serves. A small candle isn't going to scent a large space, but any of those FO's will produce a very adequate HT in 4630 with LX, HTP, zinc or paper.
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