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  1. I agree....wood wicks are way too inconsistent for me to feel comfortable selling them. I have no problem getting great HT in soy with traditional wicks. I use CD primarily, sometimes Eco.
  2. I was never satisfied with singles in that jar. Try double 36z & 44-24z or double Eco 1 & 2.
  3. It’ll continue to harden more over time. I’d go w/ triple Eco 2’s, not placed too close together. I’ve heard new batches of 6006 may have changed. If you’ve got some of that, I don’t know how it will wick.
  4. How long are you curing before burning? It needs several days minimum. I would try 3 Eco 2’s.
  5. Unfortunately testing half filled will not yield 100% accurate results. A candle burns differently at the top than it does further down when more heat is held inside the vessel. You should always test the product exactly as you are going to sell it, and test the entire candle from top to bottom. Also fully test any time any single element is changed....FO, wick, dye, etc.
  6. Have you tested yourself to see if their assessment is true?
  7. I’ve noticed in a lot of the store bought candles I’ve used lately the wicks are not adhered and I have experienced some drift even in candles that were well wicked. Obviously more likely with a hotter wick, but I’d rather be safe than sorry...different burning conditions, user error, yadda yadda.
  8. I have found CS wick recommendations for 464 to be a tad too big. I generally need to wick down from their recommendation by one or two sizes. I prefer CD in 464, but Eco work reasonably well too. Additionally, some FOs just won’t throw in soy no matter what you do. Cure time is important too, so be sure not to ignore that. Good luck!
  9. You can also achieve a fairly similar look using glass etching cream and a vinyl stencil. It’s very easy to do.
  10. Just weighing in here re: Lake Adventure. I added this to my line right after it was introduced. It’s not super watery, but the water note is there. It has a lodge/flannel/cabin-y vibe to my nose, which works well for me because I sell in a mountainous area. It is quite different from a lot of the other water scents out there.
  11. Nothing unusual. Every fragrance can burn differently. That one may just need a smaller wick. Try the next size down to compare.
  12. I don’t use that wax but CD 12 seems a bit large for a container that size. Have you tried a smaller CD?
  13. It definitely needs to cure to get accurate wicking results.
  14. 6006 needs to cure at least 10 days or so. Wick tests are not at all accurate burning so soon after pouring.
  15. If you are going for a traditional wick, the Candle Science wick guide is pretty accurate for 6006. Be sure to cure before testing.
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