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  1. I have never been able to coax a great throw from Premier wicks in any parasoy wax. Even if the burn was good, the throw just isn't there for me. I like both Eco and CD wicks with Problend 600. If the Eco 8 produced soot, I would test Eco 6. With CD's, I would start with CD 8 and go from there.
  2. I don't know how much slower they can get. They are already at snail's pace here in WV. Sloth-pace maybe. 🦥
  3. Sounds like you have a straight paraffin wax, meaning it doesn't contain any additives. Without additives, paraffin wax will mottle.
  4. I use several waxes depending on the client, but for various parasoy's I use Eco and CD mostly. For my paraffins, I use mostly LX.
  5. Generally speaking, I have no problems with vanilla scents or FO's that contain vanillin, other than the normal discoloration that comes from using the darker oils. Discoloration when burning is usually due to wick debris or a wick that is too hot IME, and it can happen regardless of vanillin.
  6. Years ago I tried refilling those using a variety of carrier oils as well as DPG, PG, room spray base and I don't remember what else. Nothing worked. I, too, abandoned the whole idea when I heard the dangers.
  7. Not really any more so than other parasoy waxes I've used with similar proportions. I do use pretty small wicks. Too big and it will inhibit the throw. I also cure all my candles a couple of weeks minimum.
  8. I use 6%-7% with excellent results.
  9. Cure time is an important consideration. If you haven’t cured at least 2 weeks I’d hold off making any wicking decisions until you’ve tested at a 2 week or longer cure time.
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