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  1. bfroberts

    Replacement for TCS Dried Apple Wreath

    I'm with Barbara. Haven't found one yet, but I've still got almost 2#. I must've gone on a serious buying binge when they announced they were closing because I'm still using a bunch of oils I bought from them. I've tried a bunch of apple FO's but haven't found one exactly like this one. The next one I'm gonna try is from The Candlemaker's Store. Red Apple Wreath, I think it is. Has anyone tried it?
  2. bfroberts

    Die cutting machine

    I want one of these, but we have a full size vinyl plotter so it's hard to justify. I'd love to do balsa wood. Maybe Santa will bring me one.
  3. bfroberts

    Candy Christmas

    Wow that is one gorgeous red! Beautiful as always.
  4. bfroberts

    How many Christmas scents?

    I'm not counting mine....LOL. If I did, I might realize I have a problem. I wanted to add more fall/winter scents this year, but I reined myself in because my cabinet is overflowing. Which was all good until I got so tired of pouring the fall/winter stuff that I dug out some spring/summer samples. I enjoyed that so much I had to order a few new summer scents. It's a viscous cycle.
  5. bfroberts

    This Must Be A Joke.

    I've never found them to be overly professional in their communications, that's for sure. I get the best price on jars + shipping from them, and I use a few of their FO's religiously so I just disregard that mess in the interest of my bottom line. There seems to be an overall decline in professionalism everywhere.
  6. bfroberts

    How many Christmas scents?

    I just do whatever I feel like each year. So far, I have 9 scents I'm using this year, and 3 of my fall scents will also be offered through the end of the year. I'm doing nothing but layered palm candles, and each candle will have 2 scents. Altogether I'm only offering 6 different candles for Christmas.
  7. bfroberts

    Video discussion

    It's hogwash.
  8. bfroberts

    Aging Candles

    Not sure about 464 since I haven't made any in a long time. But I do know with certainty that 6006 can go from dud to stud with a longer cure.
  9. bfroberts

    Copycats, etsy and assorted insanities.

    Thanks for the responses. I've been super busy today and haven't had time to mull everything over BUT I did want to jump in and say...... I got my first etsy sale today!
  10. I'm new to selling on etsy. Well, I've sold things on etsy before, but I have never sold anything I made on etsy. Just vintage stuff. I recently opened an etsy shop for candles, etc. I've got about 15 listings, getting decent hits but no sales yet. I don't have an internet presence for my products....at all. I'm just beginning to work on that, but I don't have a lot of time to devote. Point is, I have an etsy shop & a website but no customers. Now I've created what I think is an original product, similar to wax brittle kinda, but a little trendy and very pretty. I do not see this particular item being offered by anyone else anywhere. It's labor intensive and will require a little more costly packaging, so it will have a higher price tag, but I think the market will bear that. I have not listed this item yet because I also think it will immediately be copied. And it will probably be copied by someone who actually has a following and customers that will buy it. I have neither. I'm trying to decide if I should list it and hope it brings me some buyers before other people also start making it and push little ole me out of the marketplace altogether. Basically, I guess I am selfish. I don't know. Or maybe it's not that great of an idea and no one will copy it. I don't know that either. But I would hate to put it out there and have no buyers, but then see an established seller make it and sell boatloads. Are copycats even a thing on etsy? It's horrible in our real life biz. Every stinking thing we do gets copied by someone. Our t-shirt designs, our cabin design, our signs, our Facebook posts, every stinking thing. Somebody talk to me, please.
  11. bfroberts

    WSP 20% Off FO's

    Thank you. I was afraid of that. I'm holding a grudge and don't wanna buy from Peak...😧 I should really get over that.
  12. bfroberts

    Best Apple Cinnamon?

    I'm still hoarding about 6 oz of Tennessee's Apple Cinnamon. I think the one from RE is pretty good, but I've never tried Lonestar's so I don't know how it compares.
  13. bfroberts

    I have an idea

    If loving FO's is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
  14. bfroberts

    Does wax absorb smells?

    I used to sell clothes, shoes, handbags on ebay and I had to remove mothball stink as well as cigarette smoke from lots of things. Both would sometimes linger even after the items were cleaned. Cat litter worked well for me. Also just plain old sunshine.....let something sit out in the hot sun for several days and that would cure most any odor.
  15. bfroberts


    Hi, Jerry! Welcome!