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  1. The wax burns down and then out. The hotter the wick the deeper the MP, and the sooner the wick is going to fall over and extinguish itself. You can slow that by wicking cooler, but you may not get a clean burn. Either way, I could never use HTP's in those tins for that reason. Also, they will burn a little differently after they've cured a bit longer. One day isn't ideal. If you are inclined to try other wicks, zinc, LX and paper core all work great in 4630 IMO.
  2. That's too bad. Any idea why they didn't sell well? To me, they are just so pretty it's hard to see why they wouldn't sell well, especially around the holidays. I'm lucky in that my people are pretty much a captive audience and will buy whatever I put on the shelf. If I take out all the other candles and put out the palm, they'll buy them without batting an eye. I don't sell a ton of anything, but the good part is I get to make exactly what I want to make.
  3. I wondered about their Gardenia. I've never tried it. I've already bought several # of the Fresh Coffee, Vanilla Hazelnut and Cranberry Marmalade from the clearance rack, but I wasn't sure about their Gardenia. Now I've got to get some of that too. Geesh, my FO hoarding is sooo out of control. 😧
  4. All of my palm container candles are layered and most of my palm pillars. I usually do just two layers because it's easier, but I have done 3-4, just depends. I've played around with it a bit in other waxes but prefer using palm for layers.
  5. I'm looking at the pluggable diffusers from Aztec. Does anyone have any experience with these or something of this type? I'm currently using Glade Plugins (I know, I know) in our rental cabins, and I am trying to find something more economical. I figured these would be cheaper to use in the long run, and I can customize my own scent. I just have no idea if these things are any good. It's much more economical to buy a case of 12 than to try a single, but I don't want to drop $90 on something I know nothing about. Thanks! https://www.candlemaking.com/pluggable-diffuser-bloom-case-of-12.html.html
  6. Thank you, @Sarah S I def. want the Bergamot Tobacco,. Now to decide on some more. 😀
  7. Sarah, how is the CBL 125 with wet spots? I tried a slab of it last year when I was ticked off with 4630, and it performed pretty much the same as 4630 as far as wicking and throw, but I didn't take much notice of wet spots. I made a few holiday candles with it and they are long gone. My 4630 candles look so dang horrible lately with all these tiny wet spots. I'm ready to ditch it again, so I was considering ordering a case of CBL-125, but I'm on the fence.
  8. My experience is the same as TT's. I made a gorgeous candle the other day using a blend of a coffee and a hazelnut FO. Just to test the blended scent, I lit the candle after 48 hours. Stellar throw. Two weeks later and the throw is still there, but it is considerably diminished. It is diminished because the wick is now too small, although it was perfect after 48 hours. Now the wax has hardened and the seemingly perfect wick is no longer perfect. This is in 6006, but I have seem the exact same thing in all paraffin time and time again. 1-2 days is not enough time. It may seem OK 98% of the time, but I don't want to send out product that is OK 98% of the time. I aim for 100%.
  9. Well dang. Now I have to order something. Someone, plz tell me what I can't live without from PFO?
  10. Re: the video I've been biting my tongue for 22 hours.
  11. Sorry, I don't have a number for them. I don't think they take phone orders. They posted on FB earlier that they are having problems with their site. I need to order from them too, and I was just browsing around and it's definitely not fixed. Maybe tomorrow.
  12. I have always kinda wanted to do some in either the pillow boxes with a window or a kraft box with window. I'm just too lazy to deal with it so I keep on using clamshells. They are hard to beat for convenience and durability....plus everyone knows what they are at a glance. I have some clams that are several years old and never a hint of an off smell. I wonder if it's related to your wax type....IDK. I hear other people mention the same thing, but I've never experienced it. What kind of wax do you use, if you don't mind disclosing?
  13. Apparently they don't have that technology up here in West by God Virginia. I just tracked 3 packages that were delivered today and I didn't get any cool photos. ☹️
  14. I like the ones on a sheet better than the ones that come on a roll, but that's just personal preference. I get 'em from The Candlemaker's Store. I've used the ones on a roll from CS, Flaming, Aztec, etc. and never had a problem with any of them. The sheets are just easier to deal with, to me.
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