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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations? My daughter has been bugging me for years to make her a loaf of Moonlight Path soap, and I can't put her off any longer. TIA
  2. Am I the only person here that has used multiple FOs that are difficult to mix and absolutely positively require adding at a high temp? I cannot believe I am the only person to ever encounter this phenom. All this recent business about adding FO at low temp is lunacy to me.
  3. I guess Peak is at it again. I am glad I found replacements the last time they closed. But here's a heads up to anyone that might need to know. Hi Bonnie This is a difficult announcment for me to make. Over the course of the next month and a half, I will be closing down Peak Fragrances. The time has come for me to move on. I thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving all of our customers. I have been doing this for 17 or 18 years, and got to meet thousands of great people. It been quite the journey. I know I will miss this. Any outstanding pre-orders that we cannot fill will be automatically refunded. I apologize to those affected. Kind regards, Alan Wallace
  4. When I got that super hard case of 4630 I wondered if subsequent batches of 6006 would be affected. That 4630 scare was what had me running back to 6006....even though I had completely sworn it off forever. However, none of the 6006 that I've used since then has been wonky. None of the 4630 I've used since has been wonky either. I'm glad I have a good stock of both since my vacation is almost over and I'll get back to making candles. I'm not up for learning new things right now. Good luck @Forrest
  5. If you have LX wicks, they work pretty well also. Which 44s are you using? Of the 44s, I only need to use 44-24-18 and 44-32-18.
  6. I don't really know. It looked like 4630 and the HT was comparable, but it was just super hard. I'm guessing it was an isolated incident. I've used a lot since that happened and haven't had a single issue. As for wicks, if you are using zinc, the wicking is very similar to 6006.
  7. I had a batch that was super hard. Much more so than normal variations. I wasted 2 slabs trying to wick it and never could. That was some time last summer. Subsequent shipments have all been fine. Maybe it was just a fluke. I don't know, but it was a total pain in the rear.
  8. Beautiful! I think those would be perfect with a cello bag inside. You've definitely been busy these last few days. I don't know if this will help or not, but to keep customer handling at a minimum, I pour a sample for sniffing each scent into 1oz portion cups. I mark each one with the word "sample" and the scent name. Most of the time people will smell those instead of opening the actual product.
  9. Zinc wicks don't contain lead. I use them simply because they are the wicks that work best for me in 6006. I've used just about every wick out there and always go back to zinc. I always wick 6006 based on a long cure. My 6006 candles burn differently at one week vs. one month. I cure for a minimum of 2 weeks before selling, but I learned how to wick 6006 based on a longer cure than that. I think it is important that if you start testing 6006, hold off on burning one for a month or more to compare to a candle you've burned with a shorter cure. You may need to adjust your wick size accordingly, as I did.
  10. Yes, I use 6006 straight. I've tried blending it with other waxes in the past but I didn't find any benefit to that at all.
  11. I guess what's so mind boggling to me is that even with all the competition no one seems to be going the extra mile to set themselves apart. I keep a few suppliers names as well, and I do use a bunch of scents straight/no blending. But I can't imagine wanting to be one of a dozen stalls under one roof with a shelf of "Macintosh Apple, Clean Cotton, Very Vanilla and Oakmoss & Amber." There's so much amazing creativity on this board. I feel so fortunate to have found Craft Server. It's definitely made me a better candle maker, and it's made me want to go that extra mile.
  12. The hubs and I are on winter hiatus. We always spend Dec-Jan in eastern NC. I don't make or sell any candles here. We've spent a lot of time lately shopping antique malls and local shops. It's kind of a touristy area and shops are plentiful. Every shop seems to carry at least one line of locally made candles, and of course I always have to check them out. What I'm seeing is that they all, without fail, use the same supplier for scents....CS. I know CS up one side and down the other and there's no mistake. I realize CS is only 100ish miles away but dang. No one is blending anything, and they aren't even bothering to rename the scents. The large majority are even using the same containers. It's pretty flabbergasting to me that no one even tries to set themselves apart from their competitors. A couple of the nicer shops do carry some candles that look a bit more professional...basically just meaning they have better labels....but still, it's the same CS scents, same names, same wax. Same everything. My mind is blown. So, what's the competition like in your neck of the woods?
  13. In my experience, a 6006 candle that has cured for say...a month...will have a smaller MP than one that is freshly poured. A candle that looks a tad over wicked can be perfect with a longer cure. I found this out for sure and for certain after pouring cases ahead of time based on a week's cure and pulling them out later. They were underwicked later although they were perfect when I first stored them. It was true of every one, and it was many different scents. So I learned to cure longer. But that's just MY experience. Most people balk at that tale, so I don't know if my experience is the exception or the rule. I would have recommended 60z for that candle, and I'm inclined to think it'll be perfect. If you'd said your candle had cured much longer I would have suggested testing 51z although I've never been able to use a 51z in that jar. Ever. But factors (environmental, wax batch, and otherwise) being what they are, the only way to know is to do the full cure and a full burn test. I wouldn't pour a bunch without being certain.
  14. I just poured a bunch of Christmas candles in 6006, and most of my reds came out lighter than I intended too. I'm outta practice with the 6006...LOL.
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