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  1. You are so right. This year for my Christmas gift candles I'm doing a large apothecary jar that holds 30oz of wax, using C3, single wicked. Between pouring, testing, choosing scents, curing and more testing, I feel like I'm on a major time crunch, especially since I wanted some of these ready to go by Thanksgiving.
  2. I surely don't understand adding FO at low temps. I have several scents that will not blend in if the wax is too cool. A couple I have to crank the heat on up beyond 185 to get it to fully incorporate. I realize that there is some bad info put out there by suppliers, but most of these newbies tend to favor Candle Science and their info overall is generally decent. I don't understand why someone new to the craft would choose to listen to the advice from random FB, Reddit, YouTube users rather than the actual supplier. I try to route people here for better info.
  3. Thank you,@ErronB. Is it possible it's a different wax that was mislabeled? Before melting, does it look and feel the same? So many questions to ask and I don't even know where to begin. I'm kinda freaked out right now. Please let us know if you get a response from CW.
  4. Damn. Do you have the lot #? I am so glad I am done making candles for the year.
  5. Do you wash your jars prior to using them? What wax are you using? Some waxes are worse about wet spots than others. Even being as diligent as possible and practicing all preventatives, you can only control wet spots so much. Once the candle leaves your hands and is exposed to varying temps and conditions, they can and will reoccur.
  6. Never noticed and never really thought about it, but since I'm always annoyed about something anyway, I took a look at my boxes to see if I should be annoyed about that too. They do indeed have a sticker on them indicating the kind of wax. Not that big of a deal for me, but I can see why you'd be annoyed if you are making what I think you are making. I'd probably want to keep a wrap on that formula too.
  7. Wow. Some of those reviews were obviously nit picks from people who do not know how a candle should perform or how to actually burn one for that matter. Those are the kind of reviews that keep me from selling candles online. But there is no denying, those burned tin pics are scary. There is no shortcut for proper testing. It isn't quick and it isn't cheap, but it's never time and money wasted.
  8. I've been thinking about this a lot since the original post. I keep batch records using a date code that coordinates with my purchasing records, so I can trace a candle back to it's particular batch. Do I need to be able to track customers? This is something I have never considered. In the event I would need to issue a recall, is it enough to send out a mass email, post alerts on our business website and use social media posts alerting customers of the recall? How would I handle a recall for candles that were sold to resellers? Candles are only a tiny part of our main business. Just s
  9. Thank you for the link. I can't even take that website seriously.
  10. Thanks for the heads up about CD wicks. I'm using those in C3, and most of what I'm using I've had for years. It never really crossed my mind that they could be different than CD wicks I purchase now. I'd have to agree, baseline tests are a must.
  11. I just noticed an increase of about $6-7 for case+shipping from Candlewic. Apparently with their revamped website, the special case price + shipping is no longer available. It wasn't a big savings, just a few bucks, but every little bit counts. I'll have to investigate that more when I have time. Right now my password isn't working on the new website....ugh. Some of my main oils have gone up within the last year or two, and I've had to pay a little more for jars lately when I couldn't get them from my normal supplier. To offset these and any upcoming increases, in the new year I think I
  12. I had a few of barnwood samples that I mixed together....one was from Aztec, one from Maple St. I don't really remember about those other than I didn't care for them by themselves. The tobacco was from WSP, the Fragrance Formulator one.
  13. I've never found a true tobacco scent. I have searched and searched and never found anything close. The closest I've been able to come is to blend a tobacco with a barn wood scent. Not at all the same as actual tobacco, but fairly reminiscent of tobacco curing in a barn.
  14. Don't get discouraged. You are on the right track, and your wicks are within the appropriate range, give or take a size or two. From here on out, it's just fine tuning. Tins will really fool you. In the early burns you'll feel like you are under-wicked. Don't get hung up on how the candle looks at the top. The bottom will tell the tale..
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