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  1. Mine can last anywhere from 2 weeks to months, depending on the FO. I use basically the same amount of FO for each batch, so IDK what adding more would get you. The FO seems to be the difference....some scents linger forever and some just fizzle out more quickly. It's not always the scents that are strong on candles and melts either. I like to make ornies for myself with Floral Muse from Flaming. That's an oil that is light in my candles but seems to last a long time in my car. Or maybe I've just used it so much my car is forever permeated with that scent.
  2. 6006 will mushroom less after it has cured longer. Or you could try a different wick type. CD, Eco, etc. It's rare to create a candle that doesn't have some imperfection.
  3. Thanks, all. I'll use the mica. I've done a lot of pencil lines. I just wasn't sure what was best to use for white.
  4. can I use TD? Or should I use white mica? Does it matter? I have both, but I figured white mica is probably mostly TD anyway. This will most likely be crockpot HP, if that matters.
  5. Not sure about that wick. Seems kinda big for a jj. Which scents are you using?
  6. 6006 needs to cure longer than a day or two. Give it a bit more time. It's not the absolute best wax in the world for strong CT, but you should have a more than adequate CT in a lidded 6006 candle after a week or so unless the FO's you are using just aren't up to snuff. You won't need 9% FO with 6006. If it's not gonna throw at 6-7, it's not gonna throw at 9, and you'll just create wicking woes and seepage at that rate.
  7. Sounds like I'm gonna need a pound of that.
  8. They can mushroom like crazy when they are fresh. Some scents will mushroom badly no matter what you do (vanillas can be brutal). I usually try a different wick type in those cases. There is a certain amount of mushrooming that I'll live with if the scent is nice enough and the candle is otherwise great.
  9. I use zinc wicks a lot. They are prone to mushrooming, but I haven't found a wick yet that doesn't come with some unlovable issue. Curing longer helps, as well as keeping the FO load around 6%.
  10. I use a metal skewer. Works like a charm.
  11. It's an interesting question. I've wondered about that too....if FO's "cure", for lack of a better word. We came up with a signature scent a couple of years ago based on some blending I did with samples. When I ordered the blend's main FO, it seemed weaker than the sample had been and I was really discouraged. After a while, it no longer seemed weaker, so I wondered if it had gotten stronger in the bottle. Or, the more logical explanation is that my nose was just off that one day. Who knows.
  12. Forgot to add, I use mostly zinc and/or LX.
  13. No, sorry, I don't use CD's. I think Flicker, who is a long time 6006 user, recommends CD 18 for this jar so it sounds feasible to me. I've tried them more times than I can count, but they just aren't for me.
  14. Those containers are more prone to the holes. Shorter, wider containers are less prone, but they can still be there if you aren't careful. I poke holes and do the smiley thing, just like TT suggested, and then do repours. It's the only way for me to know with certainty that there are no holes lurking under the surface. It seems like a pain until you get used to doing it, but then it's just old hat. They can be prevented if you are super careful and meticulous with pour temps and rate of cooling, but because they can be so well hidden, you'll never know for sure without poking around. I consider it just a little bit of work for a whole lot of peace of mind. As an aside, I stopped using those jars several years ago for this very reason. I used tumblers, straight sided jars and status jars for a while, going a more upscale look that seems to be the rage lately. I brought back the 16oz square masons this year, and my candle sales have doubled, probably tripled previous years. It's blown my mind. I guess this look better suits my market. Lesson learned.
  15. 6006 is not hard to work with. I wouldn't jump ship yet. Based on what you've got on hand, pour one 8oz jj with the Sea Salt & Orchid from CS at 6% FO load with an LX 16. Wait a week. You should have a very good HT with that, relative to the size of the candle, of course. Not saying it'll be perfection, but it should put you pretty darn close. FWIW, this wax DOES benefit from a cure, IDC what anyone says. I know what I know. Good luck!
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