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  1. "I've been making candles for 5 minutes and now I'm a business."
  2. If I had to choose btw the 3 pictured, I'd go with the CD8. What I'd really do is test a different wick series. I used to wick the 8oz tin with 51z. Haven't poured any in a long time, so not sure that would even work any more, but you should be able to get it cleaner than that....if you are so inclined. The new 6006 is not the same as it used to be. Subtle change, but still frustrating. Long cure helps. FWIW, I don't have to wick up if I use dye. Maybe that depends on the type of dye? IDK.
  3. Add me to the don't-give-a-rat's-arse-about-phthalates club. The loss of Cranberry Marm is a pain. I also bought up a couple of lbs. because I already have a Cran. Apple Marm. FO from Flaming. They aren't the same scent and I don't need another Cran. Apple anything. Candle Science gets on my nerves with their crunchiness.
  4. I'm 100% with you on this. I've seen the same phenom a lot lately using Eco wicks, which burn hotter than the wicks I've used previously. Too big and it tunnels, which can be maddening and induce a lot of head-scratching when you are testing a new wick series that you don't know very well. But it's a beautiful thing when you finally get it right.
  5. I am a chronic tester. Anytime anything changes, I test. New container = test. New fragrance = test. I test when I get a new case of wax and when I get a new bottle of FO. Those lessons were learned the hard way. Any new FO gets tested at 6%. If it doesn't throw at 6%, I'm not using it in candles. Maybe soap or melts, but I won't use it in candles and I won't buy it again. I also randomly test something off the shelf all the time. I've learned a lot by doing that, and I'd like to think it's made me much better at this craft.
  6. It's not like the typical ocean scents or rain scents. It's more like a rain scent, but not as floral. I ordered every water scent RE carries during the sample sale and some other samples from here and there, and I'm in the process of testing. It'll take me a while cause I really went way overboard with the samples...LOL.
  7. Don't do it. It isn't safe. Before I knew any better, I tried all kinds of things and nothing would wick up the thing and work like it should.
  8. I use the Asian Sandalwood from Flaming, and it is a power house in my waxes. Is that the one you are using? If that isn't working for you, I'd try Peak's sandalwood, but I would buy it from Keystone if they carry it.
  9. Yes, I order by the case from them. The clams are good, price is good and shipping is quick. No issues.
  10. The Gray Dawn is nice, not exactly like what I was trying to replace, but I like it a lot. Test burn was kinda light, but I'll cure it a bit and see if the throw improves.
  11. That's exactly what irks me about the thing. This guy has very limited experience making candles if he hasn't figured out that cure time matters, or that it's not a good idea to add FO at low temps, or that his preferred wicks are gonna be way to darn hot. The whole thing just smacks of someone who figured out how to pour a candle, light a candle, sniff a minute and pat himself on the back. "Yep, that's good....slap it on the shelf and grab the camera!" And this kind of stuff drowns out the good information, and it floods the market with crappy candles, both of which have the potential to affect the rest of us.
  12. Thank you, Gail! That would be so helpful. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. ☺️
  13. I may be totally off base here, but the whole thing smells like narcissism to me.
  14. Just pull a couple and burn 'em for your own peace of mind. You may not notice any difference at all. It took me a long time to figure out something wasn't quite right....about a case worth.
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