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  1. Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy making some candles. I'm getting ready to try some more detailed designs for my silicone candle molds. But I think I am moving further from the candles and more toward just sculpting. We'll see what happens!
  2. You got it! That's Castle Greyskull, home of HeMan and the Masters of the Universe! It's a stash jar lol. Nostalgia only takes you so far!
  3. It's kind of sad to say, but candle making isn't holding my interest as much as it once was. As soon as I started sculpting my own candles, well, I just kept sculpting! Here's a small sample of what I've been up to. Also, for the record, the pipes are just the canvases for some of these pieces. They are not meant to be smoked from, and I warn people before they buy that if I ever see one has been smoked from I'll smack them! Also also, the last one is still a work in progress, but it's really close! Enjoy!
  4. I'm a little late to this conversation, but what the hey? Like @Candybee says, different waxes will have different strengths with different fragrances. I generally have a poor HT with paraffin when compared to soy, but one of the main reasons I use paraffin is because of the bright colors you can get. My paraffin candles are usually animals and such, so the cold throw is more important on those. But if I want a good hot throw I have to have some soy.
  5. @Sarah S Thank you! Oddly enough, I was only planning on making the human one, but then my wife's coworkers kept asking when I was going to do the traditional Valentine's candles, so I had to pop those out real quick for them! I'll admit that they're a little lackluster, and I'm not really happy with them artistically, but they're selling better than the human heart.
  6. This are my Valentine's Originals for this year. I sculpted the stuff out of clay, made molds, and threw some beeswax candles! Nice and easy! They range from 1/4 ounce to 1.5 ounces, and burn from an hour (the tiny rose) to 4 hours (the human heart).
  7. I haven't even been on the forum in so long! Holy cow! Anyways, I've been getting more into sculpting and trying to make my own candle molds, and these three are my Valentines themed works. The little rose is only .25 ounce of beeswax! That's all, but it has a 1 hour burn time! The little decorative heart is .5 ounce and has a 2 hour burn time. The human heart is 1.5 ounces and has a 4 hour burn! I sculpted all of these things by hand, then made the silicone molds. There's probably about $30 in materials that made the three molds. I've possibly got something bigger coming next, maybe up to 3 or 4 ounces. We'll see.
  8. I stand corrected. I was told by a Hobby Lobby employee that it was CW under a different name. Shortly after I posted the original I had to go pick some up because I ran out of my CBL. The waxes are very similar in almost every aspect, except the Country Lane (Craftstore brand) has a much better hot throw.
  9. CBL-141 from Candlewic is a pre formulated paraffin mix that's mostly white by itself. Its opaque which is not the same, but in this instance it's pretty close. You can also buy the "Premium Paraffin Wax" from Hobby Lobby. It's usually around $14 for 4 lbs, but then there's the 40% coupon you can use! It's basically the same stuff from Candlewic, just rebranded and marked up for retail (but cheaper than buying from Candlewic unless you're buying in bulk).
  10. I've been using that one for years so I don't have to draw any portraits for my in laws! I don't know what my mother in law wants drawn, but I know she'd be the commission from hell, so I've been on a mostly-permenant artist's block for almost a decade now! lol
  11. Thanks! I'm currently working on a couple of Christmas themed smalls (anything 1oz or less), and then I have a few more designs I want to commit to clay at least. Its ending up being really frustrating because I feel like people are starting to expect new ones sooner and sooner, lol
  12. Thanks! I actually got the idea from those little soap molds that were sold on Amazon. I bought a few and wicked them up, and they were popular. But I always wanted to make my own and now I finally have! I'm considering making some molds just to sell to candle and soap makers!
  13. So you've seen two of these, but now there's a third! Just like before, these beeswax candles are made from my original sculpts. 100% original! I know they're a little plain, but it was a test to see how well it would work. More detail is coming eventually, after other projects are finished first. Also, I got a new cell phone with a super awesome camera, so I did a little photo shoot of these guys!
  14. I've always been a fan of skulls, and that's next on my list for my beeswax candes I'm making! I've actually got a bunch of designs in mind, but I need to put then to paper, then sculpt.
  15. Aside from candle making and the occasional drawing, I also like to make paper mache sculpture, like this life-sized Darth Maul skull! Aside from the acrylic teeth and paint this thing is made from paper bags and my special glue mixture; nothing else! Essentially, this is all I learned in high school. Could be worse, right?
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