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  1. My current Original Design Beeswax Candles line-up. All designed, sculpted, molded, and poured by my hand.
  2. Most commercially available beeswaxes are cut with paraffin, and then they'll add some dye and fragrance. These waxes are usually "American Cheese" yellow, and tend to have a greasy feel when set. If you can, find a local beekeeper. Chances are you can find out some people they sell raw beeswax to, and possibly buy some good stuff for yourself. Ive also found that real, pure beeswax tends to be less expensive than the doctored stuff!
  3. I also realize my reply is a year late. I never come here anymore.
  4. To be fair, I did write about there being a penis and apologized for any offense in the original post. People have the option to continue to look at the pictures. Also, as it is art, and not pornography, it is not "adult content." Half the world has one, plenty who don't want one. Get over it.
  5. It's been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd highlight my candle creations of 2019! I made 13 new candle designs last year, bringing the total up to 20! I blured out the penis candle because last time I posted about it someone got offended. Just know that that's what it is 😉
  6. I've been working in polymer clay more and more and having a blast doing it! Here's my two latest works. The first is a Cockatrice statuette. The scales and feathers were all applied individually. The second is a light cover sculpted to look like the spell book from Hocus Pocus! Each stitch was individually placed and I tried to make it as detailed and like the movie version as mich as possible, down to the fingers on the spine (with individual finger nails!
  7. @Laura C I've considered dying the beeswax before, but since the wax is natural I dont want to introduce any of those dyes used for soy or paraffin. They would mask the natural beeswax scent, especially since my candles are pretty small. Using "natural" dyes is a crap shoot. They are way more expensive, plus you have to compensate for the natural color of the wax. Too much work for too little return in my opinion.
  8. The plan was to have it leak out of the eye sockets, but I think I like this even more!
  9. @Laura C It got even cooler! Almost 7 hours of total burn time!
  10. I'm coming up on 5 hours of burning so far, and it's still going strong! I designed the candle to actually tunnel a bit so it gets that "glow" to the face of the skull, but I might just test out some larger wick sizes and see what happens.
  11. The first time I started playing around with beeswax I wasn't a fan. The smell of the melted wax in the pot was so overpowering to me. Needless to say, it's grown on me! I've completely stopped working with molded paraffin (and I was never really fond of soy), and just focus on the beeswax now. Of course, it can get a little pricey, but what candle making hobby doesn't?
  12. It took me long enough to make one, but now it's here! My original design beeswax skull candle! I'm currently burn testing it, but I'm going to hazard a guess of 4.5 - 5 hours. It weighs in a just under 1.7 ounces. I love how much burn time you can get from such a small amount of beeswax!
  13. Right? Sometimes you learn stuff without even trying! I'm not sure I actually needed to learn about that, but I'll take it, lol
  14. I'm taking my sculpting even further and really getting into some detail. This little guy is around 4" tall and took me about a week (off and on) to sculpt out of polymer clay. This is the same stuff I use to sculpt the originals for my beeswax candles. I finished it off with some acrylic paints and there you go. There's all kinds of polymer clay out there, but I generally stick to two types: Sculpey and Sculpey firm. The snails body and the grass and rocks is made from the original Sculpey (generally called Beige Sculpey because of the color; not a very imaginative bunch, I'll admit), and then I use the Firm for stuff that's really detailed, like the shell. Yeah. Every single line on that shell was sculpted in by me. It sucked. ***Adult/Biology Warning*** Also, throwing it out there, I try to go as detailed as I possibly can. That means I spent a little time studying these things. That said, if you look to the bottom right of the shell you'll see a couple of holes. Snails actually have those! The top hole is the nose, essentially. The bottom hole is the... poopy hole. Brings new meaning to "smells like crap."
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