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  1. I can not wick C3 to save my life. This was a test candle I made 2 weeks ago in a 16oz straight sided jar, 6% FL, HTP 105 inserts in. It started as a proportionally beautiful controlled flame and then turned into a carbon behemoth. Throw is good—maybe a bit more subtle than I’m shooting for though I think that will change as the jar starts generating more heat. In the picture below has been burning about 4 hours—I didn’t exactly time it...(accidentally dozed 😬) Should I wick down you think? I haven’t had much luck with HTP’s so far...
  2. Candle Cocoon’s is amazing but it’s been sold out for months. It’s STRONG—a little goes a long way 😬 I think CS reformulated theirs but I havent tried it so I can’t speak from experience.
  3. I have the PS from Lab&Co and WSP in 464 curing right now. The Lab&Co PS is a nice base for an earthy blend but I feel like I couldn't just use it on its own---it kind of bores me. Maybe curing will make a world of difference. The WSP oil is insanely expensive for me and Im not the biggest fan of it OOB. Perhaps it is the most "true" version but regardless I feel like it may be tough to blend it---not impossible but tough. Im interested to see what a cure will do. The oils are very nice from Lab&Co but I wish they posted reviews on their site---I know you can read reviews on their Etsy shop though you may have to sift through them. I confess I loathe the idea of wooden wicks. I hate everything about them especially the crackle! 😂
  4. I wish I could be more help—I’m putting mine in wax today finally after procrastinating and getting way too caught up in some new samples, containers and wicks. I’m trying Lab & Co as well as WSP’s Palo Santo. I don’t have high hopes for the WSP based OOB but we’ll see...Truthfully WSP is such an odd smelling one that I wouldn’t even know what to blend with it. I know a lot of people add P.S. EO’s to wax but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. I have wayyyyy too many questions lol There are also lots of people that expect the BBW White Barn version. Though it’s not “true” PS it’s a nice comforting smell. I’ve used Scentsational Soaping’s Palo Santo (BBW type) and it smells great but I couldn’t manage to get a good CT/HT at 10% FL in my 464 after a 1month cure. I’m thinking that particular version may translate better to B+B products. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. I bought some chip clip things that keep my wick in place but they are murder on my wicks—creating crimps that are not easily straightened. I also suspect they affect the cooling below where they rest...so I’m looking for new ones. I saw the ones below on the Bitter Creek site and I want them but they are a teeny bit too small. I like that they are straight and thin. Anyone know where I may be able to find these? (Preferably just a little bit longer)
  6. I get my Tom Ford dupes from Scentsational Soaping 😊
  7. So far the Frankincense + Myrrh wowed me—I definitely want to play with it more and see how it does in C3. I think mainly I love it because I have been looking for that nostalgic “church” smell for a long time and this was it! Smells exactly like a long discontinued GAP fragrance called “OM” and reminds me of having to sit through services as a child. I can see it being a very niche thing as it’s one of those very polarizing smells.
  8. I honestly wish I had used something smokier than Fireside—maybe a touch of campfire or incense blend with the Frankincense + Myrrh. At 8% in 464 in a 9oz with a two week cure It didn’t fill my average sized bathroom as much as I would have liked. That may be a wicking error on my end—I’m experimenting with Premiers and I believe I used the 750 to start. I like the Pink Peony + Nectarine ok but I don’t feel like I would buy it again. It’s a bit more perfumey and less botanical than I like. I also think the nectarine notes get lost in the blend. It reminds me of some of the high end hair care products I’ve bought in the past. It’s certainly not bad just not what I was looking for. I do like the Yuzu + Hinoki better (great throw in C3!) but it doesn’t blow me away enough to where I would be able to justify a bigger purchase. The Palo Santo is very herbal and mildly earthy. It sort of reminds me of dried herbal tea with faint sweet grassy notes. I like that the Sage isn’t in your face. I haven’t put this in wax yet because I can’t think of what to pair it with. On its own I don’t think people would be throwing themselves at it—I think it might need something else to make it interesting. I’m thinking citrus or smoke—maybe a touch of shouldering patch.
  9. Thanks again for all the input. I’m definitely going to try sticking with a 6% FL now in my C3. At 8% this started as nice but took a turn into cloying headache territory real quick. I’m curious about those Cottonwood wicks—I saw they have free shipping on all wicks from Northstar so I’ll definitely be checking them out. 😊
  10. Well I got some significant top seepage with the grainy candle today (day 5 of cure). I’m pretty sure my math was spot on (the .97 oz FO listed in my earlier post was actually .93oz according to my notes) I’m thinking that even at 8% my oil blend may have been way too heavy with the C3. I blended small amounts of Lab & Co., BB and WSP (Fragrance Formulator CC) oils. Most of those are plenty concentrated on their own so I guess I’m not really surprised that happened. I was basically going HAM on some nice samples that I wanted to use up. I wiped off the oil and stuck and HTP 93 wick in and lit it. I’m not sure if that’s a good place to start with C3 in16 oz straight sided jar with an interior diameter of about 3.25–3.30ish? This pic is the 2 1/2 hr mark. I popped the wick in with a skewer a bit off center 😬. Flame seems to be way more steady than I’ve ever seen in all my other testing with ECO’s and CD’s—it only now is developing a mushroom making the flame dance more. Throw is surprisingly good for a candle I screwed up on. should I wick up or down? I feel like in the next burn or two the sides could catch up.
  11. Thank you so much, that’s an amazing resource! I am trying to eventually develop massage/body candles as I have some friends and family that are in the beauty/spa business. I’m definitely interested in learning about them and seeing what I can come up with 😊
  12. Would there be an additive to help with throw and lengthen burn time?
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