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  1. I’ve always thought rosewood smelled a bit more powdery but I think any rose variation may work. A little violet too maybe?
  2. That lather looks so decadent! Looks like you totally nailed it 😊
  3. Thank you, I’ll have to check some of those out. I'm obsessed with Blue Agave Sugar and Burmese Wood. Just got a big bottle of each the other day. 😊
  4. Thanks TallTayl, I'm going to chalk it up to a learning experience like you said. I've been having so much fun as I learn and its been such a good outlet for me. Right now I'm keeping my batches small in test molds and just trying and tweaking. My biggest hurdle has been when to know if a soap needs more time before extracting it from a silicone mold. I just made a really pretty beach bar but ruined the sides because it needed more time to firm up. Im going to need more patience for sure. 🙁
  5. Well I had to chuck this first ever batch as a FAIL. No zap on the outside of the bar fine and smelled fine on the outside. I used small pieces to wash my hands for a couple weeks and it was so nice and lathery with a great scent. No indication that it was off. No irritation just nice moisturizing. So I attempted to use a full size bar in the shower and I immediately smelled faint lye! Luckily I didn’t burn myself before I noticed. I took a knife and cut into a dry bar (it was not brittle or oozing) and immediately noticed unmistakable lye smell. In retrospect maybe that seepage in the above picture when I cut it was a good indicator of an issue. My calculations must have been off...I mixed the lye and milk meticulously for 10 min a little at a time and I strained it into my oils. Could measuring in ounces as opposed to grams have caused this? or perhaps a false trace? I’ve made more small batches of soap since and haven’t seemed to have had an issue but now paranoia is going to have me cutting up my bars. Do you have any advice on how to avoid this?
  6. I’ve been taking advantage of the sales at WSP and though I find them pricey—the scent is holding in my soaps and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I’m loving Hoya + Sage, Matcha Tea, Baby Bibb, Yuzu original, and Peach Thyme + Grapefruit to name a few.... What are your favorites?
  7. Just had to share it somewhere 😆 I was nervous about doing a 100% olive oil soap and even soaping at 125F with 40% lye solution it barely got to a medium-ish trace. I was planning a layered design but ended up attempting a simple swirl since it was a bit too thin. The sodium lactate was a game changer.
  8. WSP The Great Outdoors--Reminds me of hiking through the forrest. Fresh breezy pine scent with a little juniper and green. It doesn't scream 'Holiday' which is a welcome change when it comes to pine. Hoya and Sage--Truly gorgeous. Worth every penny. I can't get enough of this fresh green leafy smell. Im not a huge fan of florals but it has just the right amount of subtle floral undertone. It is not perfumey at all. Matcha--The most true to life tea scent I've ever smelled. Rich with an earthy sweetness. No hint of perfume.
  9. I’ve only used Flaming Candle. It was strong and the scent held up well. I did get whiffs of slight fuel smell from time to time but I suspect that has more to do with wicking issues on my end.
  10. Mad Oils Earl Grey is nice. I mixed it with flaming candles Tea + Cakes and made something similar to the BBW London candle which is a favorite of mine. It had a bit of perfumey note to it but it was very pleasant. I do like WSP’s Iced Tea Twist. Perfect for summer, you really get the lemon and has the slight Lipton nostalgia factor.
  11. Thanks TallTayl, I'm not looking to sell anything for a good long while. but I want to make sure that I approach it from a responsible position.
  12. What steps must be taken in order to make claims on cosmetic products? For example if I wanted to create a lotion and I wanted to market it as 'a soothing skin cream that may benefit eczema' how are you able to word it without having an issue with the FDA ? I know it can vary by state but its something that I see small companies do all the time and its confusing....
  13. True that its costly but generally with WSP you can get away with using way less fragrance so I find that its a good bang for the buck.
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