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  1. Awesome, good for you TallTayl. 👍
  2. Hate to hear that but best of luck to you for your future endeavors.
  3. Hey @lisamrtr, welcome to the candle club and congratulations on your sales, that's great! 🎉🥳 From the date of your post it looks like those were Christmas sales I have a few questions, don't feel pressured to answer them but if you'd like to share your steps to success then we'd love to hear them. Thanks. Were you selling online? Were you selling at a local Christmas market? What part of the country are you in? Did you advertise your candles, in-person or online? If there were other candle sellers there, what made you stand out, what made people buy y
  4. I'm not an experienced candle/wax goods seller but after reading through this post, I have a few questions, maybe someone can shed some light. - How can selling single, inexpensive items that only cost a few dollars or say under $10 make a profit? Like wax melts, melt cups, candles < $10, etc. Referring to if that is the only item a buyer purchases. The shipping alone would almost cost as much as the product. - Wouldn't it be more productive and profitable to sell bundles or gift sets instead of single inexpensive items? - Are there shopping cart restrictions that make you p
  5. I feel the same way @Ravens and @Belinda. Some days I think, wonder what my friends on Craft Server are up to or discussing today? I need to "grab a cup of coffee" and go visit them a while. ☕ When I talk to my husband or friends about candle making seems like I'm always bringing up someone on here regarding something they shared or something they taught me. 😊 🕯️ Isn't it great to have a place like this where you can feel wanted, engage in interesting and intelligent conversations and learn something new or even some neat tips, tricks & ideas? So hey @TallTayl, thanks again for
  6. This is an interesting discussion. Per the previous comment, I wonder if you have a really hot wax melter? Maybe that's why the fragrance in your melts don't last as long? 🤔
  7. LMAO! You couldn't even make this stuff up. 🚒 👨‍🚒 🎆 🔥 🧯 Glad they were ok.
  8. Great news about your business and congrats on the new house! Happy 2021 to you and your family. 🕯️
  9. Love those containers. Your candle is adorable.
  10. Makes sense @TallTayl and from a business perspective you would know more about it then I would, LOL. I guess I could just say I'm not part of their target market. 😄
  11. That is an interesting article and it's good to be in the know but remember it is marketing and advertising. Is what they say really true or is it what they want to be true? You can't be sure but time and sales will tell. I don't buy into to all the "hype" they talk about. 🕯️
  12. I agree about the wood bowls being a fire hazard and should not be used. Just because something looks pretty doesn't mean it's a good idea. Overall I wish them the best and success with their company. Some observations I made: - Well they claim to be sold out of all their products and only offering gift certificates right now. Which they state on their home page. Could be true, or they didn't have much inventory to begin with. Or it's simply a marketing tactic to look like their products are in such high demand which is kinda clever. Anyway, I like the gift certificate idea es
  13. Awesome adventures, good for you. That's neat you live in AZ, I bet it's beautiful where you live. I love all the desert states, they are so interesting and beautiful in their own ways.
  14. That's awesome that works great for you. You seem to be doing a lot of great things with your business and I admire you for it and all the hard work you are doing. 👍 You inspire me. 🤗
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