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  1. Hello and welcome to Craft Server, sorry for the slow response, I guess everyone is busy with the Christmas season coming up. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your children, no parent should have to experience that. I don't have any specific answers but do some searches here on this site for wicking, I know there is a lot of info on that topic. Here's a few links to as well https://www.candleers.com/candle-wicks-101/ and the below video. Wicking is very tricky, the hardest part of making a Safe, Great Smelling, Great Performing, High Quality candle. All the ingredients making up a candle effect the way a wick will perform or not perform. And if you change one thing in a candle recipe, either the ingredient or the amount of the ingredient, then you may very well have to change the wick as well. It's all about science and chemical reactions. Anyone can make a candle but not everyone can make a safe, high quality candle. I hope this will help, continue to do research and ask questions and enjoy your journey.
  2. Hi @hmanastasi. Welcome to Craft Server, you joined a great community. There are loads of information on here and friendly people with lots of experience. Enjoy!
  3. Hello to everyone looking for some new business marketing ideas. This looks like the best place to put this information. You could possibly generate extra income and drive more people to your website. Make money by posting your nice product photos online. Read this ClickASnap article to find out how. - It's exciting News, it's certainly worth the read! https://lauracaptain.com/articles-news-announcements
  4. Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great? Love the ceramic jars.
  5. Short and sweet and you nailed it @TallTayl. It probably would have taken me forever to explain all that. 😄
  6. 🕯️🕯️❤️❤️🕯️❤️❤️🕯️🕯️
  7. I agree, I have learned a lot from this forum as well. 📖
  8. Hi @SRez, this is awesome. Thanks so much for posting and sharing. 🤗 This could come in handy for a lot of people.
  9. Hello Jeff and welcome to Craft Server, thanks for joining us. 🤗 There is a lot of good information and reading material on here. I know I have spent hours and days on here trying to learn everything I can. If you can't find an answer already listed then I'm sure someone will help you. Enjoy!
  10. Hello @Craftykeen and welcome to Craft Server. Have you contacted Lonestar? Maybe they will have an answer.
  11. Oh yes, I certainly agree with you. 🤭 I was mainly looking at the surface, I guess you could say, looking at it as a different business model but it definitely could use some more careful thought and execution.
  12. Exactly, well said. 😉 I tell people anybody can make a candle but it takes patience and experience to make a safe, high quality candle. 🕯️
  13. Here's an interesting DIY candle company, Simply melt, pour and enjoy. They have done a great job with their branding, packaging and website and has a neat story. https://siblings.co/collections/shop It came up as an ad on here and I just happened to click on it. Not sure if this is where I should post this, feel free to move it if needed.
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