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  1. Yes, you are correct, 4625 is a pillar & tart wax. In my experience with it @Laila, I have made wax melts that have strong hot and cold throw so you would think a candle made with it would too. It more than likely wouldn't have great jar adhesion in a clear glass. I have also mixed it, I believe 50/50 with 4794 a votive & tart wax with success. As @TallTayl said you should try a wax made for container candles. You could mix the waxes if you wanted to experiment.
  2. Hello @Onyx-uk, welcome to Craft Server, the place where the fun and learning begins. LOL
  3. And @jmspgh, I speak from experience a very bad experience, do not do business with a logo company called Looka (formerly Logo Joy). They are terrible and lie and rip you off. They were great at first and lured me in and then wham, it all went down hill. It appears that after so many bad reviews and complaints they changed their name, not surprising. It amazes me that they are still in business. Once they got my money they would hardly give me the time of day and they never did give me what was promised and what I paid for. I did not get high quality files, they were low resolution
  4. Etsy.com and fiverr.com have some talented graphic artists at reasonable prices. Graphic arts college students may want to do work on the side to get experience.
  5. Hi @jmspgh. For the business side of things which also includes social media info/how-to, lookup your local chamber of commerce and the Small Business Administration (SBA). They have lots of info and usually offer free webinars, etc. https://www.sba.gov/learning-center https://www.sba.gov/course/understanding-your-customer/ https://www.sba.gov/course/social-media-marketing/ https://www.sba.gov/course/sales-guide-small-business-owner/
  6. Thanks, that's a great idea about product placements. 👍
  7. This business is painful. 😩 As if the previous Soy Wax debacle wasn't enough, now we are getting hit with issues around the Corona Virus including the new trade deal with China. Wonder when the shortages and delays will be over. Looks like a bunch of American entrepreneurs need to start manufacturing businesses again and take over for China. Wish I could start a business that manufactures candle and soap making supplies.
  8. LMAO, I tell you, some of you are comedians on here. I'm getting so tickled at some of these posts. This is great reading. Along with the humor there is also some wise words. 🕯️ I don't like Facebook for many reasons and try to avoid it but I especially avoid any candle groups after hearing comments on here, LOL.
  9. Wow, I hadn't even thought about it until now but it makes sense. With the corona virus pandemic so many people have started canning food for fear of shortages and fear of the unknown. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I sure miss the good ole' days. 😷
  10. Hello @6WeekCure and welcome to Craft Server. I'm a candle maker but I know there are lots of soap makers on here and I'm sure they have lots of knowledge to share. Enjoy browsing the site. 😊 Some Helpful General Tidbits: If you don't know about this free software already then you should try it out https://www.soapinventory.com/, it's awesome. I use it cause it also works with candle information and is so helpful. Even thought it's free I give the guy period donations because I'm so thankful for the software and database. Shopping for supplies locally or near you t
  11. Hi @NicoleE. Here's my thoughts on it. I'm a perfectionist as I'm sure lots of us are (LOL) but after years of making candles I really try to not sweat the small stuff. I got hung up on that issue with soy candles for a few years and realized it's impossible to get rid of unless you lower your soy % and/or add other waxes or additives to it. Then you even open yourself up to other possible issues. LOL 😀 Candle Top Appearance: I don't have a problem with the way the candle tops look, I think they look fine. Lots of customers don't even notice or care about ripples, pitting or s
  12. I have used some people on Etsy and fiverr.com for graphic work and have been happy with it. Unfortunately the lady I was using on Etsy retired, she was really good but there are several artists on there. The artists I used on fiverr went by the name Kagosage, if he is still on there, he was good.
  13. I'm excited about this thread, there's some good ideas and questions here. Just so happens I have been thinking about partnering with a local artist here in my area to do future arts & crafts shows and link to each others sites, looks like some of the Christmas ones will still happen where I'm at. I have been attending free webinars for small business through my chamber of commerce. I noticed a local lady on the webinar that sells bath & body products, doesn't look like she sells candles and wax melts, so I'm thinking about contacting her to see if she would share a booth with me. Neve
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