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  1. Laura C

    Candle Containers

    I agree. Wish they were less expensive.
  2. Laura C

    Clamshells vs Shaped Melts

    Oooh, ok. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Laura C

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    @MilosCandles Maybe this is the Equipment post you were looking for? It contains some really good information.
  4. Laura C

    Clamshells vs Shaped Melts

    You all bring up some good points and ideas about melts. I have not made any melts yet but that is one of the things I want to start playing around with real soon. As a consumer, I like the shaped melts, I like seeing creativity in the designs. I'm wondering if the clam shells could be made of paper like the paper egg cartons? Would that type of material work for clam shells? Since I don't have experience making melts I don't know if they would release easily from the paper carton.
  5. Laura C


    Cool, now you have a new custom scent. $$$
  6. I agree with @TallTayl, I try to avoid soot on the jar or soot/smoke from the wick at all costs. Don't like it at all, makes me think "low quality". If I purchased a candle and I couldn't get it to stop sooting, I'd be very irritated. As for some flickering, it should only occur once the candle has melted down deep into the container, unless it's in a draft. As far as I know, there is no way to avoid the "chimney effect" with container candles unless you use a candle topper. If anyone knows other tricks then please share. I love lighting a brand new candle that is properly wicked and seeing a nice steady flame. 🔥
  7. Laura C

    IGI Contact Info Needed

    Hi @Quentin, this info is listed at the bottom of their home page and on the Contact page. IGI HEADQUARTERS The International Group, Inc. 50 Salome Dr. Toronto, ON M1S 2A8 USA Mailing Address The International Group, Inc 1007 E. Spring St. Titusville, PA 16354 PHONE NUMBERS 1-800-561-3509 TOLL-FREE 416-293-4151 CUSTOMER SERVICE DIRECT
  8. The candles look so neat, I like the melt stuck on the top. Your cats are cute.
  9. Here's my 2 cents. LOL IMO and after all the reading I have done over the last several years, the bad mouthing of paraffin wax used for candles, melts, etc. is bogus. It drives me nuts. And I'm referring to "Food Grade" paraffin which appears to be the type of wax used by the candle and B&B industry as well as the food and canning industries. As for lead wicks, yes, they are dangerous but I highly doubt anyone manufactures them anymore (nobody would by them). Probably, the only lead wicks you may encounter would be in very old candles made before the lead ban or some old candles made in other countries that haven't banned lead wicks. I'm guessing. And you just have to use common sense and good judgement when making products and be sure to use good quality supplies from reputable suppliers. Thank goodness for online reviews. Here's some good information links and the sources seem to be creditable. http://candles.org/4-common-candle-myths-debunked/ http://candles.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/International-Study-Shows-All-Candle-Waxes-Burn-Alike.pdf http://candles.org/research-studies/
  10. I like it too. That's really cute and it would also look good on your tin. This candle and craft stuff is so much fun. LOL ☺️ Test one of your tins using the hot glue to see what happens. Could also try wick stickers if they adhere well and not get to hot. Or small rolled up pieces of electrical tape.
  11. Laura C


    Junk mail would make great ingredients for fire starters. 🔥 LOL
  12. Yes, that's a cute display shelf. Since you are handy at making stuff like that then you can also make it in the custom size & color you need. Go for it.
  13. Laura C

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    I know what you mean @TallTayl, I've experienced the same thing when testing out other candles. Plus, I have considered buying private label candles instead of making my own. I purchased sample candles from several suppliers and was generally disappointed with all of them for one reason or another. I believe I would have more confidence putting my name on my own candles rather than private label ones.
  14. Laura C

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    And that's bad too that a machine is not precise and spot on, they should be. LOL