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  1. Hi @Alesha, sorry, I just now saw your message. I'm not sure, you should ask @TallTayl or another one of the site administrators. You could try clearing your browser cache, close and reopen your browser and try logging onto Craft Server again. craftserver.com
  2. Hi. No, flashpoints have nothing to do with how you wick a candle. I go by experience/past tests or start with a particular wick's wick guide.
  3. Hello Kara and welcome to Craft Server. I'm sure you'll enjoy being a member and will learn a thing or two. 😉
  4. Seems like a good idea, don't see any harm in it. You gotta do what you can to "keep the lights on", LOL. I like checking out people's websites and businesses, it's interesting to see people's ideas, tastes and talents. I don't have a business to advertise yet but I'm working on it. 😊
  5. Wow! Some people will sell anything I guess. "Yarn", looks like they are using yarn as the wicks? They just act like it's a regular candle and It's Not. LOL. I thought maybe they were intentionally doing wacky candles and would describe it as such but they seem serious. Wow! 😄
  6. I don't even know where to begin. I just keep staring at them in a daze. 😵 LOL What do they say about them on their website? What kind of description do they give? This is wacky stuff.
  7. I sure like 4625 by itself, never mixed it with 464, could be fun.
  8. You could try a few different percentages of the parasoy mixed with the 464 and see what happens. Might make a great combo. Or add beeswax, don't be afraid to experiment, that's part of the fun. 👩‍🔬 🕯️
  9. Awesome, they look great to me too, and I second what the others said. You get melts like that without soot and hot jars, those are winners in my book. 👍
  10. Awesome, all that info is great to know. Thanks for pursuing it and for sharing. 👍 I have not tried their wax yet but I just may have to.
  11. Congrats, they look neat, I like the designs. Just wondering, do you get a nice, wide melt pool with only 1 wick? It's kinda hard to tell how wide the candle is.
  12. Hi @crescentridge and welcome to Craft Server, you'll find a lot of helpful people and great information here. What Sebleo said about soy wax frosting is correct and I'll add to it. When I have made soy wax candles, I didn't dye them or did very pale pastel colors so the frosting wouldn't show. Some people on here have tricks for minimizing the frosting but I don't think you can completely eliminate it unless you do a very low percentage of soy in your wax blend. Do some searching on here for "frosting". There is nothing wrong with the frost, it's a natural characteristic of soy waxes and it doesn't effect scent throw or performance. Seems like you either love it and embrace it or you hate it and constantly fight it or avoid soy wax, LOL. It can be a selling point to show that your candles are actually made with Soy.
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