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  1. Hey @Trappeur, like @Jcandleattic and maybe some others on here, I have been testing out IGI 4625 and IGI 4794 waxes and so far I like both of them. I have used the waxes separately and as a 50/50 blend and used dye and 6-10% FO. I have made both loose melts and clamshell melts. I'm still currently testing my melts and I need to organize my notes on performance and scent throw but overall I've been really pleased. I'm still trying to figure out exactly which wax or combination gives the strongest c&h scent throw. Making melts is so much fun.
  2. I can't help you with this but just wanted to say that it's so pretty. That design looks like it would take a lot of work.
  3. Hi Rodriguez and welcome to Craft Server. You should find lots of helpful information and friendly folks here. You certainly have a busy schedule, enjoy your candle making.
  4. Hi @mereander and welcome to Craft Server. Do some searching and you should find lots of good info to help you. Plus there are a lot of friendly and helpful crafters on here.
  5. Good morning @ga2daru and welcome to craft server.
  6. Hello @michelley and welcome to craft server.
  7. That's very interesting @TallTayl thanks for sharing your test. The last Ultra Coconut Wax I bought from General Wax was in 2018 and it made very soft almost mushy candles. I had to add stuff to it to harden it up. It looks like the Ultra Wax you tested is not as soft as the lot I had received last year.
  8. This is off topic but @TallTayl looks like you use the Bitmoji app too? It's neat software.
  9. Thanks for the reply @Birdies making scents. I certainly need to get some wax markers and try them out too.
  10. She does have a unique brand and nice packaging.
  11. @TallTayl thanks for taking the time to share your words of wisdom and experience with us. I have light bulbs turning on, LOL.
  12. I love those cut glass jars, so beautiful. Wish I was in a position to go in on the order.
  13. Oh they're a lot of fun. Here's some links to ones in GA. https://www.everfest.com/e/georgia-renaissance-festival-fairburn-ga https://www.atlanta.net/events/georgia-renaissance-festival/ https://www.garenfest.com/
  14. Thanks so much for your response. That's awesome info and makes a lot of sense and I enjoyed reading your story. Good for you, good for sticking with it. It's funny you brought up the Renaissance Festival because I love going to them, I love the costumes, especially the fairies and all that fun, magical stuff. Our festival opens this weekend and my daughter and grand-daughter are coming in town so I hope they will want to go.
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