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  1. That's good it's finally turning out well for you. I'm going to try to make my Easy Beads wax work, LOL. Use some other additives, mix it with other waxes or something. At the very least I could make fire starters and wax melts, which are things I want to start playing around with. I refuse to throw away or abandon my materials, I want to create something nice with them.
  2. Seems like that was a good move on your part. I just haven't felt really good about anything lately to justify large quantities. Maybe I can at least formulate some nice candles to give as gifts this Christmas. 🎄🎁 🎅
  3. All I have to say is, making scented candles use to be fun, not so much any more. And I'm getting really tired of feeling like I'm just throwing money down the drain for crap wax.
  4. OMG! No, no, say it isn't so! So now they have messed up or reformulated coco83 now too? I don't think I can handle this. LOL. The wax manufactures are killing me. I believe what you are saying, I sure hate to hear it though. Thanks so much for spreading the news. Several months ago I bought Easy Beads from C&S and it is great. I believe the last time I bought Coco83 from CA Candle Supply was late last year.
  5. Laura C

    Wicking Coconut Wax

    Hi @CandleCrafter6, which coconut wax are you using? And are you using any additives or additional waxes with it?
  6. Hello @fallujahkid, here's some info I found out (I believe it was early in the year 2018). I have shared it before on here in another thread, but here's the short version of it. LOL Unless things have changed, I spoke to a guy at Accu-Blend Corp., a wax manufacturer in CA, and he told me that Candles & Supplies and Northwood Candle Supply are some of their wax distributors on the east coast. They both carry the same waxes although they may package and price the waxes differently (don't know why). I'm referring to Coconut wax blends such as Easy beads, Slab wax and Coconut 83. I hate to say it but Northwood Candle Supply is over charging for the Easy Beads wax/Coconut 83 wax. And Easy Beads and Coconut 83 are suppose to be the same wax. When I buy Easy Beads/Coconut 83 wax, I buy it from Candles & Supplies since they have lower prices and shipping is cheaper for me since they are closer to where I live. I was also told by a lady at Candles & Supplies that their Slab Coconut wax has beeswax in it. Now, that's what she told me, I don't know if that is still the case. I guess they are taking the Coconut 83 and adding some beeswax to it??? For me presonally, the Slab coconut wax and the Easy Beads wax do smell and act somewhat different. Relating to scents I have used for a long time and are familiar with, I get true scents in the Easy Beads wax but with the Slab wax my scents have a different smell.
  7. I hear ya @TallTayl, that's where I'm at right now. LOL. Between being a perfectionist and the wax industry reformulating their waxes, I was going bonkers.
  8. Laura C

    Candle Containers

    I agree. Wish they were less expensive.
  9. Laura C

    Clamshells vs Shaped Melts

    Oooh, ok. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Laura C

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    @MilosCandles Maybe this is the Equipment post you were looking for? It contains some really good information.
  11. Laura C

    Clamshells vs Shaped Melts

    You all bring up some good points and ideas about melts. I have not made any melts yet but that is one of the things I want to start playing around with real soon. As a consumer, I like the shaped melts, I like seeing creativity in the designs. I'm wondering if the clam shells could be made of paper like the paper egg cartons? Would that type of material work for clam shells? Since I don't have experience making melts I don't know if they would release easily from the paper carton.
  12. Laura C


    Cool, now you have a new custom scent. $$$
  13. I agree with @TallTayl, I try to avoid soot on the jar or soot/smoke from the wick at all costs. Don't like it at all, makes me think "low quality". If I purchased a candle and I couldn't get it to stop sooting, I'd be very irritated. As for some flickering, it should only occur once the candle has melted down deep into the container, unless it's in a draft. As far as I know, there is no way to avoid the "chimney effect" with container candles unless you use a candle topper. If anyone knows other tricks then please share. I love lighting a brand new candle that is properly wicked and seeing a nice steady flame. 🔥