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  1. My vote is for #3 also. The animals are so cute (even the cat 😁)!! Also agree with with the white font. Great job.
  2. gls

    Precise pouring

    These are my favorite. I also use them to keep small amount of FO ready & warm during the cold months. I set them on my hot plate. They also come in handy if I want to color a small amount of wax different colors. They are extremely easy to clean by rewarming on hot plate or using heat gun. I purchased the metal butter cups first then the light bulb came on and I realized a HANDLE would be nice so i moved to these!
  3. I agree! The seeping soy candles I had looked and felt like gross rice pudding!
  4. During my many soy wax test attempts, the only time I had a MAJOR seepage issue was when I put the candles in a VERY HOT insulated box to slowly cool. Half of the testers were not in insulated box and no seepage at all! When I dug down in the ones that were seeping the wax was a weird almost gelatin like substance. They never did setup. I melted them down and repoured with normal cool down and they looked normal again no seepage! Of course they were still ugly like most of my testers but no seepage😏! That was gb464 not c1
  5. Somewhere on here - someone said: they used heat lamps on a pulley system and raised the lamps in time increments. I thought that sounded like a good idea but I haven’t had a chance to try it. I’ve looked into restaurant type warming lamps but so far haven’t wanted to spend the money. On a different test I made on insulated box so well that it took a small Candle a day to cool. They were by far the worst ones I’ve ever done😩! So toooo much heat can be a disaster.
  6. I use the removable white contact paper that comes in rolls. It stays on but easy to peel off when needed. I hate trying to get the residue off the jar from address labels!! I also take pictures of the labels to include in my digital notes. i also use contact paper to label all of my storage containers.
  7. I use Onenote and sync it with phone, iPad and desk top. It is setup like a binder and is very easy to use. I used it when I worked full time to manage multiple engineering projects. Some of my coworkers thought it was too simplistic for use on multimillion dollar projects but it worked great. I like to record voice notes while I’m driving. The recording can be put in the notes anywhere you want. It also allows for tags on notes that can be ranked with importance, checked off and also searched. It can be synced with outlook and pages can be printed. It works really well for candle testing notes and web research. I have my entire life in my onenote and can access anytime...without it I might as well just stay in bed!💤
  8. I had a less than happy experience with 464 soy candles I found from last year! I always write tons of notes on my tester candles when I make them. I found a box over the weekend and my notes gleefully stated how beautiful they looked (yes, self encouragement 😁). Unfortunately, after almost a years time they are now some of the fugliest ones I’ve ever seen. They aren’t colored but the frosting patches are bad and the tops look like chalk!
  9. I’ve used these cups for melts for myself and I really like them! I haven’t sold any though because I’ve been worried about liability issues since they are not made for this type of use. I might be over thinking it but also not sure about placing a label on the cup. I don’t like to only have label on the lid. 🤔
  10. Those are so cool looking!! I’m so impressed with the designs all of you soapers come up with!
  11. Looks great!! Love the “ spell candle” station that’s such a cool way to incorporate the theme of the Faire into your product!
  12. My middle school science teacher would be so disappointed that I totally forgot about this experiment. Thanks for reminding me, it works great.
  13. @TallTayl I hope you’re having an extremely successful opening day!! Thanks so much for all you do here on the forum...best of luck with this year’s Faire! I’m sure all of your testing is going to pay off and this will be another fun and profitable season! I still want to see costume pictures😁
  14. I have the most difficult time pouring directly from the large FO bottles...I spill it everywhere. I have looked for some type of dispenser caps but can’t find many that fit 28/400 bottle. I’ve tried using pipettes but it seems wasteful and takes forever on larger batches. I mainly use Fillmore, RE, And CS for FO. I would love to hear any suggestions on how everyone else handles this. There must be someone on the forum as messy as me! TIA.
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