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  1. I tested this with really good results. I'm not sure it is exactly the same, but it's pretty close. I've only tested a couple of scents so far.
  2. LanaH

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    Same here. I wick the jars and by the time I'm ready to pour, the wicks are set. Works great
  3. Propay has a card reader, also.
  4. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    It's just the thought of paying a crazy shipping charge for a 10 lb box. It may be worth it in the long run, if it turns out to be what I'm looking for. It's a little over 3 hours from me so it might be worth it, as I order by the pallet.
  5. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    Wow, I just put 2 / 5lb samples in my cart and the shipping was $36. I think that's a little over the top, since I'm in the same state. The search continues.
  6. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    Thank you, that's good to know.
  7. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    I might have to think about that. I read good things about the coconut waxes.
  8. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    Yes this is what I'm afraid of also. This place is about 3 hours from me, just not sure if tthey will stick around, once I decide to use them.
  9. Anyone heard of this place? I was in search of wax and came across this site. It looks like they have some interesting waxes, but don't want to start with a wax and have it to go away in a year or so. I'm in search of a wax to replace GB 435. The soy coconut blend looks interesting.
  10. I just started testing this wax with CD wicks. They seem to be doing pretty good so far. I've also used htp wicks with good results.
  11. LanaH

    Anyone buy 415 lately?

    I'm debating on the 415 or 464 now. I hate to order a full pallet and be terrible to work with. I typically order 435, but evidently that has been discontinued, so looking at options now.
  12. I can't even find it now. It was a soy with cottonseed blend. I have been ordering from Gateway, they don't have any. I'm probably going to have to start completely over. I did contact AAK directly, waiting to hear back from them.
  13. I was informed that Akosoy has discontinued this wax. I've been using it for more than18 years. I have no idea were to even start with testing another wax. I do have 464 and 6006 on the way. I am open to a blend. Just feel overwhelmed right now. I only have 4 cases of the 435 left and really need to find a replacement. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  14. LanaH

    Label program

    Which version of print shop do you have? I use print shop with windows 10, but I did have to upgrade. I had to go check, it's 23.1 version. I have 3 other versions and this was the only one that works with 10. If you still have the labels, once you install version 23 you will be able to open them.
  15. LanaH

    Candles & Supplies must haves

    Thanks for the suggestions. I ordered candy corn, zombie punch, bayberry apple spice, and harvest spice. I'm really liking the bayberry apple spice and zombie punch. Can't wait to get them in wax.