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  1. (I love my Presto pot Forrest, I hope Santa brings you one) Magical elusive wicks for coconut wax that work widely and wonderfully All of the wicks I need more pour pots (boring but practical 😄) Tins Tins Tins FO's: A true and singular vanilla bean, and who am I kidding, a bunch of samples to try.
  2. Jenni Wix

    More Testers

    I was curious about NG Butter Brickle. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Jenni Wix

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    I'm interested so much in this now. Well, after I go thru all of my other stuff. 😄
  4. Jenni Wix

    Wicking Coconut Wax

    Wow. I want to avoid cracks for sure. Wicking coconut/blends is super fun. 😒 😅 And I want to try adding 1-2 % Beeswax or stearic to C6. I'm reading a bunch and still confused. I know beeswax is tricky, and doesn't always meld with coconut. I'm wondering if the blend I C 6 might take a little though. The biggest single problem for me is the melt pool often being on the narrow side, and not reaching a full enough melt pool. Some hang up to be caught up in subsequent burns is fine. I feel like that golden ratio is only happening 1/3 of the time. I'm not getting caverns or craters yet (knock on wood). Is a melt pool like that (too narrow due to being overwicked. I was thinking it was under. Anyway, I want to make the burn slower, I think? Because the rate of consumption seems fast. I'm wanting the candles last a little longer. Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    I need to be patient about testing these wicks, I don't think I waited pond enough on the last burns, so I'll give them at least a week. (24 hour cure my foot 😄). I want to try CDN and LX. Not sure that HTP would be all that different from CDs or CDN. I need to get a decent melt pool and not go too hot. I'm a little frustrated. I think it's just the nature of a coconut blend. So, naturally I'm thinking of adding other stuff. 😌😌😌 Ugh.
  6. Jenni Wix

    Just bought some new soap boxes

    Ooh! I like them so much. It would be fun to stain and or decoupage.
  7. Jenni Wix

    Just scent recommendations

    Thanks, @Belinda, I will keep NG MC' Cookies in mind, for sure. The description always makes me hungry.
  8. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    Well, my plain Eco tests yesterday seemed fine at first, until the second burn in 16oz SSJ with ECO 14 smoked a bunch. The Eco 8 with 8 oz SSJ jar did a bit better, but was also dancing a lot,even with wicks well trimmed. Not necessarily giving up on Eco, just n it likely to use the 14 (or 12 I've heard gives a deeper than wide MP) in that application. The off centering for curl didn't seem to help much at first, but the shape and depth of the MP was pretty good. I realized for Premiers and other curling wicks where you change see the braid, you could tell the curl direction by lighting it, marking the side and trimming the burnt part off before setting the wicks. Just ideas.
  9. Jenni Wix

    Just scent recommendations

    (I found out about it through Facebook reviews and comments on CS. (You can do a search and see what I mean) I do agree that they've addressed it to their ability. I just couldn't recommend them without mentioning that.) Any way. All of Just Scent vanillas and bakery scents look, as Mary Berry would say, Scrummy. How would you describe Vanilla bomb and Lavender Rocks @aptommo? Any other strong ones? I'm interested in their Vanilla the King, Becky's Vanilla, Vanilla bean (anything) Vanilla pound cake because cake, also a BB.
  10. Jenni Wix

    Just scent recommendations

    Some people have had bad experiences having their information stolen from Aztec's website in the past. They have redone their website and apparently updated their security since then, so you might be ok. Just keep an eye on your accounts, (a necessary thing to do when buying online anyway). People who used Paypall didn't have that problem. I personally haven't had a problem, and l Iike their oils. I am just cautious about purchases with them now. A lot of people love Candle Science. 😊
  11. Jenni Wix

    Just scent recommendations

    Hi @Ruru You could most certainly try, but I agree that there's no one best supplier of FO, but some great ones. You'll find that even your favorite supplier, like Shari said, will have a few that don't throw well for your application. Different scents can react differently with different waxes, or recipes for B & B. The same scent type may be as different formulation, and work better for your purposes from a different supplier. Limiting your choices to a few reputable companies is a great start, though. When I started I hoped I could do that too, one or two. I haven't held to that, lol. But I try to make the shipping worth it for every order. This thread on Just Scent, is a good one. I recently tried them and liked Plum Crazy, and buttery Gingerbread. For a company with good value, many great scents, and great service, I'd recommend Fragrance Buddy to start with. They have decent regular shipping, and free shipping for orders over 100. Ordering 1oz samples first is a really important investment, because it's hard to tell if you'll like something, and if it works for you, unless you try it. Even with good recommendations, and reviews. Ordering the larger sizes even though they're usually more affordable per oz, can be a gamble that ends with you having a lot of fragrance you don't need, and cash down the drain. Most companies offer smaller sample sizes. SOS offers little vials that you can test OOB, 5 for 5, free shipping, Aztec ( I recommend only using PayPal with them) has a monthly 1oz 5 for 5 deal on their site too. Those are really affordable ways to try scents.
  12. Jenni Wix


    Have you tried their sugar cookie @Marleigha? I'm limited to Phthalate free ones. Interested in the MW Oak one as well.
  13. Jenni Wix

    Should I try this?

    I definitely like and recommend Fragrance Buddy as a company. I've never tried that scent, though.
  14. Jenni Wix

    Holy Box (damaged package of wax)

    It's really temperate where I live, but thankfully, usually dry. I imagine that throws a lot off. I will definitely store it in a cool, dry place. ...In a new bucket. 😊
  15. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    I recently mentioned a problem with curling wicks off centering the MP. Well, I looked up Wick curling here on CS the other day, and saw an older post where someone said that if you can see the ^ where it's braided, the wick curls in that direction, as opposed to the v shape on the other side. I tried and tired again to find it earlier, but I couldn't for the life of me. So I decided to just give it a go without rereading it. I did it with two bare wicks and it was accurate. So I placed some wicks I'm testing out in jars a bit off center from the direction the ^ is facing, in hops to correct the centering if the melt pool. Crossing my fingers. This might be common knowledge, but I was so frustrated with curling, and essentially finding that most wicks are made to curl. Except for zinc (still wondering about cotton core) . Please correct me if I'm wrong, or if anyone knows of others that aren't designed to curl. But now that I know that it's part of the deal, and how to look for it in Ecos at least, it gives me a little hope for my jars. Premieres, I can't tell the direction of the curl (see the v's) at all in advance, so probably won't use in these. I'm hoping the ecos do ok. If not, trying CDs/CDNs. I'm basing my wick choices on C3 because, although it's a different wax, C6 is not closer to a plain coconut, I thought I'd need to wick down during my last tests, and ended up pretty underwicked. It's got soy, and palm additives (probably), and I'm suspicious that it burns somewhat similarly.