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  1. I know this doesn't have to be so tough, but it's been tricky for me, too. I have a fear of commitment... with labels. SMH.
  2. @candlesinflorida It's not you. ☺️ 444 is funky.
  3. 444/ coconut wax 50/50. FO 6%, I think. You can't really see the color accurately, but it was natural colored wax that discolored to yellow, then brown after several burns. This picture doesn't really do it justice. This is after it I made it all pretty, poked relief holes, heat gunned, cured and burned it a few times. It set up that way after one of the burns. It's 444, man. (But great throw 🙃)
  4. Coconut didn't cure 444's cavity problems for me. Just made me wick down. I second that 444 pretty much always needs to be poked and filled.
  5. They were the OG book candle company. Many Etsy candle shops are inspired by that theme now. I like their new black labels and lids.
  6. I had pretty good luck in terms of throw with ECO 6 & 8 in an 8oz similar to that with 444/coco, and just 444 by itself.
  7. I don't think it's too early. But then again I have Gingerbread in my warmer atm.
  8. It's funny, some of the best performing oils for me have been great deals from less expensive suppliers. Some of the most expensive have not worked in wax or have been weak. I agree that they likely order a specific concentration from the labs and that some chemicals just don't work well for candles. Lots of trial and error. I love reasonably priced sample sizes for that reason.
  9. The flame is hotter, but glass and wax shouldn't be getting anywhere near 700° A correctly wicked candle helps prevent the glass from becoming too hot. If a candle is badly wicked, and the flame makes the glass too hot, for any reason, the glass could shatter. That would make the entire candle including any label, material, and all of the wax a hazard. Paper or plastic based labels would be sensitive to heat as well. I test my candles throughout the life of each to make sure my glass temperature, melt pool, wick, flame size, are all in line. I'm good with that.
  10. I've been looking for this type. I'm going to have to try this.
  11. I suppose it is. It's going on 4 weeks and the other night it was stronger than at 2 weeks.
  12. I have been that customer. But, If someone explained it to me I would be willing to try. Clear expectations seem to help picky people like me.
  13. After burning this again last night for a few hours, I have some more thoughts. In the room I developed candle nose because the BF walked in and was like, "What's that one? I really like It" So I walked outside, came back in, and sure enough, it was quite noticeable. Pretty strong, but subtle, and complex. The CT is actually strong this morning too. Just sitting by it I can smell it.
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