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  1. Third time for me something was out of place in an order. Second from the same company, however, they've been fantastic about taking care of it, so, it's a mild inconvenience, but not a problem. The shipping would bother me too.
  2. Tormund and Brienne all the way! 😄💟 Yeah. The little details are tripping me up sometimes too.
  3. From the beginning I wanted to blend nature with imagination. Trying to stay on target is pretty hard for me. I'm going with neutral colors, sepia and brown tones, and while that appeals to me, I also go gaga for bright things, but that's not fitting my focus atm. The nuetral, I hope will appeal to many, while quirkiness to bring interest can come in through art and titles. I've done or chosen art only to want to redo it again. I'd ideally like all of the same illustration style, but for now I'm settling on at least hand drawn aspect and colors coordinating. Trying to find a balance between getting it just right and getting it done. Starting Somewhere. I'm contending with a strong urge to try everything, here. Despite some mistakes (don't ask about the evil chipmunk), I'm feeling at least on track.
  4. I like #4 and natural soy candle. I adore watercolor type illustrations.
  5. I need to go to Costco and see what's in glass. Lol. I, mean when all of our pasta jars could work for small ones.
  6. Also, Hi @Laura C 🙂
  7. We'll #5 or PP is best for keeping scents in, I think the particular ones I got were just bad. They kept the scent in, alright, but also made things smell very chemical. They were just dollar store canisters. So, maybe another #5 container wouldn't do the same. I'm using small PP cello bags for now, I can then store that in shoe boxes etc. Wanting to get glass, honestly.
  8. Definitely helpful. That's how I learned the other things. So many pauses. lol
  9. Thanks, hope to share the labeled items soon, @Sarah S, I've got some current ones I need to use up first with basic trees. The fairy was kind of in the description, so I wanted to include her.
  10. Those are lovely. I recently started crochet. I'd like to graduate from little hearts and washcloths to a baby blanket.
  11. I'm mostly interested in Etsy for getting my feet wet, add the fact that people likely trust payment through them, and stream lines a shop for me. That makes it worth it for now .
  12. Looking at cost x 3 and labor. It does seem expensive especially when I head to the candle isle somewhere. But then I remember I'm offering something hopefully unique and gift worthy, I compare with both local and prices of similar finds on etsy, and find what I want to ask for is reasonable.
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