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  1. Jenni Wix


    Thanks @Marleigha, I just popped in. Those do sound nice. Hope I can check them out soon. 😊
  2. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    I'm noticing some frosting on the edges after burns too. (Left to sit a while)
  3. Aztec has some strong FO's. You can do a search on this site for recommendations as well warnings to use PayPal only.
  4. Jenni Wix

    How Can You Sell & Profit This Way?

    This is why I'm not selling until I'm good and ready. I guess we're all learning.
  5. Jenni Wix

    Scent Loss in Melts

    I think she meant one bad review and that snowballs into gossip in the er.... wax community. I feel like that might be true if your customer base is built in that same community. I guess that goes on the make up community too. If someone on YouTube doesn't like something especially if they're unreasonable, most sane people won't take it as Gospel truth.
  6. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    My thoughts on this wax from my experience so far.. Pros Great throw with 6% FO Smooth and forgiving to pour Affordable Cons Burns fast. I've concluded that I'd like to try this wax in a custom blend.
  7. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    C6 Wax Pan test Testing for 2-2.5 inch jars, (quilted kerr specifically). Tried to wick down. It showed. Prodding for craters sink holes revealed none. Each burn was 3 hours long. Forgot to photograph 2 burn in process, went just like the first. Both burns consumed apx 1/4 - 1/2" wax (depth). Melt pools remained apx 1/4 to 1/2 inch as well. Trimmed wicks for second burn, only LX had slight mushroom. Eco and CD smoked a bit during second burn. All in all LX was slightly less deep, while being on the wide side. It was my favorite outcome for this test. Tiny mushroom didn't cause any problems.
  8. Jenni Wix

    Christmas Market pictures

    So pretty! I dig your tablecloths too. 🙂 Cheers!
  9. Jenni Wix

    Business card design

    I would love a postcard format with info one side and room for a handwritten note on the other. Already reached my experimental packaging budget for now though.
  10. First that came to mind was cotton candy, too. Bubble Gum. Sugar with that slight tinge of red 40 dye. 😊 Nostalgia. On the floral side, cherry blossom.
  11. Jenni Wix

    Just Scent favorites

    Sorry, that was Coconut Milk and Lavender.
  12. Jenni Wix

    Just Scent favorites

    There's another good recent post on JS. I like Buttery Gingerbread, it's strong, but it's really heavy on the white ground ginger and butter, it needs sweetness added, IMO. Orange Caramel Crumble and Plum Crazy were strong too. I found butterscotch brulle and Coconut lavender milk on the softer side.
  13. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    @ Lana, was 1/4 inch consumed? Mine are, at least. I'll prob post tommorow morning. I'm beat. 😌
  14. Jenni Wix

    Calling All C-1 Users

    Got some to test today. I'm excited to try. Glad it's in flakes.
  15. Jenni Wix

    Nature Wax C-6

    Bright side is I have plenty of wicks for testing now. 😄 Well, except for RRD, zinc, hemp and CDN.