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  1. Hi all, I purchased a 50 LB box of C3 soy wax earlier this year and would like to give the remainder away. Would anyone be interested? Pick up in person or cover shipping. Iā€™m located in California for reference
  2. @Shari What does the cornstarch do?
  3. If you had to choose one. No blends. Things to think about: Eco-Friendliness "Cleaner" burn Customer favorability Easy wicking Easy pouring Easy to source Compatible with fragrances Aesthetics
  4. Hi Shari, here's my recipe. I used silicone ice cube trays and each steamer came out to 1 in x 1 in. 20 oz. Sodium Bicarbonate 10 oz. Citric Acid 36 mL Eucalyptus Essential Oil Witch Hazel
  5. Does anyone have experience with shower steamers? I've made a few batches but the scent did not come through in the shower as strong as I'd like. I am using essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint oil. Any tips on how to rework these batches? Thanks.
  6. CandleScience has them: https://www.candlescience.com/containers/3-wick-tumbler
  7. I buy mine at onlinelabels.com or sheetlabels.com and use their Microsoft Word templates to print my own labels.
  8. WOW, they have great stuff! I would love to try their fragrances and jars, but looking at the prices I'm not too sure I will šŸ¤£ They are no longer in USA, here is the announcement: https://www.candleworksusa.com/category/201460
  9. May I ask what wax you use? 3 day cure time sounds lovely!!
  10. Thank you thank you. I might just mix C3 with one of the recommendations above.
  11. Interesting ! Thanks for clarifying. For 8oz glass jars (2.5" - 3" diameter) would I be closer to cd14 or cd16?
  12. strange how CD12 achieved a greater melt pool than CD14 šŸ˜³
  13. this is extremely helpful! thank you
  14. Can anyone recommend a wax with short cure time and strong CT/HT? Is there such a thing? I'm currently using C-3, Candlescience FO's and HTP wicks. Zero HT after a month. So ready to ditch C-3 šŸ˜…
  15. thank you @soshiegirl and @Sarah S vanilla verbena is definitely on my list !
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