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  1. May I ask what wax you use? 3 day cure time sounds lovely!!
  2. Thank you thank you. I might just mix C3 with one of the recommendations above.
  3. Interesting ! Thanks for clarifying. For 8oz glass jars (2.5" - 3" diameter) would I be closer to cd14 or cd16?
  4. strange how CD12 achieved a greater melt pool than CD14 😳
  5. this is extremely helpful! thank you
  6. Can anyone recommend a wax with short cure time and strong CT/HT? Is there such a thing? I'm currently using C-3, Candlescience FO's and HTP wicks. Zero HT after a month. So ready to ditch C-3 😅
  7. thank you @soshiegirl and @Sarah S vanilla verbena is definitely on my list !
  8. has anyone tried the designer/brand scents from candlewic? please let me know if they are worth it bombshell vs type polo black type vanilla verbena slatkin type white palm slatkin type dkny be delicious type cherry blossom bbw type freshwater cucumber bbw type storm watch yankee type fig henri bendel bbw type
  9. hi everyone ! just out of curiosity , what do you stir your wax with and why? wooden stick, chopstick, silicone spatula etc.
  10. hi @Laura C i don't use dye but thanks for the heads up ! this is the respirator i bought: https://www.amazon.com/3M-65021HA1-C-Household-Multi-Purpose-Respirator/dp/B002NMFLU2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1548965720&sr=8-3&keywords=3m+household+respirator
  11. https://www.candlemakingsupplies.net/ also has HTP wicks. im currently testing HTP wicks with C3 wax. would you consider this as too big of a wick?
  12. thank you all. i'm going to shop around for a respirator. for now i'm going to see if a disposable mask would suffice. i have them laying around my house, might as well put them to use.
  13. terrible headaches while making them. i'm wondering if synthetic fragrances in general cause headaches and if working with natural oils would be better. i don't get headaches while burning them. i use C3 and the heat throw is 60% existent.
  14. hi all, can anyone explain why some fragrance oils cause headaches? i've been researching online and found out why but not exactly what ingredient or chemical causes the headache itself... can anyone recommend fragrance oils or suppliers for someone with a sensitive nose? who are your favorite suppliers for natural fragrance oils?
  15. hi everyone, who are your favorite suppliers for fragrance oils? i've been using fo's from a local candle store but they are headache inducing !! are all fo's composition the same? are there fo's out there less headache inducing than others? i want to try natural fragrance oils but read that they are just as tricky as essential oils in soy candles. thanks in advance.
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