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  1. LanaH

    Nature Wax C-6

    I just got it today. It may be a couple of weeks before I get around to it. I'll keep you posted.
  2. LanaH

    Nature Wax C-6

    Interesting post, I just ordered a case of this wax for testing. The shipping was less on a case than it was on the sample. Have you tried any htp or lx wicks with this wax?
  3. Kentucky's Hazelnut at Rustic Essentials is outstanding.
  4. LanaH

    C3 best wick

    I'm burning my own mix of caramel vanilla latte with a cotton wick right now, and it's amazing. I've had good luck with cd's also.
  5. LanaH

    Moisture in C3

    I have 3 cases opened now, hoping that will help. They definitely don't feel crunchy, more soft and pliable. It has gotten better as long as I leave the lid off. It seems like I have more problems when I get to the bottom of the case. I can't seem to stop the sink holes either. I've tried pouring at every temperature from 170 to 110, in 5 degree increments. Do you think the moisture is causing this?
  6. LanaH

    Moisture in C3

    Yes recent batch. I received them in mid September. I think the problem is with the manufacturer not really the supplier though.
  7. LanaH

    Moisture in C3

    I've not been using the lid at all since this started. C3 is new to me, I've used 435 for years, but it's been discontinued. I tested several waxes and decided on the c3 because I had great results when I tested. Now that I have a full pallet, not much.
  8. LanaH

    Moisture in C3

    It's a direct heat. I had my husband to fill it up and when to get started, I heard popping, so after investigating I noticed small droplets of water in the empty bag. Pretty sure that's where it came from.
  9. Before they discontinued 435, I used 2 CD 8's or 2 CD 10's. I have tested the 464 and they do burn simular.
  10. Anyone else having this problem? When I leave the lid on my melter, the condensation is really bad. Of course I started taking it off, but I've ruined so much wax already. I've been heating it above 200 just to get the moisture out. Such a pain!
  11. I tested this with really good results. I'm not sure it is exactly the same, but it's pretty close. I've only tested a couple of scents so far.
  12. LanaH

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    Same here. I wick the jars and by the time I'm ready to pour, the wicks are set. Works great
  13. Propay has a card reader, also.
  14. LanaH

    US Candle Supply

    It's just the thought of paying a crazy shipping charge for a 10 lb box. It may be worth it in the long run, if it turns out to be what I'm looking for. It's a little over 3 hours from me so it might be worth it, as I order by the pallet.