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  1. Lighten Up

    Price increases on everything!

    Yes, I am noticing price increases on almost everything, as I am getting orders together for spring fundraisers. I read somewhere that we could thank the tariffs and the fire(s?) in Europe that has affected the raw ingredients in fragrance oils.
  2. Lighten Up

    Banana Nut Bread

    I've been using CS Banana Nut Bread for years, it's been one of my best sellers. But, it's just been reformulated and I haven't tried the new version yet.
  3. Lighten Up

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    Thank you! Do they curl like the CDs?
  4. Lighten Up

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    I have not tried the CDN or CSN, I have tried some HTP and LX, and always go back to the CDs. Do you have a suggestion on sizes that would be closest to the CD10, or smaller or larger?
  5. Lighten Up

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    I had to make some major changes with my wax last year. I was up to about 100 fragrances and now have streamlined to focus on my fundraiser fragrances & one jar. I still dabble with the other fragrances, but they take the back seat. I also have a few boxes of wax from '16, so I can use that as I am phasing fragrances out in my smaller jars. I totally agree about the 'in between' size wick. I use CDs and I could use a 9 & 11, if they existed. When in doubt, I'd rather see a little struggle than a torch. I wick for the bottom third. I may be slowly finding the joy in candle making again, last year almost ruined it for me. I would have quit if I could have. This year, not so bad.
  6. Lighten Up

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    This whole thread makes me sad. As a long-time user of 415, it's scary to think that a bad batch of wax could sink me. So far, I have had no horrible issues except for re-wicking everything beginning with the 2017 wax. I've bought wax from 2 batches in 2018 (Feb & June), and (so far) no issues except minor wicking adjustments.
  7. Lighten Up

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    I find it to be very true, I can smell the carrot cake and the cream cheese frosting.
  8. Wow, Goldie, that is really sad. I'm so sorry for your losses. It's hard to get up in the morning and pretend it's all OK. Thankfully, I have many demands that require my participation, the candles being one, lol... a blessing or a curse?
  9. I agree. I have a hard time trusting some of my suppliers because I know for certain they have had complaints/concerns- because I have raised them!! Of course, they don't remember talking to me at all, so the issue must not exist. So, I take everything with grain of salt and test, test, test. I no longer find the joy in candle making, and would have walked away from it last year if I could have. This year is not so bad... so far. My best friend died in Aug and the candles are a good distraction.
  10. Lighten Up

    Anyone using KY125 wax?

    Maybe I'm thinking of EZ Soy?
  11. Lighten Up

    Anyone using KY125 wax?

    I believe KY125 is GB415? I've used 415 exclusively for almost 12 years. Did you end up trying it?
  12. Has anyone had a chance to get Candle Science's reformulated Cinnamon Stick in wax yet? Opinions?
  13. Lighten Up

    Indiana Candle Supply

    White Cake is a deep, rich, yummy vanilla cake. But, fyi, it does tend to darken, so I drop the 'White' and just call it Cake/Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake, depending on the occasion.