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  1. Ugh, that bums me out. I see they have 2 different ones, maybe I'll try them both.
  2. I don't have an answer for you, but I am also quite unhappy about the discontinuation of their Gardenia. For me, it's about the 4th one in the last year that they have changed or dropped. At least on 2 of them, they sent me a warning email so I could stock up, not so with the Gardenia. I do have a 1/2lb left to console myself. I think I'll be getting a sample from NG.
  3. I've noticed it, too. In fact, I had been switching some of my fragrances to NG from another supplier that is pricing itself out of my range. I may have to rethink that.
  4. I've been using 415 for over 12 years with manageable adjustments, the biggest being 2017, in which I did retest everything and adjust my wicking. I'm finding the subsequent batches have been very consistent and pleasing.
  5. My best ones are ICS Cactus & Sea Salt and NG Beach Bum.
  6. I love them all, but especially the stringed lights and the bottom 2. You definitely have a gift for this.
  7. I use no additives, melts are strong as well, although, not sure I've tested them at 24hrs, but I certainly don't make them wait.
  8. I use 415 and I give mine 24 hrs.
  9. I know, right? I'm having a little anxiety to be sitting on this much wax, but, weighing the alternative of starting over in the fall with a new lot... I think if I don't, I'll wish I had.
  10. Thought I'd share an update, if anyone is interested: This batch of 415 is really nice, very consistent, good cold & hot throw. It doesn't seem as fussy as the previous batches, not having the bubble issue(so far). I've tested about 15 fragrances in 2 diff jars, only have one that struggles a little and it's a cinnamon. I like it so much I think I'm ordering another pallet of the same lot, that will get me through the whole year.
  11. I'm on my 3rd Lilac. I started with the incredible Lilac Blossoms from Snowtop, and it went away. Then I moved to Lilac from CS, which was a fantastic seller for years until I had some wicking issues(and the price increased). So, now I have just tested the very pleasing Lilac from NG, and will be adding that to my line this spring. Lilac is must have for me, a year-round best seller.
  12. Idk about brave, but definitely stubborn. Are you a 415 user?
  13. Be careful, you'll want to eat it.
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