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  1. I was actually wondering this same thing. I'm going to do a Applejack & peel, peppermint, and a birchwood. I didn't know what else really works. Do people really want to smell like a pine tree candy cane? lol
  2. Anyone use them? I browse them periodically and just saw this awesome deal. All FO's and EO's are 52% off and for you soapers out there, if you buy a 50-100 gift certificate you get 5lbs of Shea butter shipped free. Best part is, if you are part of their monthly subscription, you get 20% off the GC's as well. Picked up 100 GC for 80 plus I got the free Shea butter. Cant beat that http://www.essentialdepot.com
  3. Just looked at the Clarus website and saw that the 6006 alternative was the 3020 blend. Have you tried this one?
  4. @sebleo Thanks for your reply! It saved me money because now I have my answer.
  5. Hi all! I did a search looking for recent reviews of the formulated PB but I wasn't able to find anything. Has anyone tried this? Is it any good? I do both votives and tarts and haven't used anything since the old PB. Anyone have any luck with this or know of a good alternative? Thanks
  6. I love BA for buying oils for soaps and CD-8s, but Ive had no luck with their oils in soy wax. Their FO's are expensive also unfortunately. At least thats been my experience.
  7. @Lighten Up Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.
  8. @Lighten Up how did your cases of the 415 behave? I used 415 prior to all these soy wax issues and I'm finally out. Debating if I should even bother with soy again.
  9. YES!!! Ty so much, I've been waiting for this!
  10. Gail, Its worse then listed. I once put an order in for those blue tumblers. I figured I could suck up the shipping some, if I added other items to my order to justify it. I placed the order and received a call two days later asking if I wanted to accept and pay for new shipping charges, because of how heavy the items were? Umm no, thats not what they advertised, nor what I originally paid for. Needless to say, they didn't receive my business. I'm guessing they are charging extra in shipping in order to account for their losses on the blue jars?
  11. Keystone bought out Peaks FO's. You can still get it here. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/products/pink-sugar-peak
  12. Actually no that review was not from me. Its the review that made me buy it also, but I think its spot on for that store IMO.
  13. Barbara I have this one and personally love it. Its not your typical pine. If you have ever walked into a Hollister store it smells exactly like that. Like a clean and modern pine if that makes sense. I smell nothing of raspberry in this one. Hope this helps.
  14. I get mine from Aztec, its beautiful. Its a BBW dupe and smells nothing of cinnamon like the description says. Definitely a feminine apple scent IMO.
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