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  1. Thank, I need to make some money before I cAN AFFORD THAT.
  2. Quick question... All of you that sell candles at crafts fairs and shows, do you have insurance? and if so where would be the best place to purchase form? thanks Karen
  3. What's that wax made of? and the fo? Part Gold flakes??
  4. So i am burning another v2 8 oz mason jar candle with same parameters but using s HTP 83 because I used .9 oz of oil in them. They are still when lit and dance a little but look bettr thabn the 733 did earlier today o the others. Do you think to dangerous to use the 83?
  5. forgot to ask What kind of containers do you use??
  6. not effecting th the quality of the burn and the scent is pretty good. No soot but the top of the jar is getting hot and I'm afraid will brake.
  7. Bobbing as it burns, Was n new wick. I do not wick the jar when pouring but poke a hole and try the wick first. Cured 2 weeks poured 2 8 oz and 1 4 oz used .7 fo for all total.
  8. I I am trying to get the right wick for an 8 oz mason jar 2 1/2/ inches wide and a 4 oz mason jar again 2 1/2 inches wide. Am using CBL 125 and love this wax but the wicks I am trying dance so much the jar gets so hot at the top I'm afraid to let it keep burning. No air conditioning on, no opens doors. Used Candle science FO Cactus Flower and Jade. An amazing scent and strong These are the wicks I have tried that dance around. RRD 37 , RRD 40, HTP 73 , HTP 83, Zinc 44-36-18, Zinc 51-32-18, 51-32-18 premier 750 Where AM i GOING WRONG
  9. How would you attach the tassel around the neck? with jute or ribbon. I love all of the BLACK abels... Great Idea!!
  10. The labels are really adorable!! Where do you have them printed?/ Thanks karen
  11. I want to make sure that if I make them ahead of time for craft shows this spring and summer that the scents stay good. I would be making several of the same scent at a time.
  12. I use paraffin wax for melts. How long do you find the shelf life is for these scented melts? Thanks Karen
  13. I'm poring a couple more to be tested in a few weeks but thinking of going to 4625, or 464 soy Opinions???
  14. I also was burning the same fo in 8 oz tin with Premier 725 and the same thing happened, MP was just about the same so thinking the wicks are very very similar Still sad. I know it's hot here but should that really happen??
  15. I think I am going to give up on the 6006. I was burning the 8 oz tin with 6006 that had cured for 2 week and was doing nicely after 2 hours the pool was just about 3/4 and when I left the room and came back the wick had fallen over and the flame went out. I had cut the CD6 and put in the hole in the center so it was not a real glued in wick. just the testing one. I thought I had that one licked, Sad
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