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  1. How about the Vybars? I'm confused on which to use to get my melts stronger scent. I use 415 and sometimes 464 for the melts
  2. I read this in a candle making manual on Natures Garden site. any one use the Cristco? Crisco shortening helps to decrease wet spots, increases your melt pool, absorbs fragrance, and helps to decrease the likelihood of your fragrance oil sitting on the bottom of your pouring pots. We use 1-2 oz. of Crisco shortening per pound of wax. You will probably read conflicting opinions on using Crisco in your candles; however, if it had been such a bad idea, then wax manufacturers would not now be making wax out of soy. Crisco is soy. Use your own judgment on this one!
  3. Is there a code to use. I'm on the sitee but do not see one
  4. I just bought some CBL 125 and will be using 8 oz tins for my containers with aprox 3+ wide mouth. What would you suggest for wick with using color as well? I have HTP 73 and HTP 83 right now
  5. We really appreciate  !!!


    karen zemelka

    9355 N 91st street

    Unit 229

    Scottsdale, Az 85258

  6. PEAK going out of business per my email received this AM. The price for fo's was way to high as compared to others so I'm not surprised at all.
  7. Do you let it set for a while or is the newscent right then???
  8. I would love to mix scents but how do you know how much using my 1 oz sample bottles?
  9. What do you think of selling on Ebay?
  10. Thank, I need to make some money before I cAN AFFORD THAT.
  11. Quick question... All of you that sell candles at crafts fairs and shows, do you have insurance? and if so where would be the best place to purchase form? thanks Karen
  12. What's that wax made of? and the fo? Part Gold flakes??
  13. So i am burning another v2 8 oz mason jar candle with same parameters but using s HTP 83 because I used .9 oz of oil in them. They are still when lit and dance a little but look bettr thabn the 733 did earlier today o the others. Do you think to dangerous to use the 83?
  14. forgot to ask What kind of containers do you use??
  15. not effecting th the quality of the burn and the scent is pretty good. No soot but the top of the jar is getting hot and I'm afraid will brake.
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