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  1. Using C-6 coconut soy from Flaming and 8 oz tin and no fo yet. Trying CD and HTP but not doing well. Any suggestions would be great
  2. So if Candlescience, Bulk Apothecary etc sell watered down fragrances and I want the good stuff where do I buy?
  3. Congrats !!! Family is the most important part of life. I live one day at a time.
  4. I have 3 cats and know that scent. Have to clean daily.
  5. I really appreciate the advise. Thanks, I'll keep chugging along.
  6. I tried Havana several weeks ago with htp 93 and got no scent at all but the burn was ok. I just lit another new one with HVANA USING AN Lx 22 AND SEE IF THAT WORKS. Welcome home using HTP 93 give me no scent at all will try an HTP 104 tomorrow. i have a coiple of those left. AH I will try tomorrow with 104 as well. This is so frustrating, I am so ready to just quit but I want so much to get it right. I need to learn this just to satisfy myself.
  7. The amish didi discolor my tin a few weeks ago when testing
  8. This one is Amish Harves after 2 1/2 hours using HTP 93. scent fair. I have the air turnd off and each candle is in a seperate room.
  9. Here is a pic of Bob's at 1 1/2 hours using HTP 93. scent is fairy good. Opinion??
  10. The scents I am testing are: Welcome Home, Bob'sFlower Shop, Havana, and Amish Harves (Love that one)
  11. still not a fmp but almost and scent is fairly good
  12. I'm at a loss what to try. I am using 4630 wax, an 8 oz tin and Bobs flower shop fo I have tried the zinl 51 and the htp 93. I get a nice slow burn but MP is not getting to sides or even near after 1 hour only about 1/2 way. I am afraid to go to HTP 104 because I think it will probably burn good and get fmp but the container (8 oz tin) will get to hot. I need some opinions PLEASE..... Thanks
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