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  1. I recently ordered sample fo's from them and the scents were not exactly asdescribed and very light. The customer service rep I spoke with when ordering sid The ones I ordered were strong because that is what I wanted but when arrived and put in my melts they were NOT strong at all. They may be close to you but if your not happy with the outcome, it is worth ordering from others like Lone Str, Flaming, Aztec etc .
  2. The call for help channel is closed. To many calls on this I bet. Said try back tomorrow. I don't like change, Not sure when I will get paid now.
  3. yes I can set the bank account but unlike Etsy there is nothing indicating how often you get the deposit. Not really a problem right now because sales aree so slow but I am thinking about going over to the Etsy but there are already soooo many melt sellers there.
  4. Does anyone here sell on Ebay? I only sell melts but just got an email they are stopping Pypal and using Managed payments and want my bank account infor. I do'nr like doing that. Anyone know anything about this new thing? Thanks
  5. Smart !! I may give it a try but the payout is what bothers me. If I sell something for $15.00 with shipping at $3.50 I do not get paid until I have at lease $25.00 in my account ater all feesif I understant it correctly. I was looking around today to see how it works. So it could be a few days or weeks between sales before you actually get paid.
  6. I was thinking of selling my melts on Etsy but after reading all of this I don't see a profit at all and if I don't have $25 or more I don't get paid. There has got to be a better place to sell for us little melt sellers. I do ell on Ebay and like that I get paid what ever it is right away but it is very slow right now even with Christmas.
  7. I just read this on the internet. A pinch of salt: Sprinkle a small pinch of salt into the melted wax. This can help slow down future burns and will stretch the life of your candle
  8. I have some 464 left from experimentsing. Would that work you think? A thin layer?
  9. I'm using 4630 for my tins. What about a Break wax like a tealite or something on the wick when making the initial candle to help slow the last of the burn. Does that make sense?
  10. So the wick tab in my 8 oz tin is from flaming and says 20x 6 mm. I put a piece of cut LX 18 in this after using most of it for other candles. The candle burned well untill 1/4/ from end, Then I could see clearly to bottome eith dancing fla,e about 1 inch or so high. So you think this is ok? Myself I would blow it out at that point and consider the candle done but thats just me
  11. I have a 8 oz tin that is about 1/4 from the bottom burning. The wax is all melted and I can seethe wick tetal thing. (can't think of what you call it now) but the flame is dancying a lot LX18 in this container, 3 inch wide tin. Thre is no soot just strong dance. It is on my small bathroom. The heat in the hoise is on but I don't feel a draft. Is this normal to dance like that atthe end? And what is an acceptable hight for it. It has burned well the entire time.
  12. Now i understand. thank you both so much.
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