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  1. I just put out my same tin using the HTP 109 and it looks the same with Brown around the edge. Idid'nt think Amish harvest had vanilla.
  2. I was burning an 8 oz tin with 4630 and Amish Harvest. Wick LX 18 and it was working very well on flame, MP and scent but after 4 hours I put out when I saw the brown around the edge. What is this? Rust??Brown around the edge 4630 8 oz tin
  3. karinz40

    Pro blend 650

    I don't know about all tart waxes. But I pour the 650 at about 160 not below. It does fine with no sludge. It will set up quickly if poured at a lower temp.
  4. " Learning to prevent cavities was key to volume production". How do you do that on volume?
  5. wood love suggestions on wicking an 8 oz tin with 4630 and 10% Amish Harvest Looking at CD 10 or 12.....ECO 8.....HTP 104... And Zinc 51Z Any opinions would be appreciated, Also no color
  6. What is the benefit of blending some coconut wax with 464 and how will that effect your wick choice up or down?
  7. I saw your post about looking for wicks. I know that was a month ago but let me know if you are ever looking for a type of wick to test. I have a ton of different wick sample packs and since we are practically neighbors it will be easy to get them to you fast.

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    2. karinz40


      I have been ordering wicks and some supplies  from AZTEC and also from Flaming candle but they are short staffed and taking forever to ship out right now.  I've never heard of coconut apricot wax.  where is that from?  Do a post for your testing so we can all see.  That last post really beat you up a bit about what you kneed to know before selling.  i was feeling bad about that .  Some people think they know it all.  Don't let that bother you.  I know very little but will keep going at this.  What is the cost on the 5 oz coastal reef?

      Different people on this forum have different testing methods.  I have been testing with the fo in and the wick suggested by candle science and it has worked well so far.  Testing w/o the fo is using wax and wicks and in my mind a waste of the wax.  maybe I'm wrong,  I have one almost perfected.  with 4630 and LX 20 or HTP 83 or sp i hope.  I have testedit 3 times with a complete burn each time.

    3. Marisa11


      The post about selling wasn’t my post. I had just left a comment on it.  I’m happy you think you may have found one! I found one with another wax and FO but didn’t reorder the wax. I wanted to move in a different direction. 

    4. Marisa11


      5oz you can have for $5. I don’t have much time to burn other candles but my own.  😂 special fellow candle lover deal

  8. I looked up Yankee candles and they say they use Essential oils and cotton wicks. I never tried those oils in my melts and I assume they are much more expensive.
  9. karinz40

    Pro blend 650

    I have never tried 4786. i like the 4630 because I can cut how much I need and don't have to break up a slab of anything. I have just tarted a couple weeks a go but this is a REALLY nice wax and EASY one to work with. i have LEAVES burning in 8 oz tins testing right now wick with LX 20 and HTP 83 to see if they are to big or not. My condo is really smelling grat so Both are working but will watch the MP and also to see how hot the tins gt when I touch the sides. So far both look really good If anyone out there can jump in a tell me how to decide which wick when they both look almost equal I would appreciate very much.
  10. I am using 4630 and am loving it. Easy to cut, not as messy as 4627 and looks very good with one pour. I am so exited to say I made two yesterday in 8 oz tins using Amish Harvest and wicked one with HTP 73 and one with LX 20. They BOTH gave very good Hot and Cold throw. The determining factor of which wick to use was easy. The LX cured so bad atfer 3 hours and the HTP is almost perfect. I just finished the 3 hour burn and will start another 3 hour tomorrow morning. I like the idea of using soy but I just don't think I have the patience for how finicky it is and the wicking AND the cure time of about 2 weeks.
  11. I have also watched most of your videos. I tried the method of adding fo at a low temp but it did not work well for me in 464. I believe we can all learn from both you and this craft forum. Can you do a video on just paraffin as well. I would be interested.
  12. I changed wicks to Zinc 52 and the other is htp 83 still wax smell
  13. thats exactly what I am smelling. How do i fix this with my tin and wick?
  14. I am changing wicks on these two to Zinc 51-32 and HTP 83 jus to see if different. and yes I have the air conditioning running in my condo, about 103 here today.
  15. What wick do you suggest? just the next one down? And why fo lower? I want so bad to learn this
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