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  1. okee dokee I'm going to keep testing! I will try out the CD!
  2. Thank you so much that is very helpful! do you think premier wicks are the way to go with this kind of wax? i've heard people talk about ribbon wicks and cottonwood wicks...what do you think?
  3. Hello! I am testing 3" diameter clear jars and have achieved good jar adhesion but am having issues with wicking the Wooden Wick Co wax. I am using 10% FO and am using premier wicks 767 and 770....767 doesnt get a full melt pool and 770 has a good melt pool but i find it sooting at the top of the jar. Any ideas? Thank you!!
  4. thank you so much!!! i have to tell you i've watched a ton of youtube videos for information and this forum is GOLD! Happy Friday!
  5. I have noticed a lot of retailers who are offering gift packages or have general marketing aimed at helping people cope that feature candles---i think candle sales will go up to make increased time at home more enjoyable...especially for those of us in the midwest on month 14 of winter 😂 haha
  6. I tried burning a candle approx 24-36 hours after i made it...had pretty good CT and no HT at all. Do you suspect it is because i didn't let it cure or maybe a wicking issue? Candle made with GB 444, small amount coco oil, 9% FO from Wooden Wick Co Pink Pepper and Vetiver. I am guessing i am a bit overwicked with a 3"diameter jar and premier 775 wick, the melt pool is just over 1/4 inch. Is it wick? Cure time? both?
  7. Thank you so much Gail:)!! This is super helpful <3!
  8. Hello I am wondering if any of you have a recommendation on where to buy GB444 wax somewhat locally to save on shipping (Im in Madison, WI). Willing to drive up to 3 hours! Thank you for any advice!
  9. hi captnkush! That is awesome news, will they be available for everyone? Coming yet this month?
  10. Happy quarantine ya'll!! I am so excited to be getting into candlemaking and would love some of your insight! I've been a nurse for the last 10 years and I'm looking for a nice side hustle! I am using 8 oz glass jars and i have been using the GW444 wax, generally with 16 oz wax and 1.2oz FO. I have been heating the wax to 185, heating the jars for about 5 minutes at 170 in my oven, adding FO at 150, and pouring around 135 degrees. They look pretty nice but i have that wet spot issue....It has just recently warmed up in WI so I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my house temp? Please let
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