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ok 1st try on marbled pillars


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these are my 1st attempt on pillars let alone marbled (Thanks to Candlelvr<sorry probably spelled wrong> for her help):rolleyes2 . the blue is the 1st, the cinnamon colored 1 with the blue was 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt is the other cinnamon one & the orange one is my last attempt. i like the 2nd attempt but still too many holes but getting better. none of them are scented.









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Sure sure....beginners luck....lol.....I really love those candles. The marble looks like real marble and the colors are great. CandkeKitty taught us all how she does it. You have to put a towel over the mold, seriously, and slam the mold down on the counter. It settles the wax....be sure to use the towel or the wax WILL splash up into your face...ask me how I know. Donita

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Those are so beautiful. I have a question..... Do you have to use liquid dye? I don't really care of it, I prefer to use the powder. The liquid seems to have a smeel to me and I always had a mess on my hands. Any help?



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