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  1. Pamlaura- message me please ;)

  2. Sorry I typed snowman balls 7.00 but I meant 5.00 cause its 4 oz bottle. Let me know. I will still pay 35 including shipping for what I sent you.

  3. Would you consider 35.00 including shipping for Bacon (4.00), Buttermilk Pancakses,(3.00) purrs and paws (7.00) and the two 8 oz santa whiskers (7.00)& Snowman balls? (7.00) the rest for shipping. Let me know and I will pay you tonight Laura

  4. Thank you Frank for explaining. I feel a little better right now about my site.
  5. Omg.. I am so confused. My head is about to explode! ( doesn't take me long to get confused either). I am an existing customer who is just gonna go with the flow for right now. It's getting to close to the holidays and I don't want to mess up anything as this is about the only time I am super busy with customers. Confuzzled
  6. Well you can take it for what it's worth but I sincerely apologize for what you went through. I think it was a bit different though. You didnt get notice did you? At least we have some time to act on this so I would assume yours was worse than what we are going through.
  7. Well southern.scents- I tried doing what you told me to do, well hubby tried and it failed. Seems he has blocked us all from being able to do that kind of stuff. The best I can say that I did was copy and paste into a document everything I have written on my site plus I have the pictures. I have several people who have been kind enough to talk to me about all this through private messages and emails. I am still gathering my thoughts to see what I am going to do. Thank you all for the helpful information. I feel soooo freaking dumb right now. And unfortunetly, I dont think we can do a thing about it! I guess I will cancel my subscription soon. UGH!
  8. Yep, I am seeing that now.. Damn, I was so freaking stupid!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well damn! LOL yeah I know some of you warned us but that is beside the point right now. I guess I am screwed and up shit's creek because right now, I am new house poor and I can't afford to pay someone to redo my website. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH I will hang on to this one until I can figure something out!
  10. Wait, what?? It was sold? How come I am just hearing about this? I am totally dumbfounded when it comes to my website besides how to get in and check orders. So.. does this mean my website is gonna vanish? Who do I give my payment to each month? Ughhh I really hate to have to start over. This is gonna suck..
  11. Yeah that sucks. His oils were great, I just couldn't pay those prices. He is a great guy as well. You will be missed Solas
  12. Ill be shopping. Vended there once and well.. I learned! LOL
  13. Love that color. My husband loves that scent. Grumpy got him hooked on it. It's a nice one!!!
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