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  1. Those are some great looking candles and the colors and design are perfect for the fragrance.
  2. Sorry Jerri, I did in fact read more than the title but didn't answer your question. A few years ago here I think it was Carmen that did a shea butter co-op during the summer. She froze the butter, double bagged it in ziplocks, packed it in peanuts and shipped it out on a Monday ( to avoid sitting in a warehouse ) No one reported any problems and mine was still solid when it arrived from Ill to Fl The box was not soggy, the shea was not grainy. I would think that any of the butters would be fine to ship frozen, make sure you double bag and secure and the peanuts help to insulate so use them
  3. I have always stored my butters in the freezer and oils in the fridge. No problems so far. I have some unrefined shea that is probably 2 yrs. old and when I thaw it out it smells and behaves like fresh.
  4. Every single one of those are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!
  5. This is also how I clean mine. Seems to work.
  6. On the other side of the coin, when I had first started making candles and didn't know squat about wax other than some of the differences between soy and paraffin. I was at the farmers market and a man was selling some really awesome looking food candles ( very expensive ones. ) I certainly had no aspirations to even trying to duplicate any of his stuff for me much less to sell. As I was admiring a blueberry cheescake I very innocently asked what kind of wax it was. He went into a mini rant about not giving out his formula. All I wanted to know really was if it was paraffin or soy and the
  7. In reading a lot of recipes ( soap etc. ) I have noticed that rarely is there a distinction as to which coconut oil should be used ie; fractionated, 76 or 92 degree or virgin. Is there a general assumption in the knowledgeable soap making world about which one is to be used in a given recipe ??? Anytime I see a soap recipe that looks interesting I always run it through the soapcalc and go with the coconut that gives me the best numbers but I wonder if this causes confusion to the brand new soapmaker.
  8. Looks like a spammer to me. The donate button on his site was my first clue, says he needs a new melter. Also his behavior here was not indicative of a "good" Christian and of someone that is really trying to help the needy. End of story.
  9. Okay, I said this for a reason:embarasse I found 5 cases of 26 oz Elevation jars in my shed that I had completely forgotten about so I brought in a few to test wicks and needed to figure my cost in case I decide to sell any. That meant having to pull out several years worth of receipts to find out how much I paid for the jars. Since I was thinking the purchase was made a min. of 2 yrs. ago ( got a kickin price on em by the way ) I went back to 2003, so flippin through the yearly receipts bout gave me a heart attack!!!!!! My first thought was, man I need to get rid of these things. If I die
  10. I have noticed recently that a lot of the threads are old, some from a year ago including this one. That tells me that peeps are doing a lot of reading and researching and that's a VERY good thing. Wading through that many posts can be an arduous undertaking but it shows that someone is serious about learning and finding the right answers.
  11. My sister bought one with potpourri embedded and it lit up like a torch so yeah be careful when burning these.
  12. When I switched from paraffin to soy for container candles I also switched to a frosted jar and no color. No one has minded.
  13. I use lanolin in a foot balm I make. I melt it with soy wax and then add the shea, emu etc. I whip it up with the mixer and I haven't had a problem with it not incorporating.
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