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  1. I sprayed a clear non glossy paint where I wanted my acrylic paint to stick. Worked great.
  2. Hi. Donita here. Just want to see what all of you have been doing.
  3. I keep mine in the dark. Haven't been making many candles for the past few or more years. I had some left from several years ago and was sure they would smell rancid. They don't. My essential oils are in brown bottles. I just got a new bottle free from Candlewic with my wax order. I smell Apple Peel now. I just poured twelve chunk candles. Donita
  4. Those are very pretty. I love wax. (smile) Donita
  5. Thanks for the compliments. Wow. I haven't done a show for years and I really feel OLD. This was a first time show that didn't have any advertising....they should have put me on that committee (smile).....but I still sold the most. This time of year candles sell well. I used to do half of my business for the year in Nov and Dec.
  6. Hi old friends and new people. I haven't been "working" for four years. Just a few candles here and there. I actually just finished a bunch of beeswax luminaries for a show tomorrow. Hard to do in a small apartment....but I actually have some inventory of autumn leaves and flowers. Mini ones are 4" and medium are 5". I have one picture but will take some more. I have missed my wax. I also made beeswax tealights to go inside and sell in little bags of 4. Candlewic accidentally sent my order of tea light cups and wick to Tahoe.....whoops. Thanks to Ellyn....she got the cups and wick to me in less than 24 hours. Go Candlewic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't know how you do it ....but you keep getting better and better. Beautiful candle. Donita
  8. Hi old friends. Life somehow gets in our way to pursue our craft. I just happened on this today. What a wonderful surprise Charonne and Sabrina to see you here today. Don't ya just love the 4045 wax. I am finally going to suck it up and order some from Candlewic. It will cost me an arm and a leg to ship it but I won't make candles with IGI wax. I can't make it work for me. Charonne....those mottles look beautiful. We used to have so much fun. Sabrina....hope you are ok. I have injured myself being a caregiver and luckily my rotator cuff isn't torn but out of whack. I am on my way to the physical therapist today. They think they can help. I can't lift anything with my left arm and as we all know....wax is heavy and so are my many pots. I did make a bunch of beeswax orbs for the restaurant and they are in a box waiting for me to put Tahoe fall leaves on them. Sure...right. I am also trying to bake Christmas cookies for my grandchildren in Virginia. Right. And be on duty here 24/7. It is snowing and snowing and snowing......hopefully the skiers and boarders will be here soon and bring some $$$$$$ so I can buy some wax and start doing something next year. Which by the way is just days from now. Happy Holidays to all of you and lets get back in the grove and pour some wax. I miss it soooooooooooo much. I want to smell the candles all through the house. Donita
  9. Nice work. I like the baby food jar recycled. Very cool. And....the rainbow votives are adorable. It takes a long time to do layers and to do it for votives is crazy. But they are sooooooooooooo pretty. Donita
  10. Really cool. One of these days I will get back into the swing of things. I love the ice cubes. Donita
  11. Very pretty colors. And I like the background you chose for your great candles. Donita
  12. Very pretty and you know that I am a HUGE fan of your candle jewelry. Donita
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