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Some cat Kodak moments


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I thought I would share some Kodak moments of my cat Munchkin who has been sitting in the same spot at the counter for over 5 hours watching me make candles...Geesh, what patience a cat has.......She sits at the counter with her legs crossed, falls asleep there with her legs crossed and eats there like a human being mind you....Now she knows better than to be sitting on top of the counter when I turned my back...oh well....Been a while since I put up any pictures of my animals so took a break and took some pictures....Everyone talks about their kids...I talk about my kids (my cats...).lol  Thanks for letting me share......Trappeur































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Well, I've been up since 4:30 making candles....got 60 done..phew!

Munchkin is still sitting on the same bar stool as she sat through her breakfast and now lunch and now I need to go an deliver an order.











Now isn't this the laziest cat you ever saw eating?



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Is there a word for a stool potato? She sure likes that spot. But I think she just loves being near you and is fascinated by your work. why should she move? Everything is happening right there, she has the perfect spot so why move?!!! LOL She cracks me up. Love the pics of her you share with us. She makes me miss my dear tabby Gigi I lost a couple of years ago. Gigi had the same beautiful coloring and tabby stripes.

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