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  1. @TallTayl Is that an HTP wick? I've been testing them in glass flowerpot votive holders and get such a curl going. One side stays pretty clean while the other has a thick build up. Yes, in the bottom third it all cleans up but not attractive while burning. I'm thinking customers will think there is something wrong with the candle. GoldieMN
  2. @Peggy T Glad it worked out. And, yes, some of us like to hear how things turn out. GoldieMN
  3. If it would be worth it to have this account, I would consider extending my 10-20 mile delivery to 30 miles with the nominal fee charged. I would also have a minimum order to deliver as I wouldn't want to have to keep the customer by delivering every week for small orders. For me, there is a limit as to how much a person has to bend over backwards to please a customer. Either she is just being a good business person or is someone hard to please. If it is the latter, you will know soon enough and then have to decide if her business is worth the hassle. As @TallTayl says, "life's too short" to deal with difficult customers. GoldieMN
  4. Congratulations on your fantastic sales! GoldieMN
  5. So people want to smell like beer? Or have that scent in the air? Or am I misunderstanding. GoldieMN
  6. The final straw for me and 464 was the fact that a person had to burn my jar candles about 1/4-1/3 of the way before getting a decent hot throw. I have a case of C3 which I plan to start testing after the first of the year but have been having pretty good results with C1. If the supplier who is close has both, I would test both. GoldieMN
  7. ME! I'm still hoping C1 will be my main wax as I hate to go back to the problems I had with 464. So I would say C1. GoldieMN
  8. @TallTayl Did you find you had to wick up or down with C3? I was able to go down from 464 to C1. Still using Premiers but have a few others for testing C1 when I get around to it. GoldieMN
  9. @TallTayl Yeah, I have a full case of C3 to do something with. I ordered some Midwest so I can play with it and C3 this winter. Thanks! GoldieMN
  10. How are things going with your aroma bead ornaments? Any update on PP4F beads or did you give up on that company? GoldieMN
  11. I switched to C1 and got a decent hot throw. I use to have a great hot throw from 464 until it changed a couple of years ago. I don't know how long you have been using it, but many of us on this forum had problems all of a sudden with hot throw in 2017 (I think that is when it changed.). We went through so much testing with different wicks. Hopefully, others who are still using 464 will respond. Also, from what I have learned on this forum, you need to retest every batch of wax no matter which one you use. There have been changes in fragrance oils as well. I don't know if Christmas Tree has changed. For me, I never go over 7.5% in oil. GoldieMN
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