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  1. GoldieMN


    To answer your question, I take the amount of wax I use in my container and multiply by the percentage of oil I want to use. Most ppl use 6%, but your 7% should be fine. Most of us tested until we came up with a percentage of oil that worked with our wax and wick. Wax retailers will often tell you how much fragrance the wax will hold, but I would never go that high. . .like 10% for many soy waxes but not all. I use approximately 7.15% oil. My pint canning jar holds 12 ounces so I use 11.2 ounces of wax and .8 ounces of oil. (11.2*.0715=.8 ounces is the way I figure mine) So having said all that, you really should go back to square one and test, test, test, as others will tell you. Start with wax and wick without fragrance until you find the wick that works as close to perfect start to FINISH (burning all the way down in the container). Gosh, so much information on this forum and people willing to help. You will find many posts with the basics all in one post once you start searching. Have fun! GoldieMN
  2. I'm not finding a lot of posts of people using C1 soy/palm wax. So if you are using C1, I would appreciate any tips, suggestions, instructions as I just ordered 50 lbs. to test along with C3 (which I ordered weeks ago after throwing in the 464 towel but didn't test yet). I am not asking anyone to share trade secrets! @TallTayl has already suggested a few things which I appreciate! And I am ok with doing this all on my own. Will certainly share my results with all of you when done testing. GoldieMN
  3. Ok, found it at Aztec which worked out as I needed wicks so shipping wasn't that bad. GoldieMN
  4. @Sarah S Thanks! I think Amazon had some listed as well. I'm guessing they are all the same. GoldieMN
  5. No, don't have any DPG. I don't order oils from any of the fragrance retailers who carry it. Is this something found in local big box or health/beauty stores? GoldieMN
  6. GoldieMN

    Let’s talk about temps

    @TallTayl Let's see if I have this suggestion right: Use a wire rack with a fan (as described above) to cool the melted wax that is still in the pour pots. Then slow down the cooling of the candles by using heat under or around the jars. GoldieMN
  7. GoldieMN

    Got craters? Slow your cool

    Hmmm. . .heated mattress pads are pretty thin so jars placed on them shouldn't tip. I wonder if that's an option. GoldieMN
  8. GoldieMN

    Let’s talk about temps

    Definitely going to try this when I start testing C3. Thanks! GoldieMN
  9. Not cutting with anything and probably used more oil than I should have; but I added more salt to the mix and the crystals are dry going into warmer. GoldieMN
  10. In my testing, I'm using the tart warmers without lightbulbs and after the first day of burning, the salt has a slight burnt smell to it. I notice some of the crystals have turned brown. Is all this normal? If not, what am I doing wrong? GoldieMN
  11. Your display looks very, very nice. Neat, easy to see everything. The added risers as @Quentin suggests, may give you the needed space to display all your products. If you don't have time to order what you want, a couple of small wood boxes/crates/drawers placed on their sides on the back of the table could be used to give you added space. Product could be placed inside (which is facing toward customer) as well as on top. Great labeling! GoldieMN
  12. GoldieMN

    Today's Craft Show Pix

    Very attractive! Hope sales were through the roof! GoldieMN
  13. GoldieMN

    GW464 wick help

    I use 464 in 16 oz. Mason/Ball jars with Premier 770s. One wick per jar. I never have uneven burning as long as my wick is centered. Many of us have had to wick down with the latest 464 to get a good hot throw. The Premier 798 may be too large to get a hot throw, and you may get a pretty hot jar. I know, I didn't answer your question. GoldieMN
  14. GoldieMN

    Zazzle 70% off sale

    @Trappeur I am reordering many of my stickers and made up a few more. Not enough time to come up with more. Ha! GoldieMN
  15. GoldieMN

    Zazzle 70% off sale

    @Trappeur I saw that! Started early loading up my shopping cart. lol Thanks for the reminder. I could have forgotten to "buy"! GoldieMN