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  1. I am at the tailend of testing in wide-mouth canning jars. I am testing three fragrances with 7.6% oil basically for hot throw: Fillmore Nutmeg Ginger which works in any wax I've tested. Rustic Escentuals Amish Quilt--I have been having problems getting much of any hot throw from lately in C-1. Just Scent Candy Corn, never used before but need for a special order. Nutmeg is very strong. Cotton Candy is very nice, strong. Amish Quilt, well at least I am getting a medium hot throw so more testing. SoyMax is described as possibly having rough tops. As you can see from my photo, it sure is true for my pink Cotton Candy jar! That is not a problem for me as I always poke for air pockets and heat gun all my jars. The special order requires a different jar so I've been dealing with wicking down and still getting a strong throw which customer requested. I am using these: https://www.jarstore.com/jars/13-5-oz-libbey-double-old-fashioned/?wccps_c0=23466&wccpq_c0=1&quantity=36&wccpm0=1518173437&wccpl=1 . I thought it would wick the same as my canning jars since they are same diameter and straight. . .and they are shorter! But they seem to get hot toward the bottom 1/4 of the jar. Right now I have about 25 lbs. left of C-1 and have not had enough time to test all my scents in the SoyMax but not sure if I should order 150 lbs. of C-1 or SoyMax (in order to get same lot and cut down on testing multiple lots). Now to your question. LOL The current SoyMax may be totally different from what you have. No help, am I. GoldieMN
  2. Thanks! I will try again with Candlescience and see if it works the same as before with my soy/wick. Otherwise, good to know there is another option. GoldieMN
  3. Did anyone find a great duplicate for Candlescience Mistletoe? Or get it duped? GoldieMN
  4. Well, I get 10 lbs. delivered tomorrow. Let the testing begin. 😉 I'm on my last 50 lbs. of C1. Hopefully, Soymax will be a welcomed change. GoldieMN
  5. Ok, thanks. Someone from the company actually responded with the same info. I am thinking of buying 10 lbs. and testing. . . 🙃 GoldieMN
  6. What I don't understand is the "use by" date. Four weeks? Is this referring to something that doesn't concern those of us who make candles? I did email the company but now thinking it has nothing to do with us using the product. GoldieMN
  7. @NightLight Yes, I wondered. Then searched and found this: http://store.americansoywax.com/SoyMAX-BEADS_c_42.html Still not sure if it is new or something renamed. GoldieMN
  8. Is "Soymax" a new 100% soy wax? Has anyone tried it? Results? GoldieMN
  9. Do you add the swirl in the pot of heated wax or in the jar? I've never useddye but have someone asking for pink candles. Thinking it might be a fun look to have a white candle with pink swirls instead of a solid pink candle. GoldieMN
  10. UGH! Candlescience Mistletoe is a customer favorite. Looks like we are on the hunt for an alternative. GoldieMN
  11. From what I can find, Fillmore sells C-1 for about $100 for 50 lbs. Anyone finding it cheaper? I use to be able to find it at multiple candle supply companies but no more. I hate to change waxes AGAIN, but have you switched to another soy? GoldieMN
  12. I would love to find an orange clove. Do you remember where you found it? GoldieMN
  13. This was a brand new bottle; well, I just ordered it. Not sure if RE is selling old stock. So I am thinking something has changed. I am going to melt some of the cured wax in a melter to see if I get any fragrance. If strong, then I will do more wick testing. I wonder if others are having similar results with RE's fragrances. I will test the other two I bought at the same time to see if they have any kind of throw. Thanks, GoldieMN
  14. Revisiting this topic as I started testing a bottle of Amish Quilt I just purchased from Rustic Escentuals and am getting no hot or cold throw. Just wondering if anyone else has found a similar fragrance with good hot throw. GoldieMN
  15. Even though I have sent WSP a copy of my last invoice, they insist I have never been a customer. ðŸĪŠ I can always sign up again but like to see what I have ordered over the years from a company. GoldieMN
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