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  1. Anyone making aroma bead ornaments want to respond? GoldieMN
  2. @LWalk Since you have beads ready to bake, I would try baking a few samples of those for a longer period of time. If there is any softness in the center when cooled, try baking even longer. I was able to salvage some ornies made with "bad beads" this way last year. I know exactly where you are coming from. If people have problems, they won't buy them again; and word gets around. GoldieMN
  3. I have some aroma bead ornaments made with Fillmore's Nutmeg Ginger that have lasted over 6 months in my car. Most of my other ornies have lasted about a month or so. Just wondering what your experience is. I'm using Plastic Pellets 4 Fun, one ounce oil to one cup (5.5 ounces). Have you found that if you use more fragrance oil, the ornaments last longer? Or are they just stronger to begin with? GoldieMN
  4. @TallTayl Is there a reason you don't just use Midwest naked soy and not use C1 at all? GoldieMN
  5. @TallTayl What is a "naked soy"? I searched a bit and found another post mentioning Midwest Container Wax. Is this what you are referring to? Have you tried 100% naked soy? GoldieMN
  6. @NGT08 How long ago did you buy the beads from PlasticPellets4Fun? They had some premium beads, last year, that were not performing well for some of us including taking forever to soak up the fragrance oils. Their supplier had sent them a different bead. You could contact them to see if they sent you those beads (no matter when you bought them). The company is aware of the problems we were having and worked with customers who contacted them. It would just be good to know if it is the bead and not something else. My biggest fear was the final product wouldn't have any aroma after a week or so as others were having that problem as well. So I didn't sell those ornaments. Maybe once the beads are dry and you have waited another couple of days, you could make a test ornament. See how long the aroma lasts for you. GoldieMN
  7. Gorgeous! Very inviting. GoldieMN
  8. Does wax just pop out for the user? GoldieMN
  9. Check local stores. I can get the 8 oz. for $5.99 from local Fleet Farm. Looks like Target and WalMart also has them but not sure of price. GoldieMN
  10. I gave up on 464 because customers had to burn the pint jar 1/4-1/3 of the way down before getting a hot throw. I switched to C1 with pretty good results. @Talltayl Are you using 464? GoldieMN
  11. Looks interesting in a good way. In the "comment" section on Candlescience, someone says the wax gets to 167 (according to Chandler & Me). Isn't that too low to add fragrance oil? I add at 180-183. GoldieMN
  12. Are you making the pellet-bead ornaments that get melted in the oven? Then buy the "premium" aroma beads. The problems we were having was from a shipment Pellets4Fun got in that they were told were the same but didn't perform the same. The company corrected that error. GoldieMN
  13. Not sure if these would work as they aren't as shiny. And are they the right size? $.89 each when bought in dozen quantities. https://thecandlemakersstore.com/old-fashion-galvanized-jelly-jar-70mm-lid.html GoldieMN
  14. @Daisymay66 I use the PlasticPellets4Fun. Not sure if those are what Belinda uses. GoldieMN
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