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  1. I haven't ordered from Candlescience since January. How do you know which fragrances have been changed? GoldieMN
  2. https://labelsbythesheet.com/pages/color-chart This company has an ivory as well as one a bit darker. GoldieMN
  3. @TallTayl If the tops of your jar candles are perfect after cooling, should you still poke around with a skewer? GoldieMN
  4. Woud you see the seeping right away? Or after a week or for. . . The reason I ask, I've made candles that looked great. Then a couple weeks later, had oil seeping on the tops. I wasn't using the Alex method by the way. GoldieMN
  5. @Kevin Fischer Thanks for the response. What I meant was the perfect candle that meet MY needs which are: Good-great hot throw with a jar that doesn't get hot. As I kept going down, down, down with wick size, I started wondering if at some point it would affect the hot throw. I don't like big mushrooms but can live with them. I don't care if the flame flickers. I only mentioned hangups and melt pools in order to give people an idea of what I have been looking at in testing. "Long-lasting burn"? Sheesh, hadn't even considered that. 🙃 Right now I'm getting kind of sick of testing
  6. Thanks to @TallTayl, I have been working on getting each of my pint wide-mouth canning jars wicked with acceptable hangup, little or no mushrooms, warm/not hot jar, and good hot throw. I am using Premier wicks and C-1 wax (which I thought people were saying needed to be wicked up; I could be wrong). Anyway, I now am making test candles with some ok hangup, no full melt pool right away, good hot throw. With some fragrances, I have wicked down 3 wick sizes, but still thinking I could go down another size. My question is, is there a point where the wick size used becomes too small and affect
  7. @TallTayl You're not doing the fair anymore??? GoldieMN
  8. Thanks. I actually did ask on this forum when I started having problems with it two years ago. GoldieMN
  9. @BusyBee Apple and Pumpkin Strudel GoldieMN
  10. @TallTayl I would be interested! I have one fragrance oil from Rustic Escentuals that I love but can't get it to throw in C-1, C-3, or 464. GoldieMN
  11. Great question! In 2017 when many of us noticed changes in the way our soy candles were performing, we found that from lot to lot, the soy was not always the same. Problems continued into 2019, so with every new shipment of wax I get in, I have to retest all of my fragrance oils. I decided to order three boxes at a time so I could test and still have enough wax to make my candles. 😲 The other option is to mix all the wax in a large container like a garbage pail so at least a person is using the same wax even if from different lots until the next order and retesting. Clear as mud? lol
  12. I ordered three cases of C-1 specifically asking they all come from the same lot/date. One number is different on one box, but I am not sure if that means I have a different lot. Does anyone know which numbers indicate this information? I am attaching pics of numbers on the one box. Two boxes are exactly the same, the third has 20:36 instead of 20:37 on it. GoldieMN
  13. I do know Lemon Biscotti candles keep Asian lady beedles from invading houses in our area. GoldieMN
  14. @TallTayl Is that an HTP wick? I've been testing them in glass flowerpot votive holders and get such a curl going. One side stays pretty clean while the other has a thick build up. Yes, in the bottom third it all cleans up but not attractive while burning. I'm thinking customers will think there is something wrong with the candle. GoldieMN
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