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  1. Are you making the pellet-bead ornaments that get melted in the oven? Then buy the "premium" aroma beads. The problems we were having was from a shipment Pellets4Fun got in that they were told were the same but didn't perform the same. The company corrected that error. GoldieMN
  2. Not sure if these would work as they aren't as shiny. And are they the right size? $.89 each when bought in dozen quantities. https://thecandlemakersstore.com/old-fashion-galvanized-jelly-jar-70mm-lid.html GoldieMN
  3. @Daisymay66 I use the PlasticPellets4Fun. Not sure if those are what Belinda uses. GoldieMN
  4. @Ashley D The ABSOLUTE longest-lasting fragrance for me is Fillmore's Nutmeg Ginger. I have one in my car that I put in there last September, and it still is giving off a good scent especially with the sun heating it up now. Could smell it as well throughout the winter with the heater on although not as strong as when the sun heats it. GoldieMN
  5. I just smelled a Cranberry Marmalade candle in a specialty shop in town and loved it. I may just have to order this from Candlescience. GoldieMN
  6. I relit this jar, poured over a year ago, and still very little hot throw. However, the original post was for melts. So I will use the rest of the bottle for clamshells. GoldieMN
  7. Remember, we were all giving you amounts of odor eliminator to use for what you showed in your first post--approximately 1 1/2 pounds of wax. If you are using a different amount of wax and you want 1% of that amount, the odor eliminator amount will change. GoldieMN
  8. @Trappeur OMG, don't EVER call yourself stupid! We all marvel at your creations, both from wax as well as wood! I'm the one with all the questions, usually. So what does that make me, stupider? lol GoldieMN
  9. Now @Trappeur, there is a decimal point showing in the picture you posted--between the 8 and the 9. You are not stupid. These calculations can be very confusing! Anyway, place a container on your scale, tare the scale so it weighs 0, now add a tiny bit of odor eliminator to the container until your scale reads .2 ; you are close to the 1% for the amount of wax you said you wanted to use (first post). Keep adding a teenie bit a little at a time to see if your scale will go to .25 or if it goes to .3. If .3, then we will talk. GoldieMN
  10. And .498 for 2%. Again, may round to .5 I'm really laughing out loud as we do this. GoldieMN
  11. Ok, so 1% of the odor eliminator for 1 lb. 8.9 oz. of wax ALONE would read .249 oz. on that scale. It may round to .25 or even .2 as I am not sure how many decimal places your scale will show. GoldieMN
  12. Do you see in the picture above on your scale the wax weights 1 lb. 8.9 oz.? When you get to 1 lb. 9.1 oz., you have added 1% of the odor eliminator to the wax. GoldieMN
  13. So @Trappeur, that is 1 lb. 9.1 oz. for 1% and 1 lb. 9.4 oz. for 2%. Anyone, please correct me if I am wrong! GoldieMN
  14. With the scale set as you have in the picture, I believe your scale will read: 1 lb. 9.1 oz. for 1% 1 lb. 9.4 oz. for 2% . This is what @jerry is saying as well. And @TallTayl came up with the same. Do you want what the scale would look like with just the odor eliminator alone? GoldieMN
  15. @puma52 And she is back on this forum! GoldieMN
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