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  1. Sold, but I don't know how to delete. GoldieMN
  2. I am at a point where I don't think I will test any new fragrances, sell just my best sellers (if I can still get them), and be done with the stress. May even stop making candles after I use up the 150 lbs. of C-1 I have patiently waiting to get used. GoldieMN
  3. I have 45 lbs. of C-3 wax flakes for sale. I ordered C-3 and C-1 to try and decided to go with the C-1. Looks like $35 would be about half the retail price. If interested, send me your zip code so I can give you an estimate of shipping cost. GoldieMN
  4. That looks interesting. Do people usually fill it all up and use as needed, reheating each time? Or heat up what you think you will use each time? GoldieMN
  5. I hope this is ok to share. I saw this on Facebook recently. It is a Bath & Bodyworks candle. The consumer says the wicks were in the center when purchased but migrated to the sides after second day of burning for two hours. The wicks are not attached on the bottom. Company just keeps saying "we'll look into it".
  6. What is pfo? If Pure Fragrance Oils, I am not finding it on their website. GoldieMN
  7. US Candle Supply just got more in. Not sure how their price compares to others with shipping. https://uscandlesupply.com/product/naturewax-c-3-soy-container-wax-flake-50lb-case/ GoldieMN
  8. Side note: I can get beautiful smooth tops; but when I poke a shish kabob skewer all the way to the bottom (about 1/2" from the wick), I often find holes. I cool in front of a fan and pour around 110 but plan on going even lower until I get this perfected. Until then, I will continue to poke holes through those beautiful tops. Welcome to the craziness! GoldieMN
  9. LOL, thank goodness! That is what I am doing. . .about 105. GoldieMN
  10. Is this just for Midwest? (Pouring right after stirring.) Are you also doing this with C-1? GoldieMN
  11. If the cd16s don't work, I can send you a few different sizes of Premier wicks to try. GoldieMN
  12. Is this a new bottle of Christmas Tree? I hope Filmore hasn't changed its oils. GoldieMN
  13. UGH! So might as not buy a sample pack of any wick to test as they may be different from a 100 pack. GoldieMN
  14. @sarahmarah Hmmm. . .I might try making a few clamshells with the C-3 to see if the bubbles still appear. Is it just the appearance of the bubbles that bothers you or is the performance of the candle affected by the bubbles? LOL Hey, I already go through all that with any/evert soy I've used. Poking holes. . .I'm so afraid of selling something that might not be safe. GoldieMN
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