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  1. GoldieMN

    Candle Retirement is Official!

    @kandlekrazy Where are your items listed for sale? GoldieMN
  2. GoldieMN

    Calling All C-1 Users

    @ellajoan I haven't noticed a difference from the 464, yet , in cold throw. Fingers crossed! I'm attaching a photo of the cured tops. I cured them with lids on as I am hoping to be able to drill holes in lids and use them as wick holders in the future. So not sure if what you see is from that or from pour temp, from room temp, etc. but can fix in the future with a heat gun if I decide to go this way and everything else works out. GoldieMN
  3. GoldieMN

    Calling All C-1 Users

    I started testing wicks in C-1 and C-3 three weeks ago. Decided, for now, to test C-1 with fragrances and Premier 775 wicks as that wick did the best as far as heat and hangup on jars. When I have more time, I will get back to the C-3. Yesterday, I poured nine fragranced wide-mouth pint jars. In two weeks, I will place the Premier 775s in them and light 'em up. The mixtures cooled so fast that I poured at 125 into oven-heated jars, then left to firm up on a heated seed-starter mat in front of a heater. I also placed the lids as soon as I put them on the mat. Lots of new things going on in this test from what I did with 464. I'm excited to see what kind of hot throw I will get. Trying three new fragrances as well as six that had been good with 464. I will post a photo of the tops soon. GoldieMN
  4. Has anyone tried covering a pint canning jar of just-poured warm soy wax with a canning lid that has a hole in the middle of it for the wick? I was just thinking about those 3D "printed" wick centerers that someone posted and how I could use a canning lid as an alternative to hold my wicks in place while the wax is cooling. GoldieMN
  5. GoldieMN

    Calling All C-1 Users

    Go @ellajoan Go!!! GoldieMN
  6. GoldieMN

    Business card design

    I hold three occasional sales each year: Mother's Day weekend, third weekend in November, local college parents' weekend. Each year the dates change. I wanted something big enough to include all the information but not look like the typical flyer/bag stuffer. I print my own lined index cards to be placed at our visitor's center. They like the idea that people can write notes on the back; but I could also print a message on the back. The front design changes depending on the time of year. GoldieMN
  7. GoldieMN

    C3 Wax Help

    If this is the case, why does cooling jars on a cold surface cause so many problems for people? I'm not arguing with you; just trying to get some things straight in my head. GoldieMN
  8. GoldieMN

    Calling All C-1 Users

    @ellajoan Did you poke holes in the hardening wax to check for cavities after pouring? GoldieMN
  9. GoldieMN

    C3 Wax Help

    I wonder if this would work for smaller containers without leaving a line in the wax. Say, fill jars half way, cool, then finish filling. GoldieMN
  10. GoldieMN

    Got craters? Slow your cool

    @TallTayl So you poured "hotter"? Any idea at all as to the temp? I poured my first C-1 and C-3 testers (no fragrances), yesterday at 110 degrees; wax was still clear, no clouding. Placed on my new seed warmer, jars warmed in the oven, small heater heating jars about two feet away. Found cavities in the bottom of half of them. For all I know, there could be more so poked holes in all and heat gunned them. Next time, I will do this in a warmer room to see if that helps. But wondering if 110 is too cool to pour. One other thing, I noticed absolutely no wet spots on the C-3 jars but huge ones on the C-1 jars. Not that that means anything. Just sayin'. . . GoldieMN
  11. GoldieMN

    Warming oils

    I got my DPG! How much is it suggested a person use with fragrance oils? I've been reading 25% DPG with 75% fragrance oil for some uses. GoldieMN
  12. GoldieMN

    Just bought some new soap boxes

    Your display already looks so attractive! Love the boxes and looking forward to seeing the new setup. GoldieMN
  13. GoldieMN


    To answer your question, I take the amount of wax I use in my container and multiply by the percentage of oil I want to use. Most ppl use 6%, but your 7% should be fine. Most of us tested until we came up with a percentage of oil that worked with our wax and wick. Wax retailers will often tell you how much fragrance the wax will hold, but I would never go that high. . .like 10% for many soy waxes but not all. I use approximately 7.15% oil. My pint canning jar holds 12 ounces so I use 11.2 ounces of wax and .8 ounces of oil. (11.2*.0715=.8 ounces is the way I figure mine) So having said all that, you really should go back to square one and test, test, test, as others will tell you. Start with wax and wick without fragrance until you find the wick that works as close to perfect start to FINISH (burning all the way down in the container). Gosh, so much information on this forum and people willing to help. You will find many posts with the basics all in one post once you start searching. Have fun! GoldieMN
  14. I'm not finding a lot of posts of people using C1 soy/palm wax. So if you are using C1, I would appreciate any tips, suggestions, instructions as I just ordered 50 lbs. to test along with C3 (which I ordered weeks ago after throwing in the 464 towel but didn't test yet). I am not asking anyone to share trade secrets! @TallTayl has already suggested a few things which I appreciate! And I am ok with doing this all on my own. Will certainly share my results with all of you when done testing. GoldieMN
  15. Ok, found it at Aztec which worked out as I needed wicks so shipping wasn't that bad. GoldieMN