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Can you help me with 2 names for this snowman label?


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I found this adorable label that I'm going to use on a pint canning jar for the holidays.  My sister in Maine who got me into candles years ago has this booth in a quaint shop on the coast in Maine that she has been in for years.  She was just telling me that she is so busy with her life, kids and work at the bank she just doesn't know how she is going to get candles made and into her booth so I told her not to worry as I would like to give her a helping hand and make some up for her and ship them to her next week.  She has done so much for me and has always been there for me in rough times and I just want to do something a little special for her so she can have a nice holiday booth so I came up with this idea for her.


So I'm making a couple dozen candles for her that I'm going to use this label on.  So imagine a pint canning jar with black lids and a red stretch bow around the neck of the jar with this label.


I have so many fragrances and was trying to come up with some cute names for this somewhat cute label.


Could I maybe get some cute names from you all if you don't care?

Scents I'm going with are:

1. Balsam Fir (Renaming to Christmas tree

2. Mistletoe (Will stay like that)

3. I was thinking I don't think I want Snow Farm for this label.

I'm doing Candybee's blend of Balsam Fir mixed with peppermint and candy cane and vanilla, but I don't care for the name snow farm for it.  Suggestions?

4.  I need one more scent and a catchy name.....any suggestions?


Thanks as usual!  Trappeur5a01cb529cd2c_Kathleen2.thumb.jpg.524e815daea72f8f5a4c59a2b25c34b6.jpg


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I love the label; it's so cute!  But I got nothing. :)  anxious to see what the creative people on here come up with.  All I could think of was Mrs. Frosty.  


I love snowmen, and snowladies......there ya go!  Snowlady.  :)


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For my snow blend you could use:


Frosty Pines

Christmas Pines

Winter Wonderland

Snow Angel

White Christmas

Sleigh Ride

Santa's Sleigh

Silver Bells

Sleigh Bells

Fresh Snow


Santa's Village

Old Man Winter

Snowman Farts

Frosted Mints

Winter Frost

Snow Day

Frosty Mittens

Frosty Kittens




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 You all have been great at suggestions that I really studied and came up with this.  I combined names that everyone threw out and came up with these 2 labels?

What do you think?  I showed the labels to my sister and a couple friends and they just love them.   I do too!  Thanks everyone!:thumbsup2:


The Winter Wonderland will be Candybees blend of Pine, Peppermint, Candy Cane and Vanilla

The Jolly Holly Frosty will be Hollyberry.

Thanks!     Trappeur








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Zazzle...that was it.  I don't sell any candles (yet)..lol...but I love making them, and have tried different ways of labeling them for give aways to friends.  I've tried clear labels for inkjet printers that were supposed to be smudge free...but they aren't.  Were we bottle our wine, he has a small label machine that he creates custom labels with through the computer..they are awesome, but I'm sure it might be a little costly to start..

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