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  1. ellajoan

    Calling All C-1 Users

    I just ordered some and will pour some (naked, no fo) testers today. Very excited to try this wax.
  2. ellajoan

    Just Scent Fall scent favorites

    @Marleigha, Pumpkin Firewood is mostly wood, little to no pumpkin to my nose. It smells a bit smoky, even a bit powdery and earthy. Not at all sweet. People bought it like crazy. The Bourbon Pumpkin was mostly pumpkin and very little booze--just a less sweet, not spicy, fresher pumpkin. I do wish I was better a describing scents! To my scent liking, I much prefer the Bourbon Pumpkin (smells more like the Holidays), and my chandling partner was crazy for the Pumpkin Firewood.
  3. Of course! Thanks for all of your help!
  4. @kandlekrazy, do you find the HT much improved with the C3 and coco blend, as well?
  5. @StanfordP, this is so exciting to me. Looking for a way to improve my HT and I already use and love Premiers. Are you willing to share what your F.O. percentage is? If not, I understand. You've already given us lots of food for thought.
  6. ellajoan

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    @Timber, they don't allow warehouse pickups--they will only ship.
  7. @StanfordP, how much would you say the coconut oil improves the HT? And is it blendable with 464 or C-3? Interested.
  8. I'd love some information on how to set up the tray testing. How deep of a tray/cookie sheet, and how much wax to fill it?
  9. ellajoan

    C3 best wick

    Thanks so much @TallTayl and @Trappeur! Always appreciate your advice. So in the jar I currently use (Flint 8 oz with 2.75 diameter), this is what I'm thinking for my C-3 no frag, no additive, test burns. I'd love your input, having never used C-3 before. Premier 760 or 765 Eco 12 HTP 104? CD 10? or CD 12?
  10. ellajoan

    C3 best wick

    Do those of you who have used both 464 and C3 find that you need to wick up or down with C3? Waiting for our holiday rush to end so I can start testing.
  11. ellajoan

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    They said it was from certain fragrance oils. I just didn't get the sense that they had tested this wax in anything but their own line of candle products.
  12. So I was reading lots of threads from 10+ years ago on here about people using coconut oil to increase wax hardness and (purportedly) increased CT and HT. We currently use 464 and am beginning to flirt with C-3. Does anyone use Coconut Oil? I know coco wax is all the buzz right now, but I'm curious about the oil.
  13. ellajoan

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    I am feeling less excited about this wax after asking their "help desk" online person some questions. Seems like it's only tested with their wood wicks, they recommend a 9-10% fragrance load (yikes!) and haven't tested any other fo percentages. They said it does yellow but they've never tested UV inhibitor. Also, their recommended cure time is 24 hours. I asked if HT improves w/ a longer cure time, and they said they've never tested anything longer than 24 hours. Didn't get the sense I was speaking to anyone with real knowledge of chandling. . Also, they don't allow pick ups--only e-commerce with shipping.
  14. ellajoan

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Following this. Not too far from IL and my family is there. Might be nice to play with and have some "upscale" candles for myself! I always end up with mostly burned tester remnants marked with masking tape! Excited to hear how wicking and HT work out for you with this wax.
  15. ellajoan

    C3 best wick

    I just bought a few pounds of C-3 to test/play around with over the holidays. I have just about every size of premier wicks--thinking about trying a paper cored one, as well. Any suggestions?