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  1. The quick cool method is genius with this wax--beautiful tops if I pour when it's cloudy and crystals forming. If pour too hot, though, the tops are some of the ugliest I've seen. Still playing with wicks and sizes for this wax.
  2. If you don't want to mix yourself, Nature's Garden's Peppermint Patty is quite nice . It's one of the few ones I like/use from Nature's Garden.
  3. Chopsticks or silicone spatulas, depends on the wax.
  4. Right there with you, GoldieMN. Just ordered another 50lbs of it.
  5. The handling sheet for C1 says maximum of 10%, but we've had good success with 7-8%. We've had one tea scented candle that doesn't throw well even in a smaller room, whereas most of the C1 testers have thrown well in a larger room.
  6. Totally depends on the market we are doing. Soy is definitely a selling point if it's a younger, hipster crowd. Many of the younger people appreciate and like soy, most people over 40 don't often care.
  7. I've been using 8% fo for most of my testers. Have only found one that doesn't throw decently. GoldieMN, what is the diameter in your jar? Just made a bunch of testers today using our bestsellers from 464.
  8. I have tried them with many different wicks--yet to find one that is the front runner, but the HT with most is pretty good! Premier is still in the running! Also trying HTP, CD, and ECO, among others.
  9. I always find the eco wicks to have crazy tall flames, no matter the wax. I have only dabbled in C-3, but I did like the ECOs in them with my (very limited) testing.
  10. I wait a day or two for unscented and at least 8-12 days for cure time with fragrance oil. 14 days always gives even better HT.
  11. Do you tolerate them at all? I've got a pretty great combo of wax and wick that looks and throws well.....but, the wicks do tend to mushroom. Have tried many other wicks, but none work well in this combo. Do you live w/ the mushrooms?
  12. We are starting to develop/test Spring scents, but we have a few bakery scents we're introducing before then--Jelly Donut and Iced Lemon Biscotti for everyone who's dieting. We'll introduce spring scents hopefully in March, if they all test well and wicks behave.
  13. We have an LLC for our small candle business, but have another question. My chandling partner has our workshop in her basement--she was recently renewing her home insurance and was asked if she ran a business from her home. If she checks yes, she fears her rates will rise dramatically. If she checks no, she fears she won't have coverage in the event of any candle-making/burning related accidents/damages. Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? We could some guidance. TIA!
  14. Hi GoldieMN! I am also using Premiers as one of my wick testers in the C-1, and haven't tried burning a cured candle yet with it. How is your cold throw with the C-1? Mine is pretty strong right from the get-go.
  15. C-1 friends, how's it going for you all? I am loving the increased throw on these vs 464--started to test same scents in both to measure HT. More of pain to set them up "pretty," but impressed with both CT and HT thus far!
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