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  1. ellajoan

    Crazy long burn time...

    Does anyone get 70-75 hour burns out of 9 oz of soy wax?
  2. ellajoan

    Best Carrot Cake or Cheesecake FO

    I just ordered Fillmore's Carrot Cake, will let you know how it works.
  3. I was in a candle shop over the weekend--the candles were the same jar I use (9 oz straight-sided) with soy (I use 464). We get 40-45 hours of burn time, but this candle seller said she got 70-75 hours with that same jar, claimed it was pure soy. Is that even possible?
  4. ellajoan

    Your "best" list

    Sorry Trapp, TFC is The Flaming Candle, and BB is Brambleberry.
  5. ellajoan

    Your "best" list

    I'd love to hear what fo suppliers you all use, and your ONE favorite oil (or your bestseller) from each supplier you use. I already have WAY too many, and pretty much refuse to try new fo unless they are from one of my current suppliers! Interested to see your lists! I'll go first... CS--Favorite is White Birch, Bestseller (BS) is Hazelnut Coffee TFC--Fav and BS is Leaves WSP--Fav is Applewood Fir Needle, BS is Iced Tea Twist BB--Fav and BS is Grass Stain JS--Fav is Bourbon Pumpkin, BS is tie between Pumpkin Firewood and Senorita Margarita RE--Fav is Earl Grey and Apple, BS is Tis the Season SOS--Fav and BS is Fortune Cookie ( in a blend) Fillmore--Fav and BS is Lavender Sage and Rosemary NG--Fav and BS is Green Clover and Aloe
  6. Do any of you need different pour temps for different fragrance oils? We generally pour our 464 at 143, but we have one or two scents that crater when we pour at that temp--specifically Pumpkin Firewood from JS and Velvet Sugar from WSP. Why would that be, and do craters generally mean pouring too hot or pouring too cold?
  7. Not sure if this the correct forum, but any tips for removing a fragrance oil stain from a cotton shirt? Washed it w/o realizing the spill was there, still showing up. Ideas?
  8. ellajoan

    Just Scent Fall scent favorites

    Pumpkin Firewood from JS is flying off the shelves for us. I also love Bourbon Pumpkin, but that one is not doing quite as well. Two wonderful fall scents from them!
  9. I know I have greatly benefited from all of her past posts. You never know how your life can touch people even after you've passed.
  10. ellajoan

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    @Laura C, I have also used Sweet Thang in the past and it's very nice--a very sweet lemon scent that is a dupe of BBW's Hello Sugar from years ago.
  11. ellajoan


    WSP had a tulip that was wonderful a few years ago. Fairly certain they still carry it.
  12. ellajoan

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    Peppermint Patty is nice for Christmas time, I love their Green Clover and Aloe, too.
  13. Also a 464 user, but seem to be the only one who likes Premier wicks with it. I read a ton of posts from Old Glory (so helpful) about Premier and gave them a whirl. Works fairly well for me--occaionally need to use ECO or CD for hard to wick scents (mostly smokey ones). Not a fan of how 464 looks after being burned. Would love to try C3, Clarus 3022 or another parasoy blend.
  14. ellajoan

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Great topic. Been wondering this myself, as I feel like most of the sample FO's I test are "misses." And only maybe 1/3 of the ones that make it into wax are keepers (easy to wick, good cold and hot throw, mass appeal). Many of them WE like, but if they don't sell, we discontinue them. So I'd guess that only 15% of the fos we order make it into our line.
  15. ellajoan

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    Just test burned Cocoa Butter Cashmere, and it's great! Good thrower, unique comfy, cozy scent.