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  1. So we've put out some very successful candles using 464 and premier wicks--but as of late, our usual formula (combo of jar, wax, frag oil and wick range) is just not working. We're testing some heavier (think musky) cologne type scents, and having a heck of a time getting a decent (or any!) HT. I am trying upwards of 5-6 wicks per candle from different lines, as opposed to just going up or down in the Premier 700 series, as has been successful for us in the past. CD, ECO, HTP, Premier and CSN have all given equally "meh" results. Is anyone else having issues with 464 like w
  2. I am having a beast of a time wicking Fillmore's nutmeg and ginger (among other scents--maybe a bad batch of wax?). Do you find you have to wick up with that one? I'm using 8% in 464. CT is super strong, HT is just ok.
  3. Because I'd already made a batch I'm plugging forward with the 8%. I'm actually thinking I may have gotten a bad batch of wax. I may have found success with an ECO wick. Time will tell.
  4. Dang it! Is there anywhere else in the states you can get CSN wicks?
  5. Ok, this Vanilla Tobacco from Fillmore is killing me! I've gone to the top of the Premier Series and to the top of the CD series--now starting on ECO (in 464). I have never been able to get a scent not to throw (apart from one very heavy smoke scent a few years back). I've rewicked the darn candle so many times! Any suggestions? Do any of you just fail at finding the right wick?
  6. I've also been looking into Dream Vessels. KrisS, were they difficult to wick? Were you happy with the quality? Thinking of adding a more upscale line to our etsy shop.
  7. Thanks TT. The 8 oz flint is a fairly small diameter, so I'm not certain I could double wick. As luck would have it, I have all other wicks you mentioned in my "arsenal," but no CDNs. I shall press on!
  8. Which series burns hotter than Premiers? We originally started with CDs but really liked the smaller increment range of the Premier to fine tune--and they don't mushroom much either. I went from a 765 to a 770, and within 45 minutes wick was starting to drown. But starting to get nice HT before the drowning. Trying 785 next, then will switch--what would be comparable in the CD or ECO series? I have sample packs of all of them. I'm also struggled to get a nutmeg/ginger combo from not drowning. Starting to wonder if I have a bad batch of wax or wicks. And the
  9. Mine gave up the ghost. I was just using an old embossing gun and wonder if I should get something different/better. Suggestions, please!
  10. How can you determine when to try which method? Testing two beautiful (but heavy) scents--a Vanilla Tobacco (Fillmore) and Birchwood Oud (BB) in 464. Both burn ok with a small amount of HT for about 20 minutes, then the flame disappears to just a glow. So obviously it's too heavy. Both candles tunneled a bit too, with close to 1/2 inch melt pool. How do I know when to wick up (already trying Premier 765 in both, which handles most of our heavy scents like a champ) or when to back off a bit on the oil? Working on our man candles is killing me!
  11. It is a brilliant idea. TT described it to me once before, but I didn't full grasp it until I saw the video. Thanks for making that TT. We will always know ifrwas YOUR original idea!
  12. Looks great (and cheap!) Double win! Do you add another wick sticky to the bottom of the new wick?
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