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  1. Interesting sounding combo. Pinkt, have you given it a go, and what wick series have you found to work with it? Also, is it terribly hard to find in stock, like a lot of the other cocosoy blends? Also, are you sure this is Coco 86 and not the VCS blend listed on their site? It gave those percentages for the VCS blend, not th Coconut 86.
  2. Thanks, Gail! Have you tried any others, or just those three? Thinking of placing an order.
  3. Have any of you tried Muddy Soap Co's fragrance oils in candles?
  4. Thank TT. I do really like the C1 also, but my wick is suddenly harder to find and my chandling partner HATES babysitting/constant stirring on the quick cool shelf. She really doesn't want to use it (save for a few candles it throws ridiculously well in) for our main wax. But I really want a better HT!!! Excited to venture into cocosoy world.......I think.....
  5. Thanks for always responding TallTayl! I post to be on these boards sporadically, but I'm always making candles and researching. And then I have a million questions and post all at once! Would you say that cocosoy is easier as far as getting pour temps "just so" and stirring constantly, and clean up? I feel like we have to practically do encantations to get smooth tops and decent HT, and even then those are completely hit or miss. I do worry about price, too, and how that might drive my candle costs up. We have a nice little following in our area, and I'd hate to raise prices again (we just did). I'd love to try coconut /soy blend w/ either palm or beeswax, but have NO idea where to start wicking.
  6. I have been feeling growing disappointment w/ 464 and/or other soy over the years. I just feel like I want something that throws much stronger, but my market tends to be an "all natural" one. To those who have used 464 and/or C3 and are now working with cocosoy, is the HT THAT much better? Is the wicking a pure nightmare, or can something like a CD, Premier, or HTP suffice? Basically, I'm asking is this a road I want to go down? Looking at ALL of the different "new" blends that are out there--coco83, EC26, new blend from Aztec, etc.
  7. Anyone have success with this wax for decent HT? Thinking of trying a sample--I do like the blending of those three waxes, but it'd be good to know what their percentages of each are.
  8. Yes! I also find big discrepancies in Premier between Flaming and Aztec. My 760s from Aztec are not always consistent from batch to batch.
  9. We've decided we want to make a "Wedding Celebration Trio" of candles to sell as a set. Would make a great shower gift for a new bride or to help couples relive the memory of their special day. Here's my idea--we'd offer Wedding Cake Champagne Toast White Dress We have the first two nailed down, but need to find a good scent or blend for White Dress. I'm thinking something floral, maybe with a WEE bit of fresh cotton? I generally don't like "clothesline" or "detergent" scents, so I'd like something ever so subtle. Help me out if you have any fantastic ideas for blends!
  10. Love the C-1, but finding it really difficult to wick these days. To those who have used both c-3 and c-1, how would you compare the two in terms of wicking, hot throw, wet spots, hardness, etc?
  11. Would you say the HT is better w/ C1 vs the Elite? I love C1 but now that CSN wicks are impossible to find, thinking of trying the Elite. Also, how messy is the cleanup with the Elite? Is the wax harder than the C1?
  12. Our local area has a cherry festival, and we'd love to supply/sell candles at it. Can anyone recommend a cherry that doesn't smell like cough syrup or otherwise medicinal? Also not looking for cherry taffy/candy or anything like that. Thanks!
  13. So we've put out some very successful candles using 464 and premier wicks--but as of late, our usual formula (combo of jar, wax, frag oil and wick range) is just not working. We're testing some heavier (think musky) cologne type scents, and having a heck of a time getting a decent (or any!) HT. I am trying upwards of 5-6 wicks per candle from different lines, as opposed to just going up or down in the Premier 700 series, as has been successful for us in the past. CD, ECO, HTP, Premier and CSN have all given equally "meh" results. Is anyone else having issues with 464 like we had a few years back? Bad batches of wax? I'm ready to chuck it all and start using a different wax, although my candle partner HATES the other wax and the extra cleanup, and "babysitting" it requires before a pour. And switching our many successful scents to a new wax (with wicks that are getting harder to find) sounds arduous right before the holidays season. Thoughts? Suggestions? Encouragement?
  14. I am having a beast of a time wicking Fillmore's nutmeg and ginger (among other scents--maybe a bad batch of wax?). Do you find you have to wick up with that one? I'm using 8% in 464. CT is super strong, HT is just ok.
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