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  1. Oh, wow! I didn't know WSP bought Just Scent too. I use a few of their FO's and really like them. Hopefully, things won't change.
  2. I've always used the Beach from WSP. I like it better than the one from NG. It was a great seller for me.
  3. Candle Science discontinued Cargill waxes because of this. And yet, CS continues to use vessels imported from China, one of the worst human rights violators in the world.
  4. Sure! I am happy to help in any way I can. @jpmakescandles As others have shared, be prepared for inconsistencies. I, too had great burning wood wick candles. But, I had many more that burned poorly/inconsistently enough to cause me to shy away from selling them. I used wooden wicks for 3 years, and finally had to acknowledge that it was the wicks that were causing the problem. I used mostly soy (and different ones, including Freedom Wax) I also tried several coconut waxes, including different vessels. I really, really tried. Aside from major inconsistencies, there was the
  5. Wax, wick, wood - definitely not a good combination. I am not in any way convinced that "treating" the wood is a failsafe.
  6. haha! Oh my goodness! Best mushroom ever! 😂
  7. Yep! This happened to me on more than one occasion.
  8. Concurring with what @ErronB said. I tried getting wood wicks to work in my candles for more than 3 years. I used all kinds of wax blends, but no matter what I tried, they never performed consistently enough to make me confident enough to sell. I tried all of the wick varieties by Wooden Wick Co. I have come to the conclusion that wood wicks are inherently inconsistent by nature. There were other wood wicks from years ago that were formed with a homogenized mixture of wood and binding material. I hear they worked well. Sad they are no longer available. I've switche
  9. I'm sad to say, nowhere at this point. It took me 3 years (I don't give up that easily) to finally realize this type of wood wick manufacture is inherently inconsistent.
  10. I agree! I don't see them coming out with a consistent wood wick anytime soon. Think, never!
  11. I completely concur with @Busy Bee on wooden wicks. Fun for personal use, but I cannot recommend them for production level commercial orders. I have finally thrown in the towel after 3.5 years of trying. (And, boy, did I try!) Wood, by nature, is inconsistent, and not something you want if you ever want to have a consistent line of candles. I never used them, but the older wood wicks were made up of a composite wood material, compensating for the lack of consistency. Too bad they are no longer around. I get really angry thinking that one company holds the patent on wood wicks. They mak
  12. I tested it a while back. Definitely a hard wax, so you'll have to wick accordingly. Throws well!
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