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  1. I'm sad to say, nowhere at this point. It took me 3 years (I don't give up that easily) to finally realize this type of wood wick manufacture is inherently inconsistent.
  2. I agree! I don't see them coming out with a consistent wood wick anytime soon. Think, never!
  3. I completely concur with @Busy Bee on wooden wicks. Fun for personal use, but I cannot recommend them for production level commercial orders. I have finally thrown in the towel after 3.5 years of trying. (And, boy, did I try!) Wood, by nature, is inconsistent, and not something you want if you ever want to have a consistent line of candles. I never used them, but the older wood wicks were made up of a composite wood material, compensating for the lack of consistency. Too bad they are no longer around. I get really angry thinking that one company holds the patent on wood wicks. They mak
  4. I tested it a while back. Definitely a hard wax, so you'll have to wick accordingly. Throws well!
  5. Hi Karen! I was testing with those jars about a year ago. I had good success with them, so I checked with C&S to see if they had a steady supply. They told me that once they run out, they will no longer carry them.
  6. What size/type wood wick are you using? Soy wax usually needs the booster wood wicks. I would try to use just the wax without mica until you get better acquainted with wood wicks.
  7. Thank you so much! I just purchase Pumpkin Cookie Crunch from Just Scent, and it smells almost exactly like RE's Pumpkin Creme Brulee! Hopefully, it will throw well!
  8. Hi Everyone! I see that RE has been sold. And, they are currently OOS on Pumpkin Creme Brulee & Coffee House. Does anyone know of other sellers who carry this? Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone! I am looking for a year round bakery scent for my soy candles that is non-yellowing. Am I asking for something that doesn't exist? 🤔 I don't color my candles. So far, I've tried Tea and Cakes, and it's wonderful, but yellows. I have FC Sugar Cookie Royale but I hear that one yellows too. I know it's the vanillin, but I'm hoping there is something out there that doesn't yellow! I don't currently have any foodie/bakery scents in my candle line. Thanks so much!
  10. I like Coffee House from Rustic Escentuals!
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