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  1. Hi Karen! I was testing with those jars about a year ago. I had good success with them, so I checked with C&S to see if they had a steady supply. They told me that once they run out, they will no longer carry them.
  2. What size/type wood wick are you using? Soy wax usually needs the booster wood wicks. I would try to use just the wax without mica until you get better acquainted with wood wicks.
  3. Thank you so much! I just purchase Pumpkin Cookie Crunch from Just Scent, and it smells almost exactly like RE's Pumpkin Creme Brulee! Hopefully, it will throw well!
  4. Hi Everyone! I see that RE has been sold. And, they are currently OOS on Pumpkin Creme Brulee & Coffee House. Does anyone know of other sellers who carry this? Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone! I am looking for a year round bakery scent for my soy candles that is non-yellowing. Am I asking for something that doesn't exist? 🤔 I don't color my candles. So far, I've tried Tea and Cakes, and it's wonderful, but yellows. I have FC Sugar Cookie Royale but I hear that one yellows too. I know it's the vanillin, but I'm hoping there is something out there that doesn't yellow! I don't currently have any foodie/bakery scents in my candle line. Thanks so much!
  6. I like Coffee House from Rustic Escentuals!
  7. I agree with CS Grapefruit and Mint. Very strong grapefruit scent! I don't get any mint at all.
  8. I get great hot and cold throw with CS Macintosh Apple in soy wax. My problem is having to wick up with this FO. I use wood wicks, so maybe that's the difference.
  9. LX wicks always mushroomed in my coconut wax test candles.
  10. I don't work with it anymore, but Pink Sugar. And, it was always the one I would end up spilling on myself.
  11. @PINKT This is the apricot wax you've been using? If so, bummer!
  12. @PINKT is Accublend the only place to purchase this? I see that candlewic sells an apricot wax but I don't know if it's the same.
  13. Etsy is great for those who want to quickly set up an online shop, but I highly recommend having your own website as well.
  14. I would say for 99% of bigger operations, gone are the days when you could pick up the phone and simply change an order. Everything is automated from order processing to shipping. To run an operation like this, to keep up with orders and fast shipping, you simply HAVE TO say "no" to making changes like this. The fact that you have even a 15 minute window (within normal business hours, because, again, it's automated) is reasonable. Let's think for a minute about the real possibility of 25 or more other customers on a given day asking CS to do the same thing. It's just not feas
  15. I'm hoping to increase scent throw and help with a better melt pool. Not sure if it's facilitating either of those at this point. I'm using it in 444. I think with 464 it will make it even softer than it is.
  16. This ^^^ I just placed an order with one of my EO suppliers. I forgot an EO and contacted the company right away. They were able to add it, but if they hadn't, it would have been okay. I don't expect to be able to add to an order once it's been processed. We live in a different world now where everything is electronic. Back in the day, we could have added to our order that we would normally would be waiting for A LOT longer, right? It's just the way things are, and one of the costs of doing business is absorbing our mistakes. It's really on us to make sure we are
  17. It's coconut oil that's been hydrogenated to increase the average melt point from 76 to 92 degrees. It's not coconut wax.
  18. Thanks @Trappeur I’ve been ordering from CS for years and it’s the first time I’ve encountered this. I will definitely contact them. I didn’t realize they were doing this because they were OOS.
  19. Hi, Everyone! I just tried to order White Birch from CS, but it would force my order to be split between two distribution centers. It would cost me over $40 for a lb, including shipping. Does anyone know of a similar scent from another source? Thanks!
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