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Fragrance Oil Dispenser

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Ok, this may sound strange to some of you...but, I am surveying what you all use to put your FO in your wax. I have tried small dixie cups, a plastic medicine cup that comes with my kids' motrin and now an actual infant medicine syringe... I have found that it works best for an accurate amount. But (why is there always a but???):sad2: When you don't wash it off immediately and FO is on it...it dissolves the markings on the outside of it so eventually you have to toss it and get another - I suppose I could put it in alcohol or vinegar right afterwards? If I could solve that problem, is it an excellent way to be exact with the amount of FO you're using! Finally, maybe I can help since I've only been on the receiving end!

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I weigh my FO on a scale, so I always get an accurate measurement. I pour the FO into a dixie cup or into a metal condiment cup. The tiny bit that's left in the cup is a negligible amount. This works well for me, but I know that everyone has their own method. :)

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I use the same thing as Top~ but the larger version.

Glass shakers- for cocktails. They have every imagineable marking.

Grams, ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons~ etc.

If you get one from Bed, Bath and Beyond~ it has drink recipes on it.

I just found a cheaper version at Wally World- $1.97!

They are in the housewares section where they sell drinking glasses.

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Are you doing small amounts of Fo for bath bombs ect? For this I use a tsp or tbs, you can get syringes with the markings raised into the plastic, all of mine are like this. For measuring for candles and soap where im using larger amounts, I use glass baby food jars, I have hundreds of these things. I just measure what I need on the scale, toss it in the pour pot and when Im done with the scent toss the jar in the big box of dirty jars under my work table. (One day i'll get around to cleaning them, really I will, unless I can find another hungry baby first)

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I use the

Glass measuring glass ( shot glass ) as listed above for small batches

Larger pyrex glass for larger batches.

Love the glass to wipe out and reuse.

I also use the larger measuring glasses for :

smaller wax testing


holding spare wax


Air freshener testing

ONandON and ON LOL :lipsrseal got carried away LOL

Speaking of shot I need one of those LOL

Ok I am out of here

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I put a dixie cup on the scale and tender to 0, then pour some FO into another dixie cup and use that to pour into the dixie cup on the scale. I find that pouring the FO out of a dixie cup it doesnt drip as much causing a mess.

plus its easy clean up just throw away

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I use one of those little plastic medicine cups and wipe out {sometimes!} after each use...they are marked also. Just wanted to add one thing, don't let your FO sit for too long in paper cups or especially styrofoam cups. The FO will eat right through the styrofoam in no time and you will have FO leaking all over your counter...ask me how I know.

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